Feedback March 2011

Feedback March 2011

Dear Hpathy friends

I did enjoy a lot Creating space for Homeopathy. Alan is really a democratic
in homeopathy for everyone.

Thanks again, for all the professional commitment.

I was interested in this presentation by Robert Medhurst. This is because I am a dermatologist and practice at the N. Paulescu Institute of Diabetes in Bucharest, Romania.
I also run the diabetes foot care service and see many patients with peripheral diabetic neuropathy.
I have written some articles on the subject, including the treatment by acupuncture of this disorder.
The symptoms are similar to those seen with peripheral diabetic neuropathy. Tests of sensitivity such as vibration perception and Semmes-Weinstein monofilament tests may be useful in differentiating this disorder.
I have found also that Aurum metallicum and Rhus toxicodendron can also be useful.
Warm greetings,
Chukwudi Nwabudike
Dear Sir

I am highly grateful to Hpathy for their great help to homoeopathy lovers with store of knowledge and information sharing through their Newsletters every month. Feb 2011 Newsletter is the best to have valuable articles on important subjects. My gratitute goes to all authors who contributed their articles and their services to Hpathy and homoeopathy will always be appreciated very much.

With best regards

Sincerely yours

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad
Hello !
I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your newsletter, and I am very glad to have found it !
Thankyou for all the information !
Tips provided are very good and useful. I shall be glad if u provide
some tips on Multipole Sclerosis.

Narinder Singh
Dear editors,
thank you very much for this fantastic issue. I love everything you write
and I really like the mixture of fun – like the crosswords- tips and tricks
as well as the publishing of not famous reports from colleagues. Your issues
have more essences than any other homoeopathic journals you get on the
German market.
Keep on going like this and thank you.
Dagmar Scholz – Germany

Dear Alan,

It is always a pleasure to read Hpathy, but I wanted to thank you especially for Dr.Karkare’s perceptive and useful article, ‘Dealing with cancer’.

There seem to be many prophets of homoeopathy around at the moment, but of more value by far are those who show their dedication to homoeopathy by finding answers to those difficult problems that face the practitioner. I deeply appreciate his down to earth suggestions on the issues that must be dealt with in cancer case management, and his practical suggestions on how to deal with them- in pain relief for example.

As a patient declared terminally ill myself in 1999, a few months after the excision of my left kdney with its large grapefruit sized tumour, I would like to make a plea for the addition of another remedy in order to deal with shock and its aftermath. Before I do though I would like to tell a little story. Just over a week after my terminal diagnosis I visited my homoeopath and told her of my plans and preparations for death. She told me that she would be giving me the remedy she had already given me, but this time in 10m potency rather than 200c as before. I pleaded with her not to, but I took it anyway. A few days later the terror had subsided and furthermore, I realised I would recover- and so it turned out.

The remedy was natrum carb. My 90’s edition of the Complete doesn’t even list it under cancerous affections, but if you look at the picture of the remedy you will see its usefulness in many cases of cancer. Deep depression but appears cheerful, intense acidity which shows itself in irritation of the urinary tract and on passing stool. These people become so allergic that they can tolerate almost nothing. I believe it was Murphy who referred to them as ‘allergic to life’. Often they report the ending of a marriage or relationship in the years leading to the appearance of their cancer. Their grief eats away at them and cancer is often the result. The remedy removes the acidity and that deep pessimism that has usually been with them for years. It wasn’t the only remedy I needed but it cleared the way for the major polychrests and nosodes to do their job. In some ways though the most profound change leads to a keynote of the remedy. Although a musician myself, I had ceased to play and music depressed me. After taking nat carb, not only could I listen to music again but it brought me deep joy.

I cannot even mention my recovery and a few brief insights into natrum carb without mention of my homoeopath, Ann Saunders. She has successfully turned round many difficult cancer cases with the remedy and she has taught many others of her special insights into this underused remedy. Out of gratitude to her, I wish to pass just a few of those onto others.


Kevin Morris

Hpathy is a fantastic journal which benefits me very well. I like Hpathy always.

I thank you very much for your kind mail. I love your website (Newsletters) from the bottom of my heart and your service to homoeopathy is greatly appreciated. I have always been putting many of your articles on my Facebook page almost daily so that many people can read them and be benefitted with your great work.

With best regards

Sincerely yours

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad
I want you to know that the information you send me is extremely beneficial. I thank you for
sending me this kind of information. My grandchildren, my own children and many of
my friends, including me were and are treated by homeopathic physicians. I came
across Homeopathy in 1975 and since then I never gave up. I was an ill child
and an ill teenager, and since I knew a marvelous man, Dr Florencio Escarda³, I
was never ill. He treated me till his death in 1992. He was 87. Since then on
Ia´m being treated by Dr Carlos E. Vila, a genius.

Receive my thanks,
Best wishes,

Marìa Rosa Justitz


I absolutely love Hpathy and am profoundly grateful for all you do. The articles are a great resouce and the cases so helpful. I love Elaine. I don’t have a website etc., but I recommend Hpathy to many. Thank you all so much.
Very best wishes,
Karen Sine


I love I find so much new information that I am still reading the first one you sent me. I am very happy that you send this to me. Please continue to send the email. I have not made a comment yet,as I read and investigate until I am tired and forget to write a comment.

Yes, I find usefulness of this journal in my practice. I request to
editor team of to please write an article on how
to tapper the allopathic medicine??,when to tapper? specially in
chronic cases, thank you for giving me a such advice where i can share

Yes, each month I grab enthusiastically the e-zine.
It is not only easy to read and understand, but very useful.
I do not have web resources of my own but I am recommending to colleagues all over my country, Costa Rica,
and beyond.

thanks so much
best regards
yes I really value your contribution and your monthly online magazine. I love the articles and
information and most of all I just love reading about Homeopathy. The Editors explanations on the
Organon were fantastic. Thank you. Jeanette Newing
Hello Hpathy Staff,
I just want to say I really enjoy your monthly ezine!!!! I have learned so much in the months that I have been receiving it. Thank you for all the hard work all of you do to get such pertinent information out to all of your following readers!
At this point, I do not have a website, a blog or am on Facebook. However, I have told many of my fellow homeopaths all about you which I will continue to do so until I got more connected to the Web.
Again, thank you!
Jeanne Stewart
I like the magazine very much and I keep sending the link to my friends ,relatives who have now realized the power of homeopathic medicines. I have no web site. I am a retired engineer and studying on my own homeopathy since 1980.

I can proudly say that I have been able to convince my relatives and friends about efficacy of homeo medicines and they have indeed switched over for chronic ailments and have the treatment very good.

Few who went for big banner homeopathic clinics were very upset at the way they are fleecing in the name of perfect and guaranteed cure but failed .

I firmly believe that the moment Homeo Dr compares himself with MBBS he becomes money centric and not patient centric and the result is failure in results.

I am quite convinced that homeopathic treatment is safer because of absence of serious side effects and it can reach masses only by the dedicated doctors who are not running after quick money.And I have seen many such good doctors.

With regards ,
S.K. Jain
It is very informative and I read each part of the ezine with great interest. I can not tell you how with each article I read it helps me to see another perspective view of how well that homeopathy works and should be used to help all of us to be healthy without more problems (like side effects) that allopathic methods usually cause. I love the homeopathic ezine. I look forward to each issue!
Excellent as always,
Thank you,
Dear Editor,
thank you very much for the last issue.
The content was again of high quality. I was very interested in the good articles about dealing with cancer and the
restless legs syndrome.
Thanks and best wishes.
Manfred Sandvoss
Sepia is good for women for inducing them to improve their sexual appetite. If a woman is not interested in sex, she may be prescribed sepia 30 for a week and check her further. thanks.
JM Stephen
Thank you for an excellent website.

Miriam Heffer


I really appriciate the Hpathy e-zine. As I am familiar with the homeopathic approach of various pathology, from meningitis to psychosis and from pregnancy related complaints to terminally ill conditions, I prefer a deepening of my understanding of the Materia Medica, Miasma’s, Methods, etc. One of the previous issues with the theme miasma’s was brilliant!

So thank you very much for all the good work. I have to have patience with my volunteer website administrator. I asked him friendly if he could put a link to Hpathy on my website with a copy of your logo. I hope you don’t mind that I use your logo for plugging you.

Best regards,

Jeroen Holtkamp, I.S.Hom.
Dear Editor,

I don’t want to lose sight of my point about homeopathic symptoms, but lets to talk about similarity between Homeopathy and democracy! Allopathic drugs stop the complaint but don’t treat and cure.. just enforce the diseases. Its like dictators who just apply their power and government force to stop the unsatisfied society and keep dictatorial government on the people who are looking for a calm and docile life, andy want to be free and finlly have democracy, by their libertarian election and vote for anyone they want. So, if they have freedom and liberty they never try to take it by demonstratin, disturbance and challenge. Then there will be a fine society full of peace & comfortable in all situations like economic, health care, job, ect.

Best regards J. Vakili
hi article about ecg is really fantastic and so informative

Dr.Kalpana B.H.M.S, M.Sc
Thank you for another issue of Ezine. Needless to say that i felt like a women
gone to buy jewelery in a a jewelers shop; and unable to decide what to see and
what not to see,and then what to buy.

The case was similar for me to choose the articles from the list. I chose two
articles and found them worth commenting;Not that others were less important.

The first being the report of HWB on Haiti.It is heartening to note that
American college of Homeopathy is going to conduct courses for

Haitian personnel,and that HWB is going to be in Haiti to help them out with

This type of work augurs well for homeopathy and i salute those who are giving
their time and energy for this humanitarian task.

Immediately after the earthquake HWC (Homeopathic World Community ) went into
action and we sent two containers of medicine and supplies with Doctor Kaviraj at
the helm of affairs to Haiti. I was the coordinator in Miami Florida whose task
was to collect all the medicine coming from different sources and then have them
shipped out to Haiti. Though it proved nerve racking task but it was worth the
while.I am happy that i could contribute some thing to the cause of homeopathic

The other article by Ms Nahida Mulla on Asthma was very rewarding indeed.
Written in simple language and all pertinent points well explained , it can be
used for quick reference

.Explaining in detail such terms as Gastro Esophageal, GER, and IgE (allergen
antibody) which releases Histamine in our body resulting in sneezing,runny nose,
and watery eyes; all signs of Hay-fever , or Rhinitis, yet under certain
circumstances points towards

Ms Mulla further goes on to give a list of some important medicines which can be
useful where symptoms match.I wonder why she missed Aspidosperma ( Quebracho ),
which i have found an excellent broncho dilator; .
Wequar Ali Khan
Great issue, I found the volunteering with the homeless especially interesting.

Christine Moss
I enjoyed the article with Elaine Lewis and found the two articles on microalbuminuria and the one on restless leg syndrome very informative.
Angela walsh Denis
Dear Editor,

As always you are doing an excellent job of presenting the use and practice of homeopathy. The Aphorisms lectures are just plain refreshing for revisiting Hanhnemann. I use your site frequently for information and refer all of my clients to visit your site and take your beginning class for Homeopathy.

So glad you are there,

Nancy Nelson CNM, ANP
I enjoy your hpathy articles. I’m dabbling in homeopathy and enjoy learning. I especially liked the write-ups on appendicitis and asthma. Thank you for this information!
Deenell Krol
excellent contributions.keep it up.regards.

I appreciate about the articles giving good information and updating knowledge. can u send some article regarding ‘ RETROVERTED UTERUS’ IN INFERTILITY AND ITS TREATMENT IN HOMOEOPATHY .

Dr.Abhilasha jaiswal
Thank you for your interesting information.
I have been using homeopathic remedies all my life.
I did not need the remedies you wrote about in that issue.
I am in my eighties and am in good health and am not
on any prescription medications.

My grandfather was an MD who turned to homeopathy
and was very successful in his work in the first part of
the 20th century in the “old country”.
I just wanted to let you know that all of your articles are great.

Thank you.


I have found these reports and articles very beneficial. Thank you very much for sending out the publication.

James Schuppe
Since the beginning of this year I hve been receiving the hpathy e-zines,and I find it to be very informative.I must admit that I’ve gained immensely from the subscription.Keep up the good work hpathy!
I recently attended to a case that I would like to share with you ,and seek you assistance on how to go about it.The case is as below:

NAME; N M AGE: 15yrs Gender; Male
Chief Complaint; Occipital headache
Headache with a sensation as if head was “congested”.With pulsation sometimes.Recur
rent headache.Starts in the morning or daytime,lasts the whole day, until evening. Headache is triggered by working in the sun,or sitting in the sun.Chronic headache.Has to lie
down for it to ameliorate.

FOOD; Dislikes meats,esp chicken,red meats.since childhood.
MODALITIES; Aggravation-sitting in the sun,working in the sun,daytime
;Amelioration-lying down.
PECULIAR-Every slight injury is followed by swelling an pus formation,even a needle prick or a bruise.

I will be very grateful to get a guidance or opinion on this case.
Thank you!
Thank you for such a nice Feb 2011 edition covering very good informative
articles.The article by Dr. Kader is very impressive , elaborated detail on ECG.
Description with example would have been more useful in understanding the
details of ECG. Other .articles such as Restless leg syndrome, asthma
and Micro-albuminaria are also worth mentioning.
with best regards
subimal kar
Please accept my gratitude and thanks for the excellent source of knowledge along with
great teaching method,not available any where else.

dear editor,

the february issue was really interesting, especially the write up on homeopathic treatment of cancer. tips and secrets, as always, made great reading and were immensely useful for a layman like me.

how about publishing a piece on homeopathic treatment of hay fever and its associated bothersome allergies in your next issue?

overall, pl. accept my felicitations for regularly bringing out such issues, including so many informative articles, which speak volumes about the untiring efforts of the editor.

best wishes, rrdash
I really liked this month’s issue. i even forwarded it to my friends.
waiting for more.

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your excellent February issue, particularly the article on Cancer. I know from reading the comments that were made about the article, that there were some who requested that you not publish any future articles from Dr. Karkare. I most respectfully disagree.

I am not a physician. I am a student of homeopathy. In reading the comments that were posted, it seems that there was a misunderstanding about the focus of the article. There were readers who thought that the article was going to address the primary treatment of cancer, however, the article actually addressed providing support for the patient during cancer treatments. It did not say that homeopathy couldn’t treat the cancer, but focused on the fact that most people go to allopathic doctors for cancer treatments. By mitigating the horrible side effects of the chemo and radiation treatment, cancer patients and their friends, families and primary care givers can be brought into awareness of homeopathy.

Before my mother started radiation treatment for cancer, I had given her a tube of Calendula gel to apply to the radiation site after the treatments. She did not believe in homeopathy and would not use the gel – UNTIL a nurse at the hospital handed her a tube of the exact same gel. My mother handed it back to the nurse with the statement, “My daughter gave me that “stuff” already.” The nurse looked at her and said, “So, are you using it?” My mother shook her head no. The nurse sniffed and said, “Mrs. K., it does you no good in the tube.” One of the other patients getting ready for treatment nearby said, “If she doesn’t want it, I’ll take it!” Shortly after that, my mother started using the gel and the radiation site improved greatly. But because of this exchange, one other patient heard about homeopathy and hopefully had some relief from the side effects of the treatment.

There will be those who are cured of cancer by homeopathy. There will be those who are not. With this type of disease, those of us who are not M.Ds or licensed practioners will most likely be playing a supportive role for the patient and if Arsenicum Alb. or Ipecac. helps the patients through that time, I’m all for it.

So, thank you once again, Dr. Karkare.

Sincerely yours,

S.L. Soltes
every month I look forward receiving Hpathy, it is an amazing publication where I can keep myself not only updated of new remedies, cases etc, but it makes me feel I am part of a world community that with homeopathy strive for a healthier planet.
Thank you again for keeping Hpathy going. I am considering sending you a case that I will present at the BCSH in Vancouver, BC, Canada later on this month.

Thank you again
Kind regards

Lucy De Pieri PhD, DCH
I like the section Tips and Hints/Secrets. Very good. Also the article on Asthma is excellent.

Well done.

Cathy Hutton
As every one knows, we have no time, but this morning I looked for visiting your web site, It was a great surprise ‘cos it’s fantastic: a lot of informations to support my neverending knowledge of the Materia Medica and sharing experiences as the expression of progress and salvation possibility for the humanity. Thanks
Enrica M Corradini

Dear Editor

The February article was also very educative although in actual fact as a toddler in Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine I do not dream of missing any issue as they are extremely medically capacitating. Looking forward to March issue’

Respected Sir,

February 2011 of Homoeopathy contains article about fatal disease like Cancer. But it needs to be exlained more about cancer and its medicines. Many more articles published in the issue are very useful to everyone and provides detailed knowledge about disease and its treatment.

Thanking you,

(S.K. Sachdeva)
You are doing excellent service to the cause of homeopathy, sir.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
MS Verma
I find restless leg syndrome article very interesting……thanks.!
yes i like hpathy it because it is good website for homeopathic doctor and student also. as i am a student so like to read your jurnal
gautam parui
Defenitely Homeopathy for Everyone is very useful. Every edition is bringing some feature OR the other. It gives insight to the GREAT FIELD.
Thanks for your time.

BV Prasad
Dear editor, your articles prompt me to mention the work Mario Pianesi has been doing to create and stregthen heathy living through balanced nourishment (G. Ohsawa’s original and ganuine zen macrobiotics).
I’d like to thank you for the ongoing great work you are doing with the monthly journal.
I don’t like to criticize such good work but let me say this months issue was not of great interest to me.
There are the ever present “sensation method” cases, nothing wrong with that but it might be more helpful to show some failed “sensation method” cases, of which there are many I might add, and to perhaps dissect this method to highlight it’s strengths and weaknesses.

I thought last months issue was much more interesting.

Robert Bannan

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