Letters to the Editor August 2006

Letters to the Editor August 2006

Dear Elaine,
Can’t say whether your June quiz was more dramatic or its remedy! I’ve started looking forward to the ezine quiz like a detective serial.



Regarding the numerology article: I did play with some very interesting things. I started doing the numbers for the remedy names, to see if the numerical values correspond to issues that go with that remedy profile. Here are a few examples:
Carcinosin = 60, perfectionism, unrealistic expectations of self and others, a feeling of separation from source
Nux vomica = 41/5 Fixed attitude and a desire to be a leader, and to be in control
Arsenicum album = 40 need to be in control from a sense of abandonment
Lycopodium Clavatum = 52/7 Oversensitivity creates an inability to move forward and a fear of rejection and of not receiving enough recognition….

Mati Fuller, DIHom


Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Your previous and continuing articles are excellent. I have passed all of them along to all my students.

Please keep up the good work. It is sorely needed.

Thank you!
Joy M. Wilson, DHom, CCH
Executive Director
The Texas Institute for Homeopathy


I love your quizzes!!!


Dr Manish Ido not subscribe to the view that ‘Anything new suggested is unhomoepathic merely because it does not find place in organon or Dr Hahnemann did not write it
Dr Sankran or Dr vijayakar have shown what most of us have forgotten or where forgetting,but their so called followers have put the things in such away,that they have started speaking “Iam a follower of so and so and are pushing Dr Hahnemann to back bench,in the same way as most of the religious heads after some time feel their God,and people start worshipping them

S K Vashisht


The Interview is interesting yet unconvincing.Alas,life could be as easy as Michael Brill would have us believe.The very system of arriving at numbers to reach various inferences appears elusive and unsound.It raises many doubts.Different languages have different number and order of alphabets.Different cultures have different ways of giving names to the new-borns.Human mind is most complex organ evolved by nature over centuries.Believing that it could be understood by a simple arithmetical number is deluding oneself.The explanation of diseases like cancer and prostate has no sound logic.I would request the learned ‘numerologist’ to provide a comprehnsive gist of numbers and behaviour patterns in the next issue so that we could try it in our practice,and feel convinced.


Comments of Editorial July06 issue

I endorse the view that ethical code must include the definition of homeopathy.Any code which violates the basic philosophy of homeopathy is in itself unethical and incomplete.Undoubtedly, a homeopath must first adher to the basics,and then venture into new grounds. Any new method which ignores ‘the law of similars’ has no place in homeopathy.Using numerology in locating the similum appears iteresting and tempting,but such over-simplification can be misleading and confusing.The basis of numerology is unproven,irrational and lacks universal application.Hence there is the need for greater caution in using numerology or any other new technique.
Harish Nagpal


Dear Sir,
I would like to air my confusion when I say that some times, a well selected remedy fail to act which leaves the patient as well as the doctor desperate. What can make homeopathic treatment fool proof? Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Elsy John

Dr. B – Dear Elsy, here is an article you requested


I feel so bad! I have had to be out of town lately, etc., and missed your deadline! However, I didn’t miss your REMEDY because I had picked out Ignatia as well! That’ll teach me!

Congratulations to the actual winner. It does NOT surprise me that only one person got it. Ignatia is a MUCH overlooked remedy, in my experience. Not in my practice, however. It gets a LOT of use around here!

I love this website. I’ve only been a member a few months. Your articles especially are a real hoot! Keep up the good work!

Tricia Thompson


I always learn so much from [the Quiz]! It’s my favorite part of the e-zine! God bless!

Deus Caritas Est,
LuAnn Batt



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