Letters to the Editor December 2008

Letters to the Editor December 2008

Thank you for another well constructed edition of homeopathy for everyone. It was brilliant to receive such a comprehensive amount of information about vaccination in one document, especially as I am currently talking to people
about the issue of flu vaccination. The other sections are all very interesting and informative – well done and thank you for this great service!

Rachael Leffman


A great editorial Alan! Thank you.

I very much agree with your balanced perspective, and yes, it is finally a personal and difficult choice. My decision to stop vaccinating my children was based on the example of a close colleague who chose not to vaccinate his own children, and also the ‘security’ of being a homeopath and knowing that I had the tools at my disposal to help them overcome disease.

By God’s grace, my children are well.

Alan, great cartoons! Loved the Herings! I mean, herrings!

Elaine Lewis


Great conversation with Misha Norland – more please!

D Holmes


Huge themes. Love to read
kind regards
Christina Siegfried


Thank you for another well constructed edition of homeopathy for everyone. It was brilliant to receive such a comprehensive amount of information about vaccination in one document, especially as I am currently talking to people
about the issue of flu vaccination. The other sections are all very interesting and informative – well done and thank you for this great service!

Rachael Leffman

Dear Editor

Regarding feedback concerning choice of potncy in daily clinics in accordance with my background as an experienced prof.of homeopatic therapeutics since 25 hyers ago..

And author of several best sellers books on homeopathy on sale in Brazil and Portugal as well…

Just observe after physical anamessis an listen carefuly of the patient his speech on the case

And make a real review of whole medical story and tretaments made by the patient in the last 5 years ago

And later so on the physician can make safelythe best choice of potency observing the following points as below:

1) the dominating miasma on the patient medical story

2) the mental behavior and emotional modulance presenetd by gthe patint in socialo and private life with family and so on..

3) the medical diagnosis for further appreciation of the case as lesional or not injures and pathogenic diseases are present or not..

*4) A tri-single approach of the medication to be prescribed by new doctors of homeopathy in daily clinical practice as follow:*

*a) 200 CH potency of Constitutional remedy of each patient*
*b) Syntomatic remedy*
*c) Organotherapic and or isopathic remedy as well under dependance of each medical case*

*Concerning very cronic cases (called no curables) by official medicine it is necessary a further **body sistemic drainage with basis on the smart method developed by the late french homeopathy Dr. Leon Vannier DH low
potencies in multiple homeopathic remedies formulas*

*By at least 15 days and so later makes a review consutation to reapprocah the patient as a* *whole person…*


*It is very necessary to observe also balancing of all biochemical deficits of the patient by prescription of 12 cell salts (tissue salts) in accordance with nutritional aillmengs in special concerning inbalances and junk food eating daily as well..*
*Ex: Hidden Hunger syndrome and etc*

*LM potency dosis may be prescribed several times safely with no real isk of worst aggravations as comproved by almost 2 hundred years of homepathic prescription WORLDWIDE!!!!*

*For both mental and lesional cases as well…*

I suppose this brief approach to the matter in common sense it is enough to be dicussed NOW..

Kind Regards,
Prof.Paulo de Lacerda,MD,Ph,D


Oh what lovely synchronicity!
Vaccination has been a subject that has kept popping up in practise, CPD and with colleagues for the past month and lo and behold! Thank you for this wonderfully encompassing issue with so many different aspects covered!
I know that I will be reading each article!

Meriem Laouiti


Your November 2008 Newsletter is excellent and is full of excellent articles of immense information and knowledge and I am glad that day by day your website is improving like any thing to serve the best cause of homoeopathy. At the moment I can say that your website and your articles are one of the best in the world and I am sure that
knowledge gain through your selfless services will mitigate the sufferings of the ailing people homoeopathically. I really salute for your hard and sincere work in the field of homoeopathy. God Bless You Allium

With best regards

Homoeopathically yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


The november issue is so interesting and very reassuring for me, a homeopath and mother of two children, especialy the article of Elaine Lewis.

Very Best Wishes,
L. Evans


This is an amazing issue. I can’t leave it a moment.
Thank you for it,
Doina Pavlovschi


I received my first October Ezine and I like it. I enjoy all the different catagories. It gives you different information in all different angles.

Thank you for your time and effort in putting this all together!


One of your best yet! Thanks for assembling all these informative articles in one place. I am already circulating the links to many non-practitioner friends interested in the subject.
Early on as parents in the UK we decided not to vaccinate our second child having read of all the dangers. His prep school asked us why not and we said because we had read all the literature on the subject and concluded it was far too dangerous, and “would they like us to give them the relevant references?” They didn’t respond to that question, but left us alone thereafter! Subsequently, our son had the homeopathic equivalent to some vaccine (I forget which) and for a day or two thereafter had some fairly marked symptoms (fluey etc) which caused my wife to remark that if this was what the homeopathic for it did to him, then she was very glad we hadn’t submitted him to the allopathic vaccination!

Tim MacCaw


Dear Editor,

Thank you for November , I enjoy this issue, very helpful information provided in various articles.




Hey, I like what I am reading! I am a patient of homeopathy and trying to learn more. I find that the more I learn the better able I am in noticing, describing and reporting symptoms and thus receiving better attention, which means I am getting better faster –as are my family members.

Thanks for the free newsletter.



Thank you for your message. I have read various sections of Homeopathy for Everyone a few times and intend to return again, as it is good, meaty stuff. A wonderful resource.

Thank you.

Jean Hoagland


Excellent! Keep up the good work!
best wishes


I was fascinated with the article, RESPECT. The image of Tarantula took on a greater dimension.
I’m happy for the family that Grandma got help.

Ivy Meyer


I have received the november issue Homeopathy 4 everyone and I enjoy it very much.
It is an amazinng issue.
Thank you very much for it.
Doina Pavlovschi


This is really a much-awaited issue(November). Now a days the vaccination programme has become hoax resulting into utter persecution to general people.I am quite sure this will enhance awareness and guide us towards truth.Thanks a lot.

Anindyaprasanna Sengupta


Thanks so much for the interesting articles on vaccination. They will help me to be able to answer parents questions about vaccination

Bev Brown


Hello! The article about vaccinations is very necessary now. I live in Romania and this year the HPV vaccine will be done to young girls from 9 to 11 years. My patients are asking about it. They don’t have information about this, but they feel
that something is not ok. In a small country, where there are no money for indemnizations for babies and for old people, this vaccine, which is very expensive, become mandatory! I hope the articles and links you have published will help people to understand the risks of vaccinations and of this particulary vaccination in so young girls. Thank you!
liliana pla


Dear dr. bhatia,
T his is to reply dr. bennet quuestion to sir. dr. vithoulkas i.e. while taking case how much can we rely on patient or our intution works?
I n my opinion we should more rely on BODY then mind because mind can deceive us but not the body. means if patient is having sycotic pathology or syphilitic pathology these miasms comes after bribing the G12 or G13 check point during process of mitosis. if you want to understand more pls reffer book MYASSUMTION by dr. prafful vijaykar.

thanks , yours

ketan shah


Vaccine and consequences.. excellent tried medication..keep it up
R.R. Venkateswaran


Dear Sirs,

Thanks a lot for your November issue. Your elaboration on the harmful effects of vaccination is really enlightening.



Dear Sir

I have already received your Nov 2008 Newsletter which is having valuable articles of immense knowledge and information. I have to congratulate you for your sincere and hard work in promoting homoeopathy in every nook and corner of the world and providing us appreciable wealth of homoeopathic knowledge and experiences of reputed world known homoeopaths..

With best regards

Homoeopathically yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


It seems that we are also getting embroiled in controversies

We are certain about our results, but I consider that there are lots of merits with Allopathy, why we start finding faults with them, as we all know that there are hardly few medicines in allopathy without after effects, still they are needed in their place. It is better we try to convince the people that Homeopathy is very very very good, but not by mudslinging on any other science
prithvi dewan


May Allah bless you, you are serving the humanity. you have started a very informatic episodes as :Tips and Secrets: I like this very much and also getting more and more.
Iftikhar Ahmed Shah


I have not read all of it but it is great as usual. Hope to spend more time on it soon. Have saved most of the issues to come back later. Homeopathy for Everyone is a wonderful resource. For everyone contributing and especially
the editors/s Thank You

Sincerely, Johanna


*Dear Hpathy team,*

I have received October issue an I am deeply impressed by You and Your great work.
What I like the most is Philosophy of Homeopathy and the cases, of course.

*Thank You very much.**


Dear Editor,

Firstly, its not cleared for me so much that why TRITURATINO C4 is better than others and have 15% better results?
Secondly, Alize Timmermann has divided trituration to C1, C2 ,C3 ,C4 then advised to use C4 because of , “it helps the patients to understand their story , accept it and therefore become at peace with it ” she said .Homeopaths try to find out the remedy (simillimum) by casetaking then take the other factors of it to put the patient on a better situation and health if it’ll be possible .Let me give an example to clear what I mean ,I prescribe sulphur12c for a chronic disease from C1 trituration as Hahnemann did and good result achieved, so it means all steps of practice were ok, therefore patient believed and finally understood his story and accepted because he or she had cured . But according to Alize procedure we should give sulphur12c from C4 trituration to help patients to understand their stories then prescribe sulphur12c from triturationC1 to solve their problems and extremely treat the diseases that is what I have understood, is it right?

Jafar Vakili


Your homeopathy journal of november made a very interesting reading. The claims and facts shown against vaccination is simply alarming.I wonder why doctors at least warn us about these facts. Till now even I like many many educated people believed that vaccination alone eradicates diseases .That is the effect of propaganda carried by the governments and some highly placed irresponsible people.Such information must be brought out in popular credible news papers like Hindu. Public debate must initiated by people like you.


Dilution and repetition
I am a dentist and recently I started to practice homeopathy, and I found the LM potency the most safe and effective, less aggravation, the repetition could be made and decided by the patient himself depending on his amelioration, of course after being well instructed, how to listen to his body what it is saying at the moment and how it is reacting , I like the idea of encouraging the patient to share the homeopath the process of treatment and the responsibility of the success in this process. We all know that there are some patients who can’t and shouldn’t take this responsibility, I am not talking about this kind of people, but in fact you will be astonished how many do learn in this process how to help themselves, to listen to their bodies and some of them start to acting healthy to defend themselves from the harm that they may receive.

Wafaa Serhan


Great, always grat. Vaccination is such a vexed issue. Governments and Medical Authorities champ at the bit when it is mentioned. Putting such a comprehensive overview of this complex issue together in one issue has created a wonderful resource for students and professionals. As my lecturers always say, having the right information in an easily understood form at the ready when this issue comes up is extremely important to the Anti-vaccination issue. Thanks for this wonderful learning tool.

Deb Maurer


Dear Editor,

I have been receiving Hpathy for over a year now, but only a month ago did I get around to reading all the issues!

You have made a major contribution to the global exchange of homeopathic ideas and information. I predict your journal will become the central forum for homeopathic articles.

What I love about the ezine format is:
1.. free subscription
2.. ability to cut and paste interesting articles
3.. easy storage of back issues
4.. high quality content
What I would like to see more of are case studies with insights into materia medica.
Here is a list of articles I liked most from the past year:

Sneezing and Yelling: Two Parts of One Whole – Amy Rothenberg

The Patient’s Inner Wisdom – David Johnson

Someone is holding my stomach, pulling it apart and twisting in a harsh way�
– Dinesh Chauhan

Proving Of Ovi Gallina Pellicula
August, 2008

A Case of Salix nigra – David Johnson
July, 2008

Lac humanum Case – Post Natal Depression – Liz Lalor
May, 2008

My Journey to Hahnemann’s House – Dr. Manish Bhatia
April, 2008

A Case of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia – Amarsinha Nikam

A Case of Spindle Cell Tumor – Amarsinha Nikam

Homepathy in the Middle of the Night – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis
March, 2008

Nitrogen – Desire for Freedom vs Fear of losing Control – David Johnson
Feb., 2008

The Baby Who Screamed for Nearly a Week – Miranda Castro

A Case of Incipient Autism? – David Johnson
Jan., 2008

Hen’s Egg Shell: Calcarea Ovi Testae – Jeremy Sherr

A Case of Sapphire – Camilla Sherr

I Can’t Find Joy – Camilla Sherr

So, You Think You Know Phosphorus? – Mati Fuller, Elaine Lewis

Haliaeetus Leucocephalus – Jeremy Sherr

Dama dama – The Fallow Deer – Jeremy Sherr
Nov., 2007

A NYC Firefighter Finds Relief with Homeopathy – Nancy Gahles
Oct., 2007

A Case of Infertility – Jan Scholten

A Case of Cerium oxydatum – Jan Scholten

A Case of of Ytterbium oxydatum – Pavol Tibensky

A Case of of Erbium oxydatum – Pavol Tibensky
Sept., 2007

A Case of Stuttering – Grant Bentley

A Case of Disappearing Warts – Rochelle Marsden

A Case of Ovarian Cyst – Manish Bhatia
August, 2007

Breaking Out – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

A Fish Out of Water – Dr. Sujit Chatterjee
July, 2007

Best wishes,

Diderik Finne, CCH LAc
New York


Dear Editor,
I have understood that needs push the people to research and create what they should to have to solve their problems.
Isaac Golden also is one of those good researchers especially about “HEALTH”. His book “Vaccine Damaged Children” again shows distinction between Alopathy and Homeopathy. Finally homeopathic remedies treat those symptoms which vaccines cause, such as “convulsions”. Here is a great admiration for all homeopaths who try to
develop all aspects of homeopathic remedies. Isaac used word “damaged”, this means the very immense problem, “side effect” of alopathic remedies that helps parents and homeopaths to chose the right way and best
option between Vaccination and Homeophylaxis(HP).
Interview with Dr. Richard Moskowitz shows that vaccinations’ suffering are not gonna be solved and released easily and this need more time and work until other pathies look out side their atmosphere from another window that is called homeopathy, on the other hand, by giving information to our population with all the ways that we can to know homeopathy. But the best situation is when we treat patients that nobody could nothings for them except homeopathic remedies.

Jafar Vakili


Dear Dr.Bhatia

The efforts by u and ur team for Hpathy ezine is truly appreciable . Honestly there is so much information to gather and so lil a time but thanks to Hpathy it is interesting, informative &interactive I really enjoy the monthly quizzes as it puts our brain to work a lot more than usual .

Just like to thank your team for your special efforts to provide us ( especially for beginners like me) the vast knowledge at our fingertips .

Dr.Nritiya Dave


In response to Ewald Stoeteler`s comments on Alize Timmermann`s interview, the use of potencies and the number of succussions for Centesimal potencies

Dear Ewald,

you write: “A very often occurring misconception of idea is that the centesimal potencies should be succussed 100 times to prepare a next potency. This at least is not according the instructions of Hahnemann. Reading the Sixth Edition of the Organon we see that 100 shakes only are used to prepare the LM potencies!
Hahnemann: Chronic diseases page 150:
The preparation of the higher potencies is then continued with two strokes of the arm**
(** After many experiments and searching comparisons with the patients I have for several years preferred from conviction to give to the medicinal fluids which are to be elevated to higher potencies and at the same time to be rendered milder, only two shakes (with two strokes of the arm) instead of the ten shakes given by others, because the potentizing in the latter case by the repeated shaking passes far beyond the attenuation at every step (though this is one hundred fold)… The Centesimal potencies are only shaken twice and therefore where called the low dynamizations.”
I`m aware of the dichotomy between the number of succussions used for the preparation of C-potencies in different pharmacopoeias. The German as well as Austrian Pharmacopoeia use 10 succussions as required by Hahnemann whereas in the US Pharmacopoeia 100 succ. are prescribed (indeed they seem to apply the 100 succ. used for LM`s for each type of potencies).
It is correct that Hahnemann used 100 strokes for the preparation of LM potencies as prescribed in § 270 Organon 6th edition. However, regarding the preparation of C`s Hahnemann gave different instructions regarding the number of succussions – depending on his practical experiences. Yes, he used two succussions for C`s at a certain time but again changed the number and made the standard to be 10 strokes as can be read in the appendix of The Chronic Diseases 3rd edition (1835) . “When I was still giving the medicines in undividing portions, each with some water at a time, I often found that the potentizing in the attenuating glasses effected by ten shakes was too strong (i.e., the medicinal action too strongly developed) and I, therefore, advised only two successions. But during the last year, since I have been giving every dose of medicine in an incorruptible solution, divided over fifteen, twenty or thirty days and even more, no potentising in an attenuating vial is found too strong and I again use ten strokes with each. So I here-with take back what I wrote on this subject three years ago in the first volume of this book”. I.e. ten succussions for the centesimal scale of potentization is the standard specified by Hahnemann. (This is not to confuse with the number of succussion of the watery solution which depends on the sensitivity of the patient and where Hahnemann recommends 8,10,12 succussions as can be read in § 248 Organon 6th edition).
If there have been other instructions prescribed (afterwards) regarding the number of succussions for C`s I would be glad to know their source and I`m ready to amend my opinion. I invite you to discuss this topic in the Hpathy Forum.

Best regards,
Katja Schuett


Wealth of information on homeopathy. Keep it up pls.
Arun Baksi


Dear editor,

I found the article on vaccinations fascinating and informative. I am one of the people that received the polio oral vaccine, and suffers from chronic fatigue, HHV6, cytomegalovirus and EBV. Thank you for allowing the public to understand the situation regarding vaccinations. I think more people need to know.

Loise Rossi


Just responding to your request for feedback…i am thoroughly enjoying receiving these “e-zines” though i must confess to being a little of a paper junkie, so find it a little challenging to read on-line. nevertheless, the
content is fascinating and as i have just taken my first steps on the road to becoming a fully qualified homoeopath, i find your material relevant, enlightening and fascinating.

recently you asked for any comments regarding the immunisation debate and as i was up to my eyeballs in exams at the time, i was tempted to respond with my views/experiences but needed to focus on the job at hand ie passing my
exams. anyway, in brief, it is my experience with immunisation that largely lead to my current path as i am the mother of a 15 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. as i had my first child in a birthing centre, i considered that part of this process was to take control of the birth process and to this end did a considerable amount of research. i found the immunisation information that was available at the time of my daughter to be confronting, didactic and contradictory – why did the biomedical profession seem so insistent that i begin immunising my daughter before the age of 3 months,
when they were also insistent that mother’s milk provided all the nutrients and protection that she needed up until this age?

further, when i came across the information that my new born baby was also supposed to be given vitamin k at birth i wanted to know why. unaware that a debate was about to ensue regarding this particular “jab”, i tried to find
answers from the medical profession about both inconsistencies. instead of answers i found myself in a world full of people that resented my questions, and could in fact provide no answers. the result was that i chose not to
immunise my daughter, nor give her vitamin k.

however, a subsequent move to berlin when my daughter was 6 months old, meant that i decided to take the immunisation risk, based on the fact that i did not have a support network in our new place of residence and
subsequently gave her the triple antigen vaccine. to my horror, she had an adverse reaction, slipping into unconsciousness – i cursed myself for not sticking with my original instincts and leaving well enough alone. she did
recover, though a subsequent problem she has with focusing, left right brain issues and a slight sequencing problem, will forever leave me wondering…

naturally, i was a little more wary with my second child, only giving him the polio sabin when he turned 1, as i had decided that the contraindications for this particular vaccine appeared to be minimal…i couldn’t have been more wrong. not only did he develop mild symptoms of polio, but what ensued was 5 years of repeated illness and whilst he was a
demanding and reactive baby from birth, the origin of his illnesses was easily traceable to the polio vaccine. our local gp, conservative as he was, agreed with me and referred us to a paediatrician, who told me the following: 1. i was hysterical. 2. there have only been 2 recorded contraindications to ANY immunisation and…3.what did my mother think of the colour of my hair (i am a red head – which of course is extremely relevant).

since that time, both my children have been raised as much as possible, with the assistance of homoeopathy and they are both flourishing and now, as i mentioned earlier, i have decided to begin my own journey into this fascinating world of true healing, having just started a bachelor of science, majoring in homoeopathy at acnm (now endeavour). I delight in my choice, though i am overwhelmed by all that i do not know, but i am so much happier to be starting a journey into a a world in which we are working with, not against nature and a world in which people are encouraged to ask
questions and practitioners delight in trying to help them find the answers.

so, back to the original point of this email – thank you for including me in your world – i apologise for the lengthy nature of my reply…

kindest regards

Camilla Gold


Dear Editor!

Since I am but a layperson, I really do not have that much of an opinion. However, the theme “vaccinations” is a very pertinent topic and some colleagues of mine were quering the subject concering their children as they are moving country. Your issue was very timely and I forwarded it to them.

I feel we just do not know enough about vaccines and need to be constantly prompted about the harm they can do.

I enjoy the cases presented for solving greatly.

Keep up the good work and keep prompting us!



Dear Manish:
Please, let Dr. Edward De Beukelaer Knows that I’m a veterinary too. I always read
his articles.


Dra. María Gabriela Ruscica


I just need to come up for air in order to read it!


I am student with BIHC, in the second year.
I enjoy very much your newsletter, with very, very interesting information!
Thank you very much!


I forwarded this issue to my son, whose wife was about to have a baby and who had asked me, once again, to give him the arguments against vaccination.
Thank you for all these articles. Although I have tons of stuff from when I had children (almost 30 years ago I stopped vaccinating my oldest of 5 sons at 18 months and none of the other boys had anything except a tetanus shot once) having something more current is good for the younger generation.
Laurel Van Maren


I take a lot of benefit by reading hpathy every time. Last time, when the theme was vaccinations, i saw my self being absolutely magnetised and focused until the end with all the presented material. Most of the writers are very experienced, well eduacated, and conscious health care practitioners. I learned by reading their experienced knowledge and i aslo kept few notes which i passed to few ‘new’ mothers in order to involve them and inform them.
I am grateful to hpathy and to all these hard working homeopathic practitioners who share the knowldge with all of us.
“margarita segkou”


I took a little piece out of your magazine and published it in my blog and recommended your site and magazine to all my readers. I think the site, its openness to all, its free books, its information are all directly in line with the philosophy of Hahnemann. He would praise you for your efforts to be inclusive and I am sure over time many will come to love and use your site.

John Board


Dear people of Homeopathy 4 everyone,

I received your e-magazine.
Thnak you so much for that. I’m a student Homeopathy and I think your magazine is great. It helps me on the way.

Kind regards
Ina van der Goot


The November issue is fantastic! This subject is so interesting and there is so much to learn about, there are so many kids suffering from ailments from vaccination. Thank you very much for such interesting articles, interviews, etc.
Look forward to learning more thanks to you.

Sylvia V. Doignon, DHom
Classical Homeopath



After an email prompting, here is my feedback:

Invaluable information! Was very interested in this topic as my 4 year old has ASD. I am ulilizing different modalities but Homeopathy being the foremost one. I was already too suspicious of any vaccinations so he did not recieve any. However, there must be other causes too.

I know that this information is already quoted in some of the parent help groups on Autism. Was good timing and will be interested to read more on the subject. For myself, I do find it very difficult to know what to do to help my son and not to just “throw money at it”. There are many therapist who would willingly accept it.

With my experience of local homeopaths, I am constantly having to educate them on the typical state of a child with Autism symptoms. It is frustrating to me. I would like for there to be a better way for up-to-date info to be shared on how to treat autism with homeopathy from experienced and successful homeopaths. Also is it possible to guage that
success rate?

I am at present considering my next homeopath if there are too many more tried but not successful remedies over the next few months. I know some in the US do Skype consultations.. Perhaps there are some homeopaths over on this side of the world have also had specialist experience that I am not aware of – I now know there is one in Brisbane.

So thank-you for this great information.

Robyn Pohlenz
Kamo, Whangarei
New Zealand


I very much enjoy reading the articles and am so glad there is such a good e magazine.

Gouri Bardhan


I enjoyed the autism article
immensely and I shall forward this to a friend with an autistic child. Thank you for publishing this. much light and love



I received and found very interesting the November issue. I’m longing to receive next one.
Thank you very much


Your ezine is a goldmine. I am a chartered accountant but Homoeopathy is an old hobby just for family and once in a while for a close one in distress. It is an absolute miracle and I have had numerous astounding experiences. It
is unfortunate that the modern society and science is so distant from it and even cynical about it. People are led to believe that it is a slow and long drawn method of treatment but in reality it works like a rocket in most of the time. Do keep up the good work and all the best to you.

It is definitely hard to find a good homoeopath in real life locally. It requires absolute devotion to reach the purity needed for the almost meditative approach needed for the right judgement.the case studies covered by you are very fascinating.


Rajneesh Agarwal


An excellent issue with great inputs on vaccination and autism. More links for more readings on the subjects would be very welcome

Sangeeta Singh


Dear Sir,
I am extremely happy with the Ezine. I think it really helps to enhance homeopathic knowledge and the ability to select correct remedies. I look forward to reading the December issue.
I enjoy Elaine Lewis’s quizzes very much and wish that these would be circulated to the mailing list more frequently, perhaps as a standalone weekly or fortnightly feature.
Best Regards,
Swagata Chowdhury


I express my sincere appreciation to you for the excellent contents in the magazine. Not only they are informative but also very practical. Some of the concepts are really very revolutionary and thought provoking. I frankly and sincerely wish you would continue the good work to popularize homoeopathy.
Let God give you enough enery to carry on the excellent work.
Sincerely yours.
T.A. Sankaranarayanan


Dear editor,
It was quiet informative and excellent. Created lot of introspection in our mind and doing. I have lot many doubts but I am trying to clear it with other readings and discussions with the expertise, Still if remain unsolved I shall get back to you, After reading the article about vaccinations , I had a dream — I was moving around with my 3-4 friends. Suddenly a stray dog is chasing us. They all ran away. The dog bites me over right hand. I don’t run and I am in mood to beat the dog. There was blood oozing from wound. Dog doesn’t run away.He is standing nearby me, watching me. I am confused in my mind that I am a homoeopath and not suppose to take anti rabies vaccine? What dose to take?
What shall I do? Shall I take my constitutional? Or go for some specific? or shall I analyse myself — the mental state at that particular juncture? The DOG is watching me as if what action I am going to take now? He is as if smiling at me. And at that moment I woke up in a confused state.
Please answer my confusion.

Yours sincerely,



YES!!!! Your recent articles regarding Vaccines and Autism were so very informative and logical. I studied all of them carefully and saved them in my documents for future reference and for sharing with others who like myself, have autism in their own family. People really need to learn the truth about these subjects so that they can prevent the vaccine damages to begin with, and those of us who have already suffered the consequences need this guidance in
order to assist our loved ones. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

Lyn Peterson


Dear Editor,

I loved the November issue. Very interesting and useful information on vaccinations.

Carmel O’Flaherty



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