Letters to the Editor February 2010

Letters to the Editor February 2010

An excellent issue and new format is much better!
Best Wishes

J. Havas

Thank you for your wonderful work. Of course I am eager for the next year issues of Homeopathy for Everyone!

Could you include in Homeopathy for Everyone articles, interviews, book reports and resources like software for homeopathic practice, wit very low or no cost for the third world homeopaths, who works with very few resources and generally get not fee for their work?

Thank you for your attention and very happy new year.

Eugenio Aguilar

Editor:  We have already introduced a Free repertorisation software at Hpathy, Check the Hpathy OpenRep here!

All I can say is the case of Jordy was wonderful, and well done. I learned so much from it and it brought tears to my eyes. thanks.



Tips and secrets is my favorite item of reading in the magazine Homeopathy 4 everyone. This item provides both a very light and a very useful reading. Tips given here are quite handy and applicable in everyday prescribing. Since these are given here as single items they are thus easy to remember. I therefore wish this feature should always be continued

Yours truly,

Dr. Kuldip Singh

I’m a student and just wanted to  say that, although I don’t usually get around to working out the case  in time to vote,  I do enjoy the quiz every month – it’s very  informative and readable –  a nice break from Kent and  Hahnemann!


Dear Dr. Bhatia,

This is reagarding the article by Dr.Leela D’souza on Hering’s Law of direction of cure.
Dr. Hering himself did not call this a law and was only his observations in the progress seen in the cure of diseases. Even Dr.Kent in his Lesser writings mentions that….”there is scarceley anything of this law in Homeopathic literature,except the observations of symptoms going from above to extremities…..”

We cannot make a generlisation regarding the observations seen in the progress of cure in all cases. This can only serve as a guideline, since Dr.Leela has herself mentioned that all the four observations may not be seen in a case, hence to call it a law wouid not be correct. Some cases present their problems as Changeable Symptoms {Puls, Tuberculinum etc}, here which is the direction we will follow to see a cure. Further as she has rightly said that in cases of advanced pathology only a

compensatory cure will take place, but certain problems do get cured  in spite of the patient’s poor health.

Hence the question of these observations by Dr. Hering to be called a Law is debatable.

Yours truly
Dr. Rajiv Chopra

Dear editor!

I like very much the first edition for 2010! It is nice and practical. I join your homeopathycal courses( it’s good to repeat homeopathy-you always find something new! And for my English is good as well). I found interesting articles, as usually.About breastfeeding,   The Seven Chakras of the Body, about us as a remedy, about acute situations in emergency…I read about the remedies that aren’t working in swine flu… I undestood the reason why theu aren’t working–but may be someone of the homeopaths found a good remedy,which was working in an interesting case with swine flu in his everyday practice? It will be good for us to read about…

With best regards,

Dr Liliana Plaesu

Many thanks for the magazine. I enjoyed reading the articles especially the one on Chakras. I am suffering from Paget disease, a kind of bone disease and have been undergoing allopathic treatment for the same. But the doctor says I have to take the medicines for lifetime. Is there any remedy for Peget disease in Homoeopathy?

Thanks regards

Finding the Remedy is Not Always Enough –  Alan V. Schmukler
thank you for this anecdote and awareness…. would there be a simillimum for such as you describe…being within reach of a remedy and desiring rather, the familiar and confounding ‘disease’?

Truly, i feel i am also one who sabotages efforts and resists wellness….always on the edge of learning, gaining insight but choosing self- degradation and habitually creating an environment that distracts and destroys the gains….please could you post an answer to my query?

katleen phillips

Just read the January 2010 article about the woman who wanted more tests and a diagnosis than to be cured. It seems there are many people who are comforted by diagnoses and have very strong identities with their named diseases.  Many wear the disease labels it as if they were a badge of courage (and granted it does take courage to keep on with allopathic treatments). These people’s lives revolve around their disease and without the disease, well, what would be left? It gives structure to their lives too, so it seems.
I am not a homeopath, but rather a recipient of homeopathy remedies and philosophy. The practitioner that I worked with prescribed solely from the mental picture and symptoms cleared without so much as a mention of them many times. In point of fact, she could really not care less what the symptoms were, which early on would infuriate me (with my somewhat still allopathic mindset).  Symptoms can change as quickly as mental and emotional states, I have discovered,  and are directly linked.  The practioner that I worked with has equipped me with tools to take responsibility for my health.  For this
I remain grateful and well, though not totally without the occasional “symptom”, and that’s okay, at least they do not come without a clue to their origin and most are very, very short lived.
Would like to see more articles  about how other people deal with symptoms as they come and go.
Homeopathically Yours,
Sara M.

The articles are always interesting and I look forward to their arrival each month but I would like to say how wonderful I found the article on “The Seven Chakras of the Body”.  It was clear, concise and packed with information.  It is definitely the best article I have seen on this subject and could be helpful to both beginner and professional.


As you asked for feedback on Hpathy edition Januar,  I can give you my compliments on the various information, articles and more included in this issue.
It enriches and feeds the source for my information as a homeopath, and I look forward for the next issue….

Yours sincerely

Wim Jansen

I loved the acute prescribing article. Really helped me.

All the articles were very good.Specially I like Tips,as it is difficult to find these otherwise.I will suggest you to include articles on Mental Symtoms and  cases treated with them.
Dr.Raj Kumar Kamboj

Dear Editor,
The issue was really good with lots of articles. I specially liked the articles on ‘ treatment alone is not enough’ and also the one on ‘type 1 diabetes.’Have you ever published an article don type-II diabetes. If so give me the reference please. thank you.

yours truly,
Dr T R Lakshminarayanan

I went through all article most of them I found interesting. But I have to be honest to criticise you for putting two such articles which could bring bad impression about Homeopathy.

Seven Chakras of human body` could be true but no connection with Hpathy. Its appearance in our Hpathic magazine will encourage people to ridicule Homeopathy more.

An other such article you edited to appear in Jan 2010 issue is ` You as a homeopathic remedy` this also could be true but apparently looks like a gimmick, opposing people will make more fun of Homeopathy. My apologies to the both learned writers.

Nasir Iqbal Chaudhri.

I really enjoyed reading the article by Elaine Lewis and Kelly on acute prescribing. I was relieved to read in print that acute and emergency prescribing are the highest forms of homeopathy!! I have been qualified and practicing for 3 years but dread the acute prescription…recent family acutes have been a challenge that lead me to read this helpful article. The most challenging was cystitis in my 19 year old daughter. I prescribed remedies that ameliorated but failed to cure over a 10 day period, we then “gave in” and got a GP prescription for an anti-bacterial. Interestingly 2 days after completing the course she is describing return of “twinges” so this article has prompted me to look again -into etiology.

Since I specialize in homeopathic treatment of breast cancer, I enjoyed reading the abstract Mastitis by Kim Costa dated January 20, 2010.

Every woman and every homeopath should read this article

Blessings Be,

Your magazine is superb and I savor every installment.  Have not yet had time to read all of the last issue but enjoyed what I did get to.  I’m always delighted by the amazing agrohomeopathy and the very useful “tips” column.  A little humor is welcome, too – the cartoons are a nice touch.  The interviews are always of great interest as are virtually all the articles.  I’m glad to see some attempts to correlate homeopathy with some other “alternative”/traditional approaches to well-being, as in the chakra article — would love to see more of this.  Also, for those of us who are not professionals, greater explanations (especially of newer homeopathic developments such as the Rajan Sankaran approach) would be helpful.  Thanks again for your very valuable, always fascinating magazine and congratulations on providing a much-needed service to the healing community.

Best wishes,
Stephani Colby

I went through almost all the articles in the magazine with greater enthusiasm  . The articles are very profound and helpful in knowing homoeopathy in its pure form. I really appreciate the service of the Hpathy team and am looking forward for the February issue.
KP Varghese

The article “Acute Prescribing In Homeopathy…….” is very informative to the general public.
Thank you for the magazine’

Received Homeopahty 4 everyone. Thanks for asking me to share the views express in your journal and wish you all the best for restructuring of in last 9 years. I am in process of reading all this articles in detail but however it needs comments and critical review for example Article Why Homeopathy is a useful healing therapy by Mary English. there is a interesting article by the Plant Dr. V.D Kaviraj which too needs certain comments which i will sent you later on. there is a interesting article tips and secrets by Alan V. Schmukler which provide information regarding the first homeopathic medical college. There is a detail article regarding Musculoskeletal Disorders which too needs detail study and comments.
I hope and wish that you and your homeopathy team will continoue to surve the communities and humanity all over the world.

Thanking you,
Dr. Aziz Khan Tank

It has always been a wonderful website, an invaluable resource.

But with the latest changes it has no doubt become the most superior website dedicated to homeopathy!!
Thank you to all those who work hard to keep this site going and the tremendous effort you have put into building the latest version.

thank you!

The article on Acute Prescribing by Elaine Lewis & Kelly Young was excellent. I enjoyed reading it immensely. It is a highly informative lecture on acute case taking. It highlights the difference between an acute and a chronic case. The questioning has to be different in each case, like if a patient is generally thirsty that will relate to its chronicity. On the other hand while deciding an acute remedy the general is more significant than a particular symptom. It elaborates distinctively the big four points to be considered in an acute e.g. sensation, location, modalities & concomitants explaining concomitants beautifully. It reveals logically how aetiology in an acute overrules symptomatology. It also gives remedy prescribing hints that when no remedy appears to cover the case then go to a nosode.

Overall the subject has been dealt with quite comprehensively and in a language easy to understand even by a layman. The question answer format of the article has made it all the more interesting and absorbing.

Dr. Kuldip Singh

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  • You are doing a wnderful service to humanity thro Hpathy. I certainly enjoy reading the articles as and when I get time and I find quite a few of them interesting, esp the TIPS. I wish all the best.

  • Dear editor,

    Your magazine is superb and i taste every section with a real pleasure.I’m always charmed by the “Interviews” and the very useful “Quiz” and “Tips” columms.The cartoons are just groovy!I wish i could see more articles relating to dental care, i’m dentist and a begginer in homeopathy,tying to apply – dread the acute prescription – to my clients this wonderful “Arte de Curar”.

    Thank you.
    Best regards.

  • Its time the call went out that we prove the rest of the Periodic Table and many of the important combinations of the elements. We cant rely on guesswork and intuition for such important work. Perhaps Hpathy would like to coordinate this undertaking?

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