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Readers comment on the January 2017 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

From: Interview with Cilla Whatcott – homeoprophylaxis educator – by Brenda Goldstein

The work being done by Dr. Cilla [Whatcott] is highly commendable. Her love for children and concern for their health and solutions to safeguard them through HP program shows her commitment to the profession. I appreciate Hpathy and Brenda for interviewing a great physician having high values and noble thoughts. May her efforts bear fruits in the coming years.

Srinivasulu Gadugu

From:   Tidbits – Repertory Roundup – Part 2 – by Elaine Lewis

Amazing! The analysis is fantastic andI am really convinced! This is a teaching for my practice. Thanks Mam.

Khorshed Alam MD

From:  How to Choose a Single Deep Acting Remedy Using Homeopathic Facial Analysis – by Louise Barton and Ellen Kire.

Thank you Louise and Ellen!  HFA is one of the most important developments in homeopathy in the last decade.  Every homeopath should become familiar with it.  It provides a more direct route to the simillimum.

From:  Death – The Final Frontier – by Declan Hammond

Thank you very much for your insights. This is without a doubt one of the most needed topics to discuss. I’ve just finished reading ‘On Grief & Grieving by E. Kuebler-Ross & D. Kessler. Beside it being a very valuable book I was struck by the fact that E. Kuebler- Ross still struggled with the contempt for her father on her death bed. What a difference Nat Mur would have made. Homoeopathy has much to offer. Thank you again.

Heike Bishop


Thank you, Declan. Beautifully said.

Tim Owens

From:  A Case of Fibroid in a Woman of 55 – by Dr. Girish Gupta

Thank you Dr. Gupta for your case of fibroid and renal calculus. It demonstrates the highest level of skill from years of experience.

Martin Earl


From:  My Son the Homeopath!  – Francis Treuherz

I love it when people use an old book and come up with the healing remedy. Sometimes, we make things too complicated. More please!

Madeleine Innocent

Thanks for writing this article. It is the actual method of selecting the similimum following the organon 153. Actually our failure is due to non adherence to aphorism 153 of the great Organon.

Lt. Col. Md Azizur Rahman.(Retd)

From:  What Plagues Homeopathy in Bangladesh?  – by Dr. Salma Afroz

Great article, Salma. Very enlightening!

Elaine Lewis

Doctor, I congratulate you for correctly diagnosing the true picture of homeopaths of Bangladesh. Excepting few, 99.9% are using mixed pathy because of poor knowledge of Materia Medica & that requires a short cut case taking or not at all.

Dr. Lt. col. Md Azizur Rahman. (Retd)

From: Clinical Case: Brain tumor in Canine – by Dr. María Carolina González Gómez

Thank you Dr. Gómez for this excellent article and wonderfully worked case. It demonstrates what is possible in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

Martin Earl

From:  An Understanding of Compound Remedies: Calc-Sil, Nat-Ars, Kali-Ars – by Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

I relate this to Constantine Hering’s declaration that the best way to study Homœopathy is to first know a few remedies VERY well and then study similar remedies in comparison to them in order to really master the materiel. I hope to master my remedies half as well as you one day, Dr. Sankaran. Thank you for your unrelenting search to make Homœopathy a better science and for sharing your thoughts with us.

Manon Larose

From: A Case of Steroid Dependent Mesangial Proliferative Glomerulus Nephritis – by Dr. Kamal Jalodia

Only the most skilled homeopaths could work out such a case. Thank you for sharing it.


From:  A Brief Study of Carcinosin Development from the Expectation of Others – by Dr. Sanjay Jadhav

Thanks for giving such a wonderful explanation

Dr shailja

Nice , informative. Thanks for sharing.

Sandeep Shivekar

From: Tips & Secrets – by Alan V. Schmukler

Love these little pearls of wisdom! Thank you Alan.


From:  A Case of Vaccine Induced Illness in a Girl of 15 – by Sohani Gonzalez.

Great case, thank you! Propanolol for a 15 yrs old! Can you explain little more; how did you decide on Silica please? (It’s probably obvious……the rest I get ).


From:  A Case of Chronic Otitis Media – by Dr. Atul Rajgurav

Good learning case. Thanks for sharing.


From:  A Seven Year Old Boy with Behavior Issues Hey! Look at me mama… always – by  Dr.Rekha Karnam Srinivasan

A Seven Year Old Boy with Behavior Issues Hey! Look at me mama… always

Wonderful…thanks for sharing

Dr. Sanjay Jadhav

From: Chronic Gastric Issues and Hypertension – by Dr.Nidhi Pandya

Chronic Gastric Issues and Hypertension

Thank you for sharing.  Especially for the last paragraph.


From:  A Case of Acute Pancreatitis – by Dr. Jitesh Sharma |

A Case of Acute Pancreatitis

Very nice & informative case. Thank you Dr. Jitesh for this nice case.

Dr. Naresh Panda

From:  A Case of Acute Appendicitis – Dr. S. Arul Manickham

A Case of Acute Appendicitis

A good case Dr. Arul.  Chronic attacks ….think of Lachesis.

Dr. Pranav Vagani

From:  Ask the Holistic Vet  – by Dr. Deva Khalsa

I am appalled at the way people will dose themselves or their animals because someone recommended it. The case of the Bengal cats on 2 remedies twice a day for 4 weeks makes me shiver. Homeopathy is NOT like medicine. You can easily overdose. PLEASE do not self medicate. Consult a professional homeopath.

Madeleine Innocent

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