Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for the Oct 2011 issue of Ezine. As always, an issue full of informative articles,which broaden our horizon about the world of Homeopathy. This issue has been “dedicated” so to say to Boger. Katja did a fine job by getting the works of Boger in one place which has made it easier to consult the great stalwart, though very controversial.

Hofacker’s article on Boger also points to his controversial approach,as he compares it with methods of others.

Keep up the good work and accept my best wishes.

Dr. Wequar Ali Khan
Miami Florida


Excellent Issue! One of the best so far, I particularly liked that one of the fundamental approaches to classical prescribing which was investigated quite thoroughly. I think all prescribers can benefit from an issue like this, particularly since the Boger approach is not often well taught in the majority of the homeopathy schools.

Well done, great issue.

Robert Bannan, LCH, LCCH


All the articles of this issue I found very informative and useful. Regular features titled Tips and Secrets and pieces from Ms. Elaine Lewis are interesting apart from their intrinsic utility.
Pushpakaran Baroda


Dear Editor,

I have been a regular reader of homeopathy 4 everyone and found them all very interesting and useful. in particular, tips and secrets are invariably great. i think, more and more doctors should share their tips, which would be immensely appreciated. an article on prophylaxis, especially for dengue fever, travel diarrhoea, typhoid and measles would be more than welcome.
Let me wish all the best to the editorial team for putting together such an excellent issue, month after month without fail.
Best wishes,
R.R. Dash

As usual your magazine is always of great interest. I have already sent some cases of anorexia to Katja Schuett in case you would find them interesting.

Christiane Lhuillier

Editor’s note: Christiane Lhuillier’s case “Antimonium Crudum in Lovesickness” appears in this issue in our veterinary section.


Of all the readings I found History of Homeopathy most interesting: it gives an insight into how things have improved gradually with time and continued research.

Vishwantha Natarajan


Dear Sirs,
I am requesting help from the homeopathic community. My brother has been diagnosed with a very aggressive glioma multiforma. He is currently receiving daily radiation therapy and chemotherapy which has rendered him very ill. My strong leaning is to procure a sample of a glioma multiforma, potentize it to a 12x a nano unit and potentize the chemotherapy drug to a 12x again a nano unit and have him ingest this daily. Problem I cannot obtain a sample of a glioma multiforma because of ethical reasons. Has any body in the broader homeopathic community ever potentized a sample of a glioma multiforma, has anybody treated this problem in a similar fashion? I would greatly appreciate any help A.S.A.P. as his prognosis is very poor and I need to act sooner than later.

Living in hope,
Thank you very much for the October issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone. Perfect as usual.

Pavloschi Doina


Hi there. You are doing a great job!

Vatsala Sperling, Ph D, PDHom



Thanks for this monthly issue of Homeopathy 4 everyone. I do not have words to describe the efficacy of this E – zine which has a wealth of information about Homeopathy and its various facets. I feel that this Ezine has now become a synonym with Homeopathy!

Mohammed I . Ali Shahid.


Dear Sir,

I offer my feedback as below:
1. Color scheme is ok.
2.Articles are good but at times it is felt that in case of case reporting if the reason for remedy selection is given ,when the remedies are more indicated, it will help the inquisitive mind to understand the application of homeopathic basics.
3.Add a dictionary of diseases which a layman can understand when going through the case history where such allopathic terms of diseases are given. This may look unnecessary for an experienced Homeopath. But the very aim of this magazine is to make people understand homeopathy and its results this extra effort is worth it.
4. Like me there may be many individuals who are keen to understand and practice homeopathy not for profit but as support to needy and poor who cannot afford costly treatment some study material as well as video clippings can be made available on very very nominal fee in Rupees. We as retired people cannot afford to spend so much.

S.K. Jain


Dear sir,

Thanks for the issue. We received more valuable items for our daily practice.

We hope for long life and continuation of the issue for general people.

Best regards.



Please keep coming with good articles … You are doing great service to the Homeopathic fraternity

Vijay Pradhan


The October issue of Homeopathy for Everyone is quite good and made fantastic reading. Keep up the good work & thanks a lot.


Ravi Kumar


The Hpathy Ezine is always a good read. I always find interesting articles and always learn something new.




I really found these articles very interesting and helpful.

Gail Rawlings


This issue is really informative.

Sameeksha Garud


Hpathy Ezine:

Estimados Colegas Homeopatas, me es muy grato dirigirme a Ustedes, el tema por el cual me escriben es interesante y con el mayor respeto les doy mi opiniòn. ¿Cùal es la potencia mas conveniente?:

La correcta Dinamizaciòn es parte fundamental para dar cualquier POTENCIA Homeopatica.

La Dinamizaciòn es el arte por el cual una sustancia es sometida a un intercambio de iones y protones en las orbitas y sub-orbitas de los atomos del cual se desprende una ENERGIA la cual queda en el solvente, para conseguir este objetivo se necesita:

a) La intenciòn del que Dinamiza los medicamentos Homeopaticos, esa intenciòn de amor con el deseo de que esta medicina pueda umplir su funciòn, la cual tambien es una energia que se trasmite y pueda asi, despertar los mecanismos de autorregulaciòn y autocuraciòn del paciente tratante.

b) Los golpes deben ser ritmicos y con energia.

c) Los globulos de sacarosa, deben tener una porosidad adecuada que permita al enbeber los globulos en una correcta impregnaciòn.

d) En la Dinamizaciòn debe usarse alcohol al 25% diluido con agua destilada y solo alcohol de 96º extraneutro par la Dinamizaciòn que se va a hacer la impregnaciòn de globulos.

e) El mejor alcohol es el alcohol extra neutro de 96º para la impregnaciòn de los globulos.

En cuanto a la mejor potecia de natrum muriaticum:

Pienso que los minerales por lo general no deben darse en potencias bajas si no en potencias de 12ch como minimo ya que actua mejor, siempre y cuando se haya hecho una correcta repertorizaciòn que justifique medicar a Natrum muriaticum.

En cuanto a la acciòn a nivel celular va a actuar a nivel ionico coloidal de la bomba de sodio y potasio, permitiendo asi regular el potencial de menbrana celular que por lo general es de 40 a 90 mlv..

La potencia de Natrum muriaticum, debe de aplicarse de acuerdo al tiempo de la patologia, cuanto mas tiempo tenga una patologia es necesario una potencia mas alta como uan 18ch, sie es una patologia reciente es mejor empezar con uan 12 ch y hir aumentando la potencia, hasta que se agote la acciòn de Natrum muriaticum, al agotarse la acciòn de Natrum muriaticum se debe volver a repertorizar y considerar el medicamento Homeopatico que le corresponda, segùn el simil.

Cada Potencia actua a diferente nivel, si es una baja potencia como 6ch o 9ch actuara sobre es estado agudo del cuadro nosologico, si es un problema funcional de un organo, aparato o sistema, es conveniente una potencia mediana de 12ch, 15ch 18ch, 21ch, en el estado mental desde una 24ch, 27ch, 30ch, 60ch, 120ch 200ch 1,000ch, la potencia del mental igual se escogera por el tiempo del resentimiento, la pena, el no poder perdonar que es el caso de Natrum muriaticum, que son los sontomas mas importantes en la repertorizaciòn.

God Bless:

Dr. Oscar Isaac Aranda Melendrez -Homeopathic doctor
School of Medicine and Homeopathy Kirpal
Homeopathic Specialist Drogueria / UN Youth School


Being a PG student one needs to remain constantly updated.

I found Hpathy to be one of the best homeopathic portals on the internet for that purpose.

Hats off to Dr.Manish Bhatia Sir.

Owais Inamdar

Dear Editor
Here in brazil we don’t have homeopathic Gun Powder , so then I use the combination of Kali nitr.+ Sulphur+ Carbo case of psiquic disturbance with great results.
Henrique Freres
Dear Editors of Homeopathy for Everyone

As always the October issue is excellent; I am reading it with interest and joy

Saludos -Eugenio Aguilar

Dear Editor,

We appreciate your efforts, which lead the lovers of homeopathy to
gather knowledge in homeopathy & think more about homeopathy deeply in
order to apply it for human benefit. I really give you many many thanks for contributing a lot to humanity.

Thanks & regards

Dr. Khokon


Dear Editor,

I like your site, always good stuff, and as a 2nd year homeopathy student it’s all good for me.
Allan Rathborne

Thanks for sending the homeopathic free journal.

Lokesh Kukreja

Dear Editor
I love my newsletter – just do not have enough tiume to read it all or study my homeopathy !!

Dear Editor,
Iinteresting October issue, especially gun powder and retained placenta. All the best , Ligia Coltoman

Very nice magazine. My appreciation to the whole team.
Zahida Termizi

Dear Editor,
We must have to prove homeopathy on a more scientific and practical way, more than the philosophical way we use in daily practice .

Dr Amit Thakkar
DiaCare – Clinic Research Coordinator & Medical Officer


I want to suggest some topics for future issues, if not covered already.

1. How to reduce LDL

2. Medication/supplements for Peripheral Neuropathy .

3. Medication/supplements for Neurogenic Claudication.



Thanks for the copy loaded with so many useful info and tips.


Can we start a new section on ‘explanation of rubrics of some leading repertories’?
Md. Jakir Hossain – Bangladesh
hank you for Oct. Issue of Ezine. Very soon I shall participate in contributing for this e.magzine. Wish you a blissful future.
Regards to all members. Abdul Basit, (Homoeo Physician)

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