Letters to the Editor August 2009

Letters to the Editor August 2009

Thank you for your new issue, but where is your layout? I always welcomed the warm appeal of your former layout and now it looks like a steel studded surgery room – very sad. Hope you change it back,

Thanks, Christiane


Swine Flu. It is great that we homoeopaths are moving together with changing times…it feels wonderful to know and be updated about the latest in the medical world and the corresponding homoeopathic viewpoint about the same…keep up the good work Hpathy!!!



Excellent resource, thank you!Use of multimedia makes learning and updating our knowledge so much more fun and effective (excellent video of ICR Group’s Smt. Malini Kishor Sanghvi Homoeopathic Medical and Diagnostic Center). Varied topics. Up-to-date information. Useful information for both beginners and advanced homeopaths

Again, excellent job.

thank you.

Nineveh Daniel


The editorial article by Dr Leela D’suza “Exploring The ICR” steals the show in the current issue of Hpathy Ezine. It explores the journey of one man Dr M L Dhawale,whose vision is now changing the homeopathic landscape in India and is propelling it to the 21st century of homeopathy, which will become the beacon light for not only Homeopathic doctors and organizations in India but in many parts of the world,specially SAARC countries, who have vision and commitment to forge ahead against all odds;

The editorial and the articles associated with this journey of Dr Dhawale in such diverse field in management of homeopathy,such as “Homeopathy in emergency”,”Integrated homeopathic medical education”,”How community service works”,and the R&D work that is being undertaken in different discipline of scientific management of homeopathy is not only laudable but can be emulated by homeopathic organizations throughout the world;

I wish and pray that SAARC countries in particular and world in general begins to think in terms of the vision of Dr Dhawale and its implementation by the ICR group.Nothing succeeds like success;;;

I congratulate Hpathy for the wonderful current issue of Ezine July 2009,and wish you all all the best;;

Dr Wequar

Ps: I look forward to similar article on “FATHER MULLER INSTITUTE” also, Thanks


Your july issue was very comprehensive going into all activities of ICR group. i liked all the artices wich were very informative.regards.



Dear editor,

It’s really a great issue.I enjoyed reading Dr.Leela’s inteview with Dr.M.L Dhawle trust.its great to learn that Homoeopathy is doing so much of work.It would have been great if I could undergo such training during my graduation. Regards,




I’m a first year student of Homeopathy in Canada. I wonder if you could post any articles on how to go about learning remedies since it is such a vast and overwhelming subject for first year students. Some topics to explore: what to look for when we read about a remedy, tools and techniques to differentiate similar remedies such as Mag-p and Coloc., how to categorize polycrests according to miasms, and a recommended booklist for such topics.


Parul Sanduja


The open mind

How wonderful this article was. to find a healer, therapist who is prepared to go to any lengths to bring about a healing. I respect those who give themselves wholy to their particular mode of work, but delight in those who are open to every possibility to achieve wellness.All paths lead home.

I Ginni


Dear Sir

I thank you very much for your Newsletter for the month of July 09 and I am really glad to receive most the articles very informative and educative. Your services to homoeopathy is highly appreciated.

With best regards

Sincerely yours

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Tips, from Alan .s are always interesting– and remind me to know the mm– particularly in light of the possibility, however, remote, of needing to do acute care in a hospital! Good encouragement to use our minds.

Beth Knudtsen-Spears


I thoroughly endorse what you do and delighted to see many friends featured. Therefore, please take it that I enjoy the articles. If I have any comment and am up to it, I will reply.



Re: Melissa’s article on Folliculinum.

Wonderful article and very thought-provoking for it’s connections with the Carcinosin picture (which remedy I love) and the events around ovulation as well as the inherited features of birth control pills. What potency and time of month to recommend to post menopausal women with this type of background as found in the article. The 4C-9C is ok to understand but more difficult if not wanting to stimulate, regulate or suppress menses in such women who have no more menses. If there is slight growth of fibroids, otherwise great health and energy, can she recommend how to dose. It feels right to me at 30 ch or lower but would like the input. A single 200 c though it fits the mentals may not resolve and dissolve fibroids.

regards, Janee Niebler


I am so excited and filled with anticipation over this, my first issue of your newsletter. I have read every word so far through the interview with Melissa Assilem, and I am simply lifted up in every aspect of my being. Her story is so akin to my own that I can hardly believe it. I do not have nearly the scope of her experience or knowledge, but she has truly taken me back to the thrill of my first years of practice (30 of them by now!) Only the thrills never stop coming, and one finds oneself feeling entirely WHOLE again. Committed all over again to something so much higher than Self…the participation in the healing and empowerment of others. I will devour these articles one by inspiring one over the coming weeks. What a tremendous gift! Selfless sharing! THANK YOU!

Betse Streng


Dear editors.

As always the July issue of Homeopathy for Everyone is excelent.

Thank you for your dedicated work.

Eugenio Aguilar.


Dear Leela,

Congratulations on completing this stupendous job. It is indeed superbly done though I do not know how you have managed to do it in the brief time that you had.

Thank you indeed. Please do pass on any comments to us.


Dr. Dhawale


Thank you very much for the July issue of Homoeopathy for Everyone. I found the articles interesting and well written.

Congratulations for an extremely informative issue.

Warm Wishes,

Chaia Stein


Thank you very much. Actually my daughter is Dr and presently she is doing ICR course under guidance of Dr Manoj Patel,Dr Bipin Jain, Dr. Tiwari n all. I always read your articles but this month I like very much. very informative always.



Carcinocin case vow, excellent, what a patience.

Rajesh Malviya


Very much enjoyable. Thanks. I expect writings on LM Potencies in your future issues.



It was wonderful to read the article on emergency and homoeopathy…great going guys…keep up the spirits..god bless.



Dear Sir

I realy appreciate the july’s issue, and also to meet this wonderful lady, *Melissa Assilem*, interwied by *Alan Schukler*, that I’am already fond of him and his articles.I*’d l*ove to read more* *about her and her work*,*teaching and cases.It’s a pleasure read this e-magazine. I’m always reading it and saving lots of works to study and share with my friends.Thanks a lot to share this with us.



Dear Doctor,

Thank you very much for sending the E Magazine. All Articles on this issue was really excellent. You have done a very good job. The Video presentation aslo fantastic. Keep up the standard. Wish you good luck.

Thanks and Regards

Dr. Abdul Jalal


I am very much grateful to you for sending me this copy of homeopathy. particularly the case study of 1 brain hemorrhage cured through homeopathy. I felt very much relieved after reading it. Thank you so much.



Thanks for the great interview with melissa. she was a great lecturer at my college 6-10 years ago. particularly interesting was the section on having confidence in your own abilities.



I am passionate about homoeopathy and read all the monthly subscriptions. I was fascinated to read about MLD hospital, its really good thing to integrate community medicine and serve the suffering humanity. I was also fascinated to know how the institute is striving to find scientific side of Homoeopathy, at least after the lancet report something really crude has to be done.

Dr Smita Vibhakaran Pillai


I read with great interest the article, Emergency and Homeopathy by Dr. Navin S. Pawaskar in the latest homeopathic newsletter. I have always enjoyed receiving your newsletter and constantly promote your informative site to fellow natural health professionals.

Laurie Francis


I liked just about everything about this issues. As a lay homeopath in the US, I don’t have much access to cases by medical doctors. That is something I really appreciate.

Thanks for this great newsletter,



Thanks 4 d ICR issue, i m an internee & was lookin 4ward to get admission there, all the articles r really inspiring esp d video, not only this 1 but all d previous issues hav been very inspirational 4 me. Thnks 1ce again

Owais Inamdar


I went through the article SNAKE BITE and considers it to be lack of scientific approach i.e. since how long the snake has bitten has not been stated, the medicine used in dressing is not given,though some scientific lines are added like types of snake poison W.H.O. guidelines, but it is deprived of rationality for which homoeopathy stands for. Please do not allow irrationality into homoeopathy.


Y.S. G.B.Panigrahi.


It is an amazing ezine. I like all the articles in this issue, especially the articles ‘From the Cliníc’.

Best Regards

Swagata Chowdhury


Sir, I don’t time to go through all the articles.But I do go through the Hpathy tips. It is quite enlightening!. I hope you will continue to publish such informations for the benefit of homeopathy. It may save someone’s life some tines?



I am always keen to open your newsletters as there is just so much good information in it.

Thank you

Robin Rodgers


Dear Editor,

You have great articles. Please include more in the field of Agro-Homeopathy for the home gardener, and also for the organic farmers; many home gardeners and organic farmers in my area are interested, and I’ve supplied them with links to articles on your site and the book “Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden”.

Thank you,

Dr. Charles Morris, N.D.


Great issue! I enjoyed Melissa Assilem’s article, a lot of spiritual references and the way she came to believe in Homoeopathy Hints/ tips are great, emergency medicine article also, I have a few others to get thro’ but so far enjoying this issue





Janki Pandya


Thank you very much for Hpathy.

It’s quite interesting having another aspect of homoeopathy: this regarding hospitals, charitable homeopathy and so on.

In Europe grows the convention homeopathy is a sort a first aid for auto-prescription or a way of having (paying) someone who “listens to you” and that you can phone up at any time to keep telling the own “story”, ri-written continuously according to last fashionable new-age interpretation of individual life.

At the end there’s no way to distinguish whether a homeopath is a MD or a sort of “healer” or someone with a beautician profile able to practice some massage.

The authorities, as the LMHI, hold congress and talks with politician & entrepreneurs.

There are many homeopathies & futures and a forgotten epistemic assumption: healing a suffering with a similar artificial suffering.

A lot of investment is needed to do research regarding the conventional epistemic assumptions of proving, pathogenesis and so on.

My best regards, Rinaldo


Dear Editor

Your e-magazinre is one of the sought after magazine on world wide web. And I must congratulate for starting a cartoon section in it. In general, 8 out of 10 patients who come to a homeopath physician are chronic cases. My concern is that we should focus more on acute management of diseases and conditions. That will provide more confidence to the physician and people at large.


Dr. Nancy



It was as usual a very good and interesting issue!! Thank you so much!!! I love the materia medica…

Have a nice day!!!


Kathrine D. Thoresen, Norway:-)))


Dear Sir

The July Issue gave us more encouraging knowledge how to treat the patient at emergency basis, use of homeopath challenging Allopaths in cancer, more critical diseases. We should have to devote ourselves on research. As an agricultural scientist how homeopath can be apllied to crops may be on trial.

Thanks and regards

Dr M Azizur Rahman


Read July edition. All the article are very good. Snake bite article by doctor Navin was excellent. Request to add in next edition something on Kidney stone treatment.

Best Regards

Dr. Sunil Nagori


Congrats for the July 2009 edition of Hpathy. I found the quiz, tips and screte and snake bite topics very interesting. Keep it up!


subimal kar


Dear editor.

I would like to convey my gratefulness to you for sending me the July issue.

Because my cousin was lying unconcious after the cerebral hemorrhage, just like the case study of * Dr. Leela D’Souza. *So, after reading it, I had suggested to start homeo, with the help of a homeo Dr. We had started with Arnica. She was in ICU for 45 days. Then, after the first dose she opened her eyes. But, she fell again unconcious again for another 6days. but, we gave her Arnica 10M- 3 times daily. and now she became conscious and coming back to life slowly. We got the confidence to start homeo at that stage- was ur article. Thank you so much. No words can express my gratitude towards you.


Ambili Thalekare


Very inspiring articles . ICR is doing very inspirational work for improving health of our people .three cheers for the doctors.

dr prateek


I just wanted to say thanks so much. I always enjoy the ezine but particularly enjoyed the July issue with the interview of Melissa Assilem. I’ve been interested in her work for a while and I’ve not seen any interviews with her until now. What I like about your ezine is the openness to different approaches to homeopathy. That’s how it should be! There’s usually something I’m interested in in all of your issues.



Hello I always enjoy reading through all of your articles but I found the articles by Melissa Assilem on Folliculinum and Navin Pawaker on Emergency & homeopathy by particularly interesting


Beverley Brown NZ


Article on Folliculinum by Mellissa Assilem is very informative. Her in depth study into the subject is par excellenct. No wonder she has done a great job. Please convey my thanks and good wishes to her. On your part , it is indeed a great effort of yours to bring all these papers by emminent physicians on this forum. Once again thanks and vote of appreciation for you. BYE !

Dr Ravi Kant


Impressive issue-it took weeks to read. I especially liked the articles by Melissa Assilem and the one on emergency homeopathy. We have used homeopathy for severe reactions to wasp stings and for bleeding but it never occurred to me that it could be used in a hospital. Perhaps there is more resistance to its use here. A number of doctors I have spoken to seem to expect a person with a necklace of skulls and a bone nose ornament if you suggest homeopathics. Another thank you for your efforts toward enlightenment.

Love, Jan R


First, I’d like to say, I love your monthly publications! I have been extraordinarily busy over the past few months, and have not had the time to read many of your articles. This past issue is one that I very much would like to take a little time with – particularly some of the cases I see listed. I prefer not to just glance over an article when I read it. I will provide feedback certainly in the future; I am only sending you a short note so that you understand why I’ve not given you feedbacks.

Please do not stop sending your issues!! They are unique and very valuable, and I save every one until I can get to it to read with “focus!” Thank you!


Meridy Brown


I am so pleased to be part of such an intersting and prfessional magazine, this issue has been great to read it and keep the good work. from Guatemala



Dear Editor,

To give examples of what would be helpful, information about which remedies would help with transplant shock; blossom rot on tomato plants; fungi on cucumber leaves; rust on apple tree leaves; insect and mold/fungi problems; problems caused by lack of nutrients, too acidic or too alkaline soil; and some pictures before and afterwards would be greatly welcomed. You could have an ongoing series, such as “The Home Gardener” or similar with solutions to different gardening problems.

Every gardener and organic farmer I’ve talked with is very interested in how homeopathy can be used to enhance the health of plants.

Best wishes, Dr. Morris


The write ups were good. I particularly appreciate Dr. naveen palaskar’s and Dr. n l tiwar’s write up on homeopathy in emergency and unbiased observation respectively. thanks.

alka saxena


I just love reading all the articles in Homeopathy for Everyone. I especially like the quizes and the clinic cases. Thankyou for it all!!

Debbie Handley Australia


I thought the article about prejudice was excellent and informative. A very dedicated homeopathic/psychotherapy doctor. This is a real history leaving no stone unturned.

Of course, I always like Alan Schmukler’s tips as I’m attempting to get informed. They are always the writing I read first. Wanda Salyard, Ph.D.


July Hpathy Ezine issue and all the previous issues give new perspectives. The article Training in In – Patient Homeopathic care and how community service works are good issues to discuss.

keep up the good work


Kuldip Randhawa


Hello! I particularly enjoyed the interview with Melissa Assilem. The many and varied articles were both informative and had me reflecting on aspects of my own practice.

Thank you for putting together such a valuable ezine!

Linley Carpenter


The editor,

I enjoyed the July issue very much particularly Mellisa Assilem’s articles. I was very happy with the content and range of articles. As I am a fairly new graduated homoeopath I welcome all the experience of the homoeopaths that I havn’t achieved yet but am keen to learn it all.

Thanks for the journal,

Coralie Jessop, Homoeopath, Australia


Dear Dr Leela,

I am writing to thank you and your colleagues for your wonderful and interesting ezine, which I have only recently come across and subscribed to. I have been interested in homeopathy for the last 20 years and although I have never studied formally, after my interest in my family and The Baha’i Faith, it ranks third, so i have read many articles and books about homeopathy, and in my own simple way, have used it with my family and friends, often with moderate success. It means much to me to be able to read the articles in your ezine, and further my knowledge, especially as my husband, myself and our family are on a rather remote Pacific island (Santo, Vanuatu, SW Pacific) and chances for sharing ideas in homeopathy are limited to say the least! However, in the 14 years we have been here (we are running a school ) I have used homeopathy to treat malaria and many other tropical illness, with my family, visitors and volunteers, as well as the local people. The remedies are also handy to treat the teachers and students in the school, of course!! Once again, thank you and please keep on doing your very good work.

Many thanks and God bless you!

Sue Whitley


I read this article `*Emergency and Homeopathy*` by Dr Navin Pawasker with intrest and was delighted to read it.I took homeopathy only for casual treatment for ordinary fever,pain,cough and cold.We go to homeopath when we do not want to consult and pay the allopathic doctor fee. There is dire need for such doctors who would be able to integrate pathelogical reports,x-rays,ct scans and other reports and suggest viable homeopthic medicine to patients,in emergency and in normalcy also so that faith of patients in homeopathy may be enhanced.I will also suggest good surgeons to shed their ego and sit togather with homeopathic and ayuurvedic doctors and give up the attitude of untouchability with them.It is in the larger intrest of humanity and greater service to mankind to suggest alternative medicines with no or minimum side effects.



Thank you for this email message. I got a better vision about Homeopathy and all her excellent remedies with your July Issue. Cut points of view and precisse valuable information. Congratulations.

Kind regards

Fernando A. Trevino


lots of thanx to provide non-stop highly sustaining info regarding homoeopathy each n every post by Hpathy is invaluable .. i hope for ceaseless flow of such info by special thanx to Dr Manish.


Dr Mukund Suvagia


Dear Sir, I have gone through the July issue ofezine, it was very good. I request you to kindly let me know the email of Dr. Navin Pavaskar and Dr.Hitesh Shah at the earliest and oblige.

Thanking You,

Pran Jyoti


hello sir, i was aregular reader but just because of job i dont have time to read of this magzine, thanks 4 ur e issuse i read whole and liked it very much. thanks again and it is very helpfull 4 me.



I found this issue interesting as much of the material is from India. I would certainly appreciate reporting of research, as most in the USA decry homeopathy as an ‘unresearched’ and ‘undocumented’ way to treat disorders/disease. Part of this, of course, is the slant in the USA towards statistical research v.s. the lesser known and lesser valued descriptive form of research.

I also appreciated the articles on medical training. Certainly the allopaths in the USA have little in intregrative medicine, and unfortunately the ‘internship’ is usual brutal, often promoting harsh and impersonal TX of individuals by doctors. Could we have discussion on healthy clinical training and internship practices?

I also like the readers tips in the last section and hope these continue.

Thanks and Blessings,

Sister Marie Kopin


Homeopathy for Everyoneone of the best magazine I follow I have enjoyed the article of folliculinium and I have forwarded to may friends especially DR S I Banerjea, as one of subject in his summer school course was about nosodes and sarcodes, please continue sending me this wonder full educational magazine, I have learned so much from every one experience thank you again for sending me homeopathy for every one.

T A Sherif


Hello. As usual I haven’t read the whole magazine, but I did find the emergency homeopathy very interesting as I live in the countryside and have found myself having to treat people in critical situations many times over the years. As was mentioned in the article impartial observation is essential. I thank all the dedicated homeopaths that take time to write for the e-zine I am finding it very informative.

Liz Shewan


Super. tips are good. I like it all.

Jim Hebert


Its undoubtly an amazing and learning experience to be a part of ICR..Even thro’ ezine. Infact all the issues of hpathy ezine r informative.




Dear Dr. Bhatia,

The issue is good and knowledge deriven and contain lot of information. I request you to discuss : i) the issue treatment of CRF (Chronic Renal Failure). What medicines and the potency should be given to bring down the creatinine from 8.0 and the swelling in the feet.

ii) The treatment for sclerosis. A baby girl, age 2 1/2 years is having scelorosis on the back shoulder. Calcarea Fl. – 6x has been given for 15 days. Can you please suggest for other medicines and period for which CF-6x may be used.




The july issue was very nice and informative…keep on doing this work in the path of future homeopathy. Shrinivasa

You have hit so many nails on the head this time. I hope I have enough time to digest it all before the next edition. Keep up the good work. Norman

I definite appreciate your journal too much. Everytime there is something new to learn from your journal.



Hallo ,

thank you very much for your iterate sending your Newsletter to me. My English is not so well, but i`m very interested in your news. Today I red the statement about folliculinum. In my repertories ( Radar, Synthesis ) I have no information about this remedy, so i´m very grateful, that you described this remedy in detail. I´am medical practitioner in a private praxis in Germany.

Keep it up !! and please send me your homeopathy news anymore ! Thank you very much

Ursula Niebes


The articles are modern and upto date. Some more articles on latest resarch and adaptation to modern technology will be more useful in critical care treatment, management of in-patient homeo care, training of Homeo nurses etc.

xavier p f


Dear Sir/Madam,

As being a part time student of homeopathy at Allen college of Homeopathy . Hpathy always bring new article on Homeopathy with interesting articles on homeopathy I found July edition very interesting, particularly the above article on Foliculinium. This the first time I have found broad picture of Foliculinium. I think without Foliculinum , a homeopath is handicapped , because it covers so many symptoms of female problems, I believe Foliculinum cover approximatly covers 75% to 80% of the female symptoms

Many thanks for presenting this beautiful article.

Long live Hpathy
Long live homeopathy

With kindest regards

Your Sincerely

Surinder Kumar Verma


Cases reported on treatment by Homeopathy with key symptoms to guide in correct selection of medicine was very interesting. This will give courage to use Carcinocin in cases where we think that selection is correct but do not dare because of anticipated reaction.

Ram Briksh Singh


I am still a student in Homeopathy having passed the G/Diploma and I found the July issue not only educative but also very interresting. I usually go through the past issues which I find so helpfull in other aspects that I need more clarity on.

Thank U



Thanks a lot; all the articles are very much ineresting and informative. It is a beautifull effort on your part. A homeopath is more than a professional and the entire system is a sort of mutual contribution. And by doing this you are enhancing the same.

Pooja Rani


Dear Editor,

Case taking means to respect, talking, a way that gives trust situation to patient, so a homeopath listen and talk carefully to attract the client to make she or he open, after analyzing appearance first. Hormonal remedies, Sepia & Pulsatilla are those I know, so if there is a new discovered and clinical proving has been done such as Folliculinum by Dr. Melissa Assilem which is king miracle treatment of hormonal deficiency problems, it needs a special article to shows all aspects of the remedy even it’s prescribing procedure or introduce the references and add it to Materia Medica to make it universal. The next interview just shows a very professional group in India that do hearty treatment and training schedule there, but culture & lifestyle is so important which are difference in anther countries even in states of India. I want to tell them congratulation.

Jafar Vakili


Congratulations on producing a site with valuable information for homoeopaths and students alike. I am impressed that there is current research being conducted on learning disabilities and homoeopathy as this is an interest area for me personally. Keep up the great articles.

Lisa B


The tips and secrets were wonderful and very useful reading material. Thank u for such articles



I am so grateful for the Homeopathy for Everyone information you send each month. I always find so much of interest. This month the articles by Melissa Assilem were particularly useful.

Thank you,

Adele McVeigh.


It is a great pleasure for me to come in contac t with you. I find the articles very interesting excellent and informative.I am very happy to receive it and read it. thank you for made it available Keep up the good work.




Dear Sir,

Thanks for the July Issue. I have gone through all articles written by MLD TRUST team. Indeed thought provoking and informative! Dr MLD has done splendid work for homoeopathy in particular and society in general. Please continue to send every issue .

With regards




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