Letters to the Editor April 2006

Letters to the Editor April 2006

Re: nominations for Joshua’s Case

I was just wondering whether you noticed the parallels between Mati Fuller’s numerology perspective about the central theme and my thinking/theorising are somehow quite similar.I have no clue about numerology ,etc but it is just a bit uncanny.


I wanted to comment on Joshua’s case.

According to my studies on homeopathy I understand that each remedy has its own cycle for exhausting. Some may take years; especially the deepest acting ones. Looking at the number of remedies this young boy has been on I have to wonder what kind of havoc his little body is going through. Most of these remedies are deep acting. They have not had time to work. New ones were added on top of the old. The old remedies need to clear out of Joshua’s system before the correct remedy is given. They could be pushed out but that may cause great troubles for him.

Looking at this months newsletter I see so many new remedy suggestions.

My suggestion is to Just Wait!!! Let all 27+ remedies exhaust from Joshua’s system. This will take some time…. Then you can have a clearer picture and the one right remedy can be selected.



Lancet Article

This info you sent was shocking for Europe but then the Transnationals rule don’t they…like Rockefeller.

When I saw the study on Arnica for Carpel Tunnel syndrome I got very angry as it was clear that Arnica was not the remedy of choice, but Ruta would have been far better. I tried to write to them but somehow the letter didn’t make it thru and then I got busy and never tried again. We know the conspiracy is real and has been all along; drug companies kill to maintain power. Have you seen the book “Dirty Medicine”? Not sure it is still in print….
Jana Shiloh CCH HMA M.A.


Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your newsletter more and more every month………I’m sending many of the articles out to friends etc., regularly. Most enjoyed Dr. Dean’s article and the expose re Lancet and PEK. Keep up the fine work, you are surely doing a service to humanity.



Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,
I am greatly impressed and very grateful with your work on the Lancet article and now the Swiss reports.
Just a quick question: you write that this Lancet article was based on the Swiss report PEK.
Do you know how strongly the Lancet based itself on it. Was it their main inspiration or just a side article used by them?
For your information:
There is a big lobby going on against alternative and complementary medicine in Sweden.
Not only homeopathy but in a recent study also acupuncture, massage, healing, psychotherapy, traditional chinese medicine, among others, were criticized of not having any scientific evidence as its base.
Therefore it is decided not to let them in into regular healthcare in Sweden.
Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm got a huge donation from the USA to investigate the possibility of adding complementary medicine to allopathic medicine.
They set up a branch, run by medical doctors, inspired by medical doctors and probably spoiled by medical doctors. Non of the specialist in any of the therapies that are going to be studied will be allowed in; only M.D’s with no education in the field!! Homeopathy has the least interest they say because it already has shown in so many studies [they probably refer also to the lancet report] that there is no evidence of it working and therefore of no interest to them!
Sweden is probably the most scientific country in Europe. Everything has to be evidence-based here. Homeopathy is still very small here.
Bert Breuker,
Director of the Swedish School of Classical Homeopathy, Stockholm


I want to thank Elaine Lewis for the “down to earth” explanations about how homeopathy works. My mother used to take me and my sisters to a homeopathic doctors and I grew up with a very good health. Later when I had my children , my 6 month old daughter started having a bronchitis and the doctor said it was lifelong, so I asked him permission to look for a homeopathic doctor, and he agreed but he assured me that bronchitis was a lifelong illness. Making it short, my daughter was cured with homeopathy. I knew it happened, but I did not understand how. From your explanations now I do understand. Thank you very much.
Now I am trying to make my daughter in law and my son to understand that there is cure for my 4 yr. old recently diagnosed with autism who lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL,USA.If you can help me with articles and the name of good homeopathic doctors please,do so. Thank you so very much.
Marilene Costa


very beneficial,helpful,guiding,easy and sevice to humanity is availble in this site.
i pray GOD bless you
with regards. – Anonymous


…the Joshua casework made for fascinating reading. I really enjoyed seeing how other homeopaths were approaching the case, and how differently we work. I felt like I learned a lot. For instance I have never shied away form high potencies in children but now I’ll go back and have a rethink about that.

Do you think most of your readers are from the general public? I’d like to forward this link to people if that’s OK.

Bye for now


I’ve gone through more of your website – it’s fantastic! I forwarded the link to my group – homeopaths who all qualified together and have stayed in touch. We sometimes throw out a difficult case for advice, you know the kind of thing.

Almost immediately I had two replies saying what a fabulous website and thanking me very much.



keep it up realy it is very informative and encourging.


An excellent article. Has explained to me the reason why a remedy stops working. A great insight to dosing and the potencies. Excellent! Thankyou


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