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Readers comment on the January 2022 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone. Comments on articles by Peter Chappell, Elaine Lewis, Jean Lacombe, Andre Saine and more.

From: Tidbits 87: Tooth Talk – Elaine Lewis

Great article!  Important, practical, down to earth information that everyone could benefit from. Thanks again Elaine!

Alan V. Schmukler

From: My Evolution over the last 80 Years – Peter Chappell

Impressive life’s work! However, it is a shame that your methods are not more widely known or appreciated. In the UK I haven’t heard of colleges teaching your methods nor come across it much outside the colleges. I hope your colleagues can put this right. Thanks for your work Peter

Simon King

From:  Editorial – There’s More Than Homeopathy Missing in Hospitals -Alan V. Schmukler

Alan, great editorial! Can’t believe your hospital experiences! I mean, not letting parents see their child, give me a break! And that Planetree protocol sounds great! Such common sense! So naturally no one’s doing it!

Elaine Lewis

From: Homeopathy and Autism: Lessons From 700 Consultations -Jean Lacombe

Excellent sharing Jean. I have been treating autistic kids since 2006 and can concur with most of what you have written. For me also the most common remedies have been Carc, Nat-mur, Calc, Calc-p, Lyco, Bell, Helleb, Ign, Baryta-c etc. There have been rare cases where the child has needed rare remedies like Lycopersicum or Kurchi. Have used Tinus Smits protocols too with DTP and MMR. I prefer to use low-moderate centesimal potencies in water for daily repeated dose.

Dr. Manish Bhatia


Jean Lacombe : Thank you dear colleague. I have learned a lot about DTP and MMR from Isaac Golden.

An uplifting article, a solution and hope at last for autistic children. A gift of Great work and knowledge, many thanks.

Carmen Mosseau

The articles shows the hard work behind the study. The series of remedies given is something new to learn from.


Hi Jean, nice article! I am teaching how to handle autism and other pediatric behavioral disorders with homeopathy in various countries for many years. Recently, delivering an online course for the USA. Correct selection of remedies shows positive changes in the first 3-4 months. I mostly benefited from Syphillinum, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium, Tuberculinum, Hura, Helleborus, and Lachesis. Sometimes I follow Ton Janson’s protocols only if I feel the involvement of vaccination. I mostly use higher potencies like 10M. Yes, we need to consider a mother’s mental status during pregnancy. In India unfortunately, children are exposed to dozens of vaccines before age of 6.

Dr Kavita Chandak

From:   Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) in a Man of 30 – Virag Shah

Outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

Maryam Talha

Amazing 👍👏

Dr. Neha Parikh

From: Indications for Carbnoneum oxygenisatum in Covid-19 – Andre saine

Homeopathic remedies are magical. Have used them for a long time. Covid-19 is amenable to many a remedy. I have successfully used Aconite, Belladonna and Thuja in 30c potency many a time.


Thank you for this information. I am wondering, did your colleague in Holland start with LM1 for one day then progress to LM2 etc.?  I use LMs for chronic conditions. However, the other day I used an LM on myself for an acute. I was surprised how rapidly and well I was healed with just 2 doses.

Denise J LaFlamme

Thank you for sharing your experiences, very useful. I do not understand what q10m and q20m signifies as potencies. Could you please explain?



    q means every.

    q10m = every 10 minutes

From: Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a Woman of 43 – Elka Leibovitch

Wonderful. Thank you for detailed discussion revealing minute intricacies involved.

P. Venkatappaiah

From: Premenstrual Syndrome Treated with Classical Homeopathy – Case Report

Amazing. Very informative! Thanks

Imran Lodhi

From:  Why the War Against Homeopathy?  – by Maria Chorianopoulou

Indeed, rigidity and deafness, as well as inability to relate to health holistically, undermine credibility of homeopathy and the teachings of the great masters such as Professor Vithoulkas. Modern classic homeopathy teachings and research need a solid, if not aggressive, advocacy and communication strategy. Many thanks, Maria, for questioning, raising the issue, and suggesting solutions.


I am sorry to tell you that none of the suggestions listed in your well-written article have anything to do with the advancement of homeopathy. There will NEVER be an advancement of homeopathy because it is a threat to “Modern Medicine” and secondly, and most importantly, relates to MONEY!

I was privy to a recent government session where the head of four top government agencies was meeting. The topic of homeopathy came up in regards to the successful treatment of not only Covid, but other diseases. The immediate response to the inquiry was, “Oh we KNOW homeopathy works, when you figure out how to make money from it come back and let us know.” For this reason, and this reason only, there is much time and energy spent on maligning homeopathy at every level. Medicine is no longer the pursuit of healing, it is the pursuit of great wealth at the expense of healing!

Elena Upton, D.Hom, PhD.

Thank you for putting this subject in the right perspective, Elena. The truth of Homeopathy will never be recognized by authorities of any kind: there is too big money in the way. Every time a homeopath cures a sick person, the ferment of truth is inoculated in the bread.  Presently, even homeopaths hinder the general acceptance of homeopathy by charging fortunes for their courses, even online courses, which could be much cheaper for obvious reasons. If one cannot pay for horribly expensive courses, the number of true healers cannot increase.

Ismar Pereira Filho

An extremely well thought out article. In so many circles the use of the word or term homoeopathy can instill a vigilante style “Let’s burn the witches response” in people who otherwise can seem sane or rational. It takes dedication to practice any of the so called alternative therapies and homoeopaths always need to go the extra mile.

Dr Rose Unsworth BVMS

Classical homeopathy, will soon try to deal with cases that are completely confused by wrong homeopathic practices. Then we will hear that homeopathy does not work. Practices other than classical homeopathy most harm homeopathy. Fortunately, I got homeopathy training from the right place. Long live Vithoulkas 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Berfin Duman

From: Some Experiences with Omicron, a Variant of Covid-19 – Gyandas Wadhwani

Nice cases. Thanks for sharing.

Gabriel Blass

Thank you for so much sharing of knowledge.

Nicole Vuillermin

Having just recovered from the Covid virus I feel slightly less energetic but generally fine after three weeks. I took Gelsemium, Nux Vomica and Chelidonium. However, I have lost my sense of smell. Have you found a remedy for that please?

Veronica Walton

Sulphur or Sanguinaria canadensis have helped some regain their sense of taste/smell. Or the C19 nosode has also worked well for this.

Sarah Smith

From: Three Emerging Remedies for Covid-19 -Elizabeth Adalian

Thank you, very beautifully described.

Eliška Grazová

From:  Inability in Mathematics in a Girl of 15 -Kavita R. Chandak

Very interesting rubrics added by Gallavardin and Sherr. I check for some other “lecture” rubrics. No “history” or “geography” or “chemistry” or “physics”… found two rubrics for science and painting. It is really a miraculous process how we can gather the clues in order to reach the remedy needed. Thank you for sharing this case.


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