Feedback June 2010

Feedback June 2010

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Dear Alan
I thought that your recent editorial on making homeopathy a household word was very inspiring an should be a reminder to us all. We need to stop bickering amongst ourselves and get out there and bring homeopathy to more suffering people. In countries like the UK where I am based we have to look at new ways of bringing homeopathy to new people. This is much more important than discussing the finer points of theory as you suggest.
Homeopathy is an effective system of medicine that more people should have access to. Our forefathers brought it to new people and we must continue that.
Thank you for inspiring me to get out there and promote homeopathy. I am going to start my own study group now as a result.
Kind Regards
Alex Hefforn
PS the article by Elaine Lewis was a breath of fresh air. I think it so important to remember that homeopathy is practical and can deal with very serious disease and pathology. It doesn’t all have to be all homeopsychotherapy. The importance of relevance and context of prescribing I think is essential.


I have read the article/interview about use of multiple remedies as the case demands by Elaine Lewis.
It is a very interesting and useful article and I am very impressed with the way Dr Lewis treated a case of kidney failure, liver problems, cancer, oedema, etc. Some of doctors do not want to go a step futher than what according to them Hahnemann said in Organon about using a single remedy.  They call it classical homoeopathy.  They forbid doctors to use more thatn one remedy.  As I understand by single remedy means that doctors should not mix two or more remedies.  Single remedy means giving one remedy at a time.  After a gap of few hours you can give a second indicated remedy and after another hour even a third indicated remedy.  We need to step forward from where Dr Hahnemann left us.  There is need to constantly endeavour to improve our way of treatment.  Starting treatment with very high potencies often produces severe aggravation which continues for weeks and even sometimes for months.  So instead of starting from CM potency, start with 30C to 200C.  When these potencies stop working only then go to 1M potency or still bettter to change the remedy in 30C to 200C.  There is huge gap between 200C and 1000C.  We should not jump from 200 to 1000.  Unfortunately,  remedies between 200C and 1000C are not available in our country.  In USA and some other advanced countries, doctors have potency raising machines.  They can give 300C potency after 200C. Dr Kent has mentioned such potencies in his books.
From Dr Jaswant S Matharu, Delhi.


The differences between Arg-N and Ars are very clearly mentioned with suitable examples as well as stramonium and Hyoscyamus
Homeopathic Facial Analysis gives much knowledge about the differences in the Hahnemann and Kent’s aspect of Chronical cases.
Observing the Face gives much knowledge about the facial appearance and the different diseases they are prone to.
Tips and Secrets are very useful for refreshing our knowledge. Please continue serving us for thousands of years



Thanks for resent your newsletter

By the way despite all remarkables articles on the research on Homepathy
i remain saying that it is very necessary to comprove to the world medical science that biological and physiological background of homeopathic remedies absorption by the human cell.

It seems to be impossible that human and animal organisms have NOT a biological background to justify absorption of diluted and dinamized
homeopathic medicines…

Even with the energetic face of the Homeopathy and several complicated
quantic physics theories to explain the action of homeopathic remedies
into the human health and oragnism as well…

Finally saying HOMEOPATHY it is NOT MAGIC but just a safe and real
remarkable medical system.

Prof.Paulo de Lacerda,MD,PhD


Very happy to read the column on Homeo remedies for plants, cant wait to try some of them on my garden,
Thank you



Thanks for doing service of homeopathy by bringing all goods of homeopathy at one place.Article by Luc de sheepar and David Little is really mind blowing. Cartoon, quiz and crossword gives perfection as a magazine.

Dr. Arjun


For me – Hepar Sulph in Depression -was very interesting.
Thank you  Alex Mlac-Cerne, Slovenia


Hi I,m damn impressed by the article of prescribing the constitutional remedy or the remedy which is need of the hour. Here is a case which is neither heard or read, but my own experience.1)  My late father was an angina patient. It was january & it was very cold. The coldness was piercing through the bones. My mom called me at 1 :10 am in the night told me that dad was suffering from pain in heart, & asked me to take out the car to shift dad to ICU. I just saw the time & asked my wife to fetch Arsenicum alb. 30 to dad. In the meanwhile I went to my garage to take out the car. To my surprise, when I came back, after 10 minutes, he was perfectly normal as nothing happened.Yes, of course, I parked the car back into the garage.He was given three split doses at ten minute intervals.I did not have time to see the repertory. A basic knowledge of materia medica  made us sleep  that night.There are so many disease for angina like spigelia, cactus, sumbul,crategus, digitalis etc but the need of the hour was Arsenicum Alb.
Usman Khan


I”m SO appreciative for what you offer….a variety of informative articles that keep me in the homeopathy loop. I’m not practicing homeopathy solely, but rather work it into my practice as a nurse practitioner. Usually at the end of the work day, i’m not inclined to pick  up a homeopathy book (such as the organon which I know I’m supposed to read through every year), or am i inclined to take the time to read through the contributions and the discussions in the BIH study group, just because I’m ready to relax. All i usually do homeopathy-wise after work is to work o the constitutional cases I have. But I look forward to your newsletter because it’s so packed full of useful, condensed and an eclectic variety of information, that it renews my interest each time i do. thank you so much. you are of great value and i apprpeciate your efforts
candy heron


I find all articles of hpathy very interesting with new ideas to consider,   particularly the ones about Agricultural hpathy. Thank you

A Smrili


The article Homeopathy in Dentistry published in the May issue is very useful for all our subscribers as well as for other readers.

With best wishes,



Dear Sir,

The paper presented by Dr.Elaine Lewis and Dr. Mati Fuller, on the comparison of mental symptoms of Arsenic and Argenticum Nitricum is very interesting . It has helped me in a case of diabetese.Second paper which is very helpful in selection of correct remedy in cases of insanity is by Dr. Tayler on Stramonium .
Ram Briksh Singh


The articles were great as usual!

Would appreciate clinical cases of the H-greats like Hahnemann, Clarke, Burnett, Kent etc… as they’d be most appreciated by H-lovers and practitioners.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

-Francis Fernandes.
Dear sir, Your  are doing a great job by publishing knowledge on homeopathy. The current publication covers many fields but it would be more enriched if there would have been some topic on AIDS and Cancer treatment. You may request Mr. Ramakrisan to  sent write up on his succesful treatment on cancer.

Thanks for remembering  me.
Dear Editor,
I love the newsletter!  Every month it is filled with witty, humorous, and educational articles which inspire me to learn more about homeopathy.  Keep up the good work!
Brenda Glasschild
Dear Dr B.

May issue of Hpathy as usual had many articles of interest,but the most intriguing one was the one “Searching for link between periodic table and planets with homeopathy” It’s a realm which is challenging for many homeopaths.

One has to be very knowledgeable in terms of chemistry,physics, and Astronomy,beside being a homeopath to go into that sphere of homeopathy,but would that be classical homeopathy as it is termed,for those who pursue the basic Hahnemanian style? It is a question i always ask myself.

The other article which i enjoyed was “Hahnemann’s letter to his tailor”. It shows Hahnemann as a gentleman par excellence to have had such a humane relationship with his tailor.whom he helped to regain his health.I wish that to days Homeopaths could emulate that human touch,with such deep feelings.

I have not had time to fully go through all the articles but keep on reading when time permits.But i do make it a point to do Dr Elaines Quiz every month.A good exercise for my Grey cells to sharpen my skills;

Keep up the good work to present to us a wonderful, colorful and a sweet smelling bouquet called Hpathy every month

Regards and best wishes

Dr Wequar Ali Khan

Miami Florida

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