Letters to the Editor December 2005

Letters to the Editor December 2005

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Thank you for your article (about Lancet) of analysis according to Homeopathic Principles. I think you made things very clear at the same time defining Homeopathy. I would just like to add that some of the articles in the ezine do not follow the Principles you outline and are therefore not to be considered Homeopathic. Why do you publish non-Homeopathic articles?
All the very best
Jamie Taylor, UK

PS In the UK they are, under government guidelines trying to set up a single voluntary register. There is a glossary of terms, but interestingly they have not defined Homeopathy or Homeopath. Why? because it will cause exclusion. Yes! but who of? Surely only those who are not really Homeopaths.

PPS Could you please tell me more about CASH?

Dr. B – Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your appreciation of the article about the meta-analysis published in The Lancet. In general all the articles that we publish confirm to the standards of classical homeopathy but we do give space to some new ideas and experiences that are not very controvercial. We do not want to throw the baby out with the bath water! And that probably answers your second query too. There is so much controversy within the homeopathic community about what is right homeopathy and what is wrong homeopathy, that the government probably needs time to evaluate objectively. The division and confusion will persist till we are able to set some standards for practicing homeopathy which are accepted internationally.

Regarding CASH. Center for Advanced Studies in Homeopathy (CASH) is an organization, promoted and supported by the B. Jain Publishing Group. The purpose of this organization is to bring together the best minds in hmeopathy and use their services to promote homeopathic education and research through international seminars and courses. The idea is to create a platform for interaction amongst homeopaths across the world to disseminate latest advancements in homeopathy Education, Research, Clinical, Drug Development, etc.
The last list I had of the members of CASH included the names of –

George Vithoulkas, Chaim Rosenthal, Paul Herscue, Roger Morrison, Franz vermulen, M. I. Latiff, Diwan Harish Chand, D. P. Rastogi, Farokh J Master, Kasim Chimthanwala, K V Govind Rao, Prafull Vijayakar, Satish Kumar rana, Vishpala Parthasarthy, Prafull Barwalia, Peter Fisher, Julian Winston, Robin Murphy, Kim Elia, Jugal Kishore, Girendra Pal, Eswara Das, Reinhard Rose, M. K. Sahni, P N Verma, Jeremy Sherr, R P patel, S P Koppikar, S K Banerjea. I joined the advisory board after these people.


Dear Sir,

Your service is really wonderful and it is really useful to read others experiences on Homoeopathy. Thank you very much for your service.


Dr. B – Thank you for your feedback. I fully agree with you that it is very useful to learn from others experiences. That is what our primary purpose is – to increase the interaction and dissispation of information, knowledge and experience within homeopathic community. In this process the members of the Hpathy Team grow too. I hope many more professional homeopaths will lend support to our work and share their experiences with the homeopathic community through


Thank you Dr. Bhatia ! Your reply article to the Lancet is excellent.
I have learned a few new things about how to answer critics too.
Paula Alto

Dr. B – Dear Paula, Thank you. I have received lot of feedback for that article and it is really heartening to know that the article has had a positive effect in this whole controversy.


I am so greatfull for Homeopathy for Everyone!
Thank you so much for inviting me every month to discover homeopathy from many other sides. I value your work and appriciate everything you do. It helps my practice a lot!

Dr. B – Dear Joanna, your appreciation and feedback is what keeps the Hpathy Team going. In the coming year we will try to make the journal more informative and also we intend to make more rich in content and services. I hope you and the Hpathy community will find the additions useful.


You are doing a wonderful job by educating the layman about the benefits of Homeopathy. Please keep informing us about common ailments and its simple remedies to make Homeopathy popular among educated people.
Thanking you, once again, and wish a successful Homeopathy.

Dr. B – Dear Sayeed, There is already lot of information available in our ‘diseases’ section but we will try to add more information about the treatment of common ailments in near future. Thank you.


I am a Homeopathy student taking an advanced course in EGYPT.

Dr. B – Thank you. is YOUR portal and we would not be here without people like you supporting us and participating actively in Hpathy’s development.


Hi Hpathy,

Thank you so much for your fantastic magazine – love it every month!

Best wishes,

Dear Sandra, Thank you!


I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated the monthly quizes. Since I started following them a few issues ago I have achieved a much firmer understanding of the remedy pictures and also the level of discipline I should put forth in reaching a decision. The remedies featured during that period have been relatively common ones. I do not know if that is by design, but it has been more valuable to me since I am still very new to learning them.

Thanks again!

Dear Brooks,

Dr. B – The monthly quiz is an important and much awaited for section in the ezine. The quizes do help us to think and the best part is that we have found that a large number of homeopaths ‘think alike’. So the old notion that ’10 homeopaths prescribe 10 diferent medicines for the same patient’ has been proved wrong too.


Thank you so much for this ‘magazine’. I live in the ‘Great White North’…Canada and am so happy to be in touch with homeopaths around the world! Thank you, Pat

Dr. B – Dear Pat, This is something really special and exclusive for our ezine. We can reach where no other journal can reach. Our growth is a testimony to that. We have now more than 10,000 subscribers spread across the 5 continents and in more than 50 countries. The best part is, we continue to attract nearly 400 new subscribers every month. Internet is the best and most inexpensive medium to share information and it really helps us in our mission of ‘Homeopathy for Everyone’!


Send us your feedback, views, comments and suggestions about various articles published in Homeopathy for Everyone and in general at [email protected]. Your feedback is very important to us!

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