Letters to the Editor December 2007

Letters to the Editor December 2007

Great issue, thank you! Interesting, informative…I feel like a kid in a candy store; didn’t know which article to read first!
Please keep up the great work!

Sylviane Towne, RSHom (NA), CCH


Hi Elaine,

Your interview with Mati Fuller on Phosphorus was really interesting!



It is a gift for homoeopathic practitioners. It is most beneficial because,having a topic of selection of potency and repetition of dose and case management. MOST Importent thing is that ,In the editorium you have given good sugession to our homoeopathic brothers tobecome
Unite,and fight against anti-homoeopathic propagonda.
thank you.

Best regards


The Jeremy Sherr article is really over the top! I think I may switch from a Sankaran devotee to a Jeremy Sherr devotee! He is really brilliant.



My dear doctor,editor good morning.
Congratulation for your good and very useful,very needful Editorium of this month.
Your task is very appriciable.
Thank you.
Your,s in Homoeopathy.
Dr.A.Thirumal reddy.


Thankyou. I have received the Nov. issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. I read the article by Camilla Sherr and was wondering where I could get the remedy (Cygnus Cygnus). I don’t see it on any remedy list.

Great e-zine and amazing website!! I wish I had discovered them sooner!

I recept and I’m reading. The kaki (popular here. We have many Japanese descendents) is excelent. Congratulations for your work.
Thank you. Best wishes. Edson

It is really a matter of great appreciation to your effort in this field.The matters what you are providing in this magagine are very useful to all those who are concerned.As for me I am interested in this field and of course a ammeture practician.I am not a certified practician but I do satisfy lot of people when they are suffering .So my wish is to be a regular and registerd one ,if you can help me out to be a member and help fighting out the pains .Will be a great favour for me .please show the way if it is there.Thanks .


Dear Editor,

I am new to receive your monthly News letter. I read all the issues, articles etc. in the News. I found them to be very interesting, educational and informative. Most interestingly, the interviews, Rajan Sankaran, I thing last month issue, Jeremy Sherr in this issue. I had a chance to know their approach to the homeopathy treatments.

Thank you for being the instrumental for brinking up these valuable information to us.

Is Homeopathy bleeding to death?

This is an important question. The damage is done, already. There is no way of reversal. Treatment, still available. A Palliation, if not cure, is possible.
The only option will be, to prove that homeopathy is effective. To prove beyond reasonable doubt.

My suggestions;

1. To collect living proves – patient cured – interviews, documents, photos with personal contact – address, telephone number etc.
2. To publish these information, a couple of cases to the World every month.
3. To offer free teaching / training for those who show interest
4. To offer method of preparation of homeopathic remedies at home.

Gradually prove to the World that Lancet was wrong in their findings.

These types of closure of schools, hospitals happened in USA, a couple of decades ago. Homeopathy, however, never lost it popularity, it will survive for sure.

Thank you,
Sam Thillaiyah


When I first heard of this proving by Jeremy’s group I sent him an email about a movie I had just seen by Sayles:

A movie that might be the perfect picture of the remedy “Salmon”. It has some issues that remain to be seen whether they are part of the remedy picture.

Movie: “Limbo,” director John Sayles

Opening scenes of thousands of salmon going up stream, switches to views of a salmon cannery in Alaska. There is a scene in the bar where the townies talk about how many have died while fishing. There are many issues of people being deceived, not living up to promises or taking “shortcuts” to survive in the difficult times.

The mother, a singer, has been traveling all over the US, feels stuck in her pattern having bad partners. She loves them for a short time then leaves and reviles them. She lies about her feelings so that men will like her. She hates boats! At one point she talks about having fasted. We see her working out strenuously at the gym

Daughter’s father has been absent from the beginning. She has anorexia and mutilates herself. She seems to have a strong sympathy with animals. Reads a story she has written of a cold, blue human baby born with gills. Feels controlled by and not cared for by mother. She is upset by mother’s pattern of so many men lasting such a short time.

Man, (love interest for mother) a fisherman, is haunted by the loss of two fishing partners. He almost drowned in the incident, also.. He didnt reach his potential as a basketball player when he injured his knee in the incident. He is quiet, laconic, a little slow but muscular for his age. There is some dialog about him not having had children.

They go on a boat trip and the three of them have to swim to an island to escape danger, while being shot at by some drug dealers. They are chased up a hill by the bad guys. The girl and man are pessimistic about their chances, and in general in life. They are all stuck on an Island trying to get home, fearing they will be killed, stuck in Limbo.

The girl reads a diary she finds of a family where they stop talking to each other (they are trapped in the rainy winter on the same island these three are) and the mother finally goes crazy from the isolation, lashes out with violence destroying the family business (fox ranching) and hangs herself (the end stage of this remedy?)

The girl is dying of some disease that has fever and it has “gone to her lungs” (possibly pneumonia where she is “drowning” from fluid in the lungs?). In the end they are still stuck in Limbo on this island wanting to get back home.



Dear Dr. Leela,

Thank you for the information you have given on the website about the Christian perspective of homeopathy. I am 27 years of age and suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome. Recently, I contacted a naturopath, N. D., and he has recommended I take natural products, including homeopathy. So many Christians are opposed to this form of treatment and it has greatly worried me. Even the Christian Medical Fellowship are opposed to homeopathy.

I admit that I still don’t understand what this ‘life force’ is about and I realise that Dr. Hahnamann was a mystic and his faith was based on Hinduism, which is very suspect. However, does this mean that all homeopathic medicine today is of the occult? My logic tells me that it can’t be, but I am still considering what is God’s will in my situation. Your information is helping me to come to a conclusion.

Best wishes,



I really enjoyed reading the articles by the Sherrs, in particular the interview Jeremy Sherr gave with you. I thought your questions were straight to the point, very pertinent and courageously controversial. It was a manifestly brilliant commentary on so many important aspects of homeopathy and one gets the feeling that it was as if it was Hahnemann himself talking. Sherr’s reasoning is deep, well educated in the writings of our homeopathic ancestors, well thought out, founded in experience with a wisdom that exceeds his age. He really commits himself in writing which shows his confidence in the subject. He is not vague or airy fairy. When someone speaks from such a depth of knowledge it is hard to argue with him and I did not feel inclined to. I particularly identified with the discussions on the Kingdoms and his reminding us of the imperceptibility of proving symptoms from any remedy which is not the similimum such as in prophylactics. From his vast experience with provings he demonstrates clearly that the richness and the strange, rare and peculiar characteristics from the materia medica come not from the signature of the substance as from the Kingdoms but from the unexpected and unpredictable symptoms one gets from provings alone, which at first glance make no sense e.g. sapphire and bats, and hedgehogs and chocolate and damsel fly and heads getting bitten off. It makes me more convinced than ever that provings are the deepest way of finding out about a remedy and to my mind one of the most interesting aspects of homoepathy. Thank you Dr Bhatia and the Sherrs.
Judith Hapgood


I look forward to the arrival of your e-zine every month. Good quality and interesting ideas.

Eileen Klinck


The article by Marijke Creveld on the proving of “KAKI” is very heartening indeed.

I wonder if it could be applied on people who went through the trauma of the devastating earthquake which struck Northern Pakistan where over 60,000 people vanished and the ones that survived are said to be (quite a number of them)suffering from various illnesses including psychosomatic problems.

This aspect needs to be explored by Homeopathic doctors of Pakistan living in those areas of north Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Dr Wequar Ali Khan


I congrat Mr. Bhatia for his excellent interaction rather interview with JS. After reading this talk, I recalled my memory, that in April, 1997 at Berlin, Germany,”HOMEOPATHY for The WORLD” coference where I met and benefitted by Dr. JS lecture and presentation on “ADAMAS””DIAMOND” proving and other aspects.
What a Dynamic person he is.

Dr.Syed Rafatullah,MD(Unani);MFHom


Dear sirs,Iam an ardent fan of Jeremy Sherr and used to read his articles which are enlightening.And now he has answered so many of my queries without being asked for ex.Calc gave aggravations with rise in temperature after single dose and i used to abondon it and pick some other remedy even though my heart tortured me its still calc and nothing else.So iam happy that i got guidance in so many matters and that spiralling of symtomtology was wonderful as i have started observing it myself Thanku DR RekhaSrinivasan


I am in much appreciation for about your Hpathy and all infos. Interviews etc. Beautiful job your are doing. All applauded. I am now seriously reading whcih is making sense.

I extremely favour your Point of learning Human health sciences for Homepaths. It was disregarded by the North Americans because they just want to learn homeopathy. They forget that Hahnnemann also learnt health sciences whatever there was available in 18th Century. Moreover here you can not get by without learning it because patient comes with a name diagnosed by the Doc. Then you tell him sit I come because Homeopath is toatlly unaware of Patholoy and etiology. Health sciences are must and must and must.

THey did not learn it then they are disregarded by the health care system in NA. That you guys do not study complete medicine. They respect Naturopaths because they learnt it. Kaya bolte hain KEE Doro AAj ke Jamane Ke saath. Other wise you will be left behind. With all those reasons Homeopathy did not grow. Why still I can not understand that
several schools of correspondance still put health sciences as an option or not even they offer. If you want to teach homeopathy teach with human sciences other wise do not if you wnat to see Homeopathy flourishing. My point is that people here wanted to learn homeopathy with the purpose of making money only not for the cause of helping humnaity. They were scared of studying it because it will consume time and our main goal will be left. Lack of discriminatry powers Kee kayaa hogaa agar hum naheen pade. Wht is happening they are are disregarding us.

In India Auyrveda has its human sciences but they teach both old and new. Homeopathy was always taught with human sciences. Even the Keral School taught it, may be it was brief but even then thay introduced it. Yahaan to introdcution bhee nahee date. Seedhaa hee padane lagte hain. Then what happens case are not corrected in time they linger for aperiod of nine yeras a nd more. In one conference a homeopath discusses a case of Arthritis terated for nine years even then it was not cured. It made me to think what is this, is this homeopathy or quakrey. with out human sciences any medicine is quakrey. The schools want to make money by making ppeopel happy that they taught them homeopathy. What a joke?

In Canada Homeopathy is 20 years old after rebirhting. Here too same thing happened. If you do dnot know sign and symptom of the disease which tell you lots of info to read and decide the remedy after studying rubrics. Rubrics are pathological terminology. It is not a story it is always a medicine. Here patrient comes with name of the disease. Then
you look at his or her face what is going on. Tell me symptoms he or she does not know much and then your sitting to question and waste time. If you know the disease you know most of the sign an symptoms, just you need to know modalities and some other related question. They do dnot know homeopathy many times symptoms are masked under the drug treat ments. Pateint sits blank. I do dno know I do ndot know? If you know pathology os the disease you know much.

Here people are scared of studyng Human sciences. Being herbalist to teach people herbal medicine I started a school here to teach real hebrology with all health sciences program. There was more money to be spent and more time to leran seriously medicine. People wanted can you make us herbalist in 3 to six months. I had a failure to run my school.
People do not want do hard work here and pay more. They want to go cheap. That cheapness was adopted by the homeopathy schools and lured innocent public we teach you HOmeopathy in six months and in five hundred to thuosand dollars. These are those people who have highest degrees from the univ. and have all health sciences back ground and medicien degrees, but for a lay person they are not after standard of education. They do dnot want you to learn methodically. WHY? Because they wnat to remain king and common person will suffer when time comes.
Because if GOVt goes for rgulation and standard of meidine educartion they will be left and Kings will be KIngs and they exploited a common person and he or she will not be able to get in to the stream of better eductaors. I see a conspiracy. The they have made associations to get every year memebrship money and nothing doing. eveen they can not publish news letter intime to iform and news of info about Homeopathy of other sciences. The money is getting accumultaed in the banks, for what prpose. President and board sit on it Good for nothing.

Most of the hOmeopaths in Canda or USA are part timers. SOme body is Accountant other are sales person, realtors. engineers, scientists etc. So how come they will be serious about it. Tha tis why it is not flourishing and some where out there people go go against of this good medicine to stop it. In my city here one of my patient who is doing pharmacy They are being taught complementary medicine and when homeopathy came they talked against of it. So he asked me about it. I told the one who is teaching you has no back ground in and they do not want us to come
an explain it in the sense of sciences. Therefore you will learn opposition about it. But it is not like that. It is all politics for the Drug companies.
I stop here it is never ending. excuse my language. I wrote in rush and “JOSH” you know hum Meerut India wale hain.

Thanks a lot you heard me.

Ranvir Pahwa


Fantastic interview.

Thank you hpathy

Thank you Jeremy.

Michelle Shine



Concise and brilliant, incredibly useful to those of us who need something short and powerful to forward to patients or family/friends who might be affected by the onslaught of negative publicity about homeopathy. THANK YOU.



Hi, The article is very intersting and certainly MrSherr has put in lot sustained efforts to observe and brought out this.I am not a practitoner but found the “ten to Zero dynisam rich in substance.

Happy time and new year festivites.

Harbhajan singh


Dear editor

All I can say is that jeremy is a fantastic homeopath & is the right person to subdue the fanatic allopath of UK,USA & europe.

Thank u……raghavan


I want to thank Jeremy Sherr for argung that there is more than one similimmum, and for stressing follow up and case management. Those conference cases with their brilliant cures always leave us feeling inadequate. The reality, is that for chronic ailments, homeopathy is not a one shot magic bullet. At last, a realistic perspective! – Mark Gold


Jeremy Sherr’s emphasis on provings with rigouous methods and good supervision is very welcome. The tendency to build materia medica from cases has led to premature and questionable entries in our references. They contaminate our M.M. and ultimately harm our science. J.R. Zalewski


I appreciated Jeremy Sherr’s perspective on kingdoms : ” I prefer to give something from a different kingdom than what the patient looks like”. I think the idea of Kingdoms is valid, but some take it as an absolute. And as Jeremy pointed out, there is much overlap in the kingdoms “Why does the eagle appear in Helium, the leopard in Krypton, the tiger in the Adamas”. – D.Montgomery


On Sherr vs Golden

Isaac Golden has said that prophylaxis works by removing the miasmatic influences which allow epidemics to take hold. It seems that no one, not even Jeremy Sherr has read the details of his work and his philosophy. What is the point of 20 years of research if people don’t read it.

A. Victor


I dont think you can compare Sankaran and Sherr’s methods in a quantitative way as Sherr did ” I cannot say that his findings verify more than a small portion of the proving.” This is true, but that small portion is more central and taken to a deeper level. It is apples and oranges. Both methods are important. It should not be either or. H. Patel


Dear colleagues,

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but in my eyes it is not correct to criticize something based on nothing but your own view of the matter and the world in general. You are not in posession of the ultimate truth.
A few of you have openly attacked Alize Timmerman’s view on homeopathy through her experience with the C4-potencies without considering that this view, is indeed her own view based on her 25 year experience in practice with all kinds of remedies, patients, pathologies and potencies.
Alize talks about her truth and is not telling anyone that this is the way we all should practice. You, on the other hand, criticize the whole of this idea based on a seminar lecture.

I want to tell you that I myself have compared 3 provings of the gemstone Lapis Lazuli to verify whether these trituration provings are indeed reliable. As I just mentioned I compared the Hahnemanian proving of Lapis Lazuli done by Anne Schadde (Germany), the second done by Peter Tumminello (Australia) and the last done by the trituration method in the Netherlands. I was directly involved in this trituration proving. I worked it out and then compared it to the other two provings. My conclusion was that the trituration symptoms were as reliable and the Hahnemannian ones because they were the same, but expressed in other words. Another thing I can confirm is that a remedy triturated and potentized up to C4 does bring up some information about the remedy that goes beyond mental, physical and emotional, the archetypical information of the substance, does come up.

Before you attack some idea in public, please bother yourself to know it well first, then form your opinion and then bring it out correctly.


Vanessa Parrado Lobo


Dear sir,
It’s always a pleasure to read Jeremy Sherr. Every time I understant more and more the english subtility of the language and the suffering of the remedy. Even as many other homeopath it is quiet in the office. It keep’s me the passion for the homeopathy.
That is my comments for the issue of november. Tank you Micheline Babin homeopath


Dear Dr. Bhatia,
I enjoyed your interview with Jeremy Sherr and appreciated the clear way the topic of finding the simillimum was handled…on the one hand we all way to caution our younger colleagues to make a thorough research of each case and we tend to stress the importance of looking for the simillimum but then they discover that many diverse approaches also achieve good results…(some of those results may not be so positive as the years go by, however, that cannot be understood by the novice at that moment).

The same holds true for treating with a constitutional remedy or an emergency remedy…the student panics or just gets fearful of making a mistake. Perhaps these topics would help our new homeopaths:

How to set up a practice (solo and group)
International laws…country by country
Gorilla Homeopathic Pharmacy (making remedies in the field…Asa Hershoff?)
How to manage a “ruined case”
How to give nutritional and supplement support to your clients and when

I feel a critical achievement right now is for all branches of homeopaths UNITE as fast as possible.

My best


As a whole your News Letter for Nov 07 is very informative and I have specially like the Article “On Choosing The Potency” by Jermey Sherr which is really good and informative and do agree with him and appreciate him for sharing his experience with us.
Furthermore, two articles by Camilla Sherr “A Case of Sapphire” and “I Cannot Find Joy” have great appreciation for sharing her experience and giving us new information for her new remedy which she used “Cygnus Cygnus”. Over and above another article on “Multiple Sclerosis” is also of great appreciation for giving necessary details about this disease.

With best regards

Sincerely yours Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Dear sir,
The editorial rightly justifies the need for homeopaths to acquire a working knowledge of modern allied sciences.Hpathy deserves our admiration for providing an international forum for debate and discussion of the latest developments in homeopathy.This keeps us abreast of the on-going research and trends in this growing medical science.Last month’s information on the use of periodic tables for finding the similimum and this month’s elaboration of lac remedies,C4 protocol,and the process of Trituration by Alize Timmerman were all enlightening.Issac Golden’s further reply to RV and GV shows the strength of his conviction in his work on HP.The article “Sex in the Consulting Room” by Miranda Castro raises a very serious issue of Physician’s morality in a very interesting manner.Besides this,all the regular features are very useful and of practical value.


Dear Dr.Manish Bhatia,

I quite enjoyed your interview with Scherr and you asked the exact questions that burn the mid-night oil of any homeopath practicing classical homeopathy.

But I am disappointed to finf the issue of non-availabllity of the newly proven drugs in the Indian market and the helpless situation. I tried to prevail upon many of the homeopathy shops here in Hyderabad as wellas in Mumbai to procure the back potencies from abroad and make them available. But none of them really want to do this.

Can you using your influence make this happen so that the fruits of research and much toil of the homeopaths abroad will not go invain in giving the much needed relief to our patients in India.

Regarding the seminars and video cases being shown, it is rightly pointed out that it can’t be so simple as many are trying to boast as if they get the smm in the first attempt itself. At one seminar that I attended in Gulbarga, Dr.Prafull
Vijayakar was honest in revealing that he could not find the smm of the case of a bald lady even after struggling for 1and half years and how he wished she drop out from him and finf another homeopath. “Is she in love with me?” he
introspected, in a lighter vein though. It then suddenly flashed in his mind that he had been considering the case without the main charecteristic of this lady patient viz., OPTIMISTIC inspite of the doctor failing to generate even a single strand of hair, she has been sending new patients to him professing to them all that Dr.Vijayakar will cure her baldness. Another peculiarity of that lady was that she grieved for long when het pet dog died but did not shed a tear when her father died. And then he reviewed that case in a totally new perspective altogether and arrived at her smm as Chocolate. But the remedy was not avaialble and so he somehow procured it from abroad ands gave it to her . The result was simply marvellous. The lady got such a profuse growth of smooth silky black hair that seeing it on video all the audience bagan to wonder if it is real hair or a wig worn by her? and soon all the doubts were dispersed when the doctor asked her to pull her hair strongly with both her hands!

So it is not a first shot smm and the patient lived happily ever after story in actual practice. In fact Dr.Kent pointed this out by clearly defining what is the first Rx. It is the one which acted, no matter how many you tried earlier. So the one which made a movement in the patient and the direction in which the manifestation of the subsequent symptoms take place are the compass bearings that guide any homeopath to chart the further course, what is now being referred to as case management.




Enjoyed the summary of the Links conference and the photos as well.I love everything you’ve done so far. Madeleine


I agree and as a fourth year student who passionately and faithfully reads the classics of Hahnemann, Clark, Hering and even the writings of Hippocrates I find that many of the newer homoeopaths do not understand what these classical writers meant by the terms such as constitution, temperament, diathesis or even miasms. And because of this lack of understanding they dismiss some of the great lessons of the masters.


Thanks Manish for your interview of Jeremy Sherr–I printed it off so I could re-read it! I appreciated the ‘big picture’ perspectives which help us to expand our homeopathic vision. The distinction he made between ‘verbs’ and ‘nouns’ was insightful and helps keep the focus on ‘what’s most characteristic about the problem’.

I also appreciate his idea that a person can always be living a deeper ‘poem’, which explains something about layers, roots, etc., and puts the ideal of cure in context.

Along with his interview, I liked Camille Sherr’s information and cases about sapphire. Incredibly (or not ) a few days ago I saw a woman to whom I’d previously given adamus / diamond. After an improvement for a few months, her fibromyalgia symptoms had fully returned with the onset of winter. She’s very perfectionistic, and throughout the interview she talked about doing all the work because her husband’s self- employment never brought in any income. She feels resentful that the work load is on her, and referring to his doing what he liked she stated sarcastically, ‘Well, isn’t that nice for him!’. Her anger was a point she’d suggested in the past, and now she was stating it even more forcefully. In the end I asked about nasal crusts and if she had issues with memory , and she replied that both were significant problems. So I’m hopeful sapphire gets her back on track!

Thanks again!

David Johnson


This was my favorite article

Homeopathy and The New War Trauma Remedy

Multiple Sclerosis

Great article shows the clear differences in using allopathic medicine VS homeopathic medicine for symptoms of MS.

The adverse reaction of allopathic prescription meds listed so kindly by the author should make one think twice.

Gina Tyler



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