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Readers comment on cases and articles from the Aug 2021 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone. Comments on Bothrops Lanceolatus for the Prevention of Adverse Effects from Covid-19 Vaccination, treating Multiple Sclerosis and much more.

From: TIDBITS 82 – Toni Won’t Eat – by Elaine Lewis

I love the way Elaine explains homeopathy. Down to earth, remember the basics, keep it simple. It’s a wonderful way to teach so students don’t fall into untethered thinking.
Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Bothrops Lanceolatus for the Prevention of Adverse Effects from Covid-19 Vaccination – Dr. Egidio Galli

I want to share with the author that I have almost exclusively used this medicine since the first wave of Covid 19 in 2020 and throughout this recent spike.  I used it both as prophylactic and therapeutic simply because of literature association that first ACE inhibitor was derived from Bothrops venom and ACE affinity of the virus. The results are really brilliant in all patients. Congratulations to you for bringing out this brilliant article for all.
Pankaj Gupta

Thank you for this brilliant synopsis!
Ronald Whitmont, MD

Dear author,
It is a great pleasure to see someone putting in the effort to collect the symptoms after this “vaccination”. From my clinical experience I can tell that after this “vaccination” ( which is in fact an experimental therapeutic ) a multitude of health problems arose, each patient needing an individually selected remedy. There seems to be no general pattern emerging, leave aside the long-time to be expected allergic cross reactions.

Even more questionable is the idea to give remedies in anticipation of a vaccination. Here its note worthy, that till date no virus has been isolated, and therefore claims to have derived a vaccine from such are bogous. Therefore it is sensible to advice our patients to abstain from vaccinations altogether, as each vaccine introduces chemicals into the body which should not be there, if one desires to remain healthy.
Hans Weitbrecht

Thank you for sharing your work. I have been very concerned about what may assist those individuals who have received the mRNA poisons! As you will know Scientists/Drs speaking out against the use of these poisons are constantly vilified & removed from all MSM/ Social Platforms. Much of what they have been saying is now very much coming to light, one only needs to view VAERS/ European Medicines Agency/ MHRA data on the adverse reactions & these will only be the tip of the iceberg!
Carla Carmichael

It would seem that snake and scorpion remedies can be very useful for the adverse reactions to the Covid ‘vaccine’. (For vaccine read ‘experimental gene therapy’). I had a patient who constitutionally had done well on Crotalus horridus 200. After the Covid jab he had severe intestinal bleeding which responded immediately to a repeat of Crot-h 200. Another patient was helped by Parabuthus transvaalicus 30C and also Naja mossambica 200.
David Mundy

I have successfully used Belladonna and Thuja in treating an active case in 2020. The patient has been tested twice in the hospital and found negative as far as Covid-19 is concerned.
G.K. Pandey

From: Cartoon:  The Earth is not your toy – Alan V. Schmukler

Yes, it’s too bad these ultra-wealthy people don’t put their money towards humanitarian means instead of their follies.
Dianne Bailey, MSc

From: Post Covid World – Post Covid / Long Covid Remedies -by Saptarshi Banerjea

This is brilliant. Thank you so much for posting it. I have to say that there are some small remedies here that I have never heard of!!
Rochelle Marsden

Excellent analysis. Very useful short list of remedies. In addition, to increase immunity Withania Somnifera, Ocimum Sanctum are very Effective for pre or  post Covid.
Venkatesh CS

Very informative article doctor. Thank you for sharing this excellent piece of work
Dr. Haseena Chokiyil

Very kind and generous sharing so much work and experience in this.
Much appreciated!
Eva Pick, DipHom

Dr Banerjee’s article on long Covid19 is very much useful.
Thanks for writing.
Dr Santimoy Mukherjee.

From: Follow Up of a Multiple Sclerosis case – Domenic Stanghini:

Hi Domenic,
I read your original article ‘Reversal of Multiple Sclerosis in a Woman of 53’ and this follow-up, and I have concerns about the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. The extremely rapid onset of progressive symptoms leading to complete paralysis within 5 days, in a patient with no prior medical issues or history of neurological symptomology, is entirely characteristic of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). Whilst both MS and GBS are similar in that they are both classified as autoimmune diseases and they both affect the myelin sheath, they affect different types of myelin. MS is a disease of the central nervous system. This includes the brain and spinal cord. GBS is a disease of the peripheral nervous system (the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord). MS does not cause a sudden and catastrophic paralysis of the respiratory system requiring lifesaving intubation and ventilation, such as occurred with your patient. This does however occur in 22% of patients with GBS.
You say in the original article that a diagnosis of MS was ‘cautiously suggested’. In my respectful view, there is a likelihood that this was a misdiagnosis, and your wife was actually suffering from Guillain Barre syndrome. This also accounts for your wife’s progressive recovery, since damaged myelin of the peripheral nervous system regenerates more effectively than that of the central nervous system. The good news, if there has been a misdiagnosis, is that a GBS event – though catastrophic – is usually a one-off, and patients usually recover fully – unlike MS sufferers, who often experience ongoing symptoms and flare-ups.
I do emphasise that none of this detracts from your homeopathic treatment, which was based on presenting symptoms and not a medical diagnosis. No doubt your wife’s excellent recovery has been greatly facilitated by your treatment. I also have treated two GBS cases, which responded very well to prescriptions that included Gelsemium, Causticum and Arnica.
Peter Dunseith

REPLY from Domenic Stanghini:
Hi Peter. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I do appreciate it. The doctors did take weeks to settle on the diagnosis and were confounded at the beginning due to the severe symptom progression. Lumbar puncture + cervical and brain lesions is what confirmed it to them. It is quite possible that the diagnosis was wrong and is in fact EBS. I constantly asked the doctors if it was possible it was a virus or other thing but they seemed to settle eventually on MS. We often talk that maybe it was something else as NOT many MS patients have recovered as my wife, though I have another MS Pt that has recovered very well and will write up the case shortly. My wife has NOT fully recovered. She says that most of her MS symptoms are 95% gone and she is able to work F/T and appears otherwise normal. Her Neuro says she does not have MS, though that is incorrect as Sx come when tired but leave with the Gelsemium. However, during moments when she gets tired heaviness in legs, swallowing issues etc. creep up and she knows it’s time to rest and does not overexert past that point. As for flares. She has had none but has done a tremendous amount of work with reducing stress, solving lessons, coming up with other approaches to attitudes and life and we think that has prevented a flare up! For Her Gelsemium and Arnica have allowed her to return to work and do a full day whereas most MS pts. find it hard to reduce their symptoms. I have another case on ms I will send in soon that is another remarkable recovery. Thanks so much for your comments I enjoyed every single one!

Hi Domenic,
Congratulations for your great case and excellent therapy. Marvelous! No matter what we call it, multiple sclerosis (MS) or Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), that is just a classification of conventional medicine. What is important are the symptoms and correlations. I would have only one question about your case: When did your patient last receive vaccinations BEFORE MS and which ones? It would be nice if you could tell me something about this.
Joachim-F. Grätz

From:  Brain Cancer and Three Months to Live -by Gemma Hoefkens

What an inspiring story. More than ever, right now, we need to be able to show people there are other healing ways. Thanks Gemma.

It is very informative and useful for all people. Yes, Homeopathy can do miracles. My family is immensely benefitted from homeopathy treatment which is beyond imagination.
Ataur Rahaman

You’re amazing Gem. Living proof of the efficacy of homeopathy and a good homeopath. ♥️

From: Editorial – Dealing with Vaccine Resistant Variants – Alan V. Schmukler

I used to think that homeopathy would finally occupy its deserved place in medicine as the number one, as soon as resistant varieties of bacteria became more common, or when viruses showed up which were resistant to current conventional remedies. I was mistaken!  Homeopathy is the most dangerous threat to Big Pharma’s indecent interests exactly because of its efficacy. Right now I only find comfort in the truth that there is only one power in the Universe.
Ismar Pereira Filho

As practitioners we are all confident that we can treat COVID affected patients of any mutations of the disease effectively. However, who is going to come to us confidently. How can we propagate this to the general public that we have a better system available to treat COVID.  What is use of having a fantastic tool in hand if we can’t use it….
Mukund Kulkarni

From: An Interesting Phenomenon Observed in the Pharmacological Action of Homeopathic Remedies -by Prasad Beeraka
Hi Prassad,

Thank you for an interesting article on homeopathic activity. I have always wondered why remedies act this way. The explanation I read was that the poisons acted in the opposite way when in dilution (eg. Aconite), whilst non-poisons acted in a similar manner to the raw substance (eg. echinacea). But your information is a new slant to this topic,

From:  The Alternative – Your Family’s Guide to Wellness – Volume II Disease by Elena Upton is reviewed by Rochelle Marsden

I love Dr. Upton’s book. I use them in my practice all the time. I especially like that they are written for everyone to understand.
Carlos Pacini, D.C.

From: Covid-19 in a Woman of 62 – Dr. Niva Shirke

Its inspiring to know how well homeopathy can treat Covid effectively within a short period. This should be an eye opener for all those who think it is slow and not effective.  A great share and it is particularly meticulous in describing the clinical diagnosis and symptomatic explanation.
S Srinivas

Maheshbhai Kamdar
Yes. Homeopathy does have solutions to almost all such ailments. Hats off to Dr. Niva Shirke, for her systematic and most talented approach in handling the case, the homeopathic way.  Dr. Reckeweg’s Germany make preparation VITA C 15 Forte that would also add value to the treatment.
Maheahbhai Kamdar

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