Letters to the Editor April 2009

Letters to the Editor April 2009

Dear Sir

It is the greatest pleasure of mine to receive your March 09 Newsletter. I never thought of that your newsletter will be having such a huge number of articles specially on Repertory with abundance of knowledge and information. My gratitude goes to all authors of various articles contributed to Hpathy to make it the most informative website and I am glad that your website is going strength to strength due to your sincere and tireless efforts to make it one of the best homoeopathic source of information. God bless you all for your genuine and appreciable work in the field of homeopathy.

With best wishes and regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Thank you for your on line journal. It is very good and most often rewarding to peruse the articles that provide some massage for the tired mind of the homeopath and some fragrance to lift the spirits for the effects of practicing in isolation.



Thankyou for your wonderful work

What a dauntingly rich edition! I look forward to digesting it slowly!

Marian Gray


I eagerly look forward to your monthly issues – all the articles are informative, well written, contemorary and thought provoking for both practioner, student and budding novice to Homeopathy, including prospective students and first aid users. I like the feature topics all in one issue eg facial analysis – Grant Bently’s interview was excellent and his contribution to Homeopathy is phenomenal.
I learn from your quiz (thank you).
I am interested in reading a feature on the results of treating chronic conditions in the western world and non western ie the % effectiveness ( as per the successes of highly regarded and experienced Homeopaths), with focus not so much on the specific remedy or double blind control trial type research but how many people benefited (%) male /female and if the outcomes were cure, palliation or no change or worse outcome. Some chronic diseases that are measurable and come to mind include diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, cardiomyopathy, arterioscerosis, asthma, chronic fatique syndrome, renal disease, and aquired brain impairment including topics such as meningitis and cognitive deficits etc. Another topic that is of interest to me (links in with health problems) is homeopathy and teeth problems as this is relevant to all ages and spans humans and animals.
Thank you for such an informative Ezine.

Diane Fowler


This is a fantastic interview of Roger van Zandvoort.
As usual Hpathy continues the best Homeopathic web page in the world!
Keep the excellent work

Carlos Gonçalves, MD (A.M), DIHom Practitioner, DHM, Ph.D (AM)
Tutor and Director of The British Institute of Homeopathy (UK, Portugal, Brazil)


Dear editor,

the multiplicity of repertories are even more confusing.I really doubt the usefullness of it.Prescriptions must be made on M.M., as soon as one has a clear rubric.Putting different rubrics together , as happens in computerprograms, can be very dangerous and of the remedies of the correct rubric, will bring the solution.Using Kent and Boger-Boenninghausen is enough.Additions in Synthesis and so called “Complete “repertories are very often unreliable.

Best regards,

Dr.Eddy Thielens


Your Hpathy edition of March 2009 – as much as I have read to date – is superb. It is great having a specific theme per issue, and newly qualified homeopaths like myself, can get such gems from the articles. Elaine Lewis’ interview with Roger van Zandvoort is not only enlightening but funny too, and Alan Schmukler’s article on the language of the repertories (as well as Todd Rowe’s ) have extremely useful hints.

I really value the opportunity to read material by such experienced homeopaths and thank you for sharing all this knowledge so generously.

Rhóda Uí Chonaire, ISHom, Dublin Ireland


Dear Sir,
I want to say that I read yur Homeo mag. each month. I enjoyed yur March issue also. very useful article.
pl. continue yur great service.
Kaviyogi Vedham


I find this months issue very interesting and informative
thanks a lot



I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my copy of the March ezine article about homeopathic repertories. Well done and I look forward to my next issue.

Kind regards

Heather Gillum


Dear editor,

I’ve found this march issue full of useful information.

I work both in sintetic and analitic way and I’ve found really interesting the information about Repertory of Mental Qualities of J Sherr and the thematic repertories. I think it’s a good complement to the classic analitic way based on kentian feature.

Also I read about Zandvoort complete repertory with great interest, it is really important to fill the big holes in our classical repertories (and also de little ones).Thankyou for all the work in this Ezine, a gift to homeopathic comunity.

And also I forgot to talk about “Archives for Homeopathy”. Before of that I used to ask miself what about this big amount of information that we recolect in our everyday work, seeing patients. It was lost. So I find this very interesting and stimulating.

Maria Àngels Carrera


Im very much thankful to Hpathy for sending such wonderful mails, these are really very much helpful in our practice.
I wanted to know something more about Homoeopathic Facial Analysis.


Information about reporterisation is very vivid. I was inspired to buy Robin Murphy reportery. I would like to inform you that attended Robin Murphy’ s workshop at Delhi in 2004. I was benefited a lot.
Thanking you.


I cannot thank you enough for this article. So many issues were addressed, so much encouragement to continue my study.



I enjoy your every issues, they are a good source of knowledge

Dr Fatema Master


I have just gone through the article headlines.and read the articles on Repertories; It has given us knowledge about new type of Repertories .Specially “Thematic repertories”is definitely a new and fresh approach to the use of repertories.

Keep up the good work.Ezine “ZINDABAAD”

Dr Wequar


Dear colleagues!
Thank for attention to all of us. I am very glad to have opportunity of reading your free homeopathic magazine. March issue is 2nd for me.
Mykhail Kovalov, MD.


Dear Hpathy Team

Thanks for sending March issue of Ezine Link. It makes very useful and interesting



Dear editors,

Thank you very much to share this with us,unfortunatelly I had no time yet to enjoy all the march’s issue…the little that I’ve seen,I really enjoyed a lot. I’m very pleased improving my knowledge with this adorable site.By the way,I really enjoy the ‘Veterinary’ section!!!
Best wishes,



Dear Editor

I am not a physician but a sociologist. My wife is a homeopath MD and I am a kind of intellectual of homeopathy as “institutional fact” since according to me it is not a “brute fact”.

Anyhow, I find your Hpathy the most interesting news I get monthly, since most researches you published represents an heuristic value.

Thank you very much, indeed.

Rinaldo Octavio Vargas


I like very much this number, with good articles.


Luiz Guillon


Dear sirs,
They r very useful.
one should find time to read, digest and assimilate.
thank U.
sincerely yours,


Thnks for keeping in touch with me. I find very interesting the articles published in March.
A lways refreshing old topics in our discipline.

Antonio Morales


Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Thanks a lot for such a good editorial and the lines by David Warkentine. The issue is very enriched one and beneficial for us who mostly follow kent’s principles. You have expressed your own feelings, a very good read. The interview by Elaine Lewis is also a good one. I’ll try to share my experiences in some next issues. Thanks once again for this


Dr. Sukanta Mukherjee


Good information

I find these articles especially useful as a homeopathic practitioner in a rural practice.

Good work

Renee Albrecht


Dear Editor
The March issue of Hpathy4everyone is a good job. Repartization is a wonderful technique in Homeopathy. Please give us more tips for Successful Repertorization.

Ahmad Obaidus Sattar Bhuiya


It is adorable, knowledgeable,appreciable and worth preservable issue.



It was an excellent and informative e-zine. I liked the academic level of reporting and experinced authors findings/experiences and being a novice “student” (course not started yet) I lfound the theme very illuminating.
Thank you.

Diane Fowler


Excellent work and very well presented. I must say its pure service to humanity. Keep it up

Thank You and Best Regards

Khawar Nawaz


Dear Hpathy Team,
I compliment for the excellent discussion about repertories and repertorization and for the service for all homeopathic community

Sebastiano Di Salvo, M.D., Italy


The articles on repertorisation were very informative.

Caroline Ford


Dear Doctor Manish Bahtia


First I take the opportunity to comment on your editorial. The editorial speaks that you possess a very tender and sensitive heart of a poet. Certainly you devserve to be a homeopath. A homeopath of your calibre only can make his patient to confide in you and open his/her heart to you and tell you all about his/her symptoms and history. This soft touch of yours will not let you miss even a minute detail of any symptom in the patient and will enable you to reach the correct similimum. I appreciate you and wish you a great success in your noble task of making this noble science reach the hands of every intelligent seeker in the world.

I am going through every article. All the subscribers are eminent homeopaths, certainly they deserve full attention. Mrilli’s thematic rep. is of especial interest to me. I am using it already. In my next letter I shall speak in detail about every body.

With best wishes to the staff and subscibers of the magazine.

Dr. Ajit Singh Tanda


I am a Vet and use homeopathy on animals and thinking of its use on plants. I may use nosodes/ vaccines to promote physiological activities and control/ treat pathological conditions in plants.

Possibly, I may not have more comments on the present (March 09) issue of E-Zine Homeopathy 4 all.

Like many repertories of great authors of the past, Repertory shall be a simple dictionary to the Professionals, Practitioners and others who want to practice homeopathy on all living beings, including plants and animals.

Thanks to ‘Overview of Repertorization Methods of Kent – Boenninghausen – Boger’ by Katja Schütt’s which was interesting in providing a comparative repertorization.

SM Reddy


The ezine is always good and informative, well done.




Respected Editor,

Thanks for remembering me. I pay my good wishes to all my homeopathic fraternity on the occasion of auspicious birth day, the 10th April, of Dr. Samuel Hannemann.

As a Homeopathic practitioner, I face the following difficulties while prescribing medicine:
(1) Selection of homeopathic medicine.
(2) Selection of potency
(3) Repetition of medicine.

The repertory is intended to serve as a Handy useful reference book.More or less the difficulties of memory of materia medica has been solved by our masters. Your issue is use ful on this subject. Every practitioner has its own choice of repertory. The repertories are compiled for finding as far as possible a correct medicine. It is not a mechanical repertorization but a totality of symptoms The totality of symptoms is not mechanical totality but a totality of quality. It includes mental, physical, local, peculiar,, modality etc.

The second major difficulty is selection of potency. One are using high potencies and other are using low potecies and mother tinctures. Both groups claim his success. What is potency? According to me the potencies means to reduce the quantity of the medicine and increase the quality of the medicine. When a medicine is prescribed on the totality of quality it can be prescribed in high potency. The potency should be low when the selection of the medicine is on the pathological symptoms and not on the mental, physical, peculiar and modality. These are the general rules. In India, people generally come when the allopathic doctor have treated for a long period. So many symptoms have been suppressed and new drug symptoms has been created. There are no symptoms of the patients. So we should prescribe low potencies only till we have the symptoms of the patients. The relief is the first requirement for a physician.

The third major difficulty is the repetition of the medicine. There are some physicians who prescribe single dose and wait for a long time for relief. They claim to be classic physician. No patient is ready to wait for indefinite time period. Some prescribe high potency t.d.s. and say the Dr. Hannemann prescribed LM, less quantity, at the end of his life and repeat the same t.d.s. It is just opposite to Dr. Kents philosophy. Dr. Nash use to prescribe high potency and do not know his repetition. But as I have experienced that skin disease does not bear repetition. The rheumatic disease bear repetition. Dr Boger has divide the me dines in to short acting, medium acting and long acting medicines. But experience say that medicines are not long acting or short acting but the disease are short lasting or chronic type. All these have compelled me to read Ayurveda and astrology, yoga and naturopathy. There is no one system in the world which can cure all type of diseases. There are three type of patient Psoric, Sycotic and Syphiltic. Ayurveda also say that there are three type of patient Vata, Kapha and Ptta. Vata patient are easy to cure, Kapha patient take time to cure and the patta patints are difficult to cure similarly as Psoris, Sycotic and Syphiltic patients. These patients needs medicines, yoga and exercise or physiotherapy and massage and restriction on diet according to their disease.

I have summerised my views
Love and regards

S C Kursija


Thank you for your beautiful editorial.

I think i am not the only one who needs these reminders regularly and this one went right to the heart of it.

This is a way of giving blessing to the whole homoeopathic community.-

Best wishes,




With the repertory articles and themes I loved them very much, but I loved Alans article the most.

I would love to see more of alan’s type of article from different people, as different people have different ways of explaining language and they also have different cross references.




*Homeopathy for Everyone is indeed excillent mag and i read it daily. there is no end to satisfaction which i get from it kudos to the team members and best wishes for the future.*

Geetendra Singh


Dear Editor:

I received the March issue of Homeopathy for Everyone: Thank you.

I am admired of the rapid development of Homeopathy today in the States and some european countries. I hope that that marvelous homeopathic wave arrives to South, Centra America, and Cuba.

The Ezine is beautifully fulfilling the task for which it was created.




Still trying to find time to read all of this! Thank you so much – I really do appreciate receiving it. Excellent stuff.


Sylvia Palmer


The March copy of Hpathy, is simply excellent.



Dear Editor,

Last edition excellent as usual.Very interesting & informative.

Best Wishes

Dr.Nigel Bird


In the Interview I miss this topic:
I appreciate the additions by Roger, but I hate that he changes the structure with every new edition. This is an enormous waste of time for me and after so many efforts I renounce on his additions and think of changing to Synthesis.

Peter Hofmann



You requested feedback on March Issue of Hom 4 Everyone. So much text I haven’t actually read my way through all of it(!), but only because I know I now have a good source of thorough, accurate information at my fingertips whenever I need it (and free too!!) Was good to get the info on the card reps as there doesn’t seem to be too much of that about, but the whole effort is magnificent. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a source of free information of this calibre, and I’m really grateful to those who are dedicated enough to invest their time and effort and skills to put this magazine together…..




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