Feedback March 2004

Feedback March 2004

It was really wonderful reading your informative articles. Keep doing this great job. Best of luck to the team.

Archana Singh

Thank you Archana for all the good wishes and the compliments. Such appreciation from our readers is what motivates us to improve our work and the journal further. We will keep working to make the articles more informative, to cover more diverse subjects, and to raise the standards for the journal still further. I hope we will keep receiving more cooperation and participation from readers like you in future too.

Best wishes,

Dr. B

Thank you very much for keeping me in the mailing list of your excellent e-zine ‘Homeopathy for Everyone’. The contents are interesting as well as useful. Here is a problem I am facing: I like to take prints of many of the articles to go through those in my leisure time. However, on printing – I find that the printing area could not cover significant portion of right side of the articles. I tried with the lowest possible right margin in page setup – even then some of the area got cut off.

Any suggestion?

Kindest regards.

Dr Mir Mostafa Kamal

Dear Dr. Kamal,

Thank you for the appreciation but I would like to make a correction in your statement. You have called this journal ‘your excellent e-zine’. Actually its not just our ezine, its yours too. Homeopathy for Everyone is an open journal and people like you can participate in its development by contributing articles, giving feedback, putting in ideas and suggestions for future issues.

Regarding the printing problem. In near future we will try to bring out a fully downloadable version of the journal in which there would be more facility for printing. At present, you can copy the desired articles in any text editor and take the prints.

Dr. B



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