Letters to the Editor – Feedback from January 2012

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Every month, we list out precious feedback from our readers.

Dear Editor,

I am having some difficulties retrieving old articles.  The feature Archive …where is it now?  Sometime I don’t read for months and then in one month I read all… so I need to easily retrieve old articles.
By the way, I enjoy your cartoons very much!


Editor’s note:

A number of readers have asked where to find archived articles.

On the upper right hand corner of the Hpathy’s main page are listed left to right:

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Spending a little time exploring those Hpathy categories will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Good hunting!


My dear friends,

I very much appreciate Hpathy. I am almost 80 years of age so do not peruse your publication completely. However, I keep recommending your publication, especially at the Belfast School of Homeopathy, which I helped establish in 2003. We have 10 graduates for June, this being our 4th group who have followed our 4year part-time course. I do not do twitter or facebook myself, but am talking to people much younger and hope you now have several contacts in Belfast and elsewhere as a result. We have about one third of our students, graduates and tutors from well outside of Belfast. I will continue to recommend your work but will not do too much feedback. Thank you for all you are doing for the support of classical homeopathy worldwide.

Kind regards,

Noelle Ryan.

Dear Editor,

I am neither a Doctor nor a student of Homeopathy, but I do enjoy reading the articles published in Hpathy. I regret to point out a mistake in “Tips and secrets-January 2012 – Alan V Schmukler”, wherein reference is made of Pakistan Prime Minister lauding Homeopaths. Here you have referred a news paper ‘Pakistan Observer’ naming Mr. Shahzada Jamal Nazir as Prime Minister of Pakistan. In my knowledge, there has never been a PM with this name in Pakistan. The existing PM is Mr. Yusuf Raza Gillani, before him was Mr Shoukat Aziz. And before that was military regime, taking over powers from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 1998. I am sorry to bring it to your notice, but history is history.

Kind regards,

Mehboob Ali Sayani.

Editor’s note:

Dear Mehboob,

Thank you for pointing out my mistake…which has been corrected. Shahzada Jamal Nazir is not prime minister, but Minister of State for National Regulations and Service.


Dear Editor,

I am so excited to see this online magazine!! Thank you! I don’t think I saw a search engine. If you don’t have one, I would suggest one so that searching a keyword symptom or remedy brings up all article references.

Thank you again! I plan to buy the A to Z Home Handbook on Homeopathy.

Mary Marzano

Editor’s note:

Dear Mary,

We do have a search engine. On the home page here: in the upper right hand corner you will see “ Google Custom Search”.



Dear editor,

I loved the psora/cancer article and emotional remedies for stress. Thanks so much.

Jeri Russell


Dear Hpathy,

I like the new website, great job!! I just recently discovered those beautiful icons at the very bottom of the page.

They deserve to be at the top! That is my opinion, my feedback.




Dear Sir,

I have read almost all articles of the January issue. All articles are informative. Kindly provide articles on printable versions earlier, so that we can keep it in our records as reference.

Thanks and all the best for newer look.

K.C. Nandanan.


Dear Editor,

As always lots of very interesting articles. Personally, I really enjoyed your Boger special and must congratulate you for collecting input from so many interesting sources. Thank you.

Best regards,
Lars Dehn


Dear Editor,

All the articles under new papers are very interesting. Papers on Miasm theory, LM potency, cases on cancer, are especially very informative.

R B Singh


I thoroughly enjoy your on line homoeopathic magazine. So many interesting articles. Many thanks,

Val – South Africa


Dear Dr Manish Bhatia,

I have read all articles and found them very interesting and longing for next number. Thank you Alan Schmukler for “When I was Green”. Yes I remember all ambition I also had to do the right things and try to find the right remedy. It was good to read and remember that we can lose but not give up our passion for homeopathy. I have a motto “never give up”, and I never will because I love homeopathy.

Gun – Sweden


On “When I Was Green:

Thank you Alan for your sincerity and your humor ! Yes, indeed, almost all of us begin with this desire to ”heal” those who want, and even those who do not want… But, bitter or ”aigre-doux” , we continue our adventure, our passion is there for all a lifetime…

Warm regard,

Martha Albutiu (Homeopath and intern at M.I.C.H.)



All excellent as usual especially the flu remedies; always useful to be reminded.

Thank you,



Hello editors

I still love the articles, the quizzes, the cartoons but I get grumpy with having to type the password which, due to my absent-mindedness, I tend to forget. In fact, I forgot it and do not know how to get access to it anymore. I do not like the winning prize bit, competition bit. It sounds commercial and childish and I don’t like to be bugged by emails asking me to enter a competition.

I liked the previous format. It was easy. Now everything in the cyber field changes fast and we constantly have to adapt. It is tiring and irritating having to change a nice routine. So as a result, I read much less now…

Sorry but that is how I am experiencing the changes…. maybe I am getting old.

Stefania Vignotto


Dear sir,

I am not a doctor, I am a pensioner architect lady. Homeopathy is just my hobby. I cannot support allopathic drugs, and because of that, for most of 15 years I have treated myself and my family with homeopathic remedies….. of course as recommend by my homeopathic doctor. I wanted to understand better this way of treatment, and because that I started to study homeopathy, reading books I bought and articles you have sent to me. As you see I am not a specialist in this field and I cannot send to you my articles or my opinions in homeopathy. However, I am still interested especially in homeopathic treatment of old age diseases, like hypertension, hypercholesteremia, osteoporosis, rheumatic pain and so on.

Thank you once again for your interest, and I hope you will continue to send to me your interesting publications.

Best wishes,

Arh. Dobre Tatiana



I thoroughly enjoy your ezine–I read it from the first to the last article. I would like to know about a new remedy at least to me — Caladiura. Is there any information like in a materia medica or something?

I also would like to see some articles that are organ specific for the bladder. Is there anything that can help a bladder that does not contract and remains flaccid from years of a distended bladder. any suggestions?

I request another article on ptosis of the eyes where there is no pain but the eyelids become heavy and just droop completely closed on the right and almost closed on the left and he never knows when it will happen.

Melba Nipp

Editor’s note: Dear Melba,

There are remedies for the problems you mentioned, but the correct remedy must be identified by a full case taking. Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here:



Thank you very much for the January issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone.

I enjoyed it as usual. Every issue is a holiday.

Best regards,

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


An excellent edition as usual.

Thank you

Dr Brian Teall


Dear sir,

I have enjoyed all the articles, which are full of information and are very useful.

Dr. Raj Kumar Kamboj.


I like all of them. This publication is superb! Congratulations.

Andres Amado Zuno Arce


Dear Editor

Once again a wonderful issue of “Ezine”. Lots of informative articles, but Boenninghausen’s case on Alumina was an eye opener. You all are doing a wonderful job of spreading the knowledge of Homeopathy for all.

Thank you
Dr. Wequar Ali Khan – Miami Florida


Dear Dr. Bhatia

An excellent piece of literature. Much improved web site and journal. My congratulations. With regards,

Jaswant Ghandi


Dear Sir

It is really a wonderful Newsletter for the month of January 2012 having excellent and most informative articles. I liked them very much and have put most of them on my Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages for others to reap the benefits of the same.

Ever since you have started Social website your website has become most interesting, informative and loving to stay there all the time to gain knowledge and share with various members of homoeopathy lovers.

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Dear Sir,

I want to see more on homeopathy as it is actually practiced today.

Best Regards,

Vinay Nagrath


Dear Sir,

I am just starting to practice Homeopathy at home with family and friends and getting success. Homeopathy is excellent in many cases . I will be sending my reports for publication.

Thank you.

Mahesh Das


Dear Editor,

Thank you for all valuable information you share with us. You are Great!



Dear Sir

Your esteemed and well worked online-journal gives so much to understand and follow. I am amazed. I am personally interested in Homeopathy and see it as viable, affordable and a better alternative for the general masses with their present day health problems . I send copies of your articles to practicing homeopaths who unfortunately are not able to follow internet, for their enhanced understanding. In future I will try to document their experiences and contribute to your journal.


B. Prakash


Dear Sir,

I am from Purba Mednapur (West Bengal), working as senior doctor in Andhra Pradesh and attempting to understand different constitutions according to different areas of India & their relation to habitat, foods, habits & homoeopathic medicines. I love to read books. Homoeopathy is my passion.

Dr. Mrinal Kar Mahapatra , BHMS.


Dear Editor

The articles are very useful for the new practitioner. Very good progress done by your hpathy.

Dnyaneshwar Patil


I read the Jan issue and as always, found it very informative and comprehensive. Keep up the good work!

Francis Fernandes


Dear Editor,

I would say that all the articles in the magazine are very useful. In fact everything about the Hpathy website is great. So much info and so much to learn. Thank you.

Peace Moakofi


Dear Editor,

This is wonderful knowledge given by you for the benefit of my patients. I request more to be continued.
Sandip Bhattacharya.


I subscribe to Hpathy Ezine and enjoy reading it very much.

Kind regards

Sharon Eccleston

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  • Dear sir,
    I have sent my article on food allergy.I hope it will appear in Hpathy .com.I have to share lot of information.Kindly reply.

  • HI Great publication. Perhaps I can ask that we have some talk on the dangers of overdosing with our POTENTIZED drugs. I myself have a homoeopathic drug miasm since year 1976 = much suffering. See Dr Kent’s homoeopathic philosopy also Dr Hahnemann’s Organon of Healing .In ye olden days honest people told of their mistakes for the followers not to repeat them but human ego makes this difficult. So a good monograph about avoiding the possibility of giving patients a homoeopathic drug miasm for life = good idea= I am not speaking about a drug proving I am speaking about an engrafted homoeopathic illness. So what you think? yours most sincerely H. Sutherland

    • Dear H. Southerland,

      Thank you for for your letter. I absolutely sympathize with you. I have a friend who’s been going through the same thing for 12 years. We’ve had numerous articles that included dosing and potency and I’ve personally advised many people about the dangers of high or repeated potencies. An article stressing those dangers is certainly a good idea.

  • Really great journal. A joy to read, such learned people. Thank you for your work
    yours sincerely

  • Time we started discussing the higher potentised remedies of Homeopathy (Beyond 12C) when there are no medicinal molecules left in the medicine. How it cures and how the imprints of molecules bind to pathogens that are similar to neutralize them.

    A full discussion is available on Facebook under Chandrian Nambiars page.

  • “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. What does that mean? Are you suggesting that a doctor on a doctor’s forum can not air his views without someone MOD E R A TING his ideas? That is really insulting and degrading. If that’s the status we doctors are considered to be on in your webnair magazine, I’m afraid I shall have to exclude myself from your readership.

    • Dear DR. Jeff, websites are often subject to lot of spam comments. To ensure that articles of DOCTORS like you do not get spam comments, every comment is first checked by a moderator to ensure that the site remains free from any comments which include marketing links.

      You are not aware of the scale of this problem on the internet. A website like, will get about 30000-50000 spam comments every month, made by automated spam bots, if we do not take strong measures against spam.

      The manual approval is just to ensure that only genuine comments made by humans enter the system. Their being doctor or not, is not as significant to us.

  • *** URGENT *** !!! Call for Action by UK citizens !!! *** URGENT ***

    I have been warned that new regulations have been proposed which would severely limit access to homeopathic remedies in the UK.
    These are part of the consolidation and review of the Medicines Act 1968 and affect the MHRA.

    The announcement has just missed the Hpathy publication date, and consultation will be over by the next issue.

    The brief consultation document is to be found here:

    The timescale for this is very short. The new Medicines Act is expected to be put before the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments for approval in late May/early June for implementation in July, so your swift action is critical!

    There is an urgent need for us to make rational points to the consultation body, and to lobby MPs & government.

    This re-drafting follows the Cabinet Office “Red Tape Challenge” initiative, a consultation regarding medical regulation (which was over-run by skeptics), plus a perceived need to enhance regulation emanating from the EU.

    It is partly explicitly based on the ought-to-be-discredited report of the Scientific & Technical Committee of 2010.*

    In my opinion, it could be construed as a thinly-veiled attempt to put an end to homeopathy entirely in the UK. (Surely not! That would be conspiracy theory!)

    It comprises the usual, harmless-looking, reasonable approach with a sting in the agenda, the same short notice as the Sci-Tech Evidence check, a similar implied death by petty regulation & slow starvation as the EU THMPD.

    Although the superficial intent is to reduce bureaucracy, it introduces extra restriction & imposes extra requirements for record keeping.

    Further details:
    For this information I am indebted to Sato Liu of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, as was. (Now “Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine”. Hrrmph.)

    If the current proposals by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are endorsed by the Government the following would occur:

    · UK citizens would no longer able to get most homeopathic medicines by phone or online; a face-to-face
    consultation would be required at a registered pharmacy.
    There are only 50 licensed homeopathic medicines; the registration process is similar to that for pharmaceuticals, and is for a specific condition. The vast majority of remedies – one could argue all truly homeopathic remedies – which number in the thousands and make up the majority of homeopathic prescriptions, are unregistered.

    · Homeopaths would not be able to dispense or prescribe medicines.
    Homeopathic practitioners are not recognised by this law as being supplementary prescribers.
    It would therefore be illegal for homeopathic pharmacies to supply them with the essential medicines required for their patients.

    · UK citizens would have to get our homeopathic medicines personally at a handful of licenced homeopathic
    pharmacies in Britain.
    Hundreds of thousands of people who currently have prescriptions filled for unlicensed homeopathic medicines will be unable to obtain their urgent medicines. The estimated 6 million users of homeopathy in Britain cannot be expected to be supplied medicines face-to-face by less than five licensed premises, from which the are distant.

    · With the ensuing reduction in custom, it is highly like that UK homeopathic pharmacies would go out of business. It is unclear if this is an intention of the proposals, or if an impact study has been done.

    · I note Bach remedies may become “foods”, hence regulated under the EU food claims act, hence no more Bach remedies. But this pales into insignificance against all the other (and possible novel) remedies that would gradually become unavailable.

    · Even the favoured allopathic pharmacies are complaining about the demise of the “5% rule” in new regulation.

    This is against a backdrop where the Advertising Standard Authority has been subverted into requiring that homeopaths may not claim that homeopathy cures anything at all (unless there is “acceptable scientific evidence”), and much lobbyingby by skeptics (whoever is backing them) to make homeopathy unavailable on the NHS.

    *** Please write to your MP urgently, regarding the Medicines Act consolidation 2012 ***

    A few suggestions about writing to MPs:
    You need not include all these, it is better to keep the letter brief (a page or less), and emphasise any points that are relevant to your particular MP.
    It is very important that you personalise your letter with your own views and experiences.

    · I’m deeply concerned that a draft proposal set out by the MHRA, as part of its consolidation and review of the Medicines Act 1968, could have a significant impact on my ability as a patient to access homeopathic medicines in the UK.
    · In its current form Section 10 of the proposal would only the majority of homeopathic remedies to be bought directly from a pharmacist face-to-face, in effect outlawing the purchase of these medicines over the telephone or via online ordering. This would mean I would be deprived of access to the medicines that I have found to be so beneficial to my health.
    · There are only five homeopathic pharmacies in the UK, so most homeopathic medicines are ordered from these specialist pharmacies either by phone or via the Internet. Therefore the enforcement of section 10 in its current form will have serious consequences for the six million people in the UK who choose to use this form of complementary medicine.
    · The unstated commercial impact of this might well be that UK homeopathic pharmacies may go out of business, and homeopathy become unavailable to ordinary British citizens.
    · If not revised the proposal would also have serious consequences for more than 2,000 homeopathic practitioners, many of whom would find it impossible to treat patients like myself because they can no longer obtain the appropriate homeopathic medicine.
    · I understand that a central plank of the Government health policy is to increase patient choice. Section 10 will eliminate choice for people like me who want to be treated with homeopathy.
    · In view of the tight timetable for approval, I would like to call on your urgent support in getting the Health Minister to revise slightly the proposed language of the revised Medicines Act to ensure that I have continued access to a full range of homeopathic medicines (licenced or unlicenced) and my right to choose homeopathic treatment is maintained.

    How to contact your MP:
    Telephone the House of Commons Information Office on 020 7219 4272 and they will provide you with the name and contact details of your MP. Or, if you prefer, go to the UK Parliament website

    If you prefer to post your letter rather than send it online, you can write to them at: The House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA.

    Alternatively you can identify the name of your MP and send your message via the online site which is an independent, charitable project to help you contact your elected representatives.

    You can find out who sits on what committees by going to this website:

    *** Please, if you are qualified to do so, respond to the consultation with rational points about the legislative proposals.
    Please, please do NOT overwhelm good legal points with testimonials & such like.
    This is NOT about how homeopathy works, but about how supply of remedies might best be regulated!

    It is particularly important to contact MPs who sit on the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments or who are involved with Health or pharmacy.

    (Thank you, Sato)

    Additional information:
    * The widely-touted Science and Technology Committee – Fourth Report Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy 2010
    really ought to be discredited because it was at the end packed & biased.
    The vote in favour consisted only of one anti-homeopathy zealot plus two members co-opted to vote AFTER the hearing of evidence. One decent fellow objected, the remaining ten(?) committee members did not vote, were presumably unconvinced or had other reason not to be associated with this travesty.
    It ought to be discredited because of the short notice given to proponents of homeopathy. An ambush.
    It ought to be discredited because it seemingly adopted new rules of evidence: that anything in favour of homeopathy should be discounted.
    The record of the vote is here, though the way it was fixed is not explicit:

    • My apologies for citing an out-of-date reference to the current draft of proposed amendments.
      For the legally & technically minded, the latest draft proposal is currently published on the MHRA site, here:
      (Many thanks to MHRA staff, and the BHA, for helping me track down this reference.)

      The warning and request for action by UK citizens, from the Homeopathy Action Trust, is to be found here:

      I have not yet had time to read deeply into this, but it seems the position is that ideally we would like to secure minor and reasonable amendments to section 10 of the Act, to permit unrestricted access to all homeopathically prepared remedies, be they licenced for particular indications or not.
      This could not apply to toxic medicines which are not homeopathically prepared.

      We also feel that the face-to-face requirement for dispensing any of the majority of (unlicenced) homeopathic remedies is unworkable, could well lead to undue restraint of supply, & should be re-examined.

      I suspect that this original requirement may well have been introduced as a precautionary measure:
      firstly to have a pharmacist take responsibility for ensuring that the patient/customer understands broadly the nature of an unlicenced remedy or medicine, and is made aware of any safety issues – something of vital importance when dealing with a potentially toxic chemical pharmaceutical medicine, but hardly relevant for homeopathic preparations –
      and secondly for ensuring that a patient understands that a medicine may not have been ‘scientifically’ proven to be effective as a remedy for a specific condition in the human herd – which is also not relevant to homeopathic prescription, which seeks effectiveness for a particular individual.

      We would like to secure these concessions in order to regularise the position that it is safe & legitimate for UK homeopathic pharmacies to supply such remedies to their customers – and via homeopathic practitioners – and that pharmacies should not be subject to arbitrary proscriptive official action for continuing their normal day-to-day practice.

      W. LaChenal, London

  • Your journal is superb. Though I am a senior Allopathic doctor, I have more trust in the curative ability and efficacy of the homoeopathic system. Your journal is doing a wonderful job. I highly appreciate your efforts.

  • Dear sir,
    Always full of useful information.I am always in waiting for the magazine.
    Dr.Raj Kumar Kamboj.

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