Feedback to May 2013 Issue

Feedback to May 2013 Issue

On: Acute Severe Bacilliary Dysentery with Diabetic Ketosis –Dr. Meera Belsare

The most interesting case I’ve read in ten years; very good differential diagnosis of the types of dysentery. Also good combination of allopathic and homeopathic interventions – IV fluids given but not all the heavy-handed measures recommended by the allopath. I’m sure the recovery would have been much poorer and slower if he’d had that treatment instead. Once the full history became available the picture of Ars alb was fairly clear, but it’s nice to have it compared with others like Merc through the repertory analysis and differential remedy diagnosis. Here in the UK it is not feasible to treat a case like this with homeopathy in hospital though it would have been in the past (in a few places).

Richard Laing

On: Acute Severe Bacilliary Dysentery with Diabetic Ketosis –Dr. Meera Belsare

This case illustrates the clarity and precision that can be attained with standardised homeopathic practice. Each step of case-taking, analysis , planning and programming and evaluation of response is detailed. The clinical reasoning is sound and all steps taken are explained fully.

Jenny Dineen


On: Cardiaiac Arrythmia – by Hetal Vasa

Really nice case Dr.Hetal. I also use Sensation method. It’s an interesting case of Python. I never used this remedy but from your case I definitely get a better idea of it.



On : Book Review of : Miracles of Belladonna

This review of a book by Dr. Mehta makes interesting reading. Dr. Manish Bhatia has given a precise gist of the book in minimum words. It will inspire the readers to read this book.

Kuldip Singh


On: A Case of Plaque Type Psoraisis

Psoriasis patients suffer heavily without proper treatment. It is a miracle that Lycopodium has helped in this particular case. Dr.Kivellos has done a wonderful job.

S. Kalyanasundaran


On: Homeopathy Under Attack in California

You know who is behind this attack…Big Pharma!!! More and more people are curing themselves with homeopathy and herbal remedies, etc. and they can’t stand it. Pretty soon we won’t be allowed to do anything in this country that Big Business does not approve of!!!



On: Sulphur – Tragedy of genius

Sulphur is so elaborately defined in this article that the reader is compelled to assume he or she is sulphur or sulphur has to be given to every person at least once in every patient who is not responding to other medicine. Thanks to Hpathy for this wonderful, learned comprehensive study.

Dr. Shiv Dua


On : Tips and Secrets

This section is highly beneficial for the professionals to share the experiences with the tested remedies in various cases which helps them to boost their confidence and awakens their wisdom to acquire more skills. I highly appreciate for this service, as we learn with trials and errors and with the experiences of others.

Prof. P.J. Ali Khan


On: Tidbits – by Elaine Lewis

Every bit of information in this post is highly valuable. Hope to see many more hints coming from you on these pages . Thanks a ton. And God bless!

V. Panikulam


On : Questions Patients Ask – by Elaine Lewis

Hi Elaine,

Like always, you are the best teacher and true ‘Homeopathic Philosopher’, reminding again and again, the doctrine of ” what causes can cure “, thanks once again. I really miss your comments every now and again…
God bless you.

Ravi Sondhi


On: Homeopathy and B. Jain – Growing Side by Side

Congratulations Dr. Geeta for writing such a marvelous piece of information for those who don’t know that for B. Jain is not just business but a passion. My best wishes to all the team of doctors and employees working for the fraternity and its –growth.

Dr. Shiv Dua


Hello.  The magazine (Ezine) is as good as always but it often gets piled up at the back of my emails for when i have time to read it and then I never remember to print out the articles.  Many people dislike reading from the screen and I am one of those people.  How about if you also send a downloadable pdf format of the monthly issue so people can download it and print it and read it at their own leisure?  In that way, it would have more chances to be read by many.



On: Trapped in a Cell – Beating a 20 year Addiction

Lovely case Ffrances, and offering so much hope for patients in great need of support as well as homeopathy. It is heart-warming to see this woman’s potential unfolding through her ongoing journey, in comparison with the 20 years of medical and emotional suppression. Thank her for writing her story.

Jenni Tree


On: An End of Life Palliation Case

It is a very nice case. I am vet and human homeopath too. I work with the  Sankaran method of sensation. I take cases of dogs in a similar way to you I agree with you, that the observation of animals is the key in case taking.

Szecsődi Ferenc DVM


On: Into Death

Excellent – very informative!

Linda Davison


On: Vlado’s Christmas Story – Progress of a Life Threatening Acute

No words, only admiration and happiness.

Roberto Comacho


On : Argentum Nitricum in the Orchestra

Wonderful article! A great way of looking at Arg Nit. Bravo!

R. Chonaire

A great experience of Argentum nitricum. Worth imparting knowledge. Many thanks Beccy Goldberg.

I. Qureshi


I would like to mention here the fine article penned by Angela  Needham, ” Into death”.  As I have been Voluntarily associated with a Hospice in Miami, after doing their course, in which a lot of subjects are reviewed, such as volunteer care giver and the patient, i could feel every moment in the article. Application of homeopathic medicine in the patient’s last journey shows that how helpful it can be when applied sensibly. I only wish that homeopathy could be embraced by Americans in such circumstances, but then we can only pray.

Keep the flame of Hpathy burning in our hearts and mind.

Dr Wequar Ali Khan


All I can say as feedback is that your monthly mail is becoming richer and more informative.  I particularly appreciated the information on “chronic migraines”.
Suggestion for future articles:  it seems that so many people are highly stressed these days and anxiety, insomnia, neurological conditions, and nervous breakdowns are on the rise.  Would you consider some articles on these troubling issues and potential homeopathic solutions.  I, and I’m certain other subscribers,  would find it greatly beneficial. Thank you for this invaluable information you provide every month.

Rosalba Mastrangeli


Dear sir, The contents of your Homeopathy 4 Every one, May.2013 was very good and interesting. Please continue. May God bless you.
Yours sincerely,



I am 52 years old and from my childhood , I am suffering from Asthma. I have taken all treatments of known world. When I read the homeopathic books, interest is developed in my mind about this. I have experimented on myself and one day when I am surfing the net, Joe De Livera had information on homeopathy. Due to this complete Asthma is cured. The medicine is Natrum sulph 6c. Now my total life is changed.

Thank you Hpathy

Nitin Nampalliwar


Twenty two years ago when I was a first year student of Homoeopathy I told my teacher, that I am not understanding homoeopathy, because most symptoms are the same. My teacher asked a question:  When you enter in this city for the first time, do you recognise every road ,street, and house and the people of the city? I said “No Sir.  He told me that after some years I would be able to recognise most roads streets, stores etc. and in the same way I would learn homeopathy.  I studied hard, and now I am one of the top doctors in our country I can chose any medicine faster than a computer could.  I am proud of  Homoeopathy and my teachers.  People will eventually see that homoeopathy will overcome illness.

Dr. K.H.Abid Rao


As usual, some excellent articles

Brian Teall


Thank you very much for the May issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone. It is useful as usual.

All the best,

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


Dear Doctor,

This edition is very well conceived and presented. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,


All the articles in May issue are very good and informative.

Thank You

G. Athinarayanan – Seremban, Malaysia.


Thank you for the May issue of Hpathy for Everyone.

Best regards

Roberto Comacho


It’s not fiction. It’s a real love story of my life.A well educated and a Sai devoted lady, tired of her sickness came to me and narrated her story of suffering in agony, but in a very soft and sweet tone. She was suffering from Gastalgia, Anorexia.
She was 45 years old  and was very much annoyed by her very painful Metrittis , almost evey month during the menstural period.

I treated her gastric and poor appetite and all bowel
disorders with only three medicimes:
1. Lyco——————200
2. Asafoetida ————30

I treated her Menstural disorder too only with
three medicines:
1. Pulsatilla ————-200
2.Caulophylum ———-200

The lady who was so frusted with life became so happy in life that she fell in love with me.  She narrated all her life story including her interesting love story with a guy 10 yrs younger than her. However, I gave her the love of a father. She equally
gave me the respect and love of a daughter.  She is a very sincere devotee of Sai of Shirdi. Sheowns and runs good Hotel in Shirdi. She lives there and I live in Ranchi. We are still in love and touch with each other. I am proud to make my patient to fall in love and to give her my love of a father.

Dr Chandra Shekhar Vaishya
Ranchi,  Jharkhand



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  • I find Katja Schuett has composed a very informative article “AGGRAVATION IN HOMEOPATHY”I have in my practice come across many episodes of aggravation and I stop the treatment and start back with lower potency (after the aggravation stops)to accomplish the cure.

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