Feedback March 2010

Feedback March 2010

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Dear Editor

Every homeopath knows their medicine is energy based. But when it comes to defending homeopathy against people who have no knowledge of what they are speaking, this seems to go out the window. Homeopaths become defensive and caught up in negative energy. This daily meditation (3rd March) from may remind people how to use this energy for the best results.

Kind regards


Always be FOR something, not AGAINST.

Being FOR something takes less energy as it is already in a lighter form. As human beings, we cannot help but be subject to our preferences. However, we do have control over the manner in which these manifest themselves in our lives. Every value we hold dear is an expression of either support or opposition, and it is our perspective that determines whether we are for something oragainst it. As an example of a situation we are all familiar with at this time: We can direct our energy and intentions into activities that promote peace rather than using our resources to speak out in opposition of war. On the surface, these appear to be two interchangeable methods of expressing one virtue, yet being forsomething is a vastly more potent means of inspiring change because it carries with it the power of constructive intent. When you support a cause, whether your support is active or passive, you contribute to the optimism that fuels all affirmative change. Optimistic thoughts energize people, giving them hope and inspiring them to work diligently on behalf of what they believe in. Being for something creates a positive shift in the universe, which means that neither you nor those who share your vision will have any trouble believing that transformation on a grand scale is indeed possible. To be against something is typically easy, as you need only speak out in opposition to it. Standing up for something is often more challenging, because you may be introducing an idea to people that may scare them on a soul level. Throughout your life, you have likely been told that the actions of one person will seldom have a measurable impact on the world. Yet your willingness to stand up for what you believe in instead of decrying what you oppose can turn the tides of fate. The thoughts you project when you choose to adopt a positive perspective will provide you with a means to actively promote your values and, eventually, foster lasting change. Madeleine Innocent


I thank you very much for your Feb 2010 Newsletter which contains numerous valuable articles of great importance to enhance knowledge with the experience of various authors.  I have no words to appreciate for your great services to homoeopathy.  We need person like you who can be great pillars of homoeopathy to spread it in every nook and corners of the world.  Nothing is better than homoeopathy to eliminate the sufferings and it gives great help to mankind.  I am greatly indebted to great Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who has given us this great pathy. With best regards Homoeopathically yours Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


The best and useful articles of January are The chakras and body -homeopathy remedies and correspondences medicines. In fact all the articles are very interesting.

Thanking you, Rajeswari


Dear Alan,

I have been studying part time Naturopathy for 2 years now, and Homeopathy was one subject in my first year. I have religiously used  homeopathy for pain, colds, burns and stings from insects. Back in Nov 2009 I injured my knee. Broken tibia, cartilage and ligaments the doctors said I would be laid up in bed for at lest 6 weeks and they had not decided to operate yet, sent me home with a splint on my leg and told me to stay in bed. Now when the accident first happened, my husband  applied rescue remedy which I had previously made up and Arnica on my knee as I could not move myself. This took the shock out, he put a cold compact on it for the night. I went to hospital the next day and Xray’s and Scans were performed. During that first week in bed I was determined that I was never going back into that hospital as I was outraged by the way the nursing staff were so inconsiderate to the sick sleeping patients, being awoken by their social gatherings at the end of my bed. At home I continued the arnica and rescue remedy and ate foods to cleanse and without the help of any drugs was I regaining my strength. When I went back to hospital 14 days later the doctor was taken back at how my leg had improved as I’d walk in without my crutches, ‘he sat down and just shook his head requesting what had I been doing. My leg was still  not back to normal but no pain as that I was experiencing or should have been experiencing according to the Doctor. Homeopathy is as I see and witnessed is non invasive and the effects are miraculous. Thank you for your articles they are encouraging and the web site has been of great benefit to me.

Warm regards

Mary-Ann Warburton


What a change! beautiful front page. I really excited by getting this copy. I am a grasping reader of this magazine from the very beginning of my subscription. Thanks and kind regards,

Dr. Subrata Das

Dear Editor,
Let me thank you first of  all for giving us a chance to have such a nice issue of Hpathy Feb 2010.
I really liked the idea of treating plants through Homoeopathy… thank Kaviraj ji, I will certainly utilise your tips for my own garden.

Dr. Brijesh


Dear Editor,
I wish I had all the time needed to read everything you send us in optimum time. Unfortunately, I am a teacher and homeopathy is…my second passion.  Oh, this maddening, fascinating  field which  is still the big conundrum of my life!
I really appreciate the articles in the enzine; I take delight in the new format you chose  for the  entries in the  books on-line, in which you use the blog arrangement to associate  the  complementary  remedies; it’s a whole new world for me to discover, and, to be honest, to  find help  for my own self. It may be presumptuous,  but  I ‘ve made  a challenge from  the quest of my own self: and what better opportunity than  read James Tyler Kent’s  fascinating repertory?
Thank you for everyhing,


Dear Hpathy

Honestly  this time I realized how interesting the Crosswords tool is for
making divulgating homeopathy.

Thank for all you do.



Alan Schmukler’s Tips and Secrets always make good reading. I wish you would include a column for patient queries.


Thank you,!  By consulting your thorough online materia medica, I have been helped in more ways than one.  I hadn’t noticed your ezine till recently.  I am very pleased to read quality articles on classic and
contemporary topics in homeopathy.

Cordially yours,
Katherine Masis


All the articles are thought provoking.And instead of trying to disapprove Homeopathy which stood the test of time and time and again proved to be simple and sweet medicine,it is time to encourage some research to work along with allopathy and a host of other systems of medicines and put an end to the monopoly of only one system of medicine.Aricle on first aid medicines and bowel nosodes  are good.I myself treated all types of flu with aconite and gelsimium with more sucess than allopathy medicines.I treated my father who suffering with pain in the bones due to weak ness or osteoporosis with heklalava,conchiolinum, with great sucess where allopathy.It is true that a drug racket is making even the great inter nationalorganisations also supporting allopathy which has many failures to its credit .Its only  emergency surgical method which are yeilding good results.


Dear Sir,

At the outset I would like to congratulate the Editorial Board for selecting
articles in various fields . The articles on ” Experience with the periodic
table ” , “Autopathy” , ” Homeopuncture ” and “Tissue remedies”are example
of articles covering wider spectrum.The exhaustive cases and key points
given in Tips and Secrets are very interesting.

With Regards



Hi, I just want to tell you I found the article “Common First Aid Homeopatic Remedies” interesting and usefull for me. Thanks to Rochelle Marsden !


Didn’t get a chance to read as much as I would have liked but the “Tips and Secrets” gave me plenty to think upon. Thanks for your dedication and wonderful work.


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  • Dear Sir,
    I really appreciate and pray for From this I got a chance to read precious articles, especially thanks to the “Tips and Secrets” I found it to be full of knowledge. Recently I passed my “Homeopathy Elementary Course.” The course was designed very simply with lots of basic knowledge and I’m eagerly awaiting further higher level courses.
    Thanks for your humanitarian wonderful work.
    M. ILiyas

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