Feedback from May 2014 Ezine

Feedback from May 2014 Ezine

Thank you Dr Luc for your observations and for the effort to write all those books. You gave us a lot of useful information for day to day practice. Thank you.
And thank you Lily for sharing your experience with us. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Daniela Lungu



This article was amazingly helpful and a great educational tool. Emergency kits are certainly not a new idea, but with your refreshing explanations this is a must have for every family. It is easy to understand and very thorough. Thank you thank you Elaine.

Celeste F Heiser

Dear Dr.,
Your Zen method is very good. You have taken great labour and patience in curing a very difficult case of leukemia co related with other diseases from time to time. You have proved that combinations and alternate remedies are also a solid method required for curing a case. We should not be rigid to follow the classical method in all cases.
Dr. Shekhar



It is a very interesting and educative case from many reasons: the choice of the remedy, the administration, the management of the case. But ther is something that I don’t understand. If the remedy was the correct one (and I’m sure it was), why did the mental-emotionals get better later on and not from the beginning. Usually, the mental-emotional plane is the first to be influenced by the right remedy.

Thank you

Daniela Lungu



When I first read about this method and put it to the test, I did not find encouraging results. Nonetheless it gave me a new dimension in difficult cases where usual modes have reached a dead end. The Synergy webinar was great and motivated me to take up the sensation journey in an renewed form. Thank you sir for the wonderful book The Sensations in Homoeopathy.

Dr. Rekha Karnam Srinivasan

The main draw back in the field of Homeopathy was the strict followers of the “Sensation Method” who kept Repertory aside. They followed a purely non-repertorial approach and the result was disastrous. Now Dr. Sankaran came up with this synergistic approach and now the followers must have to follow the right homeopathy to heal the damage they have done in the past in entire field of homeopathy. Anyway, it is better late than never. Hail Hahnemann, Hail Homeopathy.

Viraj Shah

Thank you, Dr. Sankaran, for a fantastic seminar this past weekend. You are an exceptional teacher. Your discussion of using different methods synergistically makes complete and absolute sense. I am a first year student and you resolved all the questions I have had this past year about how to make my eventual practice whole and honest. I also feel newly encouraged to combine my exploration of newer methods with my great love of the old masters. I hope knowing that you have reached your students on a deep level will encourage you to continue to teach.

Raina Jo Siladi


Thanks Elaine for all of the great ‘tid bits’. Is there a remedy for not being able to read the labels on those tiny half dram vials’?

Natalie Lunceford



Great introduction which makes me even more longing for this new book. I had the luck to study some time with Dr. Luc and so I could already ‘taste’ a bit of this Jungian dream analysis and I must say it is amazing! It’s not easy (as is homeopathy!) but it is so valuable and one is really amazed what your dreams are telling you. Luc is not talking about the kind of dream analysis you talk about! It’s true that we can’t explain someone else’s dream; we only help, with the help of the patient’s own views, associations, to discover what the dream is trying to tell us (the patient as well as the homeopath). I suggest not to throw this idea away; just wait for this new book and I’m quite sure you won’t be disappointed.

Marc Van Wijk


I certainly hadn’t heard of this remedy before Iman! Thank you for your interesting, enlightening description of it and a fantastic case. Definitely worth considering for skin conditions, where sulphur has failed to work.

Gill Graham



It is great to hear from Dr. Arul that he could tackle a renal failure case successfully. He is an eminent homeopathic physician. I will be grateful to him if he brings out more articles like this which are all illustrative. Very nice presentation.



Thank you for writing such a detailed article. I have found a couple versions of the Materia Medica. I use homeopathy for a variety of issues that arise. My favorite is for allergies, no side affects and works in minutes. Learning how to use homeopathy properly was a hit and miss proposition. I have not found instructions anywhere. It was when I purchased a homeopathic pet care book that I found suggestions on how to use the remedies. Since then I have done more research and swear by the remedies.

Connie Kirkpatrick



Excellent Topic “Tips & Secrets.”

Daljeet Kishore



Very interesting , “Debra Collins notes in Spectrum (2013, Vol. 2) that after an actinide stage is resolved one may return to remedies higher up in the table, reflective of the integration of spontaneity and freedom into one’s daily life.”

Somewhere in the middle a person is more spontaneous, creative and enjoys more family and friends. The extremities of the chemical elements suffers most, but they have more special insights or abilities.

Lanthanides for example are typical remedies for “homeopaths”. They desire autonomy and to learn how to help others. But the radioactive and heavy elements are able to acquire this great insight how to lead a nation or the world, but they feel that everything falls apart. This is not just because they feel it, but I believe that the world really falls apart (the system, not the earth). The heavier the element, the bigger the responsibility and the feeling of loneliness.



Some great links here Alan which will help us to be informed and defend our corner, should we need to, thank you! And yes, one day our profession will be given the unanimous respect it deserves.

Gill Graham

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