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Readers comment on the June 2017 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

From:   A Case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus – Dr.  Paramjot Saini

Dr. Paramjot Saini presents a case of SLE, a complicated autoimmune disease. She prescribed two medicines. Natrum mur and Arsenicum alb. The result is amazing. It happens in few cases.. I extol her classical mode of prescribing in the case. I am sure her case record register contains some complicated cases and their cure. Although SLE is considered to be almost incurable, the case is the living example of the ray of hope. My sincere regards and appreciation to the author and the editor of the journal for getting such information constantly.

Md Azmal Hossain

Thanks a lot Mr. Azmal for your appreciation. This SLE case was really a difficult one but I am glad that patient got cured by God’s grace as all her reports are normal now and she is leading a normal life now.

Paramjot Saini

From:  Avascular Necrosis of Left Femur – Dr. Jitesh Sharma

A brilliant cure of an incurable case!

P.k. Mohanty

From:  A Case of Infertility in a Woman of 29 – Shirisha Shiri

A Case of Infertility in a Woman of 29

I do not cease to be surprised at how everything looks simple, if the mind and knowledge of a homeopath are correctly applied to the patient. Huge respect for you, doctor.


It is really wonderful that a single prescription of Staph 200 is enough for the good result of a patient suffering from primary infertility. Our sincere thank goes to Dr. Shirisha Shiri, a young homeopath. Her mode of prescription depends on the mind and general symptoms. It is unique. She never thinks of the name of the disease but she considers the most important characteristic symptoms of the medicine.
Our good wishes and appreciation are always with her.

Md Azmal Hossain

Excellent Treatment! Good explanation!

Janardhana. Nuggu


From Editorial – Italy,Vaccines and Corruption  – Alan V. Schmukler

Very true about the nexus between vaccine producing companies and certain vested interests, be it the bureaucrats or the practitioners themselves. Thanks to you Alan for courageously writing on this issue. I totally support you on this!

Dr Aparna Joshi


Great editorial on a horrifying subject!

Elaine Lewis

A Case of MRKH syndrome – Uterine Agenesis

A Case of MRKH syndrome – Uterine Agenesis

Excellent case: shows how deep pathology can be treated and how completely the body can heal itself. Because I cannot prescribe tests as a Homœopath in my country, I am often working blind. This case illustrates with follow-up medical tests, the changes that occur on the proper handling of a case. I have heard Homœopaths mention the changes in the structure of the face on the right prescription, but it is the first time I have seen it illustrated so clearly. Thank you.

Manon Larose

From:  Understanding Potency  – Amy Lansky

Understanding Potency

Thank you Amy, this is helpful to me. I honor your intuitive take on this important part of our work!

Lia Bello


From one complex oscillating biological entity to another, thank you.

Wayne Hunt

From Cartoon: “Vaccine God”  – Alan V. Schmukler

False Gods!

So clever, Alan! And so true!!!!

Elaine Lewis

From:  Clarification of the Basic Homeopathic Principles Including Reference to Worldwide Practice – Gill Graham

Clarification of the Basic Homeopathic Principles Including Reference to Worldwide Practice.

Dr. Gill Thanks for this nice and time worthy article.

Dr. LT. Colonel Md Azizur Rahman, (Retd),


Brilliant and enlightening, thankyou !



Very necessary and fundamental points to understand homeopathic basic and compulsory principles.

Afjal Islam


From: Tidbits 48: What To Feed Your Kids So They Won’t Wind Up Sick, Or Stupid! (Part-2)  – Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 48: What To Feed Your Kids So They Won’t Wind Up Sick, Or Stupid! (Part-2)

What a delicious article and packed full of useful information that everyone should have.


From: Tips & Secrets  – Alan V. Schmukler

July 2017 Tips & Secrets

Dear Dr,

I always read first of all ‘ Tips and Secrets’ and always find something new. Your selection of Pulsatilla from Dr William H. Burt gives me new provings of Pulsatilla as a remedy for irritability as well. We know so far that it suits to gentle mild women.


Dr C S Gupta


Great tips, especially about Paul McCartney!

Elaine Lewis


Highly useful

Dr. Suresh Jain

From:  After Surgery Had Done Its Best  – T.F. Allen

After Surgery Had Done Its Best

Great case! Thanks, TF Allen! Gels. covers fever at 10 am., vertigo, thirstlessness, stupor and incoordination.

Elaine Lewis

From: A Case of Bronchiolitis – Mayur Modi

A Case of Broncholitis

Very nicely explained.Also I learnt a new remedy.Thank you for sharing a nice case.

Dr. Naresh Panda

From: Disruptive Behaviour Disorder – Dr. Shelly Sharma

A Case of Disruptive Behaviour Disorder

Thanks for sharing this case.

Gina Tyler DHOM

Nice case to learn!

Mayur Modi         Mayur Modi

From: Wondrous Order – Systematic Table of Homeopathic Plant Remedies – by Michal Yakir

Wondrous Order – Systematic Table of Homeopathic Plant Remedies – by Michal Yakir

Rochelle Marsden |

An excellent review: well-structured and exhaustive. It has whetted my appetite for the book. This review is an exception to the kind of reviews one often gets to read.

Many thanks to Rochelle Marsden

Ravindra Joshi

From:  Case of A Tough Guy Gone Soft – Erika Simonian

Case of A Tough Guy Gone Soft

Great case! And a great affirmation not to change remedies too hastily. Thank you.

Manon Larose

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