Feedback January 2011

Feedback January 2011

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Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy the mix of topics in the newsletter.  I work with animals as well as people, so am always interested to see articles on homoeopathy and animals.

Thanks for the huge amount of effort that goes into producing the newsletter.

Carole Bryant


Loved your interview with Robin Murphy!! He is amazing…and to this day I
am truly grateful to you for sharing his seminars with me….i can’t tell
you how much it has inspired me & helped me.

Much love for 2011,



I have read the article about “the homeopathic treatment of sportsinjuries” by Uta Mittlestadt and I agree´about what she writes about Traumell . I have used Traumell ointment and also pills for many kind of sports injuries and it works. But you had to use it dayly both the ointment and the pills. The ointment have I also test for varicose veins and for earpain specially for small kids. It works.



The magazine is very very informative and enlightening.  Particularly the topic on cancer. Expect more current knowledge on the subject.
Dr. R P Banerjee


read the article about autopathic stuff and then go under search to read how it is done in a previous issue I think you will find the info fascinating by the way my cough is just about right since I potentised my own saliva and phlegm a couple of weeks ago..after the dr said there is nothing they can do for me. I have been coughing severely for eighteen months so it is
impressive… I just waited to observe my own improvment before recommending the method to you

love Sara xxx


I am a long-term reader — also a colleague of Roma Buchimensky’s in Israel — and usually find your articles of high quality and at times superb, but so far two out of two articles in this Dec edition that I’ve read don’t match that standard:
– The Cinnamomum camphora overview doesn’t add anything but a brief and trivial note of speculation about the remedy — it is not a bad article but neither is it useful.
– The Cimex lectularius case lacks any followup information so is not useful: for all I know the analysis, which is admittedly well-written, could be completely false (as I’ve often seen with Sankaran’s method), and so this article shouldn’t have been published in my opinion.

I find that each issue is quite rich in content, and would encourage you to consider publishing fewer, higher-quality material over more material some of which is sub-par.

All the best,

David Nortman, N.D.


The article on “Lacs in Homeopathy” was absolutely amazing … The research efforts done on all the Lacs is enormous and thus the article has come out to be great … This is the first time such a compilation is done on this subject …
Very, very useful indeed … My full appreciation to the authoress for the article.

May be she should write next article on ‘poisons’ of snakes, spiders and other animals

Vijay Pradhan


Thank you so much for the interview with Robin Murphy! As a self-taught student, this answered a lot of questions.

I happen to be watching a recap of Princess Diana’s life, and wonder if anyone has made a homeopathic study of her.  Her widely raging highs and lows make her so intriguing.

I have a husband who has wide swings like this. He is consumed with lying, violence, alcohol, drugs, pornography and evil, yet he is one of the founders of the Anglican Church in North America. People don’t know about his Jekyll and Hyde character. I’ve lived helplessly in its shadow for years.



The audio lectures were absolutely brilliant. Even in my study group we never achieved the depth of understanding the articulate doctor provided.

Thank you,

Bill Lannon


I write to thank you for the december issue, which i enjoyed reading very much. I liked in particular the tips and secrets as also the write-up on can homeopathy help pms.

As always, i look forward to reading the forthcoming issues.

sincerely yours, rrdash


Love the articles and espcially the interview of Robin Murphy. I have always used his alphabetical reperatory! So much easier, and like the ‘ clinical’ approach. It makes so much sense than worrying about ‘ aggravations’ etc. Like R said’ jump in and save them if they are drowning, at least try to help.’
Thank you.

Debbie Handley


I absolutely love the issue   I’m still referring back to it almost daily. Love the crosswords too.




It is always nice to hear from Robin Murphy, Mr. Common Sense. I read the new remedy article and the clinical cases with interest.



Dear editor, I would like to offer my appreciation for all the effort that goes into the Homeopathy online magazine. I love receiving it, and I love reading it! So thanks for great interviews and the many educational articles.

Wishing you a great and happy New Year from Melbourne, Australia, from a dedicated student of homeopathy!

Hopefully, one day, a qualified homeopath.

Nandita Shari Jackson.


Dear editor,
happy new year
and many thanks for the dec. issue of your magazine.
All articles were very informative.
I enjoyed specially the interview with Mr. Murphy and the two articles about plants and homeopathy.
Also the layperson`s text was inspiring as were the cases from Ghana.
Best wishes.
Manfred Sandvoss


Dear Sir

Your December issue of “Homeopathy4every one” was  one of the best, especially the articles  “Asthma from Suppressed Skin Ailment – The Miracle of LM Potency, Follow Up Management in a Case of Psoriasis and Lacs in Homeopathy”.

The first one on Asthma, was so useful to read that I knew a prominant Medical Consultant, late 1940’s MRCP, whose wife suffered with this Asthma, an after effect of supressing of Skin Element when she was very small … He did not believe in Homeopathy and did not give to her Homeopathic treatment with the effect that she finally expired due to breathing troubles … This treatment given in this article could have saved her.

The authoress of “Lacs In Homeopathy” has really put in enormous efforts in doing the research on this subject and has come out with a very good article. My full complements to her for such a good article.

The article on Follow up … Psoriasis” was much needed to all, a very practical one.

Pradhan, Vijay


Dear Editor,
The ezine has helped me to see more clearly and broaden the horizon of Homoeopathy, the audio version of the lecture on Aphorisms 38-39 by Manish Bhatia was well represented.


The december edition was a valuabloe one. Amit Karkare”s Phataks repertory was a quick reveiw of the use of this repertory.

Seema Pillai


Thank you friends for regular dispatch of HOMEOPATHY FOR EVERYONE. All previous issues have been quite informative and encouraging. H’pathy is helpful to even the poorest and I have been taking its help in my all extension activities in villages.

I will write a detailed feedback slightly later as I am busy in some work which needs lot of travelling.

With best wishes,


Bharatendu Prakash


Sorry I have been very busy over Dec & Jan.
I have quickly read the first article on Miasmatic Diseases in Plants and definitely very strongly agree with the author about Acute & Chronic Diseases.
Yes the whole holographic system of the plant, soil, acute, chronic, fertilisation etc needs to be addressed to treat the plant otherwise I believe what he says is true, that it will only be short term and not really cure the chronic condition and more likely to kill the plant in the long run.

I worked in a clinic that had a Homeopath that had studied for 9 yrs. He was brillant, but he could not fix his Chronic Shingles after trying every remedy possible. That was analytically taught to him. I use my Kinesiology training and muscle testing but feeling the energy spikes of what is needed.

I myself am a Kinesiologist, Aromatherapist & a Lecturer and have studied Flower Essences & Homeopathy within my course of Kinesiology.
I work from the prinicple of finding and matching the frequency needed, and I succeeded finding the cause of his Chronic condition which he would not have thought of in a million years. So really every angle has to be considered and nothing is quite as it seems on the surface, and I have found remedies for different diseases by looking at plants and their association. I am allergic to the world and I am a clairsentinent being like Edward Bach and I am hypersensitive to the world so my body can manifest a disease by the cure. I once had one glass of tonic water which I worked out had approximately like .02% quinine in it, and even so, 12 hours afterwards I vomited for the a day and two weeks later I had extreme Malaria for four days.

Hope this helps and would love to do an article in the near future

Mimi Love


thank you.  I have found many of your articles of interest in the past but am afraid that I hve not yet had time to browse your dec issue.
I do appreciate all the work involved and feel it is very important that homeopaths continue to support each other.  Sadly I have spent time this month complaining to the BBC about a biased homeopathy report on newsnight.  i hope i will have more time in the coming weeks to spend my time more positively.

happy new year and please know your work is appreciated
maggi burnett
purley, surrey, uk


I am  deeply indebted for this excellent  service.
Dr R Murphy’s contribution is beyond ordinary homeopath’s reach  along with many
other articles
Thank you once again.
Ravi Sondhi


Thank you for your email. I thoroughly enjoy all of them!

I have been out of town and have not had time to read the lastest one yet.

I was wondering if it would be more possible to feature a few articles on seniors and their needs in the areas of nutrition, overall health in addition as well as the constitutional remedies such as Causticum, Alumina, Baryta Carb, etc. Ideas that are easy to embrace and employ for seniors.

There are a very large number of seniors embracing advancing age including the incoming boomers and with their parents. A very real need for easy stratagies for optimal health that are EASY to incorporate and use for seniors and their caregivers.

Also looking for a few good, easy to make recipes that work – and taste good!




Incidentally, a brilliant interview of Robin Murphy.  I was lucky to be at the London College of Homoeopathy in the ‘good old’ days when he would visit to give some lectures.  I always found his way of practising fascinating.

Thanks awfully
Regards Arthur


Hello and greetings from Cebu, Philippines.;

A few days ago, I visited Dr. Ardell Binoya who is practicing alternative medicine.   Though I have been a patent of his for years, I had little knowledge of how he has been studying homeopathic medicine or alternative medicine.
I had developed a severe rash and inflammation in the area of my groin.   I am a 71 year old male, married with two children living in Cebu Philippines. I have been suffering from severe gastric reflux for the past ten years and some mild hypertension.  I have been a smoker since the age of 21.  Each day I had been taking Ranitidine 150 mg for the heart burn and 50 mg of neo block to control blood pressure.  From time to time I have suffered from some depression as well.

It has been three days since my visit with Dr Binoya and I must say the results are amazing.  I discontinued my medications and instead have been taking hepeel and lymphomyosot three times per day as well as ayuderme and triphala once per day.  For the first time in ten years I have no gastric reflux, blocked ears and my blood pressure today is 108/60 without any
neoblock.  The Yeast infection in the area of the groin is well on its way of being cured as well.

Certainly I am going to refer many others to alternative medicines after this experience.  I have not felt so good in years.  I have a friend who experiences similar problems as i faced who is living in San Francisco and hoping perhaps he can find a homepathic physician there.  Know any??

I have enjoyed the news letters but have to admit,, I was not a real believer until now.  I feel great.


Ronald Lee Weller


I have read with great attention the article by Dr Kulwantt Singh in Viral Hepatitis. It is of great importance and full of detailed information including Homoeopathic medicines.  Thank you very much Dr Kulwant Singh for your article.

From Dr Jaswant Singh Matharu, Delhi



I found this issue, like many in the past, to be very well written with articles covering a variety of topics that were not only interesting but of great help to me as a student. The articles were clearly written leaving no room for confusion. With each article that I read, I became more acutely aware of the need to study homeopathy because of its healing qualities.

Currently my wife is being treated homeopathically for uterine cancer. She is alternating LM potencies of Thuja and Carcinocin every other week. After the first week she said she began to feel overall better. She will be having surgery at the end of January and I am anxious to learn the extent of cure that homeopathy was able to create. Perhaps our only reason for continuing with the surgery is of recurrance of the cancer.

Thank you for a wonderful publication. I look forward to each and every one.

Scott Daniels


I’ve just read Robin Murphy’s article and found it fantastic. He’s from the real world.
Although in later years I have attended seminars with the world’s best, my early training was as self-taught in Papua New Guinea, caring for my family. I have had to explore and use most of the approaches that Robin mentions. In particular I have used his repertory and taught it in my college, since it first came out. It leaves Kent for dead.
My compliments to a kindred soul

Derek Briggs


Once again a valuable issue of Ezine; Each month you come up with fully ” loaded ” issue and we are hard pressed to decide what to read first and what to keep for ” some other time”;;

I was only able to read the article on PHATAK”S repertory, I am not ashamed to say that i had never thought of it as a little GEM, but just another repertory.

I now realize what i had been missing.From now on i will be giving it the respect that it now deserves.Thanks to the author Dr Amit whose article opened a new window.

About Phatak’s repertory he writes ” to help us in such situations,Phatak’s repertory presents a helping hand,a true friend and a valuable guide during
acute prescribing”

Another feature in the article which caught my attention was about ” SYNTHETIC PRESCRIBING ” a feature i now appreciate more than before;

Thank you
Dr. Wequar Ali Khan


Remember to check the comments feed regularly to see the feedback that gets posted as comments to specific articles:

You can also look at the end of individual articles to see the comments posted about them. Most comments posted on individual articles are not included here.

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  • Correction : Please correct the heading : Feedback January 2010.

    Happy new year to all the hpathy team personnel and their family members.

    Thanks for your wonderful e-mag ‘hpathy4everyone’. This e-mag confines me to my desktop and keeps me busy whole month, by the time nest issue is available and again I start enjoying the reading. I like every page of this magazine. I have complete collection of this wonderful magazine since its start. Any how, I like the old-way of the issues and re-convert/re-edit the whole magazine in old format (all chapters) for my personnel use.

    I appreciate the enormous task Hpathy team is doing in publishing this on-line magazine.

    Certainly, it’s a boon to homeopathy students for their guidance and also it is equally beneficial for homeo-professionals as well.

    God bless Dr. Bhatia and his hpathy team. Let the flag of Homeopathy touch the sky with glory.

  • I’m really fond of this ezine, which makes me back to it very often, and look forward for the next issue. Thank you sir.

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