Letters to the Editor February 2009

Letters to the Editor February 2009

I met Dr. Masi in 1958 when he entered the Argentine Homeopathic Medical Association. At that time I was an associate professor of the same. Immediately we devloped a great friendship in life and homeopathy. Even a brief summary of over 20 years of life and science together would fill many pages of a book. He was an honest fighter and convinced his ideas, which brought a great contribution to the investigation. I personally believe that respecting the past, we will sit at the table talking and not talking, bearing in mind that even though we might be surprised “the other”, be part of but why we disagree. I feel so sure for homeopathy a better future. Masi and I both, we had the personal satisfaction of teaching in many seminars in the world, our way of thinking – not always consistent – based on the theory and practice with our patients. But writing about it and my friendship with him scientific and emotional, filled more pages of a book. I appreciate your deference to Dr. asking my opinion in his tribute to Alfonso Masi Elizalde: He was a great friend and a fighter, honest to himself and his ideas.

Dr. Eugenio Candegabe


Thanks for this latest interesting issue. Masi-Elizade was a virtual unknown to UK homeopaths so it was good to be able to read about his methods and see some cases and materia medica based on his concepts. Keep up the good work.

Robin Logan


Dear Dr. Bhatia

Thank you so much for your great effort in recording the lectures on the Organon



Fantastic edition – homeopathy application for the earth and all that the earth supports. I have worked biodynamically for the last ten years. Our health ultimately depends on all that we take in – physically, mentally and emotionally. The quality of the food that we eat is eventually seen through expression in our bodies. This may take years of course, and even longer for science to catch on and acknowledge the significance, but it is happening. Great articles – thanks

Celia Cornick


Thank you for the issue ”Homeopathy for every one”’ it;s so great, useful information, I’m very delighted and grateful of you for sharing it;s valuable information. Thank you very much

Gonzalo Aburto


Respected sir,

Thank you for the informative articles on Dr. Masi Elizalde. Let us all get more inspiration from such great people.

V. Hari Hara Prasad


James Randi is completely self-serving in any of his affairs. Over the years I have read about him and decided that publicity keeps him in funds and he will say or do anything to get publicity. As far as I know, no one has ever collected on any of his offers of money. He keeps changing the terms or delaying until the issue dies of old age. “If you lie down with a dog, you will get up with fleas!” Avoiding James Randi and sleeping with strange dogs is good advice.

R Rogers


Dear Team,

Even if I don’t get back, I find this is so helpful. The quizzes are fun and stimulating. Thank you all. Warm wishes for another Good and Successsful Year.



Dear Editor,

Thank you again for another informative and interesting edition. I have yet to exhaust this months articles, and enjoy the selection.

Joanna Welland


Dear Hpathy,

Thank you for your work, very precious and accurate. Your articles are the best in the homeopathic literature and very useful for clinical practice. Thank you very much

Sebastiano Di Salvo, M.D. Italy


Dear Sir,

Many thanks for sending me monthly issues of Homeopathy for Everyone. I read all these with great interest and take advantage of the views expressed by various writers.It is really a great service that is being done by ezine.

O.P. Saxena


I have yet to find an issue that did not have something very interesting and informative. You continue to do a good job of trying to cover a wide area concept Homeopathy.

Keep It Up

Dr. Wyatt Gordon CCH PhD


Thanks for a very interesting issue which also broadens our understanding of the horizons of homeopathy. Looking forward to more such themes.

S Singh


Marvellous paper “cocota lucky chicken”! thanks…..

Bernadette BRESARD


Dear Sir

What a pleasure,it is to receive e’zine, every month. I can only express my gratitude and indebtedness to all the doctors and hope this is allowed to continue. This service is god send gift, provided by your good self. Manny … many thanks.

Ravi sondhi


Thank you. I am really enjoying the magazine.

Veronika Zhmurko


Dear Alan Schmukler; More than a year has passed since my purchasing of HOMEOPATHY An A To Z Home Handbook – Alan V. Schmukler. It is kept by my bedside and is as valuable for my daily walk through life as is my bible for my spiritual needs. Thank you so much for publishing a book for the novice and the previously unexposed to Homeopathy. Your portion of the newsletter – Tips and Secrets – is always read first. It always contains information that I (the novice) can use. I am a sixty-five year old woman, just awakening to a better way of doing things for myself and others, even my pets too. Thank you, thank you, Alan Schmukler.

Linda Pranzitelli – Montana USA


Hi myself dr.sunil. I like hpathy ezine journal. This is nice journal than hpathy links, hpathy heritage, NJH, homeobuzz. coz in ezine journal quality of author and its materials are very very good.

Thank you.

Dr. Sunil


Dear editor,

Its so interested that in civilized centuries to hear someone or societies are still skeptical too much about homeopathy which it is a science and is at human’s service such as we can see. This skepticism is already begun and continuing now in some countries like UK which research, dialogue and negotiation intellectually begun from there so far.

On the other hand fortunately there are many to defend and support homeopathy as they did and still doing. The interview between Francis Treuherz and Louis Mclean shows that yet people don’t like to let the patients to have what they want and to select their favorite treatment, so, how our expectations can be from Third—World Countries’ population?

If we try to reduce the cost, time, side effects and make vital force well and cure some patients’ symptoms which haven’t shown by their blood test or the other and never Allopathy can do something for them. But we believe that Allopathy and Homeopathy can be beside each other like example story about the boy that had testicular torsion and Francis gave him Arnica and advised his father to take him immediately to hospital to prevent an infertility, because surgery was needed.

In page 5 Francis said, ” I have the Organon in Russian, ……Persian, Polish, Farsi.” Persian in English means Farsi, so they have the same meaning but one in English the other in Farsi.”

Jafar Vakili


Dear Editor:

I thank you for introducing me to Dr. Masi-Elizade’s insights. I am most grateful for the incredible amount of work that went into compiling this issue about his work. For years I have been trying to somehow put his thoughts together and when I opened your issue I was overwhelmed to read his most profound/beautiful awareness of man. To treat the patient’s soul, divine attributes, compensation, liberation..what food for thought. I’m eternally grateful to you for this introduction! God Bless,

Paulette Montoya


Although I have not read the January issue yet, I enjoy your newsletter and always get around to reading it.

We homeopaths tend to be scattered around the globe and getting a newsletter like yours makes me feel a bit more connected. It is wonderful to read what other homeopaths are doing.

Sincerely, Sherill


I hadn’t heard about Dr. Masi-Elizade before last month’s edition and I found some of it very interesting. However, I did find it difficult enough to read (in fact I’m still making my way through it) – maybe it has to do with the translation. I also like the idea of having a theme for some of the ezines’a and having a number of articles on this subject. In general, I find it a very interesting and informed website and I enjoy reading the articles in the ezine.



This months ezine was particularly helpful to me. I had never heard of Mazi before and all the wonderful articles have inspired me to make a bit of a study of his work to pep up my CPD.

The interview with Francis Treuherz reminded me that he had done a lot of work with the NHS, and prompted me to get in touch with him to advise me about some projects I am working on right now, in collaboration with doctor’s surgeries. It’s fantastic to have such helpful colleagues and to know that so many of us wish each other well in the battle to get homeopathy out there and accepted in the general public.

Love the newsletter, even if I don’t get around to commenting on it that often.


Jude Hannah


Greetings: I always take a “run through” of the topics when arrives, and depending upon the time available, pick and choose what to follow up on. Our National Center for Homeopathy Study Group is studying the “repertory”. The approach prepared by Glen Irving Bidwell, M.D., is one of the best introductions I’ve found to use with a group. Ours has been using, over time, NCH and Breslow’s courses along with the pocket volume of Boericke’s Materia Medica with Repertory. Although some have used Kent and/or other Repertories, many have not; this material will be very helpful. Having the work broken into sections as he has done, lets a student dip into areas in which s/he may feel unsure. Those newer to the group can begin by reading numbers 1 through 7 for an overview. Whether using Dr. Bidwell’s approach as a beginner or as someone with a partial knowledge of homeopathy, a more thorough understanding of how Kent’s Repertory is used is enhanced. Thank you.

Jean Hoagland


I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. B’s lectures. Please keep them coming!


G. Michael Reynolds


Dear editor

The series of audio lectures on Organon are very much appriciated by readers. Kindly keep it regularly. I would suggest that same sould be thought of for polychrest remedies. Thanks

Dr. Banaras Khan Awan. Pakistan


Dear Sirs,

The only thing I can complain about is my lack of time to read everything! Many years ago I had the peasure to attend a few seminars and lectures by Dr Masi, so this issue was particularly welcome, but so far everything you publish, for example the agricultural use of homeopathy, is extremely interesting.

With compliments

Dr. Marco Venanzi


Hello: I really enjoy to read Hpathy, the articles of my old teacher Prof. Vithoulkas and specially the last number dedicated to Prof.Masi Elizalde, the article of Dra. Caram is very demonstrative of Masi method. Congratulations

Dr. Carlos Corbacho M.D. Perú


As always the January issue is source of inspiration. Thank you

Judith Havas


I enjoyed the article on ASD in this article. Thank you.

Annie Duncan


Dear Editor;

Ezine is life line together with the Hpathy Forum for many of us;It has been providing us with so much of knowledge that its very difficult to assimilate all that it brings in each issue. So many new things are coming to light in the Homeopathic world,for instance,treatment of animals i.e veternary homeopathy.And the mind boggling findings in Agrohomeopathy.

I enjoyed the interview of Dr Kaviraj.and have been keenly following his articles on the same subject.Its a fantastic subject,specially countries like India and Pakistan,where if applied it can be a boon to farmers.I must thank Ezine for such a great magazine on cyberspace and that too at no cost.

Further Dr Elaines “find the medicine” is very stimulating and am happy to say that i have had some success with that too.The discussion why certain medicine was right is stmulating for the brain. Another hallmark feature is Dr Bs audio lecture on Organon a subject very difficult, but made easy to understand for all who believe in classical Homeopathy.

I wish Hpathy and its team Specially Dr B, for his effort to give the homeopathy world a wonderful gift a big thank you;

Dr Wequar


Dear editor,

I enjoyed a lot reading about Dr. Masi’s work. I didn’t knew it. This undestanding will improve my practice sure.

Thank you for this excellent Hpathy-ezine. Its an interesting tool for comunication between the Homeopathic word.

Best regards,

Maria Àngels Carrera, M.D. (Barcelona)


Dear Mr. Editor,

I believe a highly successful program would be for to develop a certificate program for all homeopathy followers on your webside. I realize that do have one small introductory program, and it is designed to make the student attend schools of homeopathy overseas. However, times have changed and people can no longer afford to go overseas for homeopathy training. I believe you have the wherewithall to develop a curriculum of certificates which can take the student through the first and middle levers of homeopathic practice. After the introductory certificate, you could charge a reasonable fee for the other certifications. As a former college instruction, I believe such a curriculum could be easily developed.

Please advise.

Bill Hodges Columbia, SC


All the articles are very good and informative thank you sir

Venkata Ramana


Dear Editor,

I liked the compilation of Elizalde material. I looked his name up in the Internet, and was disappointed to find not much there, at least in English. So you did a real service to the profession by publishing this, and I would be happy to see more of his writings, etc, of course translated into English.



The magazine is excellent with a very broad spectrum of articles May it continue with more power to your elbow




I thank you for this issue. Masi interested me very much. I-am looking forward for the next issue. My best wishes,

Doina Pavlovschi


Thank you for sending me the monthly issue of Homeopathy 4 everyone. They are very interesting and helpfull subjects. I would like very much to read in this excellent issues something about dr. Rajan Sankaran’s work.

Dr. Narcisa I.


Sorry to read such article of dr. masi in such a scientific journal which itself a far from reality , we are not siddhas who liberates patients soul, we are doctors cure there sickness . Dr. Hahnemann would be highly disappointed to such a non scientific understaning of miasm ! very unfortunate.

ketan shah


This was an excellent article and very informative. I wish the Western world would be more open to our ways, unfortunately the only thing they are really open to is lawsuits.

Clinton A. Chrisman.BS, MA, P.h.D



Yes I’m familiar with Masi.

I’m a third year student and one of our teachers at school is now almost exclusively teaching us homeopathy according to Masi, since he has experienced much better results using these principles. I find the theory very fascinating, but it really takes some skills to learn to recognise or find the primary themes and leading motives in the patient, although I find it very helpful when it comes to differentiating between apparently similar remedies. Another thing is that it helps you to focus as much on the “smaller” remedies as on the polycrests.

N.B. sorry for my poor English. 😉

Yours Sincerely

Maj-Britt Brusati Denmark



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