Letters to the Editor – Feedback from March 2022

Readers comment on the March 2022 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone. Comments on the Tony Pinkus interview, two kidney cases, the history of women’s rights leaders and more.

From: Tidbits 89: COVID Case Ends In Kidney Failure? – by  Elaine Lewis

Thanks again Elaine for another instructional case. If the allopaths has gotten hold of this they would have made a mess, instead of a simple cure, as you managed. This is also a reminder to homeopaths to consider tautopathy when the situation warrants it.
Alan V. Schlmukler

From: Kidney Reflux in a Young Child – Diderik Finne

Kidney Reflux in a Young Child

Beautiful case! I love that you allowed yourself to stay simple with it. Good old Sulphur.
Thanks for sharing Diderik

From:  Tony Pinkus is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Thank you so much Alan for publishing this informative and well-rounded piece. The present picture of homeopathic thinking and the state of homeopathy in the UK has been succinctly and eloquently set into its historical, socio-economic and political post-covid (?) context in order to make philosophical and theoretical sense of our current situation as practitioners. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated reading it.
Sue Smith BA(Hons) LCHE MARH

A change is as good as a cure. We have erred in asking the wolf to guard the sheep and we have to find another way to conserve Homoeopathy. A fern will regrow from the root when scarified and we have to keep those green shoots visible.

Wow.. Thank you… I’ve learnt a lot. In fact, Tony Pincus’s words have reminded me of my still quiet voice. Time to reconnect and listen. Big pharma has a lot to answer for… so glad I’ve always used Ainsworths after discovering homeopathy quite by chance, thanks to an enlightened pharmacist in Wolverhampton. I so hope that it will be kept alive and that the knowledge doesn’t get lost.

An amazing interview. I was saddened at the start of the article by the success of the attackers of Homoeopathy, but by the end of the article I felt how far those attackers have to come
Brilliant insights, thank you
Anne Grace

From: The History of Women’s Rights Leaders in their Advocacy of Homeopathy – Dana Ullman

Highly informative, inspirational! I view myself as a fan of Dana. Please keep this up!
Dr Abul Kalam

From: How I was introduced to Homeopathy – by Maria Bondanza

About 8 years ago I slipped and went down on my bottom. For days I had neck discomfort that wasn’t getting worse, but wasn’t improving with conventional methods. On the advice of a trusted and knowledgeable friend I started a remedy with Arnica pellets. I don’t recall frequency or number at this point. I took the pellets and went out to run errands. A few hours later, when I consciously paid attention, I realized my neck discomfort was gone. I texted my friend and asked “ is this possible?”. She said indeed it is, if it is the correct remedy. Over the years with my friend’s advice, I have had great success with remedies for different issues, usually on the first trial. Amazing!
Barbara C

This is such a beautifully told and clear account of homoeopathic treatment for children, and their response to the indicated remedy.  And what goes on in so many of us mothers, trying to find our way for the best of our child’s health.
Thank you Maria Bondanza!


Thank you for telling of your experience Maria.   Very clear way toward homeopathy.
Véronique Bouan

From:  Editorial – Saved by the Homeopathic Vet by-  Alan V. Schmukler

Wow, Alan, what a story! It reminds me a lot of my Tidbits article called “Toni Won’t Eat”

…about a trip to the vet that ended up in a dog getting sick! What a joke the medical profession is! I don’t understand how such useless practitioners are so highly regarded!
Elaine Lewis

From: Two Cases of Disc Degenerative Changes with Sciatica – BK Malhotra

Two Cases of Disc Degenerative Changes with Sciatica

Hello Dr. Malhotra ji,
Thank you very much for your nice cases so beautifully resolved by you. Kindly let me know how much time gap is to be maintained between all the four medicines (I.e. : Calc fl, R71, Calc carb and Hypericum ) as a first dose — in Case No. 2. Whether they are to be given simultaneously or one after the other?
PN Mehra  – Homeopathic practitioner

Dear Dr. Malhotra,
Thank you for sharing these cases, instilling hope in such a common debilitating disease. Which remedies would you have advised in case 1 if the patient were in India? I assume these are the remedies given in USA?  And what would you have prescribed the same if some spondylosis was involved as well?
Pia Lehmann

From: When Rubrics Fail, Let the Story Unfold! – by Arshi Tank

When Rubrics Fail, Let the Story Unfold!

Not only a fascinating case, but explained in a way that makes this remedy more accessible to your colleagues all over the world. Namaste, Dr. Tank.
Tim Owens

Very nice description. Very hard to accept shortcomings. Great selection. Thanks for sharing.
Dr. M. N. Balajee

From: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health –by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – Reviewed by Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Great read. Thank you for this information. I will be buying the book.
Lisa DeMarais

An excellent but chilling review in its highlighting of RFK Jnr’s extensive exposure of the deliberate and deadly practices of Fauci et al. Makes clear that these practices are unlikely to end anytime soon.
Jacqueline Smith

From: Cartoon: “Vision Test” -Alan V. Schmukler

Ha-ha! Very good, Alan!
Elaine Lewis

I love the cartoon!
Bettina Stap

From: Revisiting: An Even Weirder Case of COVID 19 – Elaine Lewis

Revisiting: An Even Weirder Case of COVID 19

Very nice case and comments.
Thank you Elaine
Veronique Bouan

Thanks for reading the Quiz Answer, Veronique! It was a great case, I agree!
Elaine Lewis

From:  Common Bile Duct Obstruction and Cholecystitis in a 7 Month Old Shih Tzu – by Dr. Gautam Unny

Common Bile Duct Obstruction and Cholecystitis in a 7 Month Old Shih Tzu

Great 👍. He is a very good doctor and animal lover also. His new use of homeopathy with Allopathy will greatly help animals.
Dr Anju Synghal

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