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From: Interview with Peter Raba by Katja Schuett

What a great interview Katja. It is wonderful to know about Peter’s journey. And his art and poetry is outstanding!

Dr. Manish Bhatia


Really an informative interview at sub atomic level of consciousness and Cosmic law of Cure.

Dr R.S. Josan


From: Delusions and Dreams in Homoeopathy –by David Little

Well done David by giving this clear introduction which should open the door to homeopathy as to understand that the totality of symptoms for most homeopaths is one quarter of that person as most patients suppress and project while being unaware of the personal and collective unconscious, the real drive behind our conscious life!

Luc De Schepper MD


A wonderful clear article on the power of dreams and a segue to understanding the core imbalance and consequent remedy for healing.

Kenneth Sylvestri



From: The Dream As a View Into the Soul – by Dr. Filip Degroote

Dear Dr. Degroote,

Excellent article! Thank you very much for sharing your cases, Please continue publishing in this journal!

Dr. Fedderson



From: Ask the Holistic Vet

I look forward to this column each month. Dr. Khalsa’s reputation precedes her and her knowledge is a treasure.




From: Tidbits – by Elaine Lewis

Thanks for this slam dunk article. People really need to know that Pharma is poisoning them and lying about it. A really nice bit of muckraking!

Alan V. Schmukler



From: Tips & Secrets by Alan Schmukler

The only web which is equally beneficial for homeopathic doctors /students and lovers of homeopathy. All homeopathic articles/ clinical cured cases and tips are helpful in my daily classical homeopathic practice . I have no words to appreciate Dr Manish Bhatia and all Hpathy team for their golden work.

Dr. Masood Ahmed Soomro



From: The Plant Doctor – Mark Moodie, Dr. Ifitkar Waris, Pawan Singhania

Agrohomoeopathy, Tidbits and Tips & Secrets, these articles are good fertilizers for our soil of knowledge!

Madhukar Awasarkar


Helpful hints and the articles are helpful.

Pranaykumar D.Bhatt



From: A Brief History of Homeopathy in Tasmania by Barbara Armstrong

Congratulations Barbara

A comprehensive timeline, detailing previously unknown facts about the history of homoeopathy in Tasmania … well done ! Your website reveals a treasury of information about the early history of homoeopathy throughout Australia.

Peter Torokfalvy – BSc, GradDipDP, DipHom



From: How to Develop a Successful Homoeopathic Practice – By Sneha Vyas and Ruchita Shah

In case you have to earn good money you are required to work under a some efficient practitioner to learn his art and tactics, which you cannot learn by books. Of course hard labour is required in both the cases

Dr. C.S. Gupta



From: Recent Research in Homeopathy – Part 22 by Robert Medhurst

This is such an important series. Everyone who cares about homeopathy and defends it, should read Mr. Medhurst’s articles.




From: Review of : Polarity Analysis in Homeopathy – A Precise Path to the Simillimum – by Dr. Firuzi Mehta

Great review Firuzi. I will now buy this book and study!

Dr. Manish Bhatia


I have used this method since I first read Frei’s paper back in 2005. I use the Pocketbook module in RADAR created by Peter Vint which has a polarity option built into the wizard. I had good results.

Richard Laing



From:   Insight Into the World of Nightmares and Night Terrors and Their Homeopathic Treatment by Gill Graham

A nicely organized and well written article. Very helpful.

Thank you Ms. Graham.

Martin Earl

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