Feedback from Nov 2013

Feedback from Nov 2013 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

From: Vatsala Sperlings’s interview with Bhavisha and Sachindra Joshi :

An excellent interview with two very dedicated homeopaths. The Joshi’s did a wonderful job of communicating the value of Sensation when practiced by people who truly understand how to use it.

Alan V. Schmukler

Lovely interview, Sachin and Bhavisha! Thanks, Vatsala!

Firuzi Mehta

From: So … What is or Isn’t Homeopathy?
Very well written article. What we mostly find in society today is that most of homeopaths prescribe remedies on flimsy symptoms without getting proper history and mental state of the patient. If there is no relief within a couple of days they won’t hesitate to change the remedy or prescribe an additional remedy. ….

Avinash Agnihotri


From: The Beginnings of Homeopathy in California –Iman Navab
Interesting article, Iman, I had no idea there was a connection to UC Berkeley. That’s amazing, 774 registered homeopaths in California in 1899!



From: A Family Affair with Homeopathy –Kiran Grover
Thank you Kiran for sharing this. What a wonderful lineage! I’m glad you’ve kept up the tradition.


From: A Case of Ulcerative Colitis – Dr. Peter Prociuk

Thank you very much for such a clear presentation of a difficult case. It is very encouraging to see how you persisted in spite of baffling failure. It teaches the rewards of persistence and careful study. And what courage on the part of you and the parents. Congratulations.

Karen Sine


Thank you very much for this very instructive case!!

Dr. Fedderson

From:  A Case of Pyothorax / Empyema – Dr. Dinesh Kowshik
Dr. Kowshik is able to demonstrate that he can cure Pyothorax with homeo
S. Kalyanasundaram


From : Homeopathic Healing of Patients with Hypertension – by Dr. Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

I was excited to see both the hypertension and diabetes articles in the Hpathy webzine. As a student of homeopathy, I am focusing on studying these chronic conditions and would like further information about your cases.

Z. Johnson


From:  The Rashy Horror Picture Show!  –  Elaine Lewis
Wow, this is really amazing! The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago with the same antibiotic and it took about a month for the hives to go away. I spent many sleepless, itchy nights. It was horrible. Too bad I didn’t know about homeopathy.



From:  Hammamelis Case  – Pranali Kamat

Very nice case Dr. Kamat!

Dr. Shashikant Jagadale


Dear Editor,

Thanks for the new face of the magazine.

Dr. Suresh Jain

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