Letters to the Editor – Feedback from September 2012

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Dear Editor,

I was surprised to see the articles of Plant Homeopathy by Kaviraj. It was indeed a revelation to know that homeopathy is also useful for curing plant problems. I am interested in this new use of the wonder cures of homeopathy.


Ashim Danda


Dear Sir

Like always, your Sep 2012 Newsletter is also one of the best, having valuable and informative articles of immense value. Your great service to homoeopathy is appreciated very much.

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Dear Editor:

Thank you for the September issue of Hpathy 4 Everyone. I have enjoyed the very interesting articles on Case Witnessing Process. They contribute a lot to one of the essential phases of the Homeopathic Treatment. I would now like to learn more about the Materia Medica, as seen by those who applied the Sensation method. For all of us, students of Homeopathy, it is possible to read such interesting articles thanks to the disposition of serving of all of you, who publish the Hpathy Ezine.

With my best wishes,

Roberto Camacho


Dear publishers,

Since I am very enthusiastic about the Sensation method, I enjoyed your last edition very much. Studying the cases and Dr. Chauhan´s presentation seems to help me already in my casetaking. Thank you very much. When I have an interesting case with a reasonable follow-up period I will send it to you.

Best wishes

Dr. Reinhold Eichinger


Dear Dr.

The success of homoeopathy is ample proof of its efficacy, and the old school finds solace by organizing anti -homoeopathy campaigns as referred to in your editorial of Aug. Your magazine is full of interest from start till end and by the grace of providence the readers will keep benefiting from your efforts.

Asghar Ali


I thank you for the article on Cerebral Ataxia. My father suffered from it till his death and my uncle, his brother is also suffering. He just fell down and fractured his hip. This disease came to him from his mother who got it from her father. I will appreciate some more on this. I too may get it, but am in my 50s so may not.

Best regards

Jayashree Kanoi


I have always had an interest in homeopathy as well as energy healing since that is what I do. I have no idea of remedies to offer, but have had great experiences with phytolacca, for instance, for sore throat. I would like very much to look at some solutions that have come forth from your site if there are any to share. Thanks very much.

Light, Harriet


Dear Editor

I have a new friend that has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. She got the disease many years ago and went through over a year of antibiotic therapy. It has come back on her and she is currently taking antibiotic and using herbs to fight it. I told her if I get Lyme I will use homeopathy, she is curious and has asked me if there are any good articles regarding the success of homeopathy treatment for Lyme. I am a new subscriber to your newsletter. Do you have any articles in your archives?
Thank you.

Editor Note:

Hi Cynde,

Here are two good articles on treating Lyme disease from Hpathy.




Thank you very much for the September issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


Dear Hpathy

I read with great interest your cases. I have been a homeopathic patient for the last 20 years, and have spent many thousands of dollars on treatment. Despite this, and my continuing belief that homeopathy, when the correct remedy is found, can cure, I remain largely with the same symptoms that I had 20 years ago, if not since age 10.

I have worked with some well known homeopaths, and some not so well known, both classic and sensation methods. I am still totally convinced that if the correct remedy could be found that I would be able to progress and grow beyond the emotional and psychological traumas that stopped my emotional/psychological growth at an early age.

I read case after case that your homeopaths offer here, of people stuck in similar places to mine, and somehow with the correct remedy, they grow and transform, become able to have normal relationships with people, etc.

I am completely stuck, and in despair most of the time. The classical approach works for some acute situations. But that one remedy, or remedies, that could completely change things for me remains elusive.

If there are any homeopaths, perhaps those who are more experienced in using sensation method, or some other newer approach to homeopathic treatment, I would appreciate hearing from them.

Many thanks from Rose Hill


Dear Dr.

The Sept. issue was very informative.Thanks.

Dr.Raj Kumar Kamboj.


Dear Sir,

As usual this issue is also loaded with much pragmatic information on Homeopathy. Well thought out CWP by Dr. Dinesh Chouhan and very successfully adopted by many of the doctors who have shared their cases in this issue. The art of healing through Homeopathy may get limited to the genius of persons such like Dr. Dinesh Chouhan. Invariably all the reported cases had to be abridged to find space in the EZine. This means that each case would need a booklet if not a book to get recorded.


Asghar Ali


I would like more articles on veterinary homeopathy.

Sandra Boss, R.N.


Case witnessing has widened the vision of the physician and will improve the skill of observation . Nice interview.


Anil Kumar


Very interesting reading,

Thank you,



Dear Editor,

I am very glad for the opportunity to explore homeopathy with Hpathy,com and I would surely like to share some of my cases, but I’ll have to type them up to give the exact verbatim story. Happy to be together in this journey.

with regards,



I would like to thank you for the September issue of Hpathy.com! It is very interesting and of great value of teaching the case witnessing method and sensation method as well!

Thank you very much!

Dr. Narcisa I


Good. Kindly include some articles etc on diabetes in the next issue.


Prof. Guha

Editor’s note: Follow this link to Hpathy’s articles and cases on diabetes.



Very nice and informative issue.

Ajit Pandit


I appreciate your untiring effort to develop Homoeopathy.
Thank you
Dr .Santimoy


Hpathy Journal,

All very informative articles! A big thank you for all the doctors sharing their precious gems with all eager to learn homoeopaths. Yes homoeopathy is an ever learning process with constant evolution with each case one comes across. Thank you for publishing such wonderful cases.

Dr. Maya


Dear Editor

Going through the Sept issue proved to be challenging. If only the articles of Dr Dinesh is studied, it would be a sort of brain storming session. It sets a new direction and to take that would mean to develop a deep instinct to commence that journey. Let me say that once again a challenging issue with variety of good articles, to keep one absorbed.

Keep the flame burning.

Dr Wequar Ali Khan – Miami Florida


Dear Hpathy Group,
Your journal provides quality homeopathic knowledge and hence love to read it.
Thanks for sharing valuable information.
Kind regards,
Dr. Tasneem Hussain  HOD
World Homeopathic Research Organization


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  • Dear sir,
    Very informative issue.I cured many cases of shoulder pain with arnica 30 taken for a period of about 3-months.Years have passed, all are well and there is no relapse.

  • Many thanks for issue of september-2012 copy.A case about cerebral ataxia discussed in a very informatics way.kindly arrange some more discussion about BRAIN ATROPHY .with a question that why in case of brain cure is difficult.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Excellent publications.Great contribution to the Homeopathic Body of Knowledge. However, a small suggestion:
    Provide facility to save the articles published here although facility to print is already there.
    God Bless the Entire Team

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