Feedback to July 2013 issue

Feedback to the July 2013 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

One of the best interviews I ever read. Good questions and good answers.

Ismar Pereira Filho


Hello, Mike,

I love your comments on the skeptics. You are so right, it is a waste of time trying to convince them. Let them go to the allopaths because I am afraid that there are not enough good homeopathic practitioners around if all the people would go to them. Did you ever think about this: Maybe they just love to be sick and miserable. You probably know this old joke: Doctor to nurse: How is our hypochondria in room 202 doing? Nurse: Well, he just died. Doctor: Oh, boy, now he really exaggerates.



Excellent interview, I was at that conference Mike spoke of,I still find myself giggling when I think of the seven dwarfs,it was a much needed interlude at the time. I am looking forward to hearing Mike and his wisdom in Allihies,Co. Cork in a few weeks time. Keep flying the flag Mike, there are very few true homeopaths around these days but you are definitely one of them



Thanks Hpathy and Alan for bringing out this interview to the readers. If people still have faith in Homeopathy,its due to the teachers & Homeopaths like Mike Bridger.



I’m sorry to say that I have a number of reservations about this article because the whole idea of presenting one remedy or more accurately one set of remedies, the carcinosins, as treatment for cancer sounds tantamount to running against two centuries of good advice to treat according to the patient’s symptomology.

I speak as a former terminally ill cancer patient myself, and although I did get carcinosin a few times during my treatment, many of the large polychrest remedies and most of the most frequently used nosodes- psorinum, medorrhinum and syphilinum were also prescribed, many of them far more frequently. I’m not saying that carcinosin should never be used in the homoeopathic treatment of cancer- merely that there are times when it wouldn’t be the best remedy according to the patient’s presenting symptoms and the whole idea of presenting carcinosin in such a manner is potentially dangerous.

As for Dr Ramakrishnan and his use of repeated doses of the carcinosins, I do know one of his patients and she has done remarkably well. That said, I also know well regarded UK homoeopaths who have followed his treatment protocols and got nowhere whatsoever with them. One of them, a college lecturer quoted a principal of another UK college as saying, ‘Well he must be using something else as well, because it has never worked when I have tried it.’

I’m all for treating patients with cancer because I know better than most what homoeopathy can do in a disease that causes so much heartbreak and for so many people. Homoeopaths need to be confident of what they can achieve, but I’m not sure that any single remedy or group of remedies has the answer, and if used indiscriminately could lead to a lot of disappointment and a lot of pain.

Kevin Morris


I am missing aloopathic medicines and especially vaccinations as a cause for developing cancer. I could imagine that many of your subscribers know of Dr. Tinus Smits of the Netherlands who unfortunately died a couple of years ago. Anyway, he developed a system for treating the so-called post vaccination syndrom and says that after practising homeopathy for quite some time and noticing that his well choosen remedies did not work he always looked at the vaccination records and health history of the patient. This way he found out that vaccinations were blocking his remedies and he developed a system to detoxify them. Here is the website for his book which you can copy free of charge:

Marianne Jaedick


Thanks for a good article on most fast developing disease / a fearful disease. But some dissatisfaction concentrating only one remedy Carcinocin, though it is one of the imp. one. There are many remedies apart from Carcinocin which cured cancer. There are good nos. of remedies available in Homeopathy system based on symptoms. A detailed discussion or naming of remedies with symptoms are necessary. Throwing more light on remedies with details are very much necessary.

Nittur Guruprasad


Excelente el informe. Luego de tantos años de adhesión a la homeopatía me he cruzado con esta explicación que me permite conectar conocimientos que tenía desconectados. Mil Gracias!!! Se lo estoy enviando a mis hijos, tratados exclusivamente por médicos homeópatas. El Prof. Dr Carlos Eduardo Vila y el Prof. Dr Florencio Escardó. con quienes estoy en deuda por los siglos de los siglos. Reciban mis cálidos saludos,



Thanks for a nice case. It is a beautiful depiction of the history and problems of the patient. However, lack of the treatment part would have been immensely useful adding full value to the case and homeopathy.

Dr. SK Sharma


The treatment of Hernia has always been debatable… It is better to evaluate the size/location/patient’s age etc. before proceeding for the treatment. This is where the ” knowledge of disease” [Aphr: 3] helps. Hernia in the true sense is more of a surgical problem than a “disease”. I have seen some colleagues attempting to treat surgical hernias also.!

Dr. Rajiv Chopra


Extremely useful tidbits . These all are very useful. I always like ur tidbits & wait for the next one. Please continue with the same. Thanks!



Loved this tidbits article! I regularly use Aconite but never knew it had applications regarding eye injuries or particles in the eye. Just hours after I read the tidbits, my daughter clocked herself in the eye with a plastic golf club last night so I gave her Aconite and it did help her eye get less red and irritated looking very quickly! Even she noticed it wasn’t smarting and watering and red!



Elaine I always admire your great work. I read all your articles. Bravo and thank you.



wouldn’t it be a good idea to collate all your work in one place?
and call it ‘ eBook ‘s? Would like to offer towards its cost, as a permanent record, after all there is only one Elaine Lewis who is capable to subscribe for the benefits of Homeopathy. Please do consider. Thanks



Hi Elaine,
What a lovely Q and A series. As students of homeopathy, we have asked these questions and pestered our teachers to explain to us – in every seminar and class room session – till the teachers got sore throat from talking!!! You have brought all these questions together and answered in such a funny way. I loved reading through it and learned a lot. Thank you.



Dear sir,
I must congratulate for your excellent article entitled “REVERSING DIABETES; NOT A DREAM ANYMORE”where in you have rightly emphasized the importance of strict diet and exercise.
Being a homoeopath, I am much interested in your article. I hope your reply to the comments on your article with confidence will certainly encourage them to practice the homoeo treatment boldly.
I expect more such articles in this esteemed ezine. Thank you sir.



many many thanks to hpathy team as well as to respected Allan V.Schmukler for providing best tips of homeopathic specific remedy july,2013.i have not seen similar tips before as now everyone will get courage to treat vitiligo, problem in pregnancy, appendicitis and septic infections. I like everyone to share their best effective remedy for disease.




Lots of thanks to Hpathy team and Allan V. Schmukler. You are the best.



I got a lot of information which are very useful in clinical practice, so I would like to thanks to hpathy and its team who provide us a wonderful information.



Dear Editor

It is a pleasure to read the articles that you all put up every month, but difficult to read them in one go. The recent articles on Homeopathy in Burma were very informative and inspiring. The suppression that has been there for decades has taken its toll, but as the article said, it’s changing. This wind of change augurs well for homeopathy in that country.

Once again great work, and long live Hpathy;

Dr Wequar

Miami Florida


Dear editor,

I have gone through four contributions in this issue and found “Homeopathic Remedies In Infection” was worth reading for any homeopathic physician. Congratulations for publishing this which in my opinion shall inspire, encourage and enhance confidence of younger generation particularly the older shall be recharged with principle and philosophy of homeopathy.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. (Dr) G.B. Panigra


A very educative  issue wherein lots of positive information is provided by this issue.  The articles on thyroidism, carcinosin and  cancer, and the tips and secrets and tidbits, in fact the whole issue is wonderful. Thanks a lot for such a fine effort.  I am proud to be the part of this,



Dr. Col Tasrsem Lal



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