Letters to the Editor June 2009

Letters to the Editor June 2009

Dear editors,

The interview with Eugenio Candegabe was amazing! It was inspiring to read about this Spanish giant through your journal. The interview is filled with such golden nuggets -ready to be found – only if you read the interview carefully enough. Please allow me to share what I found inspiring:

The Doctrine is understood within one night, but in order to learn the Materia Medica a whole life does not suffice

How true! But the young homeopaths of today are often so over-confident after learning some keynotes. I feel sorry for them and hope they realize the unending path to learning homeopathy.

The patient is nothing more than a sum of symptoms, and what individualizes the patient is the interrelation of symptoms in their intentionality, sense and purpose. All this is written in my two already published books. And now I ask you a question: How can we distinguish a Mozart symphony from a Rock concert if both musical compositions utilize the same 7 notes and some sharps and flats ? Think about this a bit and you will find the answer.

What a BEAUTIFUL comparison to understand the human individuality. Same body parts, same chemicals, same genome – yet we are all SO different. How can medicine treat us alike?

If there emerge several remedies from the repertorization of a given case, then read the Materia Medica and look for the remedy which is most similar to the patient being investigated

Like Candegabe, I too hope that the young students realize the importance of these words of Kent. There is too much blind reliiance on the repertorization software these days. The art of ‘going back to the book’ is getting lost!

that which the patient is looking for in his life, is what gives sense and value to his symptoms in ultimate instance

It looks like Sankaran has also been inspired by the likes of Candegabe. The desire to look beyond the symptoms – to who the ‘person’ is, looks common. And it’s so vital to understand this at times.

go slowly, prescribe if you are quite sure and you will see with surprise that the remarkable cure of chronic diseases which you obtain every now and then, will give you the strength to go on, because you will never see this with allopathy

“prescribe if you are quite sure’. How many of us are actually able to follow this? Most of us feel the compulsion to prescribe even if we are not sure of our prescription. We need to learn this art from candegabe.

Homeopathy is sublime, the art is noble, the satisfaction to be able to help, the sensation of fulfilled duty, which should be beyond all doubts, the solitude which the rejection of the official medicine implies, and these should be the guide which motivates the physician to follow his way despite all adversities which he has to face, in the course of his education.

VERY inspiring!!

Thank you to Katja Schuett for conducting such a wonderful interview and for allowing us to learn about the masters of homeopathy and their experience through your beautiful journal. You deserve all the applaud!

Yours sincerely,


A general comment on Hpathy monthly EZINE

I normally don’t comment via “Letters to the editor”. But I came to realize something about and the free on line Monthly EZINE- Some 35,000 Practitioners/patients/students of homeopathy/laypersons using homeopathy can have access to a full monthly on line professional homeopathic journal for “free”.

A forum that is moderated to keep the riff raff out (anti-homeopathic skeptics). A student forum, vet forum, science forum- And a place for help (patients seeking aid).

Free materia medica and other on line ref. work and many many other free options, all it takes is to sign in…………No subscriptions, no membership due’s, nothing…………………

All hard work at Hpathy is done by dedicated volunteers with no pay, I know because I was One of the Moderators for 4 yrs.

Hpathy and its free on line EZINE puts to shame all those ‘subscription’ based homeopathic journals.

Gina Tyler DHOM


Love Hpathy!

Another great issue. I love Elaine Lewis’s quizzes help solidify remedy details in my memory and reading how different homeopaths approach this healing art is always interesting and helpful.

Please keep up the good work.

Very best wishes,

Barbara Lowry


Dear editor,

Very interesting the issues in this e-zine talking about going to an spiritual homeopathy, I agree with this wiewpoint

New notes and experiences on lanthanides are welcome. I can recognise them often since I have read “Secret Lanthanides” of Jan Sholten. They used to be a “hidden treasure” for me before.

Thank you,

Ma. Àngels Carrera – Barcelona


I just don’t know where to begin to tell you how much I learned about Repertorizing from this issue. Also I really like the articles on HFA and want to begin using it. I don’t want to give any special significance to any particular article because it would an injustice to all the other excellent articles. They are all good. I just can’t stop reading Ezine. All the “how to’s” are so helpful. I wish to buy a couple of books from the articles. Can you recommend the most economical bookstore to order from? Thank you soooooooooooooo much for Ezine.

Jim Herbert


I have been regular reader of hpathy. It’s a wonderful e-journal which updates us with latest knowledge and developments.

Dr Harbhajan Singh MD


Thank you for sending all the valuable issuses. Please send some common tips on acute cases.
Prabin Shaw


Dear Editor

Hi. I am not so familiar with Dr Masi. But I think he devoted much of his life to heal and cure his patients. Dr. Masi-Elizade is surely one of the prominent Homeopaths .His deep belief in God is a hallmarks of this prominence .Our most important teacher in Homeopathy, Dr.S.Hahnemann had also deep and true belief in God as the creator of the whole existence and our vital forces. But in my opinion The pluralist homeopathy which was practiced by him is contrary to Hahnemannian Homeopathy .

I wish mercy of the God and Heaven for him .

Best Wishes,

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D.


As usual, the much awaited issue comes with great articles, new and not so new all relevant to our noble profession and practices. Of particular ³synchronicity² are the mentions of J. Winston¹s ³Faces of homeopathy² book I happen to have just received and started reading!!
South American homeopathy articles are fascinating!
Thank you again for this wealth of information that ³drops² down our email letterboxes every month!


Hello Hpathy team,
There are many times I turn to your informative website for tips and Materia Medica advice. In fact its often the first place I look when I need a bit of inspiration. Thanks for your excellent work and please keep it going. I may be slow to acknowledge it but I’m grateful nonetheless.

Lauren Allender


Sir, you have been doing a great service to the field of Homeopathy and educating the mass in the pursuit of the of homeopathy on line

B Suresh, DIHom


Thanks a lot for providing the e journals, they are wonderful. I enjoy the articles, they are the source of richness in knowledge.




Thanks for the great common sense article about flu remedies, great to have the refresher on remedies

Beverley Brown NZ


Just a short line to say a big thank you to Manish Bahtia for the recent Swine flu article. It saved me many hours of work.



Your swine flu article is very good. I want to say that u send more articles on net for recent days diseases.

Himanshu Sharma


Hi I enjoyed very well, but I am beginner, so i need to learn more about the homeopathy.
T Afshani


Dear Sir

Your May 09 Newsletter is wonderful with the most interesting articles on various subjects of great interest. Your Newsletters are always better than any other newsletters in the field of homoeopathy which really serve the cause of homoeopathy. You deserve great appreciation.

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


I have so enjoyed reading the articles, especially the ones from Ian Leupker – besides the remedy, the kindness and humanity of the man shines through!

Gouri Bardhan


I was looking for information on swine flu and was glsd to see that u hv not only given the details of disease but also hom. therapeutics.Thanks for the update. How abt, selecting a genus epidemics and using it as a preventive for healthy individuals.
In delhi and around v hv cases of flu indicating mainly Gels and Bryonia at present. Dont u think if given as preventive they may prevent the incidence of swine flu too


Dear Dr. Katja Schutt,

The Hpathy ezine is something that I try regularly to read. It is a great effort and the labour put in by all of you is commendable. Hats off to your dedication and committment for popularizing this wonderful science of Homeopathy.
Regards & best wishes,
B N Bhaumik.


The information in your ezine is highly informative, inspiring and a wonderful asset to homeopaths or to those interested in the subject. The only problem I have with it is that there is too much information to print off without going into each heading individually and I don’t have the time to do this. I was wondering if it would be possible to subscribe to a hard copy of the monthly ezine via post, that way I can carry it with me and peruse it more often than the length of time I actually get to sit at a pc to review it?
Maria, Homeopath Dublin


With a limited time to read, right now I tend to look for the wisdom and practical hints of those experienced in homeopathic practice for many years! Especially those who understood, perceived and practiced the true classical homeopathy that the masters beginning with Hahnemann founded who established a strong and reliable scientific basis of homeopathy.

Thank you for the very inspiring interviews with Dr. Eugenio Candegabe and Dr. Marcelo Candagabe. They establish great hope for the future of homeopathy with their percception.

Dr. Leela D’Souza


Again, your issue is outstanding. You always give such a variety of articles that one can only rate your homeopathy eletters as top-notch. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Chas. & Pat Regensburger


I did not like the Argentinean edition. I do prefer a most Hume approach to homeopathy. Too much theology influence in Argentinean School point of view.

Best regards and thank you very much indeed for your endeavor.



Thankyou very much for the May issue of Homeopathy 4 everyone. I am thoroughly enjoying the issues, and would like to complement your team for taking out this e- magazine. Will try to keep up with these issues and answering your emails.


Dr, Seema Shahab


Excellent! So many interesting and helpful articles.



A rich and exciting issue.
Cathleen Springer, C.Hom.


Dear Editor,
Another very interesting edition with good articles (as usual).Keep up the good work!!

Best Wishes.
Dr.Nigel Bird


The May issue was wonderful!!! The article on the swine flu should be read by everyone. I also was very impressed by the article on Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have a daughter 12 who in on the Autism Spectrum. In our home we only use homeopathic meds, as well as herbs, aromathery and flower essences.

Really enjoy this issue!

Karen Kramer


This was a gem.

I especially liked the article on the swine flu by Dr. Bhatia and I always love any articles by Ian Luepker.


Pamela Swanson RN CCH


Loved the Carol Boyce film clip. Good luck with the rest and donations. You deserve it.



I looked throught the magazine. I enjoyed the articles on autism and agro homeopathy. I felt the information was thorough and the organization of the material, easy to follow. I would be interested to provide feedback and or help out in the magazine, if my assistance is needed.

thank you

Sherry Essnaasahari


Don’t have much time, but wanted to say how much I appreciated the interviews with the Candegabes.

Thanks so much,


Brilliant, that You continiue Your fokus on Masi, since so littel material from him, are available!! Thank You.

Kindest regards, Camilla.


I enjoied very much the May issue of Homeopathy 4 everyone.
Thank you very much for it.
Doina Pavlovschi


Your is one of the best sides in the net on homeopathy. If it wasn´t I surely wouldn´t read them anymore.
best wishes
Wilhelm A. Gaebler


May 09 issue of homeopathy emagazine was simply superb. Particularly the highlighted issue of ADD in children , which is a growing menace in the
world was published at the right time.

I am at nagercoil, southern most point of India, which is a small town. I had occassion to discuss with local allopathy paediatricians and to my
surprise they all confirmed that they receive a lot of child cases of ADD, ADHD etc. Unfortunately , the vaccine mfrs of the world , want to strengthen
their purse, than do research on whether the link between vaccines and these childhood diseases. Neither these people nor the world govts are not really addressing this great problem, which, if not tackled will leave the world with a population of ADD ADHD people.

I am glad that our magazine, rightly emphasised the urgent need for solutions to this problem.

Let us all do research on the causes, reasons for this unexplainable increase etc

with best wishes


I really enjoyed your online magazine. The most interesting thing for me is the section ‘From The Clinic’. The article about ‘The Little Lady’ was very instructive and edifying. I hope, I will be able to find more cases like this at hpathy.

Thank you for your commitment!

Sincerely yours
Emo Krumov


I congratulate you for your ezine hpathy. Its very informative and really brings new refreshed articles everytime for Homoeo-world.



Dear Editor,
Excellent newsletter. I particularly appreciate Dr. De Schepper’s note. Would love to see Dr. De Schepper’s comments on autism too, since that is a subspecialty of his. Your newsletter is extremely well done, with a huge number of known professional homeopaths contributing to it. It can’t help but further the profession itself.
Thank you,
Patrick Cotter


Homeopathy for Everyone may issue is superb esp. TIPS


Exeelent articles, good insights and learning. You are putting the WORLD of homeopathy together! The Argentinian journey is impeccable!

thanks a million


Dear editor,

I wish to go on receiving your interesting e-zine which I read with really interest every month. It has been very useful in my profession.

Thank you very much,

Maria Àngels Carrera


Dear Sir,
This is regarding the article by Peter Morrel on Kent’s influence on British Homeopathy in Hpathy Ezine – May, 2009
It is iteresting to read about the influence of Kent on the British Hoeopathy by Peter Morrel. It was like peeping into the history of Homeopathy and knowing about the changing patterns of prescribing under the influence of Dr. Kent.
There is no doubt about the fact that Kent had the most influence on the way Homeopathy is practiced today, not only in Britain but all over world. One of the most influenced was Dr. Tyler as Peter Morrel has mentioned. The most surprising fact about this is that she never met Dr Kent. If this is true, it would be the most amazing thing since she herself had established a name for herself and yet was not been able to meet her “Guru”
There is a mention somewhere that Tyler slept with a Bible on one side of her pillow and Kent’s Materia Medica on the other side. A devout person like her and not ever met Kent ! From this is seems that not only Homeopathy but Kent’s “morality also inlfuenced her equally.
Yours truly
Dr. Rajiv Chopra


Although I appreciate the magazine, I often do not have the energy to follow things through. Do keep sending the magazine as it is very much appreciated.



I love what you are doing for me and everyone else, unfortunately, it has been one thing after the other, so, I am way behind. It will be while before you hear from me.
Joyce Melat


Dear Editors,

Congratulations to the entire editorial board. Your writeups are indepth, scientific, mature, and unequalled. This is a forum for all like-minded homeopaths.


Abobe all else, you are simply great! More grease to your elbow!! Keep the alchemical flag flying.

The April issue was my first but it was worthwhile.

Thanks for the opportunity.

very warmly.




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