Letters to the Editor – Feedback from February 2022

Letters to the Editor – readers’ comments on the Feb. 2022 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone.

From: Kidney Failure in a Man of 54 – Dipendra Singh

A wonderful case! Thanks for sharing sir.

Dr. Sujata Singh

Amazing case cured by single, simple and minimal dose of homeopathic medicine as directed by Dr. Hahnemann sir in organon! Thank you sir for sharing. Do share more cases like this!


From:  Multiple Sclerosis of 12 Years – Dramatic Reversal of Symptoms – Domenic Stanghini

Excellent case Domenic. Well done! Can you please elaborate on the reasons for giving Arnica?

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Reply –

Thank you Dr. Bhatia. I have learned through my wife’s 5- year MS reversal that Arnica has played a central role in her recovery plus her other main homeopathic remedy. One MS attack left my wife a quadriplegic in 5 days. 14 days later I started Arnica with the thought process that the Myelin was damaged throughout the body and needed repair. Within a couple of months as she was doing more physiotherapy the Arnica I found helped her bounce back quicker from yesterday’s exercises with NO soreness. By the 3rd month she was doing intense physiotherapy, re-learning to walk, gym exercises, weights, etc. The physiotherapists were always astonished at the recovery the next day of her muscles, no soreness, and she rapidly was able to add in new exercises like doing stairs etc and returning to normal adult activities. She walked out of hospital 4 months later. I learned that MS Patients that want to get better will do so much physical exercise because their abilities are dwindling and Arnica will help them with that goal. I have also found that if the main homeopathic constitutional remedy or state is not found that the Arnica will not help much for the person as they have not addressed the sole reason this is occurring to them.

Domenic Stanghini

From: Use of Complementary Methods is Reducing Antibiotic Use, Vet Costs on UK and Irish Farms – by Lawrence Woodward

One more voice for sanity but with practical applications and solutions to the crisis that so many people simply put their head in the sands and walk away from. Associations, both medical and veterinary produce ‘commitments’ to reduce dependency on antibiotics and overall usage but rarely think outside of standard conventional practices. Thank you for highlighting this issue

Dr Rose Unsworth BVMS

Very good idea to get away from the expensive poisons the farmers have to feed the farm animals. They can save all that money spent on dewormers by using homeopathic remedies like Cina in drinking water. It costs 1/1000th or less of the piperazine citrate etc. that they currently use.

G. K. Pandey

From:  Tidbits-88: “The Picture Became Quite Clear” – Elaine Lewis;

Some countries have banned homoeopathy saying that it is not a science for healing. What do you say?

Dr Pattan Jaffar Ali Khan


Dr. Khan, I think what they’ve banned is allowing the National Health Service to pay for it, so that it has to come out of the patient’s pocket. Either way, It’s all about Big Pharma and its efforts to end all competition. They do that by bribing politicians, hospital administrations, doctors, medical school administrators and so on. You know, when something has a “track record” of success, it is generally “grand-fathered in”, as they say; for example, no one knows why Aspirin “works”, no double-blind studies have ever been done to prove its efficacy, and yet it is accepted by the medical community because of its long history of use. Homeopathy is older than modern medicine and its many successes are indisputable. Even so, I understand there are many scientific studies that support it and many of them have been discussed here in this ezine, just do a search for “scientific proof of homeopathy”.

Elaine Lewis

Where’s the research?  Here it is!

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Accelerated Hypertension – Accurate Prescription Yields Rich Dividends -by Aadil Chimthanawala

Excellent management. Thanks a lot. We want to hear more such cases from you.

Dr Santimoy Mukherjee

From:  A FREE collection of veterinary homeopathy books.

Thank you and your team so very much for this generous gift on free books on veterinary issues using homeopathy.  We need more people like you in the world. Blessings on your work.


Suzanne Field – Homeopathy – Acupuncturist

From: Editorial – Extraordinary Powers of Observation by Alan V. Schmukler

An excellent and timely editorial Alan. I believe that keeping an open mind is one of the most difficult tasks everyone has. By open mind, I not only refer to health and medical subjects but also to all human activity. Today, in the wake of the Covid pandemic, many feel that their thought process has been stuffed into a very tight fitting shoe. Worldwide, people are led to believe that there are only so many “truths” and that is what they must believe. It is a sad and sharp reminder of a world we once learned about as youngsters. Before and during the Renaissance ruling classes attempted to mold all scientific, philosophic and artistic thought to fit their preconceived and absolutely held beliefs. However, I offer this word of encouragement. As long as people like your wife exists on the earth, there will always be free inquiry of minds. That, I believe, can never be extinguished. We have only to keep our eyes and minds open!

Bill Grannell

Reply :  

Thank you for those insightful comments Bill, and for the incredible job you and Barbara have done in bringing homeopathic health care to the poorest individuals in Mexico.


From:  Cartoon:  “Thanatos Community Hospital” – Alan V. Schmukler

How to get that message out into the world. Everyone seems to ‘trust their doctor’. If they only knew….

Madeleine Innocent

Reply –

Hi Madeleine,

I’ve worked in hospitals and also been a patient and they are dangerous places to be when you’re sick. Poor communication, lots of mistakes, sleep not permitted, toxic drugs, bad food, bad lighting, etc etc. Yet people keep being fooled by the starched white uniforms and high tech gadgets.

Alan V. Schmukler

From: How the 6th Edition of the Organon Came to be Published – Dr. Rachna Srivastava

It is nice to read about the history of the 6th edition of Organon. It did take very long for this to get published, but we should be glad that today we are able to read it after all the efforts put in by Dr Boericke and Dr. Haehl.

Dr Rajiv Chopra

From: A Class of Diseases Which Might Be Effectively Treated with Isopathy – Prasad Beeraka

Thank you for your work. Please consider the work in Low Dose Immunotherapy which uses isopathic nosodes to restore immune tolerance. It works well with allergies and by extension, autoimmune disease.

John Jamison

From: The Soul of Remedies – Helleborus Niger  – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Very well explained Sir!

Dr Faraz khan

From:  “Homeopathic Psychotherapy” Revisited -Brian Kaplan

It’s a new outlook towards psychotherapy. It would be more interesting to know more about how it is done.

Sunayana Agrawal

From:  Boil on Breast – Woman of 59 – Darshan Jayesh Shah

Thanks for the informative case shared sir. A much valuable learning!


Reply –

Homoeopathy is simple, we complicate it!

Darshan Shah

Wow…using aphorisms in practice is very exciting and interesting to read and understand. Thank you sir for sharing the case.

Sujata Singh

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