Feedback from Oct 2017

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Feedback from Oct 2017

From:  Interview with Gerry Dendrinos, Vice President of the Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA).

Heartfelt congratulations to Gerry Dendrinos! Hold the scoundrels responsible- at least expose them to public scrutiny. So important, can’t praise him enough for all his hard work. I signed the petition and will donate!

Tricia Feijo

What about prosecutions for this criminal choreographed witch hunt and the damage and stress it has caused?


From: The Roots of Homeopathy’s Image Problems – David M Shein

A very interesting and perceptive analysis of the situation. I just got back from a conference where I spoke two hours on the topic “Resistance to Homeopathy.” I have a little different angle on it and you might find it interesting. I can send you my paper if you would like to see it. Thanks for writing the one you did, I will share it with colleagues.

Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD

Marvellous piece of writing Dave! I love this picture you have given us of Hahnemannian reasoning starting from the “bottom – up” This fits in with my understanding that his teachings advise us to see the totality

Annalisa Percy

What a beautiful article! Thank you for writing it in such a touching way, thank you for sharing Maureen’s story and for being so honest about your thoughts on Homeopathy.

Julia Fridmar

Thank you for your article. Extremely well written! As you mentioned, as a homeopath, I am primarily concerned with my patients and their symptoms and hardly ever pause to question WHY homeopathy works.

Roopali Gupta

Brilliant article and I love the writing style! Thank you very much, I was touched by the story of Maureen.


From:  Causation in Sleep Apnea  –  Fatima Ho

Wonderfully comprehensive survey of sleep apnoea. A valuable reference.

Richard Laing

From:  Tidbits 51: The Side-Effects Can Kill You! – Elaine Lewis

A mother just told me last week her son took too many anti anxiety meds and ended up in a coma…….Ughhhhhh

Gina Tyler

A clear and powerful article. I hope some doctors read it!

Alan V. Schmukler

From:   Modern Concept of Miasms – Mir Zahed

An excellent piece; both lucid and cogent! It clears in one sweep layers of dust settled on the concept of Miasms. My copious thanks to Dr. Mir Zahed.

Ravindra Joshi

This was truly illuminating, especially Sankaran’s concept of one miasm for each remedy.


A well elaborated article explaining miasma. Very informative.

Aslam Sherwani

From: The Mosaic of Auto-Immune Disorders in the Eyes of a Homeopath- Dr. Ajit Kukarni

Nice article well written- thanks for sharing!

Gina Tyler

From:   A Case Of Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis – Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar

A finely worked case.  Thank you Dr. Sarkar

Alan V. Schmukler

From:   Psoriasis in a woman of  28  –   Dr. Arshi Tank

Great case. Thank you for sharing all this knowledge about Falco Peregrine.

Stavroula Pervolaraki

From:  Vitiligo in a Man of 31 – Dr. Shashikant Jagadale

Beauty of homeopathy. Very beautiful case based on Sehgal method.


From:   Miasms and Mythology – Luke Norland

Amazing work on miasms, well done!

Yiota Papanikolaou

Dear Dr.

As usual, I am receiving monthly mails of Newsletters from you, which are enjoyable and useful for treatment. May Gods and Heavens bless you and your family etc,to give you more stamina and will, to continue and improve such noble things, useful to society.



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