Letters to the Editor March 2007

Letters to the Editor March 2007

Have just been introduced to your site and the loads of brilliant info on it! Thank you for performing this service. Hope I can one day contribute something others will enjoy!

Kind regards

Tim MacCaw


Thank you for caring so much and for the time you spend on our behalf

Joyce Melat


dear dr jawahar shah , iread your psoric child article itis superb iwant to congratulate u for this v. informative article . pl. keep writing in future also . Thanks Dr A. P. Shukla.


I really liked your case of Robinia. I also practice Dr Sankaran’s method i.e The Sensation Method. The sensations are very clear as well as the reaction to it. I really liked the case and it contributes to my learning experience. Please send more cases with sensation methods on H pathy.


Feedback on Psoriasis case
Dear Dr Urvi, It Was a great case,which illustrates Jan Scholtens Theme of periodic table beautifully.Special compliments for using exact words used by the pt in hindi Expecting more from u. wish u to enrich your thoughts. Dr meeta.


thanks for your service………service to humanity=service to god


dear dr.manish
i liked the feb issue so much specially ur lecture on 2nd apho. & all the cases by dr.shah and keep adding multimedia subjects in upcomming issues .
i also want to request u to plese take dr.sankaran on hot seat and take his interview i want to know more about his books and his practice. i am eagerly waiting for ur responce.



Just wanted to say that this month’s issue is so jam packed I found it difficult to even decide where to start.
Thank you for providing such a lovely resource for homoeopaths and students everywhere.

Best wishes
Drinna Ferrer


Respected sir i have seen your papers very much usefull for me because i am learning now only and hence i am telling u really getting material is usefull for me . thanking u
G. Vijayakumari


dear Sir,
Many thanks for the link. The issue was interesting as always.



Articles on miasm and Palladium proved to be very beneficial for me !

Dr Amiya Haldar


Hello: Sankaran’s article re Miasms is excellent. I want to read everything he has written. Milton Fried, Md Atlanta, Ga. USA PS Your website is wonderful. An excellent educational asset for homeopaths. Thank you, and I wish you great success, Editor.
Milton Fried


Great newsletter, always look forward to it as a special treat. I enjoy the power points, they do make things clear.

One problem, the teleconference would not come up for Melissa Burch when I clicked on the address line. It was not available on her site that I could find. The site has a good description of finding the sensation, worth reading.

Eileen Klinck


ery well put together . I’m glad I am sa subscriber.Susan E. Baun


It is a good issue.

Dr. P. Guha


Hai every one at Hpathy

A word about Hpathy January 2007 Edition

It was a interesting and a wonderful edition, actually speaking it eas very easy for me to save the articles and read them leasiurely, previously I used to open the page and save it and used to read which actually took lot of space in my computer.

So in my opinion I find it useful and beneficial, if you use the same format as done in January issue in the future issues.

Thank you



I got it, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis Rivera


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia and all team,

Thanks so much.. I have received it ..all time wonderful.

With much Regards,

Dr. Ashutosh Mehta.


Dear Sir,

The edition is bit changed to marvelous power point presentations filled and it cannot be shared through the word it is best of every thing given to this edition .

i am proud to be an subscriber fir this issue.
manoj ukkali




I found the issue very appealing. In particular I am inclined to agree with the observations made by Dr Jawahar Shah in his article on The Psoric Child. I do find that the early Psoric Child is very close to health which is otherwise unusual. I am also agreeable to the factors enlisted by Dr. Shah as resposible for deviation in health and that proper antipsoric treatment in the early stages can causing lasting health.
Sunil Sharma


As a new commer to this area I am amazed at how many things are just NOT properly explained so that anybody, even a newcommer can follow and become interested in the topics. The writers make too many assumptions, or maybe vagueness is the prefered style and that’s what I’m not understanding.

But even so, if an article means to talk about The Psoric Child – for example, and it is not meant for ADVANCED readers who know all about the psoric child to begin with, the author should at some point explain WHAT a psoric child is as opposed to those who are not, or give some idea of what else they could be. Otherwise it just seems to me that I am reading a description of ANY child and it lacks credibility being very easily dismissed as some wishy-washy fantasmogoric baloney. This content needs to be briefly integrated in the rest of the literature on the topic and definitely with a definition of what a psoric child is. NO, NOT a description of the characteristics, that there’s plenty of, but a definition of what PSORIC means, why “psoric” and not “disonic” or “quarentic” and where does this fall in the continuum of world children? At least provide links to these definitions if the authors don’t bother with them.

As I said, I’m new here, and maybe this is all for readers who are well versed in homeopathy and related fields, but if you’re trying at all to attract new audiences who are just know learning about homeopathy and trying it on for size, you have to make an effort to provide links and definitions of terms or you will not find too many newcommers willing to stick around. Makes one feel very unwelcome and loss of interest is fully justified.


I just wanted to send you a thumbs up on the new style Ezine. I look forward to my issues every month. It helps me as a Physician learn to incorporate more Homeopathic Treatments into my Pratice here in Austin Texas. I am a DO and as you know they were originally physicians who worked on the bodys centering and alignment and did very detailed hands on adjustments. We have 17 Doctor of Osteopathy Schools now in the USA. I am somewhat ashamed to say that now for most pratical purposes a DO is no different than a MD of traditional schooling. Our profession has changed such that my contemporaries now carry a prescription pad and have all but abandoned out real roots. I have tried to find a balance in my pratice,Americans insist on pills. I show them why they are not needed and am slowly getting a lot of my patients I see in Clinic to come off the medications and try my other homeopathic solutions. I want to tell you I enjoyed the feedback on what else I used in my pratice besides Homeopathy and I explained the very limited allopathic prescriptions I use and most is for cancer pain and opiates. Thanks so much for the excellent magazine and all I learn from the articles .Keep up the Good work.




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