Feedback June 2004

Feedback June 2004

Homeopathy & Swedenborg – Julian Winston
Shirley Reichman’s reply to Julian

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I read Shirley’s article with great interest. Having been born and raised believing in the teachings of Swedenborg and the healing benefits of homeopathy, I always try homeopathy first before proceeding to any other health care option. I hope that others will see the connection between spiritual and physical well being.
Thanks to Shirley for a clear and well written article.

Margo Waddell

Dear Sir/Madam,

I receive your monthly newsletter and am thankful for the various articles and time spent providing us such valuable information and research results. After reading this months editorial, I was wondering if in an upcoming issue there could be an article/journal at length about Crohn’s disease. Currently I am studying at Dr. Nielsen’s Homoeopathic Medical & Educational Research Centre in Winnipeg, MB and in my last year next year I will be defending a thesis, and my topic is
Crohn’s Disease a Homoeopathic Approach. I would value any information, articles, journals and comments if someone would put up information about this disease in an upcoming newsletter

Thank you kindly,

Danny Thomas
Year III Student
Winnipeg, MB

Editor: Dear Danny, we will try to come up with an issue focussing on Crohn’s disease in near future. Thank you for the suggestion and your support to Homeopathy for Everyone.


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