Letters to the Editor June 2007

Letters to the Editor June 2007

hello Elaine,

eager to share this with you- and again just can’t help but utter “Synchronicities of life!!!!!”
there is this article titles “Homoeopathic Injury Remedies” which I read today in the May issue of a homoeopathic journal-“The Homoeopathic Heritage”- this article has been taken straight from British Homoeopathic Journal, October 1959- [if you have any source to this-you can read the initial two pages of this article your selves-] but if you have not- let me brief you up with what i want to get at- they have compared and listed uses of remedies commonly indicated for Injuries with case examples of Arnica, Bellis, Opium, Calendula etc

the various points which were highlighted as the article went ahead were the ones fell quite in tune with what you and I had been discussing [hence synchronicity clicked me] like
1] arnica was prescribed to a lady running high fever with pain in her body “as if beaten”
2] arnica helped two cases of Pneumonia [where the physician interestingly put emphasis upon the point that people will usually not think of arnica for pneumonia- but well indicated it helped the entire constitution of the patient]
3] Interesting association of arnica and Bellis on the ground of both have sore, bruised feeling, good for bruises, and both belong to Compositae[!!!]. and then there were points given to differentiate amongst them like Arnica will stand in the state of shock where as Bellis will have other striking symptoms but not the shock [the answer that I gave you for your question “You seem to be saying that whatever goes for Arnica (compositae) goes for Senecio, because they’re in the same family.” go quite in tune with this ,isn’t it?]
[ is it not amazing to see the thought of similarities amongst drugs falling under same plant family then [1959] -though they were examined based on symptomatical ground. The only advancement to that today is we can understand this relationship amongst such remedies better in the light of presence of a common essence in the remedies belonging to same plant family.]

there were many such interesting points in this article that fine tuned with our discussion!

is it not amazing to get this article the very next day with it’s discussions centering around what we had been discussing lately and that to with the remedial example same as what we also used??? amazing.

Urvi Chauhan


TO Dr. De Beukelaer

I follow your articles with passion. I like them very much. You are very clear. Please, tell me how do you give the remedy to the patient (dog or cat): drops, “globulos” (I don’k know this word in english, sorry), in the mouth, in the drinking water ???

I asked you this because I don’t decided yet the best way for me.

Thank you in advance.




Excellent!!! Please, go on.



Pendulum Article

I have done energy healing for twelve years (Reiki Master, Karuna, Reikitummo three levels. Have also studied homeopathy for six years.

When two remedies seem strongly indicated and I am not sure which to chose, I use a pendulum while in contact with the electromagnetic field of the person’s body. ( I am able to feel another’s pain in my body while energy healing. ) It is the patient’s own body that is being asked the question of which remedy most closely matches what needs to be healed.

What questions are asked matter. It may be important to ask which remedy is needed first. You may need to indicate what type of healing is being sought (physical level, emotional level, mental level). I have found Ian Watson’s chakra charts to be helpful. They are a free handout on his website. You can use the pendulum to determine the emotional or physical center of disturbance that needs to be treated.

Because of my background in energy work, this is how I find the pendulum useful.



Thank you for providing the opportunity to progress a discussion like this – it is sorely needed, and I hope it becomes known and expands the awareness of your excellent journal.

best wishes

Isaac Golden


I just wanted to thank Rudi Verspoor for the clarity he has brought to his discussion of terminology in homeopathy. He has, imho, a rare gift for communicating essentials, and I applaud his idea “…to create a glossary of terms that can then be used to provide the foundation for a scientific consideration, rather than simply views and opinions. If we are to have a fruitful dialogue, the terms we use must, at the very least, be understood by all.”

Language is key, and Rudi’s work will help us all use it better.



thanx to entire team. special thanx for giving that wonderful interview of Dr. Urvi chauhan which gives a lot of information regarding their case taking or say case recieving styles , their views how they can come to the particular source & also a lot more beneficial knowledge. along with that you put the case of the same Dr. Urvi titled as ‘there was nothing i could do!’. that was just fantastic. i heartly thanking u the entire team n along with that hoping that you all will do the same or can say more refined work with the same sankaran’s style by which i am impressed. thanks a lot.
Dr. Megha Bhatt (B.H.M.S.)


Understanding terminology

I am curious to know what Rudi considers to be the connection between the person and the disease he is suffering and therefore the reason he is susceptible

Jamie Taylor


HP and Vaccination

These two concepts can be compared but are not interchangeable. The principles behind each concept is completely different and the results will also be different. Homeopaths deal with the Vital Force and Allopaths deal with the external phenomena. The priniciples governing these two philosophies are opposed and therefore cannot be interchangeable or alternatives. See for a starter paragraph 52. If people wish to have a choice, so be it, but with a proper understanding of the role of the Vital Force there is but one choice. Until this is understood then there will always be a call for Allopathy. Hahnemann understood this well, of course, he was a Homeopath. People should be educated in the role of the Vital Force – at school, at home, in medical colleges, at work etc

Jamie Taylor


it is very helpful and a good attempt to promote homeopathy in the area as well to the world –still we had oppsition about the actions of this system– though very typical cases even after retreated by hospitals successfully.
As per articles are knowlidgable and beneficiary to the practitioners only-As the patient doesnt understand and believes to be cure early, simply and without trouble(Hannehmann also want this even today) as seen in forum discussion every body gives on his her opinion and patient get confused as what to take and the discussions are so long and month
taking that new symptoms come in front and meds are changed.
Hope to discuss early. thanks and hope the best for homeopathy, practitioners and patients.
dr anwer kamal


i like dr urvi chauhan’s hot seat interview and her cases on vital sensation…i appreciate your efforts. please keep more cases from her and also i would like to have cases from her husband dr dinesh chauhan…as he is also international teacher. the issue is very good. i enjoy reading it…and i recommand it to other colleague too.
dr bipin gurjar..


Thanks a lot for May 2007 issue also consisting with Dr Bhatiya’s lecture on Organon of medicine.

– Dr Manojkumar M. Patil


I have already read and copied almost all articles of this issue for my study and they are of immense value. I appreciate very much for your hard work in the field of homoeopathy to give great boost to this pathy in every nook and corner of the world. I pray to God for your greatest success in the field of homoeopathy.

With best regards.

Sincerely yours.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Thank you for your free sacrifice towards world’s people. In your website you have added too much free homeopathy topics for the mankind. Everybody will be benefited from your such efforts. For instance, I have recently completed your on line free Homeopathy Primary Course and I have hugely benefited from this course. I am waiting for your further upcoming homeopathy advanced courses. Also, I am getting benefited from your other homeopathy topics.

Thank you too much. Good luck!

Dr. Mohammed Sirajul Islam Khan


I am a BIH Graduate, and a registered homeopath with the Council for Homeopathic Certification, and a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths. I have been in private practice for almost 12 years. I am also the Director and CEO of the British Institute of Homeopathy USA. We have over 600 students at this time.

I tried to join the forum but didn’t know where to find the webmaster’s email and also tried to join the professional homeopathic list but the computer wouldn’t accept my registration, I kept getting error messages.

I very much enjoyed the debate between George V and Issac Golden, and will be reading the other interviews and information.

thanks for a great website.

Maria T. Bohle


dear elaine,
you are soooo silly!!! asking for the medorrhinum!!! you have me crackin up! ok, i’m still reading the rest of the interview. i just read the article about point and remedy testing. wow! that was interesting! do you plan on trying to get into those things? it seems really promising. what do you think about these things? are they worth it, u think or are you better off with just the consultation?



I heartly appreciate ur article. Sir, it is my suggestion if u can able provide the hard copy ,then it would be better for us.




The exchange between Dr. Vithulkas & Dr. Golden was interesting. My memory goes back to the late fifities when the famous Dr Jaisurya of Hyd’bad asserted that homeo prpophylatics did work and cited many cases handled by him, especially related to influenza & chickenpox mainly.. He particularly recommended Gelsimium for flu & it did succeed well in Chennai. Altho I am not a practising homeo in the real sense, I have found that Gelsimium plus Eupotorium are good prophylactics against the now pervading
bird flu & chican gunia. I feel that Indian homeopaths have vast experience in the use of prophylactics and suggest that views, opinions & results should be obtained from our
practioners from India and Srilanka too.

Best wishes


The interview was absorbing and informative.A very serious discussion, interspersed with light jokes,made reading less tiring.The presense of young,intelligent and dedicated people like Dr.Urvi is a good omen for this gentle yet challenging system of healing.Reference to Dr.Sankaran’s method of vital sensation,tackling acute problems cropping up during constitutional treatment,combinig Yoga for internal harmony,the art of case receiving(riding with the Dolphin)etc. make the interview fruitful.No doubt,a homeopath has to be a bit of a psychologist to find out the miasm and similum .’To focus upon what the patient is focussing on in the case’ are central to the vital disturbance.Finding the CORE miasm is like decoding the ‘Pass-word’to the patient and recovery.The interview was an admirable effort and exposure of the homeopathic greatness.


a case of arthritis

I read this article…it is a good case.I have a question in my mind..silica is a deep acting medicine, so it is ok if we give it daily?How we decide to repeat the dose acording to case?



Having earlier commented upon the ‘Interview’, I submit my impressions about some of the remaining articles.The write-up ‘Point and Remedy Testing in Homeopathic Practice’is amazing and ground-breaking.EAV is a very promising
technique,and if perfected and applied to homeopathy successfully, it can work wonders.Another article’The Use of Pendulum in Homeopathy’ transports us to the world of spirits,who help the practitioner in selecting the remedy and potency.It is stepping into a very shaky ground,hard to stand the test of rationality.The new generation of
homeo-practitioners seem to be in search of short-cuts.Who knows we may hit some gold mine one day or spoil the whole broth of the wonderful healing science!Understanding Aphorism five,part-1 elaborates the subject with clarity and precision. In the essay on Aphorism 73, Dr. Leela D. has raised a very important issue,which is a timely warning to the homeopathic brotherhood.To conclude,The debate between the great stalwarts of the field is lively and interesting, based on their own respective logic. However Dr. Golden’work on HP cannot be brushed aside for fear of criticism.It is a new discovery and needs to be investigated further with all sincerity before getting rejected as fake.Three cheers
to the dedicated team of E-zine for touching new heights in homeopathic jouranalism.



I am burning to read your issue this month, but it is the bussiest time of the yaer for me. I am a behavior therapist, also studying Heilkunst and Homeopathy and just love the concept of your website. I look forward to the summer holiday when I can relax and work my way through many of your issues.

love and light



Thank you for sending the Homeopaty for every June 2007.
Its a great effort and your team deserves for congratulation.
The cured cases section is most favourite of mine and this month’s cases were very informative.
The interview with Dr. Urvin Chauhan was a geat one. I realy enjoy it . The new section i.e. the tips and secrets is certainly amazing and i believe that this will be more informative in the coming issues.

The other articles are under study…

Thanks once again.

Homeo Dr. Muhammad Noor Asi


We in Pakistan are not short of charlatans who make tall claims about their medicines to entrap the unwary. I would place the author of the article about Second Similinum – who discovered its true import in 200 years – in that category. The homeopaths denigrate the allopaths on many counts. Is there a single allopathic medicine whose formulation is a secret. Isn’t it the right of a patient like any consumer to know what he is taking. Would a doctor in his right frame of mind tell a patient to take a remedy of unknown formulation?
I would request that articles like this trash not be published in Hpathy.
With regards,
Yours sincerely,
Majid Raza


I found the article on Tautopathy very interesting and thought provoking. I am currently a student but am looking forward to graduating and being able to help people. I have a friend who has fuel poisoning having been one of the men in the Australian Airforce who was involved in cleaning out the F11 in the early 90’s. He has many health challenges because of this and I continually wonder how you treat him as his symptoms are easily confused with the acts of the poison on his system. Anymore info on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
Sue Oberthur


Pendulums and homeopathy
How delightful to find another homeopath that uses all the natural means at her disposal. I was a kinesiologist before I was a homeopath and don’t see why I have to give one up to do the other! Surely all clients – human, plant and animal – will benefit from every area of your therapeutic expertise.

When I am truly stuck, I will (a) use a pendulum (b) physically muscle test the client or (c) draw a tarot card, first asking for the hidden information to be made visible in this way – particularly when I have done a telephone consultation.

If you’ve got it, use it!

Eve Sheppard UK


April edition was the climax of excellence! Please keep it at this level. I hope we are not going to see articles about deciding on the remedy with the help of aliens…

This is meant to be constructive feedback and is by no means to be taken as offensive!

Sincerely yours,


Your tips and secrets are a wonderful addition. The list of incompatible
remedies you published is so convenient. No need to thumb through pages of a
book anymore!


thank u for sending me u’r monthly magazine,is very informative , study orientated & indeed is wonderful
Dr.Pritam Das


Dear Elaine,

Your last interview (Urvi Chauhan) was one of the best!

Just my humble opinion….
the ezine has gotten very technical and is pretty much over my head. i can’t read the entire thing anymore. I pick and chose. It’s great for the trained folks but as a layperson, I find it beyond me. I know how hard you and the other editors, writers etc. work to bring this to life every month. It’s awesome and a wonderful resource for homeopaths.



Peter approached me a couple years ago asking for methodological and scientific advice. Last year I visited the Central African Republic to set up a study on PC1, the remedy Peter designed to treat AIDS.
Unfortunately, the collaboration with the African colleagues did not work out, and many other rather mundane problems arose. ALso, the issue of AIDS is rather controversial. A very difficult matter, indeed.


Dr. Rainer Schneider


I read the article of Peter Chappell. This is good news. Someone mentioned to me that HIV could be treated using what is known us “Broadcasting” Is this true?

Daniel Kabason


I did read Peter Chappell’s Second Simillimum article not long ago, and subsequently went to his website and reviewed more information. While the idea of treating ‘disorders and diseases’ with homeopathy is intriguing, I was a bit surprised by the fact that Peter isn’t really using homeopathy at all, but using ‘resonances’.

He refers to them as a revolutionary and new set of homeopathic like healing remedies, and in another section of his website, He [Peter] creates a holistic mirror energy/information set to the disease using a special process he does not yet disclose.

While I’ve come to trust the ‘resonances’ in homeopathics made from real substances, I’m not sure any of use knows what we are dealing with when it comes to ‘artificially-generated resonances’. Until there is some evidence of long-term wellness among patients who have used these remedies, perhaps these should be viewed as ‘desperation remedies’. At least Peter Chappell does provide another option when conventional homeopathic therapies may fail.

Tracy Winder


It just looks to me that Peter Chappel is actually confirming my ideas in totality. The second simillimum is the true miasmatic remedy. He did it empirically, which is time consuming, but will lead to the same result.



Dear Manish

thank you for info. yes I know about this and respect Peters effot, hoever my aim is to go about it the classical way.

best wishes

Jeremy Sherr


I thank you very much for sending me Dr Peter’s article for my study. I am always thankful to you for your kind gestures and great service to homoeopathy.

With kindest regards.

Homoeopathically yours.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

Really good article, Yes indeed I new about PC for aids. I had the opportunity to cooperate to Aba Light in one of the clinics, Didi, (she is a monk of and indian foundation) runs , she also teaches homoeopathy and have been helping people with the PC formula, she has a mobile clinic and several clinics in slums around nairobi, and I believe she also has one school in Zambia, if I am correct. As I remember the PC really help people.

thanks so much for the article. sincerely yours, Hilda Jacobsen


Thank You for encouraging thoughts about Peter’s work. I have thoroughly read the article, but it made me sad. It’s strange to see such type of articles in such interesting and serious homeopathic site as

The main problem of the author (Peter Chappell) is that he from one hand severely overestimates the science underlying allopathic method and from the other hand underestimates potential in individualisation treatment as homeopathy.

I quote from PC :”Today we have the advantage of accurate diagnosis, specific catalogued diseases covering much of what actually exists as disease and much better ideas about miasms and diseases generally” – saying this means not understanding the scientific background of allopathic medicine. Many scientific facts presented by allopaths as serious breakthrough are only products of one newly developed technique (electronic microscopy, MR- or CT-imaging, some immunochemical methods etc). Our knowledge of disease in general remains incomplete, and more we find out more we understand that we’re far from being complete – serious biochemists, biophysicists, immunologists and other bio-scientists say so. Diagnosis is only name, and in most cases it does not cover a nature of the process in this disease. Modern science is successful in naming the diseases, but not in understanding why the process goes this or that course, why this process in that person produces one set of symptoms, but in other one – another set (very different from previous one). So there are too many questions remaining after so-called “stupendous advances in medicine”.

In the method designed by PC (as I understand, correct me if I’m wrong) there is no place for individualisation – but homeopathy stands on it, it’s a major part of homeopathic method, homeopathy cannot be considered without individuality concept. If we go only for disease understanding and prescribe only through disease principle, we’ll miss individuality, specificity, peculiarity of a man with disease.

The main mistake of PC, as I understand, is in this phrase: “In Aphorism 102 Hahnemann also says, in relation to epidemic diseases, but I think it equally applies to chronic diseases” – concepts of epidemic disease and chronic disease are completely different. Epidemic disease is a product of very strong and short and compact, intensive ethiologic factor which is well known, but definitely overwhelms the individual features, peculiarities due to the factor’s strength and intensity as well as rather short duration. Chronic disease is a product of long-standing exposure to multiple factors of emotional life, social and family environment with very strong accent on individual response to those social, emotional, family, environmental and other factors.

Very best regards,

Alexander Martiushev


regarding Peter Chappell concept of Second Simillimum I can confirm his idea by the fact that I developed a homeopathic treatment for Chronic Whiplash which up to now worked 100%. Every patient I had with chronic whiplash was cured, despite the fact that massage, chiropractice, acupuncture or homeopathy – even all together – can at most palliate/ameliorate the symptoms. Thanks.

Virgil Paun


I sent the remedy PC in the little hospital of Fafa near Kandy (Bénin) and they ha during a year (2002) very good results, but now, a new steam use the tri-therapy. I’ll go there in february 2008 and see exactly the evolution.
S Fayeton


Thank you for writing to me and telling me of Peter Chappell’s work. I am not familiar with it and would like to read it, so I can familiarize myself with it.

I would be happy to respond and hope to also send you some of my articles in research.

Thank you for thinking of me,
Best wishes,
Prof. Alexandra N. Delinick, M.D.


Dear Sir,

As usual I enjoyed the Ezine a lot. As I am studying online with David Little, specially the audio and powerpoint files are a so useful. Also the opinions of other homeopaths are valuable. Please go on doing all this good work.

Thank you very much.
Willy van Dregt


I like Peter as a human being but his work on AIDS and the PC remedies is no homeopathy! I wish it was that simple to help AIDS patients

Dr luc de Schepper


Peter Chappell has worked at dealing with the issue of HIV in Africa and developed a set of remedies to deal with this. His dedication needs to be appreciated.

Unfortunately there are various problems with relating his work as homeopathy and it is important for the moment to keep a clear distinction between PC remedies and homeopathy without confusing between the two. I will discuss this more in an article covering a pilot trial.

I did a pilot trial on PC-1 between 2003-2005 at an HIV Sanatorium on the outskirts of Chennai, on HIV positive patients who were tested for response to PC1 with blood tests and CD4 counts. There were symptomatic benefits of PC remedies, but no improvement on blood tests, infact CD4 counts fell in the 1 year of treatment. Also, miasmatic change did not occur and i was surprised to read some feedback state them to be ‘miasmatic’ remedies.

There are various other crucial points of discussion that need to be brought up if they have to be compared to homeopathy. On their own… they probably have good symptomatic benefit, but heresay is not enough for many.

I was a little surprised at how a number of remedies for various conditions multiplied almost overnight, and I think the crux of the issue for Peter will be from WHERE and HOW these remedies originate.

Warm regards,

dr. leela


There are 2 comments I have to make on the above mentioned work:

1. Although interesting it does seem (for me at least) too commercial for the situation in which mankind is at the moment
2. The work has neglected the variations in cultural factors and in consequence is not complete.

Great day,


Peter Chappell’s Second Simillimum remedies offer hope to a suffering world. I hope they will be tried by many other homeopaths. I wish he would explain how they are made, as it might speed acceptance of them. People are cautious of mysteries.

Penny Sackman


Second Simillimum

Yes, this an astonishing development of homeopathy.
I did know something about Peter’s work already.
Thank you for semding me this,

Paul Grenville



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