Letters to the Editor – Feedback from September 2021

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Readers comment on the September 2021 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone.

From:  Dr. Seema Mahesh is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler
What good insight from this interview! Thank you, Seema and Alan! Dr Seema, you have put a rather complex subject quite clearly, given the short space and time! The actual details would probably create multiple books!
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

Very well said, Seema. Hope these collective dreams about better research methodologies, greater evidence base will become a reality soon.
Dr. Manish Bhatia

Congrtulations Dr. Mahesh for the wonderful work being done by you and your team.
Dr. M. N. Balajee MD (Hom)

From:  Post-acute COVID-19 Syndrome Complicated by Hemorrhagic Syndrome Due to Overdose of Anticoagulants  – Nataliia Kolomiiets
Thank you for posting your case, you handled it remarkably! Your feedback is precious.

Thank you, Natailia. Your case description, inclusion of repertory sheets and analysis are invaluable.

From:  Severe Arthritis in an 86-Year-Old Woman Treated Successfully with Classical Homeopathy – Linda Lee

Severe Arthritis in an 86-Year-Old Woman Treated Successfully with Classical Homeopathy

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. As a third-year student this article is inspiring and thought provoking. I have a case study with severe arthritis so very relevant also.

From: Severe Tinnitus in a Man of 48 – Ingrid Frohne

Severe Tinnitus in a Man of 48

Thank you, Ingrid. Very interesting case. I do not understand the correlation between 200C “… because of no acutes and no fever in the past.” Can you explain further the correlation of a history of acutes and fever and 200C? Thank you, again.

Dear Ingrid,
Gluckwunsch an Sie. Congratulations on your accurate Lachesis prescription! As you know, tinnitus is very difficult to treat. You made a big difference in the well-being of your patient with homeopathic medicine.
Robert J. Signore, DO, DiHom

Good one!
Dr Asif Syed

From:  presents as case of varicose ulcer in a man of 38. Varsha Vishwas Magar

Varicose Ulcer Treated with Classical Homeopathy: A Case Report

Very good, informative, nice analysis and evaluation of the case.
Dr Hardik Soni

Excellent case Dr. Varsha. Heartiest congratulations

From: A Case of psoriasis vulgaris in a girl of 15 – Dr. Kamal Jalodia

A Case of Psoriasis Vulgaris Managed With Classical Homeopathy

The patient cannot belong to group C if she has improved with a single drug- according to levels of health by George Vithoulkas
Dr. Saritha Agarwal

Kamal Jalodia Replies:

Dr Saritha,
She developed acute fever after 10 days of remedy, which improved without any intervention. That is one point in favour of case belonging to grp-c level-7 and 2nd is acute otitis appearing in recent times for which she needed Belladonna as second remedy. The impressive reaction to nat-mur which is confusing you as to case belonging to higher levels is because the remedy was clear in this case, and there was no deep genetic predisposition in her ancestory. The causative factor was so severe that lead to dropping of her levels of heath from higher (which she was born ) to lower levels -7.

Wonderfully presented case, Dr. Kamal.  I especially liked the Modified Naranjo Criteria for Homeopathy (MONARCH) – for causality assessment. I presume this can be used for all cases?
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

I was suffering from acute skin disease on the back of my palm perhaps in 2018. My friends and office colleague had advised me to go to Tropical Disease department of Calcutta Medical college. My office pharmacy has also arranged various ointments for me. But I had faith in my family physician Dr K. Jalodia. I took his homeopathy medicine and within 3 to 4 months it was completely gone.
Krishna Kumar Mal

From: Rationale for the Use of Homeopathic Snake Venom Remedies in Covid-19 Coagulopathy – Dr. Egidio Galli

Rationale for the Use of Homeopathic Snake Venom Remedies in Covid-19 Coagulopathy

I checked for snakes that particularly cause Anosmia, and collected some information in this article

Enriched by details of analytical symptoms, venom therapy may be of use in serious conditions. More case studies shall give the strength of use.
Biswas monoranjan

From:  Looking at the Covid-19 Situation as a Wake-up call to Humanity -Misha Norland
Thank you Misha for reminding us in the most beautiful way of the meaningfulness and purposefulness of all that is. Love expressed in all its (viral) variations.
Corrie Hiwat

Reply by Misha Norland
Dear Corrie, thanks so much for your comment. Meaning and purpose are lost to stoppered ears. Postmodern alienation drives these qualities into the dust. Love is certainly the best remover of metaphorical ear-wax. Love strengthens us, lowering our susceptibility to diseases. Love manifests most wonderfully through the practice of homeopathy!

From: The Soul of Remedies –Cuprum  metallicum – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

The Soul Of Remedies – Cuprum Metallicum

And I have found that Cuprum works fast in relieving leg cramps aka Charley Horses. Also, my husband takes it for occasional burning sensations in his great toe at night, caused by a serious car accident. It is great to have it on hand, and I thank Dr. Sankaran for more information about Cuprum that I didn’t know.

From: A Review of Some Remedies For Depression Dr. Larry Malerba

A Review of Some Remedies for Depression

Hi Larry,
Great descriptions of remedies for different presentations by individuals.
Ken Silvestri

Very Nice and useful distinctive descriptions of remedies,
Pankaj Jain

From:  Homeopathy – Some Reflections – Dr. Eric Asher

Homeopathy: Some Reflections

Greatly missed in Australia. The passion he brought to his mentoring is still with me.

From:  The Vaccine in Potency is Here!  – Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 83: The Vaccine In Potency Is Here!

Love this! Can one take this long after the jab (5 months), or does it need to be immediately administered? Homeopathy rocks, and so do you Elaine. Thank you so much for sharing.

Reply -by Elaine Lewis
Well, Aruna, as you can see from the above article, Cathy got the shot 4 months ago, so, I guess it’s never too late. And thanks for noticing that I rock!

From:  Tips & Secrets  – Alan V. Schmukler

Tips & Secrets – September 2021

An excellent collection of tips which are very useful for recollection!
Bandi Veeeranjaneyulu

From:  Mammal Remedies in Homeopathy – by Jonathan Hardy – Reviewed by Vatsala Sperling

Mammal Remedies in Homeopathy by Jonathan Hardy is reviewed by Vatsala Sperling

Thanks for the review. I was already impressed by Jonathan s book about spiders and scorpions. A blessed and talented homeopath. Looking forward to read it in German.
Manfred S.

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