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From: A Difficult Case of COVID-19 – Simonne Luc Marie Fayeton

A wonderful article Dr. Fayeton. I attended Glem in Lyon in the eighties, you and Dr. Nogier were my teachers.
In gratitude
Franco Lenna

Thanks for sharing – great case! Have you got a link to that Art-a proving, please?
I can’t find it anywhere, they seem to be all Art-v.

From: The Role of Hippozaenium 200C in COVID-19 Pandemic A Nosode par Excellence!  – Arup Bhattacharya

Dear Dr Bhattacharya,
Thank you for your detailed and informative article on the role of Hippozaenium 200C in COVID-19.  Unfortunately, this medicine Hippozaenium 200 is not available in India. Could you please suggest the source from which we can obtain it.
Major General A. K. Pradhan

Dr. Arup Bhattacharya responds:
It seems like you do get it in India, though they spell it differently as ‘Hippozaenia’

A beautiful summary of treatments and happenings! Very useful at this hot hit time of Covid19. Thank you for your efforts to write this article.

I have gone through your cases as treated with nosodes.  Encouraging and inspiring! I want to organize a webinar with you for graduate and under graduate students of India.
Professor Dr. Akhilesh Khan

From: Editorial -The World Needs More Homeopathy, Not Less –                       Alan V. Schmukler

Regarding the FDAs stance on Homoeopathic and other natural remedies, all federal rules apply only to federal employees and dependents on federal benefits not to true Americans. It is a situation where authority is based on a presumption and there is a maxim of law that states an unchallenged presumption is regarded as fact. If natural medicine wants a safe haven and freedom to practice it needs to understand what is real law and what pretends to be law.

From:  Ewald Stoteler interviewed by Vatsala Sperling

You need to read Ewald’s book, then you will know what is and is not “Hahnemannian”.
Richard Laing

From:   Questions Patients Ask # 28 – Elaine Lewis

Questions Patients Ask–28

Thank you for writing this very interesting article on isopathy, nosodes, and constitutional prescribing, Elaine. Also kudos on your good sleuthing! I guess you won’t be eating that brand of fried chicken again.
Linda S.

Did you try Gaertner for your unusual antibiotic poisoning? I was taught it was a specific for NBWS antibiotics and it seems to work extremely well.
Kevin Morris

From: Kent Revisited – An Homage to Dr. James Tyler Kent -Ashok Rajguru

A lovely and thoughtful essay.  Thank you!
Alan V. Schmukler

From:  The Myth of Psora – Arnoldo Rivera

Well reasoned and a reflection on the scientific knowledge of the time. The importance of revision of thought together with clinical observation is vital.A good argument and food for thought for those who take his teachings as gospel .The results and observation are more important than any theory or dogma
Neil Mayor

This makes some sense in the context of Pasteur’s ideas, which have become overwhelmingly conventional (since Flexner). I do not think one should rely on Pasteur. I wonder if SH’s ideas are a better fit with the concept of the Somatids (a somatid “somatide” is a concept arising from Naessens’ work on enhanced microscopes.
Will LaChenal

 From: A Metaphysical Perspective 0n Sarscov-2 19 – Dr.  Chetna Shukla

Thanks for the extraordinary guideline of keeping healthy on all three levels and maintaining a state to liberate the life with enjoyment.
Malcolm Mowdawala

Lovely article Chetna. A term I thought of recently in connection to covid-19 is hyperventilation. Humanity is hyperventilating, the planet is hyperventilating. In terms of the environment our economy is consuming too much oxygen and exhaling too much CO2.
Much love, Harry

Thank you for this wonderful article. While the concept of Metaphysics and disease is not new to me, somehow the connection between the current Sars infection and the spiritual aspect of it had not dawned on me yet. Much appreciated!
Rosalba Mastrangeli

Dearest Chetna, this article is sorely needed and how I wish it would sail around poor Mother Earth, and be heard by those who do not hear. I feel you are a clarion bell…so clear, simple, heart centered with this article….I hope some people will wake up and “get it.”
Eileen Nauman
Joanita Margaret Figueiredo

Dr Jankiram Hona Talele
This is one of the best homeopathy articles I have come across. Every true homeopath should go through it. Thanks for sharing.
(for more comments visit the article)

From: Constantine Hering’s Stance on Sugar The Second ‘Law Of Cure’? – Elizabeth Adalian

Hi Elizabeth
Such an interesting article and so true. I believe sugar is one of the evils of modern society and one of the causes of much disease. Saccharum is an incredible remedy and one for the current times more than ever.

Very good article on the syphilitic main cause of modern illnesses.
Guillermo Sanz

From:  Cartoon – FDA’s Plan – Alan V. Schmukler

Yes, Idiots!  – Elaine Lewis

From:  The Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families – Anne Vervarcke

Dear Anne,
So how can I access the Map?

Anne:  Here itt is!

From: Mood Swings in a Woman of 20 – Ananda A. Joshi

Mood Swings in a Woman of 20

Quite interesting prescription and a fine differentiation with row-2.
Vismay Prajapati

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