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Readers comments from the July 2016 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

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From: Interview with Dr. Lauri Grossman

Dr. Lauri Grossman – interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

I enjoyed this interview very much! It’s full of such practical information. Dr. Lauri Grossman really understands the mechanics of promoting homeopathy in the macro culture.
Martin Earl

From: Questions Patients Ask by Elaine Lewis

Questions Patients Ask-19

Wonderfully practical, useful information, stated plainly as usual!
Alan V. Schmukler

From: Autistic 5 Yr Old Boy- A Case of Crocodylus – by Catherine Sharfstein

An Autistic 5 Year Old Boy A Case of Crocodylus

Wonderful case taking with the sensation method to reveal an unproved remedy.
Julius Fernandes

Lovely Case! I was wondering which Crocodylus you gave. There are two species listed, Crocodylus acutus ( american croc) and Crocodylus novoguinea (New guinea).
Paul Theriault

From: Tips and Secrets by Alan V. Schmukler

July 2016 Tips & Secrets

Great tips !!
Dr. Meera Belsare

Amazing and very useful tips indeed. Thank you Alan.
Salma afroz

From: Severe Headaches in a Girl of 12 by Dr. Tatiana Pokatova

Severe Headaches in a Girl of 12

Dear Dr.,
Good presentation of case, good analysis of remedies, very unexpected success against normal repertorisation. Thank you Sir.
M. Ganesan

From: Cartoon – “Low on Remedies” by Alan V. Schmukler

Low on Remedies

Right! There’s a job that never gets done!

Elaine Lewis

From: A Difficult Case of Recurrent Otitis by Dr. Kubasheva Nadezhda

A Difficult Case of Recurrent Otitis

The Selection of Calcaria sulf in this case is remarkable.
Aslam Sherwani

From: Case of Epilepsy in a Six Year Old Boy –by Dr. Atul Jaggi

A Case of Epilepsy in a Six Year Old Boy

Very nice case with depth of understanding about differential medicines and selection of the medicine.

Dr. Ravindra Aher

Such a clear explanation of remedies is not always found. This is really a very good treatment of a complicated case.
Dr. Santanu Maity

From: Editorial – The Good News and the Bad- by Alan V. Schmukler

The Good News and the Bad

Reading your editorial is like a confirmation of my sanity. There are others like me who see and sense the plots of Big Pharma. People usually think I’m either nuts or joking when I propagate homeopathy for serious diseases. This times collection has lots of things I had to look up. Thanks for the spoon feeding.

Ayesha Ahmad

I have to congratulate you on your magazine. It is fantastic and amazing how you keep it going every month, I don’t suppose any of us take the time to thank you and your crew for all the hard work that you are doing on our behalf, but I do appreciate as I know how much time these things take to put together. So heartfelt thanks to you all from me!!

Monica Rigney

Heartiest congratulations for the innovation of your online free Homeopathy library. This will be of great help to the professionals and the novices who have embraced this medical art to help the needy and suffering society.

With kind regards

Dr. Rishi Ram Sharma,
Ex. Treasurer, Homeopathic Association of India,

Thank you dear friends for this library of free books. Long awaited for.

Dr. Jaya Mohan

Dear sir,
Sometimes I wonder how you and your team provide so many free services for the benefit of homeopaths. We are really indebted to you for these services. We wish you best of luck and long life. God bless you all.
Dr CS Gupta

Hpathy Team,

You all are the best! I am so grateful for everything you do, and the high quality and liveliness of your online journal.

Thank you!!!

Lucy Vaughters PA-C, MA-T, CCH

I love this journal, by the way – even though usually rushing too much to give feedback!!

Dear Editor,

I do understand that your not in control of what comes up in Adsense. I wish there were a way for you to filter Adsense, or do without it altogether. I’d rather see a small price increase in the products you sell than see ads like this that undermine the integrity of homeopathic remedies.

Thanks for listening to me,


Regarding the redesigned Hpathy website:

Dear Hpathy team
Your new format makes reading more fun. The subject material is as were your previous issues, interesting and educational. I am very grateful to you for the effort you are putting to amass all this precious information.
Thank you very much

Layout and presentation is very good. Easy indexing and quick access to the articles excellent. I have not come across any bug. Congratulations.


Wonderful new modern format…congratulations.
Dr Catherine Russell – Guadalajara

Thank you so much for all the work in making this site so user-friendly!
Blessings and Love to All!


Wow, it’s great to do such a leap and make it look good indeed.

With my best wishes

Dr. Wequar Ali Khan


I appreciate the amount of work this homeopathy team has put in. I like the portal but it will take time to go through the portal thoroughly. Your work is extensive and appreciated.

Thank you all for your thought.


Personally I think that this new format is very much user friendly and I like it. As is, your periodical is very informative and useful. Please keep it up. You are doing good service for homeopathic community.

Vijay Pradhan

From: Clinical Assessment of the Efficacy of Homeopathic Remedies in Psychiatric Patients by Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi and Fahimeh Mahdavi

Clinical Assessment of the Efficacy of Homeopathic Remedies in Psychiatric Patients

Very interesting – excellent work being done.
Bernadette Connolly

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