Letters to the Editor from the March 2014 issue

Readers comment on the March 2014 issue and on Dr. Bhatia’s article: “Becoming a Better Homeopath.”

Feedback from March 2014
Thank you for another richly filled issue. In particular, I found the articles on glaucoma, tremors, pharyngitis and Platinum – Tri Miasmatic Materia Medica very useful. I would like to relate a personal experience with Tuberculinum. I live in Canada where winters are cold and plague most inhabitants with many viruses. In years past I always got colds in the winter – usually 2 or 3 from September to March. Around 10 years ago I got my first flu which knocked me out for weeks. Oscillococcinum became a good friend for future bouts of flu as it greatly diminished the duration and symptoms of the flu. Then 5 years ago I got bronchitis for which lasted for almost two months even though antibiotics were prescribed by my MD. The following year I got bronchitis again and this time it also afflicted me for several weeks.
In January of 2011 I decided to experiment with Tuberculinum as a preventative so I started taking 4 pellets of 30c Tuberculinum weekly. I have not had the flu nor bronchitis nor even a mild cold since then.

Thank you for the very valuable service you provide.

With appreciation,

R. Mastrangeli

Dear Editor,

One thing I thought I would like to share with you. Two weeks ago I was thrilled to receive from a 72yr old client a letter from a hospital cardiac specialist stating his progress since his last hospital check. His progress was remarkable and it is the first time since I qualified in 2009 that I have received written confirmation from the NHS on clear improvements in heart pathology since commencement of homeopathic treatment.
Discharge summary dated 6 6 13
‘Patients admitted due to atrial fibrillation following colonoscopy – on being admitted, tests revealed patient had severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction, AF, moderate mitral regurgitation and severe tricuspid regurgitation resulting in cough and decreased exercise capacity. Clinically he had pulmonary oedema to waist and Warfarin, Fragmin, Apirin and diuretic therapy were given.’
He was in hospital for one week and his weight on arrival was 86.1 kgs and on leaving 66.5kgs! Apart from physical heart symptoms, this client was psychologically suffering from a severe broken heart as he was grieving after the loss of the love of his life. The homeopathic treatment from me from mid May 2013 to date, largely included Ignatia, Pulsatilla and Digitalis plus heart sarcodes with Pulsatilla causing a real turning point in his symptoms. The letter I read recently from this heart specialist stated:
‘Your recent echo scan reassuringly shows that the main pumping chamber of your heart has turned to a near normal function. The mitral valve leak is now only mild and the tricuspid valve leak is now only moderate. These findings are in line with the fact that you appeared to be feeling much better when I saw you in October 2013’.
If only medical doctors understood just how helpful it would be to use homeopathy as a complementary adjunct to their work.
Warm regards,
Lynne Shrubb

RE: Delocalization of Electrons Through Orientations of Water Molecules Helps Electrical Conduction In Water
As a patient who has found in homeopathy the most fascinating path towards healing ever experienced in his lifetime, I set out years ago to try and understand a bit more about it. I found some books by Scholten and De Schepper especially eye-opening, not to mention the great “The Genius of Homeopathy” by Stuart Close. Yet none of them said much about HOW homeopathy works.
I’m also interested in physics, and through the years I made the effort to read quite a few books on the subject. Little did I know that as I delved deeper into both physics and homeopathy, I’d come to realize that the former holds the key to understanding at least part of the mystery that surrounds the latter.
I find current research in homeopathy extremely interesting, since it’s trying to bridge the gap between the two disciplines, leveraging the latest discoveries in physics to explain how homeopathy is able to achieve its miraculous effects – provided the correct remedy is chosen and administered in the right potency and dose.
Nowadays, studies on the memory of water – brilliantly synthesized by Massimo Citro in his recent book “The Basic Code of the Universe”, which will remain among my favourite books ever – seem to reveal so much more than we thought we could know about the mystery of homeopathy. And what I like so much about this field of research is that, at least in my opinion, it’s not depriving this medicine of its magic: on the contrary, once you learn about the unexpected properties of water, you’re left even more in awe with respect to the laws of the magnificent universe we inhabit.
Having said that, I would have enjoyed this particular article even more if it had stated more explicitly the relationship between the presented findings and the inner workings of homeopathy. Although this is a quite technical piece, one should keep in mind that the general public might also be interested enough to read it – and those of us who are neither physicists, nor certified homeopaths might need a little more guidance to grasp the significance of these discoveries for the field of homeopathy.
This minor detail won’t stop me from expressing my heartfelt congratulations to the writers, and to anyone committed to finally laying a firm scientific foundation for homeopathy. Since centuries of successful clinical experience apparently are not enough to neutralize the usual naysayers, let’s see if some groundbreaking discovery does the work!

Re: Nick Hill Chats with Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

This is a good outline of classical homeopathic practice, despite the fact that some say Kent was not Hahnemannian, despite him repeatedly quoting Hahnemann. His Materia Medica is or has been enjoyed by generations of homeopaths, but it should be remembered that they are transcribed lectures and sometimes the emphasis on a single image can limit the perspective of the student, whether a student or a practitioner, ie the ragged philosopher of Sulphur. As Kent says himself, these lectures were given with Hering’s Guiding Symptoms before him as well as his own clinical experience. It is clear from this interview for those who have already trodden the path of the very first homeopaths and the writings they have left us, that Dr Bannerjee has made himself familiar with them. It is wonderful to have a successful practice and teaching establishment based on a classical approach with results to show that it is a way to success for those who want to walk in the steps of Hahnemann, Bonninghausen, Hering, Lippe et al.
Jamie Taylor

RE: Plant Doctor
Dear Mark,
In response to your comment that “you have neither the expertise to identify or time to write about all the issues that might contribute to the problems in crops that are brought to this column”, I wonder if you could consider me to contribute here occasionally to fill up the void, although the column is for homeopathy. The purpose is not to cause confusion but help the grower to also address the problem at more possible cause/s, while administering the prescribed remedies by Dr. Waris or anyone else.
As I had mentioned earlier, I felt many a solution lies in agronomic practices, environment control, soil and nutrition management, etc. It would not only be inappropriate but would also be misguiding to offer all solution in Homeopathy as Homeopathy cannot replace nutritional requirement, hormonal imbalances, viral infections, etc. which needs to be addressed otherwise.
I would refrain from trying to pose that we have solution to all problems in Homeopathy. Homeopathy should definitely be advised, only on disease symptoms or for enhancing immunity or only when we have first hand experiences.
It could really be tempting to enthusiastically jump with solutions and they could then be subject to criticism that may unfortunately weaken the confidence in this infant science.
It would therefore, be really necessary, that everyone who tries any remedy, either prescribed by Kaviraj or Dr. Waris or anyone (even me) as often the same remedy may not exhibit same response for everyone, as it happens even with human beings. Every plant needs to be treated as a separate living organism.
Pawan Singhania

RE: Interview with Christophe Merville from Boiron
The interview is very nicely done as it covers very important questions that we generally have in our minds and which remain unanswered for the most part. For example, what is the effect of exposure of X rays on Homeopathic Medicines during security check-ins at airports, or those questions for which we Homeopaths think of an answer based on scientific reasoning but are always looking for confirmation through opinion of experts in the field e.g. use of pellets or globules over alcohol based liquid form of medicine in anomalies of the liver, drawbacks of prescribing saclac based globules in case of diabetes, etc.
Further, the interview gives a clear insight into Boiron’s quality control measures for drug manufacturing.
It is really good to know that homeopathic prescription drugs and treatment qualify for medical health care coverage in France and the acceptance levels for homeopathic treatment are on a steady rise there. In general, the first question a patient asks is, if they choose to go for homeopathic treatment, would the treatment be covered through their Health Insurance? The healthcare coverage for homeopathic treatment through the government health care system in other highly developed European countries and the United States as well would surely promote greater acceptance of this approach of holistic treatment throughout the world.
In Asia, especially in India, homeopathic treatment has become quite popular and Government support through AYUSH is remarkable in promoting and supporting alternative medicine and treatment. Recently, ministry of health and family welfare (Govt. of India) in coordination with WHO, UNICEF and many other health welfare organizations, under Rastriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (National Child Health Program) as part of the National Rural Health Mission )
has employed a great number of Homeopaths for the post of Government Homeopathic Medical Officer. These newly drafted officers will be a part of the mobile health care teams in rural areas in several different states which will carry out towards child health screenings aimed at providing early intervention services wherever there be a need for such an intervention.

I first came across this concept of trimiasmatic material medica in ” comparative materia medica” by EF Candegabe. Ever since I have been on the look out for more on this subject. It came as a pleasant surprise that Hpathy chose to publish these articles by Dr VT Yekkirala. While the article on phosphorus has introduced the concepts involved in understanding the trimiasmatic materia medica, this article on Platinum greatly enhanced my understanding on this subject. That haughtiness or superiority complex need not be present for prescribing Platinum is an eye opener for me. The case of Dr Lent quoted by the author serves as a perfect example of this. Secondly, I find that Dr Yekkirala writes with great clarity on the subject and the concept, “disease as energy” is a masterly contribution that makes it easy to understand the 7 layer miasmatic chart of suppressions devised by Dr Pafull Vijaykar. Thirdly the author’s suggestion to prove all the salts of platinum for potential use in different types of cancer is timely and indeed the need of the hour. I thank Hpathy for these articles and look forward for more on this subject.
Dr. K. Leena Reddy

Dear sir,

Kindly publish a book with selected/best Tips and Secrets. I place my order now in advance and I’m ready to send advance money.


Prof. Guha

Dear Editor,
Hpathy is very good and informative and always gives me more expectation for the next issue with new information.
Dr Rita Chakraborty

Feedback from Dr. Bhatia’s article: “Becoming a Better Homeopath”

Homeopathy for Students – ABC of Homeopathy

Hello Dr. Manish Bhatia,

I have just completed my internship from Dr Madan Pratap Khunteta College, Jaipur, last year. I had attended some homoeopathic seminars there…and saw you addressing many times on stage. Today when I read your email telling about your journey since a student, I remembered my days too. It really quite matches with me and my friends’ stories. I’m thankful that you have shared your experiences with us. It is inspiring and thoughtful. Being very senior to me, I’m grateful for the way you are guiding all of us. Keep guiding us.


Sakshi Bhimsaria

Great write-up, Dr. B! Very inspiring! And hey, you’re right, it IS Hahnemann’s birthday! Happy birthday, Samuel Hahnemann, and thanks for all you did in one lifetime!


Dear Manish,
That is a wonderful message. Every student of homeopathy should hear it.
Julian Jonas CCH, Lic. Ac.

Dr. Manish,
Greetings. I am a senior homeopath, but I have read your article once again with interest, and frankly, got some wisdom from it and have decided to save it for my upcoming homeopath son and also use it in training sessions. Well done for the sake of homeopathy.

Dr. L. M. Shaikh

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
Thank you very much for this letter of courage, also for your sincerity.

Many regards,
Dr. Marija

Thanks, this was very helpful. I was feeling inadequate, but now I see that most if not all have the same frustrations. I have to consider what the client will and will not do. This changes everything. I have found that people will not follow instructions even after they tell me that they understand completely. Then I have to use whatever form the client will comply with. If it is a single pelletized dose, then so be it.

Rick Curtiss

Dear Dr. Manish,

This letter has an absolutely profound effect. So well said! I truly appreciate all of your work and openness to all that is available to us as homeopaths.
Keep up the good work.


Rina Valia – Consulting Homeopath


Dear Dr. Bhatia,

This is wonderful although American homeopaths have quite a different experience including the motivation – all of us consciously choose homeopathy. As the editor of Dr Luc De Schepper’s Hahnemann Revisited, I’m glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves.  I wish it were the foundation of the curriculum for all homeopathic schools – after the Organon, of course!

Best wishes,

Begabati Lennihan


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia

Happy Birthday to Your Beloved Master of Homeopathy, Dr. S. Hahnemann.
I wish you complete health, wealth, success and a useful life longer than 80 years.
I am going to ask for visas to take part in the 69th LMHI Congress in Paris.
Wish to meet you there to renew our meeting in the New Delhi and Jaipur.

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Dear Doctor

Thanks a lot for your words of wisdom. Every word you wrote is a fact
and invariably every honest student of Homoeopathy experiences it. I too
am not an exception. My basic question is why can’t we standardise homoeopathic practice under one roof? We are taught homoeopathy in the medical colleges as if it’s a black magic. Most of our Materia Medica & Organon teachers do not have theirown concepts clear. Sorry to say that, but I don’t think I’m wrong in
saying that. Can you please tell me, what is the utility of Physiological Materia
Medicas in remedy selection? Can we depend solely on these? Are the
dynamic symptoms in terms of weird sensations / dreams / emotions
etc. so important? That too in every case? I have seen different practitioners (stalwarts) advocating different methods. For. eg. Hempel criticises Hering & Boeninghausen. He is totally against giving any importance to symptoms without a concrete physiological base.Can you shed some more light on this? I will be highly grateful to you

Thanks & regards

Dr. D. C. Fondekar

Wise words indeed, Manish, which resonated with my experience. A wonderful message to emphasise for us all

Warmest wishes ,

Dear sir
Your biography is a lesson to others. Your success is due to your hard work and devotion in this science. You are distributing valuable writing of doctors free of charge through your monthly journal.

Chander Shekhar Gupta


Many many thanks and the same wish to you.

Subrata Bhattacharjee

Excellent! I forwarded it to my study group.

Thanks a lot doctor. Wishing you the same. Thank you for your message. It’s very inspiring and giving a lot of positive energy. Looking forward for more mails and more help.
Thank you sir


Thank you and wish you the same. We are all struggling in our first days of practice but as days go by we try different methods. Even I had experimented with so many different methods of homeopathy but finally over the years with practice you would find your method different from others. Best of luck. I ordered your book two months back and it is an interesting book .

Dr Gopal Patel – Kottayam Kerala

How wonderful, thank you very much. My experiences are very similar.
Maria Jevtic – “From Cave to Computer”

Excellent and enlightening ….Congrats really!
Mansoor Ali

Thank you Dr. Bhatia! An excellent Birthday message!!

You are doing a great service through this Homeopathy for Everyone.

Anil Anal

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Thank you for writing such an inspiring article. And thank you for resending it.
You are doing such wonderful work. Please know how much it is appreciated.

Joy M. Wilson, DHom, MHom, CCH
Executive Director
The Texas Institute for Homeopathy

It’s a great homage to our GURU and excellant tohfa for Homeopaths. Keep it up and long live Homeopathy.


Happy homeopathy day and thank you sir. Your mail really inspired me.
Ridhi Thacker

Thanks for the words of wisdom.

This is beautiful and so appreciated, thank you so much Dr. Bhatia!
Bless you,

Thanks for the mail. It gives a good reading to homeopaths , both experienced and new!
Thanks and regards.

It’s very a encouraging contribution on master Hahnemann’s birthday. I hope every young homoeopath gets inspired from this.


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia ,

Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Best wishes,


Very good advice. Thank you for your journey for it helps my journey as a homeopath.


Dear Dr Bhatia sir,
Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful experience of your journey to become a successful Homoeopath. Surely this will help us in our own practice .
Thanks and regards
Dr Ganesh Pansare

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and I really believe in every word you say. Be blessed .


Thank you for such a wonderful and motivating message on Hahnemann’s birthday. Truely I will follow all the instructions given. Thank you and thanks to also.


Great and well written message! Thank you.


Dear Dr,

Your letter was inspiring…Happy World Homoeopathy Day…

Dr. Bibin Varghese

Thank you and Every Blessing,


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this essay. I am 4 years into practice…so these words are just as meaningful to me…not in school but still a “student” of homeopathy in every day. It is helpful to see a shift in the honest of the difficulty of practice…and how well worth it is to stick with it.

Dear sir,
I have read it very minutely. You have really explored the real thing of homeopathy. What you have written is quite true. This is also the speech of my core of heart. I wish you live long and never forget to write like this time to time.

Thanks & best regards
Dr. Jashim Uddin
Bangladesh & India

Thank u sir for your valuable guidance and encouragement

Dr. Vivek Gupta – Indore

This was amazing, yet so simple. Thank you!!!
Sharon McCormick

Thank you for your dedication to the cause of homeopathy!

Felix Pelzang

Good piece – I was fortunate to undergo a very good training in homeopathy – one weekend a month for 4 years and copious work in between, with thorough, appropriate and practical anatomy/physiology/pathology training. There are no women mentioned in your piece – completely invisible. That is interesting.


Thank you for sharing this, Dr Bhatia. It was very inspiring.


This is beautiful and so appreciated, thank you so much Dr. Bhatia!
Bless you,

Apart from the discovery of medicines, he also taught to be kind in the holistic way and healing. Hats off to him anytime…… Great Noble soul…. He should bless us to follow his footsteps always….. Happy World Homoeopathy, Hpathy and our friends.

Salvador Piñeiro

Thank you Sir for your kind words.


Dr.Shridhar Boddul

Thank you. I also salute our father of homoeopathy.

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