Letters to the Editor – Feedback from November 2011

Letters from our readers giving valuable feedback and suggestions.

Dear editor,

Good morning. I am very happy to be a member in this e-journal. I went through the articles and cases. They are quite interesting and useful to the homoeopaths to share our ideas.

Thank you,
Dr.K.S.Anandhi, M.D.Hom)
Erode, Tamilnadu, India.


It is great to hear about the relaunching of Hpathy. Kudos for the success of Hpathy and the efforts put in. Looking forward to it.


Leena Chopra


Dear Manish,

I am very pleased Hpathy is going to be in the great circle of Homoeopathy sharing knowledge and sending informative articles. It is very helpful for Homoeopaths throughout the Globe. I hope the Relaunch will give success to all who are connected with Hpathy. All good wishes for Hpathy and you.

Best Regards,

Rana Zafar (Malaysia)


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,

I want to express heartiest congratulations to and your team for the wonderful work being done by you for homeopathy and humanity .

with profound regards & best wishes



Dear Sir,

All the clinical cases given in this month, are very interesting . Few cases got result even after unconventional prescribing of doses and potency.



I really enjoy Hpathy. Thank you for your excellent work.



Dear Manish Bhatia:

Thank you very much for your excellent work regarding Homeopathy/Médecine!

Hug you

Francisco Patricio MD (Portugal)


Dear Sir,

We are very glad to know that Hpathy is going to relaunch in a new version. Kindly provide printable versions of old files and new as well. Keeping print out of magazine is very easy to refer, otherwise we have to depend on internet, computer and a lot of time.

With Regards

K.C.Nandanan – Bhopal


Dear Sir,
I am very pleased to hear the announcement of Hpathy’s development. The new Hpathy would be a treasure trove of new features.
So I wish all the development of

Dr. Md. Abul Basher


Dear Editor,

Your Agro Homeopathy is a must in every issue.

Shakir Taha – Penang, Malaysia.


Dear Sir

I am really delighted to receive your most informative Newsletter for the month of Nov. 2011. All the articles deserve great appreciation. Your great services to homoeopathy to spread it in every nook and corner of the world are highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Dear sir,

A very good issue full of knowledge. Every issue is improving.

Dr.Raj Kumar Kamboj.



Can you run an article on Schuessler’s twelve tissue remedies of biochemistry. The treatment through bio-chemic salts is simple and effective and your magazine would be doing a great service by providing an insight into it.


Editor’s note:

You can find articles on Schussler in Hpathy here:


Dear Sir,

This is one of the best editions I have ever read; especially Health Calculators and Health articles are superb and useful for every day practice. Thank you so much.


Dr. Barun Ganguly


Dear Editor,

I read the article about pulsatilla. Very useful to my practice.

Thank you

John Samuel


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  • Dear Editor,
    I am deligheted with the new version.Thank you for the excellent work.I am glad to be a member in this ejournal.
    Best wishes to the Homeopathy team.


  • HPATY EZINE is an excellent forum for the fraternity to

    get around, inter-act and grow

    for the welfare of the


  • I am writing this from the U.K. where I read your Homeopathy periodical along with my daughter who is M.R.C.P. … You are doing great service to the Homeopathy fraternity by coming out with this … Please keep it up. … Thanks

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