Letters to the Editor – Feedback from November 2022

Readers comment on the Nov 2022 issue of the journal, including Vitan Gosain’s case of chronic kidney disease, Jeremy Sherr’s view of Scorpion, the interview with Dr. Ernst Trebin, and much more.

From: Dr. Ernst Trebin is interviewed by Katja Schütt

Dr Trebin’s ideas are a breath of fresh air for me. I’ve been studying his website avidly since reading the above.

Richard Laing

From: Androctonus Amoreuxi Hebraeus – Scorpion – by Jeremy Sherr

Androctonus Amoreuxi Hebraeus – Scorpion

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for a great description of the essence of Androc. From your experience, are you able to compare and contrast with Scorpio europaeus? What are the differentiating features? Is there a different essence, or does what you describe apply to all scorpions?

Gabriel Blass

A wonderful remedy for patients suffering from redundant fears. Snakes, centipedes and spiders etc. are also poisonous and they try to avoid attacking victims unless the victims come into their way. But the scorpions as their instincts are first to attack and then escape or die.


From:  Chronic kidney disease in a woman of 32 – by Vitan Gosain

Chronic Kidney Disease -Woman of 32

Marvelous case and superb analysis. Hats up to you sir, we can learn much in this case based on principles of homeopathy and not just prescribing as per rubrics of case.  You have analyzed the journey of miasms very well and person in disease which is a very good lesson to all. Thank you for sharing. We are more convinced that homeopathy can bring back life from the death bed.

K S R Anjaneyulu

Very well presented case. Thanks for sharing some insights in emergency cases with a homoeopathic approach.

Dr Darshan Shah

Absolutely a masterclass.

Shishir Kumar Tripathi

 From: Cartoon: “Second Opinion” by Alan V. Schmukler

Second Opinion

Dear Alan,

That’s a pathetic situation and love your depiction a lot. Thanks.

Vamsi Sudha

From: Tidbits-95: Heart Trouble!   by Elaine Lewis

Tidbits-95: Heart Trouble!

Such great information! Thank you, Elaine.

Veronique Bouan

Elaine replies:

I’m glad you found it useful, Veronique!

From: Frederick Humphreys’ Combination Sore Throat Medicine – Jerry Kantor

Frederick Humphreys’ Combination Sore Throat Medicine

Thank you very much for these informative and thought-provoking historical overviews. Keep them coming!

Rebecca Lappin

From: Post-Covid hair loss in a woman of 60 – Swapna Honavar

Post-Covid Hair Loss in a Woman of 60

I don’t understand the logic of Phos-ac. 200C, plus Phos-ac. 6C daily. In fact, giving a 6C is often the way to antidote a high-potency remedy that’s aggravating. So, one might assume that the 200C was possibly antidoted by Phos-ac. 6C, and then, what was working? Phos-ac 6C taken daily or Thallium 30C once a week? We don’t know. Also, were any of these remedies given in water with 2-10 succussions before each dose as it says in the 6th ed. Organon Aph. 246-249

Elaine Lewis

From: A case of trophic ulcer in woman of 24 with Meningomyelocele – by Dussa Vamshikrishna

Trophic Ulcer in a Patient with Meningomyelocele

Very good classical treatment by homeopathy. Great that you are treating in the government hospital such type of cases. Spread homeopathy in the villages to gain confidence and knowledge in the people. Many people don’t know about the system of homeopathic treatment and its gentle way of healing.

K S R Anjaneyulu

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