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Re: Music and Homeopathy – Katja Schuett

Dear Katja Schuett

Thank you for your great article, offering so much more to read, learn, and use.

Dr. W.H. Spoelder

Re: Katja Schuett interviews Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Rosina Sonnenschmidt sounds like she would be wonderful to include as a ‘dinner party guest’- lots of intelligence and humour. I have enjoyed some of her books in the past and look forward to delving into more.

R. Mathers

RE: A portrait of geniuses affected by music and their possible remedies. Gill Graham

Nice work, Gill ! I always enjoyed reading biographies and what people have made out of their life, and your article about Nietzsche and Dylan has been quite enlightening ! Thanks !!!

Katja Schuett

Re: Music and its affinity to homeopathy – Gill Graham

Gill, as always a thought provoking piece, which allows us all with an open mind to hear the tune, however it comes to us! Well done.

Gwynne Grayson

Re: Singing Out for Homeopathy – Dana Ullman

I just enjoyed reading your article, Dana. Thanks for this valuable contribution !!

Katja Schuett

Re: Cartoon : Skeptics Dilema – Alan V. Schmukler

Brilliant, Alan !!

Katja Schuett

Love it!


Re: Tidbits – Elaine Lewis

I must thank you for your tidbits of information on frequently administered homoeopathic medicines.Your informative tidbits are pithier and contain more useful points for practitioners. To have in possession of a copy of your tidbits would certainly serve as a quick reference for selection of remedies to acute illness.

Tam Hon

Re: A Case of Infertility – Aparna Joshi

I am a lay homeopath. Your article indeed taught me to analyse a case on homeopathic norms. Many, many thanks for adding much to my knowledge.



Re: When We Forget Why We’re Here – Maja Letić

Hi Maja,

Great article and really interesting. We are like detectives aren’t we, and we keep searching and looking and reflecting till we can see more clearly and find the best remedy. Your article has helped me look at one of my own cases with fresh eyes and useful insights – Thank you. Lyssa x


Hello Dr. Bhatia,

I would like to let you know how much I enjoy Elaine’s articles and columns. They get to the point and educate the reader. She makes the remedies very clear to the reader which  is well infused and inundated with humor from time to time as well as the serious side of knowing the remedy, it’s application, etc.  I had a prof once say that when you learn with humor, you retain the information on an even better level.:)   I think all of Elaine’s articles should be compiled in a book. It would be great for students as well as practitioners and the general public. I think it would do very well. I am a homeopathic practitioner as well and enjoy all of her articles. She has a gift for writing and getting her point across. It is enjoyable to read her columns which I always look forward to in each issue.



Incredible work by Dr.Torako Yui ! Newer dimensions in treating advanced , so called incurable pathologies very well explained . A learning mind should be open to new experiments ,after all the purpose is to use homeopathy in full reinforcement to cure . Thank you hpathy for this . And thanks to Dr. Torako -the mother of Homeopathy in Japan.


Re: A Case of PCOD with Primary Infertility. Very nice case study. Really impressed. Is there any alternative to folliculinum in classical homeopathy?

Dr Chittaranjan Padhi

Dear Sir,
Thanks for the “Tips & Secrets”. It is really s very useful collection. It refreshes the memory of Homoeopaths!

Aljeet Kishore

From: Music and Its Affinity to Homeopathy :

‘With our egoistic limited brain, we have no permission to confine the capabilities of true medicine; to do so we would sound like a fool’

Wise words, but to those who are ill disciplined words that could easily be taken as meaning ‘anything goes’. As students of homoeopathy we should all know full well that anything most certainly doesn’t!

Here in the UK a debate has quietly raged for years as to whether by attempting to teach students every new development within homoeopathy, many are being short-changed in terms of the means actually to treat their patients. Here is not the place for that debate, but another related issue is how some homoeopaths have uncritically fused new age ideas with homoeopathy and how principles are being jettisoned in favour of an ‘anything goes’ approach. We all of us deplore the activities of ‘big pharma’ but I sometimes wonder whether some of our actions and our pronouncements are responsible for our becoming the butt of scorn and ridicule, not just amongst skeptics but amongst the general public who might be rather more open to homoeopathy.

As for our ‘egoistic limited brain’, unfortunately that and the promptings of our consciences are very much all we have but they were good enough for successive generations of homoeopaths who wished to heal the sick. They did so by study and by the application of clearly enunciated principles.

A conceit, that is ‘an ingenious or fanciful comparison or metaphor’, might entertain but it is in danger of confusing by simplifying. I would argue that there is rather enough confusion about in homoeopathy at the moment.

Kevin Morris

Dear Editor,

Well, I’ve been using homeopathic remedies now for just over 2 weeks to get rid of my garden pests and save my plants and I have to report that it’s been quite successful!  I am very excited as last year I lost my entire crop of beans to these bugs.  It seems like we have to water the remedy into the plants approx. every 3rd day but I don’t care.  It’s working!  So now I wait to see if they will flower and pollinate. Very excited to have finally figured out how to use homeopathy in my garden!


Re: The Concept of Layers in Prescribing – Richard Pitt

Dear Doctor,
The concept of comparative materia medica is practical as explained by you in this article. I wish you success in your mission

S. Gupta

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