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Feedback October 2010

Feedback October 2010

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Loved your letter

Thank you for your letter on living your dreams…I so appreciate it.  I believe we all have those times to “check in” with ourselves and explore the value of our dreams.  You have given me a rekindled spirit to seek out my dreams and stay on the path.  Thank you for being so honest and always providing a sounding board for others to share their thoughts….keep up your amazing work.




Great articles as usual!

Do continue with the clinical cases, especially common problems like cataracts, skin eruptions, piles etc…
Keep going and all the very best!

-francis fernandes


Diabetes mellitus

In the feed back,
I may appreciate that the said subject and article seems to be worth reading
in this ENVIRONMENT where a lot of people are affected.
Thanks a lot.
Keep publishing,
Best of luck,



Very useful and succinct article on diabetes which has come at the right
time for me. Many thanks.



Hello from sunny rainy Miami Florida.

I would really like to see the names of the remedies used in the cases you
present in the title of the article. For example ‘diabetes mellitus – a brief study – name of remedy/remedies’

just a suggestion!!

Best wishes from Rose Hill


All the articles are very informative. The Article on Diabetes is  Excellent. Thanks for your good efforts.



Dear Editor,

Well, this IS a big world for us to handle, and as Dr Bahtia was saying in his article, living one’s dream and making it come true is no easy task. But these are healthy aspirations, for they are directed to a noble purpose, and thousands of people will benefit from homeopaths’ endeavour to fulfil them. Time will come when allopathy will lose its supremacy due to enthusiast doctors like those in your team.

Yet there are other, equally worrying aspects of dreams – this time night dreams – which may stagger one in his or her evolution. It is the case of those vivid, innumerable dreams which make you wonder whether you will still be thinking you’re alive when you have died. Such is my case: fear that will I go on hesitating between the two worlds when I die, thus never quite acting in this one as if it really mattered – which paralyses future projects – and thinking I will be  dreaming that I’m alive in the same way that I’m thinking my night dreams are reality as I perceive it when I’m awake.

I know such topics are usually posted for people to receive an answer from one of the experts in your team; but this is no trivial matter, and I really doubt there is such mention in any of the repertories – or at leat not in the ones available to me. I am not afraid that I’ll die in my sleep – that would be Ignatia, and I would not hesitate to take a dose – I would simply like to find out…whether I’ll be carrying with me that vivid reality I live through dreams when I pass away, that is, how all this will end up! [and that would be Cocculus, trying to find the secret of life – don’t mind me, I’m just a fervent reader of homeopathy in search of my own cure].

So, I will go on reading your enzine, that’s for sure, hoping that one day I’ll find the clue (and the remedy) which may help me enjoy reality as it is and leave all the rest to nothingness (or is this just wishful thinking?) when I am not any more.

Yours faithfully,
Eugenia Duma – Spain


The september issue was great as always!

personally, i found the write-up on uti of immense interest.from my own experience, i have invariably benefitted from cantharis.

my request to you will be to suggest some hpathy medicines for acute/ chronic kidney failure.

sincerely, rrdash


Dear Dr Manish,
I like your article “living your dreams”.My dream was buried deep down when i went to gulf with my husband but this magazine woke me up from this deep slumber when I found your magazine.Once again i started my practice as “Knowledge is not powerful until you act on what you know”.
This is very true that best way to ensure success is by helping others to become successful.
U and your team are selflessly motivating and removing hurdles from the path of homeopathy.
May your motivation,passion and success increases immensely with every new day and ignite the same passion in other homeopaths.
Thanks and best wishes.
Dr Nazishta Ahemad.


Dear Editors,

I find your magazine very interesting and helpful.
I am highly interested in the following articles:
Differentiation of Rubrics of Mind, Remedy Relationships, Tips and Secrets, Some Clinical Cases.

I’d like to thank you for your work for the benefit of humanity.

Best Regards
E. Krumov


Dear Editor,
The e-magazine Homeopathfy4every one is an excellent book containing very very useful and detailed information on homeopathy at the same time very much inspiring for the upcoming homeopaths.
I wish you must see your dream coming alive during this journey.
Dr.Mave’s experiences are heart touching.
Thanking You,



I attended a Seminar in New Delhi long ago where Dr Surmeet Singh Mavi presented important hints of symptoms of Homeopathic medicines.  He also explained the importance of Dr Herring’s theory of suppression, which he and Dr Vijaykar utilized while treating their patients.  His knowledge of Homeopathy greatly impressed me.  Now your interview with him has again proved that Dr Mavi is not only a very able Homeopath but also a very lucky person that he got opportunity to work under Dr Castro and Dr Vijayakar.

From Dr Jaswant S Matharu, Delhi.


Dear Sir,

This issue is good but not outstanding. The notes on Diabetes is extensive but has little practical value.
Please ask the authors in general to send reports of experience–case cured and not to send essays.


Prof. Guha


I always the love the ezine articles, thanks so much for all the work you do
on them. I appreciate your getting interviews and cases from the various
homeopaths you do, and the variety of articles you write.


Hi there

I am a student oh homeopathy in my first year of study at Bay of Plenty
College of Homeopathy in New Zealand.

I am delighted to have recently discovered and subscribed to your website.
There is so much to learn about homeopathy and I find the articles and tips
very interesting and an invaluable resource.

Best wishes
Jill Tuwhare


Dear Dr. Bhatia.
All congratulations for such a forthright expression of mind. Every word of it is so inspiring and so bubbling with the zeal of a crusader. Most of us  have dreams too. But our dreams are limited to wishes or desires which, as you put it, are mundane. We feel elated when we have a family, a comfortable bank balance and a few comforts or a bit of luxuries too .We hardly expand our vision beyond personal gains or achievements.But God sends some people who consider the entire Universe as their family–VAASUDAIV KUTUMBAKAM. They espouse a cause for the good of humanity. These people are endowed with an extra-neurotic nerve and work tirelessly in pursuit of  their goal. Dr. Bhatia you are one of them – in fact a shining star among them. You are already a LIGHT-HOUSE of homeopathy not only  in India, but internationally too. May God bless you with a long life and necessary strength to fulfil your DREAMS !
I, too, started my life with some  dreams.My conviction is that the root cause of poverty and disease is illiteracy and I engaged myself in educating the underprivileged ,and God gave me success too.Early in my teaching career(1948) I was introduced to homeopathy by a friend of mine. Later, I qualified it at Nehru Homeopathic College, New Delhi in i970. It is an unending journey. I am now 88 and still eager to learn and do more.I am very much impressed with your passionate appeal and vow to serve people and homeopathy till the last breath of life.

Wishing well,
Avinash Agnihotri


Remember to check the comments feed regularly to see the feedback that gets posted as comments to specific articles:

You can also look at the end of individual articles to see the comments posted about them.

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  • Its very meaningful that H- Ezine is in circulation, in various parts of the world. Homeopathy is catching on, but slowly in the USA. One of the good -positive things about H’pathy is that it does not have any side effects. If I may suggest- an experienced Homeopath should give us a list of diseases that Homeopathy cures, and readers would in all likelihood wish to read some of the success stories. Thus there will be more acceptance of this non-allopathic practice of healing.

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