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Feedback Letters from June 2019

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Very good issue again! I like the topics and the cases, which are presented succinctly but clearly!

Ritva Lauraéus

From: Strontium and Calcium: Homeopathy and Allopathy Meet – Brett Harris


Good choices in, selecting all remedies!

Aslam Sherwani

From:  Latent Psora – A Practical Approach – Dr. Alexander V. Martiushev


Great article. Congratulations!

Dr. Györgyi Takács

From: Rheumatoid Arthritis and its Homoeopathic Approach – Dr. Velmurugan Vasanth


A very useful article. Thanks Dr. Vasanth

Suresh Mathuria

From:   The Need for Accuracy in Homeopathy – Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad


An insightful article. Thank you Dr. Gaurang

Dr. Sheetal Bidri

From:   Cartoon – Drug Research – Alan V. Schmukler


Good one Alan !! and pity the situation.

Vamsi Sudha

From: Role and Utility of Dream Interpretation in Homoeopathic Practice: A Study   Dr.Niklunj Jani


A Very Interesting and innovative study

Dr. A. M. Ray

From:  A Promethium Case – Katharina Riedener-Brunner


Martin Earl

A very carefully taken and well analyzed case. Thank you Katharina!

From:  Homeopathy in Ireland Today –  Clodagh Sheehy.

https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/homeopathy-in-ireland-today/ [1]

Thank you Ms. Sheehy for this excellent and honest discussion of homeopathy in Ireland.

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