Letters to the Editor December 2006

Letters to the Editor December 2006

I loved the past issue of this e-mag! Good work…

Dana [Ullman]


I like ur articles very much . we get to know so many new things as doctors.

Sabina Lalani


Hi Elaine
What a great explanation of how you came up with your remedy for Kelly’s tooth ache in the November Quiz (Revisiting: Halloween Remedy Casts Kelly’s Toothache Clear to the Cosmos)! This touches onto the most difficult thing in homeopathy – how to decide what is the core of the case! The clients will tell us anything on their minds, and then it is up to us to decide what is and isn’t important.
It is like being handed a bag full of puzzle pieces, with pieces from many different pictures in the same bag, and the trick is to recognize which ones make up the picture you are looking for. Great job!!!
Mati Fuller



Congratulation for all your professional work and thank you for connecting me to it.
It is a chance for me to present biophotonics ideas into the prestigious and largely assumedframe of HPATHY 4 EVERYONE. I know that the time of human harmonization – in body and soul – is just coming and that activities like yours / ours are essential for accomplishing such a purpose.
Thank you, dear friend, for all yours efforts dedicated to human health.
At my turn, I will do my best that, after 200 years, homeopathy be recognized as one of the therapy of the future. I really love homeopathy and I am waiting patienlty for the time when its LIVING FORCE will represent “4 EVERYONE” a common gift.
Until then, let us be – spiritually – TOGETHER.
With consideration and affection, yours.

Traian Stanci


The Lancet article could be interpreted differently

We are missing the point. If you read Shang’s article carefully, and if you analyse the data that were withheld, but provided 4 months later the conclusions turns. According to the Cochrane Collaboration and Egger (one of the authors) himself, reviews should only be considered if hypotheses are prespecified and if analysed trials are homogenous.
The predefined hypothesis was that quality of homeopathy trials was worse than of conventional trials. The opposite appeared to be true.
The author’s conclusion was based on data-dredging. The data that were at first withheld revealed the following:
1. Quality comparison is flawed by inclusion of unpublished trials only for homeopathy. Restraining to published trials, quality was higher in 22% of homeopathy trials and 8% of conventional trials.
2. Judgement of quality is different from other analyses in at least four trials, and therefore subjective.
3. The predefined hypothesis that positive results of homeopathy could be explained by quality bias in smaller trials was falsified (p=0.0028).
4. If only higher quality trials are considered, the placebo hypothesis for homeopathy is falsified, OR=0.76 (95% CI 0.59 to 0.99).
5. Shang’s conclusion was not based on comparative analysis, there was no matching on indication between homeopathy and conventional medicine.
6. The conclusive subgroup analysis was not rectified because of heterogeneity, it considered 8 trials for 8 different indications.
7. Cut-off values for larger trials were different for homeopathy (n=98) and conventional medicine (n=146).
8. Sensitivity analysis showed that the final conclusion of statistically insignificant effect was explained by one indication and the chosen cut-off value for larger trials. This suggests post-hoc hypothesizing.

Lex Rutton


Thank You for doing what you are supposed to be doing.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your web site. Thank you and may every person who knows about and uses homeopathy find this web site. You and the people who make up hpathy are living proof of how much difference it makes when people do what they are here for. It makes every thing better everywhere. You know what I mean. Again, Thank You.
Debee House
Ft. Collins, CO USA


I’ve eagerly read Elaine Lewis’ articles and enjoyed them, as I usually do.
I’ve read with interest George Vithoulkas’ and David Little’s articles and found them educating and important.
I’ve tried to read all the other articles about research and found them unreadable (some more so and some less)



Thank You very much for Your email (Sigi:about this issue of the ezine). It’s really great to have the article on the Nuremberg remedy trial. I already wanted to contact Prof. Jütte for this, bec. again and again he mentions it. This is now unnecessary.
I wish you a good day,

Jürgen Hofäcker


I read through your site first time.Became very much happy as i am trying to establish veterinary homeopathy in Gujarat state of India.I am doing with help of human homeopath as there is little imformation about vet homeopathy in India.

So please help me for the same



miasims in case management

I really enjoyed this article and the follow up by george was so informative and helped in may growing interest in homeopathy. since we last emailed back in 2003 i’ve taken some classes under a homeopathic doctor in michigan, done a lot of reading and am still reaching out not only to cure my condition but to help others when i am qualified.i realize just because i have this teaspoon full of knowledge don’t take it and run(in the true sense 1st do no harm)i must admit i was like those described earlier read a book and think you can treat anything ah but there is so much more.when i read dr.loukas’ article i saw myself,psoric almost word for word.homeopathy is simple, elegant, delightful, complex i could go on and’s good to be back thanks for this wonderful article.



Homoepathy is Dead

The article again speaks of a dead issue,
I remember my Physiology professor Late Dr Rehman principal of Osmania Medical college Hyderabad and the first person to get B.P.apparatus into Hyderabad especially for Nizam of Hyderabad use to always cut a remark on Homoepathy , WHAT IS HOMOEPATHY ?? …… A DROP OF MEDICINE IN HUSSAIN SAGAR LAKE.
We students could not convince /make him understand POTENTISATION.
Few years back we happen to meet a renowned Allopath surgeon DR MANU KHOTARI of Bombay Hospital person to have written a book on CANCER which had been translated by many countries, and asked him Sir we want to know the procedure to prove that Homoepathic system of medicine is scientific, Dr Khotari had little or NO knowledge about Homoepathy, he asked how old is Homoepathy we said 200 years, promptly he said THE FACT IT HAS SURVIVIED AND STILL GOING STRONG IS IN ITSELF AMPLE PROOF THAT ITS SCIENCTIFIC.
We have been trying to reply/convince people like editor of Lancet, with out much success.
WHY NOT ASK THEM TO PROVE A HOMOPATHIC MEDICINE ON THEMSELVE ,and later ask FEW others to MANUFACTURE HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE AS PER OUR PROCEDURE, let them know for themselves the effect of the medicine and also let them see for themselves what goes on during preparation of homoepathic medicine

S K vashisht


Enjoyed it a lot . Thank you, Jean





Dear Hpathy,
I was fortunate to navigate the site and subscribe Homeopthy 4 everyone.
I do’nt have words to congratulat u for the wonderful presentation beneficial for humanity.
I am a retired engineer of 73 years, fan of hpathy, having miraculous experience of curing certain highly perturbing diseases. I confidently hope to learn something more from ur web for my hobby to help the sufferers.


For Kate
Dear Sir, I saw in the Ezine of today your interview done by Dr.Neil and very much impressed in your concern in furtherig research in Homoeopathy. I am a layman Homoeopath since 1963 and I have done wonderful cures because of the principles of Homoeopathy and the power of the remedies.I have attached herewith two files Cures and
Metaphysics for you to view and get any information for research. Excuse me if I am troubling.

Regards, Dr.K.V. Natarajan


For Alex hankey

Dear Doctor, I read with great interest your excellent scientific elucidation on the possibility of scientific power of Homoeopathic system generally and the medicines particularly. It is not only excellent but also very important. Honmoeopathy, though all agree that does miracles, yet it is being criticised for not being scientifically acceptable. Actually the founder, since the quantum theory had not been revealed in his time, . has told in para 28 of Organon: +++++++It matters little what may be scientific explanatio of how it takes place; and I do not attach much importance to the attempts being made to explain it+++++++. I admire for the exhaustive and undeniable thesis. I am layman Homoeopath and my imagination may corroborate this theory which is attached as a file. Regards, Dr. K.V.Natarajan..

Dr K V Natarajan


…. is dead.

Dear sir

In a way i accept it. Perhaps the author would have better said that the doctors practicing are dying– they do get very low incomes compared to allopathy– and its derived and enforced tests.

In general i am of the view that barring some Docs many homeo practitioners are doing a resonably good service. So far as beleif or otherwise on Homeo is as common as GOD exists– does’nt ( i mean belief and disbelief ) Finally any professional shall render service with no EGO for or anti what so ever. Hope the Homeo society will forge ahead.



Nov2006 Dr. Natarajan casework

Thank you for posting these incredible cases here on Hpathy.
Dr.KV Natarajan we hope to see more in the future.
I find it short of a miracle that homeopathy can reverse mental illness/depression. Specially patients that have been on allopathic suppressive meds for yrs.
The true difference between holistic healing of taking herbs,vitamins,supplm, and homeopathic remedies are vast.These help with the physical problems verry well.Only Homeopathy can enter the derailed mind from it’s long suffering.

Gina Tyler


I m a member of ur Hpathy ezine and i receive ur hpaty ezine issues every month. They r really very nice and the cases by different doctors r worth reading. its a really nice approach. The interviews of different doctors are very inspiring. i would suggest or request to add some articles or cases regarding miasms and miasmatic remedies. it would be great if u look forward to my suggestions.
I have one more request to you. I am a qualified homoeopath(B.H.M.S) from India and i just came to US before 2 months. I was practising homoeopathy in India but i have heard legally we can’t practice here. I wanted information regarding the same. I need information if there r any specific homoeopathic courses (short term) that could help me here if i do. or r there any job opprtunities for me here. I would be very glad if you would help me for the same.Hoping to get reply frm you.



Dear Editor
Hope you are fine.
I’m very thankful to you for sending the HPathy. You did very well job for the betterment and upgradation of Homoeopathy.
Dr Javed Iqbal


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,
Thank you for providing the website with so much information and also for the homeopathy course. I was guided to your site by Mr. Swamy Swarma through his Bach Flower Remedy course. He sends his warm regards to you.

The articles that I’ve read so far have been enlightening and I have passed the link to your site to others, one who works in the mental health field. I’m a massage therapist and have been working with herbs, aromatherapy, hypnosis, EFT, energy medicine, reiki and will now learn more about homeopathy. I’ve used several preparations over the years but was unaware until I came upon your site of how much more homeopathy can do. May the healing spread!

Rena Gaudin


I am a recent subscriber to hpathy.I got through Oct. and Nov. issue. I find them all great sp.the interviews. At the time when there so many conflicting news for our pathy the following words byKate Chatfield must be very inspiring for the homeopaths.

Equally I can appreciate the perspective of a person who is firmly rooted in the prevailing scientific paradigm and why they find it difficult to accept homeopathy. I don’t believe it is my task to convince these people of the efficacy of homeopathy because that will happen in its own time.

What motivates me in research is not the search for evidence or proof, rather that there is so much that is yet undiscovered in homeopathy. Most of the people who come to us have tried allopathy first. The fact that we can
do anything at all for these patients is pretty amazing but if over 70% of them are improving then what we have to offer is worthy of serious investigation.

Shabbir Husain


Comments on Editorial Nov.06
Nothing is more absurd than presuming that the homeopthic dilutions are ‘absurd’.The editors of ‘The Lancet’ seem to live a fools’ paradise.Let them make this statement before people who have bebefitted from this great discovery of medical science.All this confusion about the ulra-dilutions is because the homeopathic science is far ahead of the laboratory tests or microscopes available today.Allopathy produces many defective illnesses which are often alleviated by this noble pathy.The Lancet has a medieval outlook rather than a progressive modern one.The problem with Allopaths is that they want to apply their own yardstick to everything.Time has now cometo throw an open challenge to the Allopathic hypocrites despite their cooked statistical untruths.


Dear Friends,

My wife Mary broke her leg in May of 2006. She had to have a operation on the right femur just above the knee. They had to give her a catheter during the operation.

The catheter infected the bladder and she got cystitis. She got a high fever with the cystitis. I first gave her Cantharis. Cantharis helped some but did not take the fever or cystitis away. She spent a week in the hospital and nothing helped.

I found a book produced by NHC and looked up cystitis.The book gave me several remedy’s for cystitis. The only one for cystitis with fever was tarentula. I gave her tarentula 30 c and the fever and cystitis immediately went away. Just one dose did it. Thanks for offering the book to the public. I will use it religiously in the future. God bless.

Sincerely James Smith


Dear Hpathy Team,

You are definitely great and dynamic people and I send you my hertfelt congratulations for the Journal anniversary ! May your work and mission be a blessed one and always bring help, education and encouragement for many !

Though I am an avid and enthusiastic reader of Hpathy, I’m sorry not (yet !) to be able to contribute with articles to the journal: I’m still a starting student.

Thank you very much for Hpathy and the devoted work of all of you ! Indeed very much appreciated ! I wish you much success with the January issue !

Greetings, Rosa M. Stahl

Dear Editor,

I have to tell you how much I appreciate Hpathy.

For many years I tried to find information on Homoepathy, but working full time I did not get far. Then in the late 70’s I managed to buy two books on Homoepathy, one was “The Prescriber”, great I had the book but I could understand very, very little of it. Then when I retired I heard of a local course, mostly for relatives of a French Canadian Homeopath who lives in Quebec and came here at the request of her relatives…French Canadians have huge families!

I persuaded the Homeopath to give another course for others. She said she would if I could find eleven other people also interested in such a course. It was every evening for a week and all day Saturday. For me it was marvellous as now I could understand my little book, plus I also learnt so much more, enough to get me started.

Then I began to search for a course I could take where I live. My husband was very encouraging. Eventually I discovered the British Institute of Homeopathy had correspondence courses. That was four years ago. Last March I completed my post graduate work in Homeopathy with excellent marks and a Fellowship. I now am a DHM. Slowly I am gaining experience at the tender age of 74, going on 47!

This isn’t an article really, but it might encourage others to study homeopathy.

Blessings on your great work.

Pat McC



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