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Re:  Dr. Leela D’Souza interviews Dr. Daxa V. Vaishnav, world renowned teacher of homeopathy.

What a lovely interview! Takes me back to my college days from 1991-1996. Sad to hear that the administration shut down this fantastic department. What a blow! I hope good sense prevails and such wrong decisions are reversed. I would like to say – Thank you, Dr. Vaishnav, for being an amazing teacher. We have been lucky, happy and proud to have had you teach us. The good results we see in ObGyn cases in our homeopathic practice, we owe, to a great extent, to your teaching.

Dr. Firuzi Mehta


I am so proud of Todd Rowe and AMCH. Homeopathy is no longer invisible. This video will be one of my access points with new clients as they wonder whether homeopathy is a viable option for their healthcare.

Luanne Somers


Many thanks,

I am a second year homeopathy student and I am just about able to do the cross word these days. Very satisfying!



I’m so proud of Alan Phillips as an impassioned Health Freedom Advocate. He spends many hours every week educating the public about the dangers of vaccinations, the complex field of safety and efficacy of immunization with their links to corporate pharmaceutical manufacturing, state/federal/international politics, government regulations, constitutional rights, parental and guardianship regulations and the power of the people. It’s been a pleasure to converse with him weekly on our BlogTalkRadio shows Vaccinations and Your Rights in the US. I highly recommend contacting Alan for any of your vaccine legal questions.

Debby Bruck


Big Thank you Alan. Tips and Secrets are my favorite and are improving our knowledge. You and your friends are doing great service to Homeopathy.
Please carry on good work. Wish you good health & luck.



On Elaine Lewis’s Tidbits article:

Superb!  I have no words for it. Just dedicating it to you:
Old Elaine would have a farm eieio,
And on that farm she would have a cow (for healthy milk) eieio,
Some veggies free from GMO’s…
Some chickens which would lay organic eggs…
And a pond of some healthy fish!
With a peace peace here and a peace peace there
Here a peace there a peace everywhere a peace peace.

Maryam  Talha


Re: Article by Homeopath Fran Sheffield being taken to court:

Good luck Fran. Well done for standing up for Homeopathy!

Beverly Brown


Re: A Case of Autism by Susana Aiken:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful case with us and congratulations. I like the description of the case and the explanation.

Dagmar Sholz


On New York’s first female African-American medical doctor by Iman Navab :

Wonderful..!!  Highly inspiring too..!!!

Dr. B. Bapodara


Dear sir

Thanks a lot for sending me this is very excellent issue. I enjoyed most Glaucoma and Valvular Lesions. I praise to Allah you go ahead and continue your devotion  to homeopathy. I appreciate the writing on cancer & tumor, especially Dr. Ramakrishan and his valuable research work on cancer.

Thanking you & best regards.

Dr. Jashim Uddin Ph.D, M.D


Such a lovely issue, Alan. Thanks for gifting the homeopathy community with yet another remarkable volume of HPATHY.

Vatsala  Sperling


Re: Formica Rufa Case by Erika Simonian

An elegant case. Thank you!

S.   Druganov


Re: Psoraisis and Miasms by Dr. Ardeshir T. Jagose

Excellent article! Will be helpful to treat inveterate cases.

Dr. Ajay Aserkar


Re: Histrionic Personality Disorder – Dr. Navneet Bidani

Thank you Dr. Bidani for this really very interesting case. I enjoyed reading it and your comments.

Dagmar Sholz


Re: Nerve Palsy Case – Arul Manickham

It is a very good example of classical cure…congrats!

Dr. Anoop Singh Moti


Re: Elaine Lewis’s Quiz

Dear Elaine – I would like to celebrate along with you for 10 years doing this marvelous quiz. I’m sure thousands of people have learned from the twosome Shana and Elaine. CONGRATULATIONS!

Debby Bruck


Re: Lumbar Pain  by Dr. Ajay Aserkar

Dear Dr. Aserkar,
Thanks for the great case! I have always tried to make this case for people–that etiology over-rules symptomatology and this is a good example.

Elaine Lewis


Great issue!  I particularly enjoyed reading Homeoprophylaxis vs Vaccine which I shared on my facebook page, but all of the articles were interesting and enlightening.   I use ‘butterfly power’ to ‘insinuate’ info to my fb friends in a gentle, non-confrontational way.  I have my own personal experiences with homeopathics to add to the discussion.  Sometimes the ‘placebo effect’ enters the discussion, which I love because it gives me the opportunity to report success stories with animals.  No possibility of placebo in those cases.  I truly wish I was younger and able to take a course.  I would have to move to another state, however, to be able to practice.  Mississippi is so backward.




I found this issue very interesting, as I find all the issues!   Very informative as I did not know that depression and manic/depressive conditions could be treated so effectively with homeopathy.   I did pass the whole issue on to a friend whose brother is manic/depressive so, hopefully, it will be informative and helpful to her and her family.



Dear editor

I enjoyed reading all the articles and a case cured with Baryta Carb, a case of depression, skin eruption and disease of the heart. Even lay people are reading and gaining knowledge. Thanks for your untiring and selfless service.

Thank you

Josephine Sunderaj


Dear Editor:

Thank you for sending the January issue of Homeopathy for Everyone to me.

Best Regards

Roberto Camacho

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