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Hello Sirs,
Firstly, this is a wonderful website for the education and sharing of information about homeopathy and I greatly appreciate your work.  I am wondering how one might access the back issues of your site.  I have lost in my computer the issue of where an article appeared about the healing of a traumatized cat……perhaps the February issue?

I am very grateful for your attention to this question.

D. Lemieux

Editor’s note:   You can access the journal archives here:


Shocking …
“The Plant Doctor” as fondly known– will no longer be there to give his curt replies, rev.( Ben Rozendal alias ) Kaviraj equally a good Human and Animal doctor and healer par excellence, The world of Homeopathy will miss you.

The apple will miss you
the bees will miss you
the plants will miss you
the horses will miss you
the human patients will miss you
grateful they are
so God will place you nearer
with Great healers
and will bless you, but,
We will always miss you…

Rajib Nain

I would like to express my deepest sorrow and condolence to you, to Kavi’s family and all my dear homeopath colleagues. His great efforts will never vanish neither his prominent homeopathic works. During the Haiti disastrous earthquake he went to the damaged regions and helped the affected people very effectively. His remarkable humanly behavior toward people and the nature specially plants is exemplary.  Doubtlessly he is a remarkable and true teacher of agrohomeopathy and a symbol of caring for human being. God Bless him and help his family to tolerate his empty place.

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Editor’s Note:  Kaviraj’s good friend Mark Moodie will be writing the Plant Doctor Column now.  Please send your questions to him at [email protected]

Re:  Dr. Soledad Ramirez Medina – Oaxaca’s pioneer  – I feel proud of this doctor with all her labor that is so useful here in Mexico. Congratulations!



Re: Australian Homeopath Taken to Court :  Yes what you have read is really happening! This is a case that has to be defended. We are also looking for information from around the world on the use of homeopathy for whooping cough – patient statements about homeopathic treatment for laboratory diagnosed whooping cough, and research (current and past), field studies and local or government implementation of homeopathy for the treatment and prevention of whooping cough. We are also looking for expert witnesses in this area. If you think you may be able to help would you please contact us by the email in Meryl’s story.
Thanking you all,

Fran Sheffield

Re: Elaine’s Tidbits by Elaine Lewis :
Packed full of knowledge and wisdom. Please continue the tidbits every month if possible. They will be helpful and benefit many. Thanks Elaine!


Re: Tips & Secrets :

Tips are the best Homoeopathic proverbs!!! Thank you sir.

Dr. Swapna Pujari


Re: Remembrances of V.D. Kaviraj:

Mark, thanks for sharing your memories of Dr Kaviraj. Thanks for your willingness to carry the flame forward so that pupils of Agro Homeopathy may learn from you and others like Christine Maute. I like the Biodynamic link. I am not a farmer, but try to heal plants on energetic levels. I use a SCIO, Radionics device in combination with Biodynamics, Homeopathy and using Sacred geometry. Have a good trip at . We will fly with you.



Re: A Case of Prostate Cancer with Bilateral Grade 1 Medical Renal Disease :

Dr. Siva has gone very deep in applying symptom based theory and he has shown  how he is successful in his attempt. My sincere congrats for your valuable presentation of a case which has been treated with homeopathy

S. Kalyanasundaram


Re: Traumatic Suppurative Eye – Threat to Vision by Dr. Rakesh Gupta

Thank you for sharing your case with us. Excellent solution for your patient and fantastic explanations for us. Wonderful!

D. Scholz


Excellent approach in Ophthalmology. Keep it up Dr. Gupta.
D. Bindra


Thank you for the Homeopathy Crossword Puzzle!  I look forward to it every month!
Susan Fisher


Re:  Cartoon : Goodbye dear Kavi
Thank you Alan,
This picture speaks more than a thousand words.This is exactly how we feel and it expresses perfectly well the sadness we experience, knowing that Kaviraj so quietly and humbly left and will not return.

Siegfried Letzel


Re: A Case of Depression and PCOS
Dear, Mahnaz…

Thanks for the wonderful case…

I have 2-3 cases from Mollusk so the case is very interesting me to read. Presentation is also perfect and way of exploring the case is also very good. I have one case of mussel and it had also very very similar issues… Hope you would enjoy it….

Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your mail and sharing knowledge. We found the March edition very much interesting and useful.


Amit Agrawal


Thank you for sending the journal to me. As always a great deal of information.



Dear Sir,

It is with much sadness that I read of the demise of The Plant Doctor, Dr. Kaviraj.  He and Dr. D.P.Rastogi were my great mentors for Homeopathy.
May they both rest in peace.

With Love,

Robert Luzader


Dear Sir,

Thanks for emailing me the March 2013 issue. It is extremely valuable reading at any level.




I had very useful learning from two papers : Elaine’s Tidbits and Tips and Secrets


RB Singh


Dear Editor:

I received the March issue of Hpathy. I read all from the beginning to the end.
Thanks for your efforts in promoting Homeopathy.

Robert Comacho


Dear Editor,

Thank you very much for the March issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone

Best regards,

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


Really I like your work. It gives good information and covers all ranges e.g. – patients, students, professionals and researchers too. It is of great value. Very useful .

Wishing you great success and bright future.

Dr. B.L.Soni

Chicago U.S.A.

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    Kindly inform your ieediate action at the earliest.

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