Letters to the Editor July 2006

Letters to the Editor July 2006

Thanks for your great articles!

–Natalie Batt


I think you do an amazing job on that site. I took a look at it and saw so many great things. People are lucky to have you there.
Have a great day.
Cindee Gardner


Dear Hpathy Editor,

I just finished reading Dr. Pitcairn’s article on ‘homeopathic ethics’ and was appalled that he would villify the brilliant homeopathic works of Drs. Sankaran, Chhabra, Anand, Scholten et al. as “unethical” homeopathic practice. This is clearly an indication that Dr. Pitcairn has neither studied nor practiced these new approaches to case taking and case analysis in classical homeopathy.

Having studied and practiced classical homeopathy since 1975, I have seen several new ‘systems’ come and go with the tides. The truth has a way of proving itself with time and experience. And, it is exactly such time and experience that have proven the validity of the new methodologies as elaborated in Dr. Sankaran’s book “The System of Homeopathy” and Dr. Scholten’s text on “Homeopathy and The Elements.” These works represent a major evolution in classical homeopathic philosophy and practice that are worthy of study.

If it were not for years of intensive study and practice of these new approaches in classical homeopathy, very many of my patients would not have experienced the great benefits that homeopathy has to offer. I would challenge any homeopath worth their salt to also engage in an intensive study and practice of these new approaches in classical homeopathy, and after a number of years of dilligent application, then proceed to write a genuine critique. The bottomline is that to brand something that someone does not comprehend as “unethical” is the very essence of that which the brander accuses others.

Respectfully yours,
Mitchell A. Fleisher, M.D., D.Ht., D.A.B.F.M., Dc.A.B.C.T.

Dear Mitchell,

Please go through my editorial for this issue.

Dr. B


comment on Dr. Pitcarin’s essay

There were some very good comments, but one must remember that the mind body connection works two ways. The physical can affect the mental/emotional and without a doubt the emotional sends chemical messengers to the physical body.

Eileen Klinck


I notice that you have included the ARH code of ethics in your newsletter. Were you aware that as a member of CORH (which is seeking to unite about 9 seperate registerings agencies in the UK into a single register, including the two largest, the Alliance and the Society of Homeopaths) we have all virtually agreed on a new code of ethics? So 9 into 1 is definitely progress for the UK!

The new code has not been published yet – but of all they many things we have been attempting to reach agreement, ethics has apparently been the easiest! So if the cultural differences are not an issue, this should not be prove to be insuperable.

Steve Scrutton
Registrar, Alliance of Registered Homeopaths


What Remedy May Have a Headache While Thinking He Is In The Desert?

i enjoyed the way information about the horse was translated into rubrics. the writer shows the artistic aspect of homeopathy very well. i learned a lot. thanx for such good stuff.

Comments on Prof. Robert Jutte’s interview

The interview brings out the challenges that homeopathy faces today. His suggestion to rediscover Hahnemann is laudable. The founding father’s stress on taking medical practice as a ‘high mission’,preventive medicine and dietics is quite relevant today. I agree that today homeopathy is confronted with the greater challenge of treating morbid and chronic diseases produced increasingly by suppressive Allopathic treatment,defective diet and modern life style.



You will be delighted to know that I am a regular visitor of your website and I am glad to see that within shortest time your website has made tremendous progress and is one of the most valuable websites in the field of homoeopathy. I must appreciate for your great services to homoeopathy.

With best regards.

Sincerely yours.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Respected Sir,
The article “Diabetes mellitus and Homeopathy”published in June 2006 edition by Dr.Deepak.Sharma was very informative and a very well written article and also easy to understand,especially the information about homeopathic drugs was really helpful for a student like me.I would like to thank Dr.Deepak.Sharma for sharing his valuable knowledge,thank you sir…

Priyanka Jadhav


Dear editor,
The issue is very interesting. You are focussing on diverse subjects,pondering over them will certainly make a homoeopath more mature in thinking.
-Dr.Ajit Kulkarni



I thought the article on diabetes was excellant. very useful.

Roger Barr


Dr. B…My favorite was the very helpful article on Diabetes. I can recommend anything by David Little. Took his on line course a few years ago and he converted me to LMs and the liquid dose. It was a pleasure to read someone who understands hypersensitivity.

Eileen Klinck


Dear Editor,

I am a qualified and registered homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths, which is a registering body in the UK that has members from around the world. We have a comprehensive code of ethics and practice based on the National Occupational standards. I note that you do not give the Society’s code as an example of codes of ethics for your readers to compare. The Society is also involved with a consultation process that has been set up to establish a Single Register of Homeopaths for the UK ( as recommended by the Lords report) It has been good to see other associations codes and to be able to compare our own with these. Do you plan to include the Society’s

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