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I was impressed with Rudi Vespoor’s article Part 9: Direction of Cure in the Feb. issue of Homeopathy4everyone.

It may be the first time, in the recent past that authentic and well supported arguments from the Organon as expression of Hahnemann’s observations in the direction of cure, have been lucidly explained.

The recent debate over Hering’s Law’s of Cure has, unfortunately, eroded the confidence homeopathic practitioners should have had in its wisdom. This is sad because so many practitioners will not rely on a blueprint for cure, and instead ambiguously base their analysis on empirical observations that are not binding in the direction of cure. What they term as “cure” is simply palliation, suppression or a feeling of well being. One senior practitioner stated, “if some serious pathological condition in a deeper organ occurs many years after my treatment, why should it mean any suppression on my part? It may have happened anyway!” Hence senior homeopaths abstain from any responsibility to deteriorating health of their patients without acknowledging that their “homeopathic” treatment has helped the progression of disease contrary to Hering’s Direction of Cure.

I am heartened that there is now, one more good article on Hering’s and Kent’s side of the fence, the side that I and most homeopathic medical colleagues support. I look forward more articles written, so that the debate is now fueled positively. These articles need further substantiation by authentic and well documented clinical cases.

This also needs to be balanced by other cases that did not follow Hering’s Law of Direction of Cure, seeking explanations and reasons. There ARE good reasons why this happens and we need not be afraid to find them out. The next step forward will be investigating and analyzing these cases not only from remedy choice aspects, but from philosophical perspectives rooted in sound homeopathic philosophy.

best regards,

Dr. Leela


It is my pleasure going through your ezine about Homeopathy, I got interested in it through a friend of mine in Sri Lanka, he is an old man but always writing or reading something, and a very peaceful and kind person, his name is Dr. Kulawardane, Gem of a person who helps the poor and treats them without any charges.

My grievance is that even though a major percentage of people in USA is affected with MS I do not find any detailed or even normal mention of it in your ezine, only once I read it in the general section. If you can give a detailed coverage of
MS it might give lot of people hope and they might try Homeopathy as a treatment procedure.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes
Angelo Pereira


I found the following papers really interesting: “ on.asp” The Energetic Examination in Homeopathy – Dr. Filip Degroote: very interesting, although not so easily applicable without acupuncture and WP knowledge

“”Tips and Secrets – 10 – Alan Schmukler: some very good tips in there “” Co-dependency – Dr. Samir Chaukkar: thought provoking article: I could imagine that everybody of us can find some of the symptoms in oneself. Excellent the how homoeopathy can help the symptoms of co-dependency.

I would like the articles to be in a better printable version: bigger writing and leave the adds to one side so they are not on the forms printed out.

I am glad I have subscribed for Hpathy!

Ursula Edwards


Just want to say Thank you to Mati Fuller for her brilliant articles. Have just read ‘beyond the veil of delusions’ and enjoyed it very much. It is quite rare to find a homoeopathy book that I can read cover to cover in one sitting, though of course I know I will find revisiting it at a more leisurely pace rewarding. More please!
Maurice Haigh


Thank you again for a wonderful ezine, one which I never fail to enjoy. However, there is one issue that pops up from time to time in homoeopathic discussions that never fails to make me really quite angry. There are still many homoeopaths that maintain that homoeopathy can do only good and never harm, and does not cause
side-effects. I find this incredible. As someone who is hypersensitive to remedies, and prone to proving a remedy on what seems to be a permanent basis, and who has suffered at the wrong end of suppressive remedies this makes me very cross. I have massive respect for homoeopathy and have experienced and witnessed it’s almost miraculous healing effects. However, I have also seen and lived with the flip-side. Since homoeopathy is so incredibly powerful it makes no sense to also view it as harmless. So, to read in the interview with George Vithoulkas the statement, ” If you had to choose between a form of medical treatment which restores your health without any side effects, and another form of treatment that may treat certain states but that often negatively affects or even disturbs some other part of your organism, which of the two methods would you chose? You would certainly choose the first method.” sadly diminishes my respect for what he has to say.

Jeremy Sherr’s comment, “I know of many cases that were ‘zig zagged’ for years and came to me with drug symptoms mixed with those of their original complaints.” strikes me as a lot more realistic. This is not meant to be a personal dig at Mr Vithoulkas by any means, I’m afraid he was just the latest person to mention this issue in this way. However, I think this is something that needs discussing in the world of homoeopathy. I personally would have little faith in being treated by a homoeopath who professed that homoeopathy never causes harm!

Maurice Haigh


I really like very much to read Miranda`s opinions and secrets. it is a good interview
thank you
Ethel Voloch


dear editor you had me down as a friends e mail so i unsubscribed that one at yahoo this is my e mail where you always sent the newsletter etc and please keep it coming here it is correct and i received it today so there was an address mistakes keep sending me the Hpathy ezine to this address here as you always did so i can studyansd use the hpath in my medical practice. i get other allopathic doctors who attack me but its not fair or corrupt. All they are are glorified pill pushers. and chemists they rarely touch a patient in the us anymore i do and much more.good newsletter this time.if you want to use me as a d.o. physician who benefits from the articles please feel free to do do as another colleague told me he is glad i use both methods of diagnosis i am listed as a family practitioner and i have to at least do minor allopathic medicine or the insurance co’s won’t pay me. so spread the word the usa was all allopathic physicians until this century with the discovery of different drugs. i don’t want to put poison in a person ans have him addicted to pain medspsych meds ect its a mess it causes mopre problems than pills do.of cource if i hada fatal pt in arrest i would certainly use drugs to start his hear. keep up the good work dr. bhatia i have not had a letter from you since you got the hpathy magazine going so drop mea line on what you think we can do in the states to stimulate interest more and get people off poision drugs dr. ryan d.o. the desk of christian p. ryan


Jeremy Sherr’s observation re similimum is absolutely correct and very relevant in treating patients. All homeo physicians should always keep this in their minds and practice,,,,,

Best wishes”’ Raghavan


I am pleased with the amount of information available to anyone from your site.
I would like to be able to read more about the homeopaths interviewed ie. George Vitulkas or am I missing something?
It is a site I would recommend to others also.
Thanks for all your work.
Pam Hemmings


I just now finished reading all the articles under the October issue of Hpathy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I looked forward to reading all the future issues. 🙂


It was brilliant to listen to Edward Whitmont – ( I’ve only heard the first lecture so far ) thank you thank you – he is one of my gurus and interestingly he talks about quackery !! in his introduction – so it does reflect the ongoing assault we have had to endure since Hahnemanns time – my question is why do the seemingly “establishment” type figures in the UK need to do it?

As well as being about your fantastic ezine, this email is also about the future of homeopathy in the UK – Can you refer to the letter below my email on your site – the BBC has removed all reference to complementary or alternative medicine from their web site –

Thank you for uniting us globally and your passion and persistence to keep this going –

Carole Sanders


The time spent on this really worth.




I find the issues that I read about are very interesting and educational. I learn something new and exciting in the field of homoepathy and health.

Thank you

Annette Webb


Dear Sir,

a very enlightening interview by great Dr. George Vithoulas encompassing many things.

“Codependency” for me at least a new subject came up with lot of basic information

thanks a lot



Hi to all friends at hpathy ezine

just re-reading my January edition, thanks for another zowee issue. My only problem is finding time to read it all.

I congratulate you on the birth of Homeopathy Worldwide, and only question this request:
“We invite all the leading homeopaths, scientists, heads of all homeopathic organizations, heads of all homeopathic companies and directors/principals of all homeopathic schools/colleges to come forward and support Homeopathy Worldwide.” Why not “all homeopaths”?

Miranda Castro’s interview is a gem, I have forwarded it to several friends. Her documentation of case results is an example to us all. I love her because she is down-to-earth and always keeps to the point.

thanks again
Helen Swan RSHom


In response to Rudi Verspoor’s article:

This is indeed an important subject of which different interpretations causes differences between homeopaths and schools.

One thing I would have liked to come out more clear in the article is the difference between a cure that happens naturally and a cure that follows a homeopathic prescription. There still appears some confusion between the natural tendency of symptoms to disappear from inward to outward and above to downward and the reaction to a homeopathic prescription where there may/should be a reversal of appearance of symptoms can take place. In the latter, is it allowed for new symptoms to appear when they follow the outward and downward evolution of ‘the disease/cure’?

Al too often one hears homeopaths say that the appearance of an eruption is the sign of an improvement of the patient. What if the patient never suffered with this eruption and what if this eruption is not well tolerated by the patient?

Another subject that comes in the same category is the aggravation after taking a remedy.



hi folks
reading G. Vithoulkas reminds me of my first homeopathic studies, 20 years ago, when we avidly devoured ‘the Science of Homeopathy’ and ‘Homeopathy Medicine of the New Man’ and others. His high standards have always been inspirational. I was also especially intrigued by David Johnson’s analysis of the Nitricums.
Helen Swan RSHom


Yes it is quite informative. I will appreciate if some eyes related topics are covered.. As I have hardly seen any for the same. If you people have something please send me a link. I have been suffering from CNVM in Left eye for 8 Years and I have tried all types of medicines. I want to preserve at least my Right eye.



Wonderful ezine- accessible and interesting…the links at the end of the Vithoulkas interview are not working fyi. But thank you for this great effort…as a student it is an invaluable resource, and a sense of community.

Many thanks


Now I have read this interview with full interest. GV has given perfect answers to the queries put before him. I am convinced that every one interested in Homeopathy should read it. It is also very useful for practicing Homeopaths.

Thanks for reminding me to ready this interview and give me comments.

Jaswant S Matharu.


(sorry for my weak english). I have greatly,as usual, appreciated this last Hpathy feb. issue. Thanks to all contributors. I want to share some reflections following my lecture of the Jeremy Sherr replies. As he explain, sustained by Hahnemann and Kent citations, the “only one and everlasting similimum” for each case is a misconception or an ideal (utopia?) to tend or to dream of but it is unrealizable. By the time we can prove 7 billions similimums, (one for each human now living), we will surely need much more billions remedies for our followers on earth, without speaking of animals. The fact that so many people were and are cured by the same remedies is a proof that we must precise our idea of what is (one or more) true similimum.

Our teachers, while speaking of the perfect similimum, were wise enough to introduce us to some practicals notions to work with. Among those, the idea of a similimum for a set time which can be followed by another when the picture change.The concept of layers to be successively erased by the correctly here and now selected similimum is a derivation or a variant of this idea. But we must recognize that sometime we use these concept to hide (consciously or not) (to ourselves and to our patients) our difficulty to find a remedy which promptly and profoundly help our patients. From layer to layer, (following or not Herring’s laws it is another story) we gain time and keep hope to cure really. Too often our “layers” were selected on un correct criterion, superficials perceptions or rubrics being externals expressions instead of genuinely energetic reflection (or similimum) of our patient deep disorder. Sometimes these remedies act partially, sometimes not, we zigzag in confusion so many times…Some partials result allow us to continue without knowing really why it work only a little and not ” in a rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health…according to clearly realizable principles”(#2).

Nevertheless cure happen! It is a chance that we don’t need the one. only. absolute and eternal similimum! But how can we increase our certitude to reach a similar enough similimum to cure and not only palliate (or at worst suppress )our cases? In which territory must we search? Where are hidden the one, two, three (or more?) sufficiently similimum we and our patient hope for? How. in Hahnemann’s words: can we perceived and match “what is curative in our remedies ” which” what is to be cured in diseases, that is to say, in every individual case of disease?” What is curative and what is to be cured is the energetic pattern, not the pathology , not the laterality or time of aggravation, not the emotive reaction, not the intellectual theory about the disease, not the delirium, dream or delusion . Chasing these (the expressions but not the central disorder ) we are lost without compass and we cure by chance due to the fact that the expressions lead us sometime to the core and also because many similimum are available. But if we focus on the deep power in remedies, (their energetics patterns) and if we look for the same in patients we increase our probality to find the group of similimums among which many can act in a positive way. What unite these similimums in group are naturals laws. Kingdoms in plants, species and sub-species in animals, atomic configuration in minerals. We owe to Sholten, Sankaran and others the maps to follow in our quest. Their work until now show clearly that scientifics classification of elements, plants and animals group also their hidden therapeutic powers. For example, (see Sankaran’s books), two plants within the same family and same miasm are similimum enough to give appreciable result. We can think, in this perspective, that for examplein plants we don’t need to prove each of the thousands living on earth. The same with animals and minerals. A sufficient number could be enough to cover the human energetic kaleidoscope. Which number? The homeopathic human genome is still to complete. But, for sure. we must focus on energetics patterns (Vital Sensation) on us and in nature to reach our “sole and only calling: make the sick healthy. to it is called.”
I want also to salute the new Homeopathy Worldwide project. Thank you.

Mario Guilbault.


As a student of homeopathy, I enjoy your emails and they are a regular source of information for me.


The interview was totally inspiring to me. I immediately signed up for an online course.

Cheryl Reiff


I have sometimes in the past expressed my opinion on various subjects in homeopathy and my expressed my support for Vithoulkas. But I have never had any acknowledgement or mention by you. May be they were not to your liking.

Since you have again written requesting my comments on Vithoulkas interview, I think he is absolutely right but inapplicable in countries like India where I have my second home for the last five years – except perhaps for very affluent upper middle class patients.

There is simply no time to work out the vibrating personal remedies for most of the average earning patents. Even when time was often spent as in my own case, it has failed.

Al the homeopaths I have consulted, use two or three remedies in high potencies like 30, 200 and 1M.

I have suffered from clinical depression for decades. But all highly places homeopaths have singularly failed whereas my psychiatrist finally made a breakthrough to 75%. The same applies to sleep problem with homeopathic treatment. I have yet to see a single case that has worked.

I think making claims that cannot be sustained does a great harm to homeopathy. I believe that some homeopathic treatment works. But more often, it does not. I find that many of complex homeopathic remedies like Heel’s and Dr. Reckeweg’s work within hours or even less like R.4, R 37 in particular. There is simply no time to find out the right remedy that vibrates or have at least some resonance. When one has acute colicky pain, one can’t wait for days for the probable medicine to work – if at all.

I have studied homeopathy, not like students in India of course. But enough to know what I am talking about.

I also know that this letter would be ignored like the last. I am going away to my home in London for three moths from the end of this month.

Amir Cassam
Dental Surgeon (Retired)


Congratulations by the edition


Its great – love it!!

many thanks.




Secondly, it’s codependenCy, without the capital letter, of course.? I mistype too much myself.

Thirdly, thanks! The whole concept is very good.

Love in King Jesus,


I submitted and answer to Elaines quiz and got it right the answer was Dolomite I sad give her liquid MAG. and CAL. dolomite is mag. and cal. in the carbonate for in solid mineral do you include these correct answer and to all Hpath. Dolomite is not illegal in the USA you just cannot represent it as a medicine to the public and is available at any health food store or Vitamin Shop very cheap Dr. Christian Ryan D O


Each issue is enlightening and interesting
Thank you
Thomas Chandy


A very interesting article by George Vithloukas,

Thanks you

Joan Goddard


Dear Editor, you asked for feedback – well my experience is that Homeopathy for Everyone is THE essential reading, a vital link with homeopaths throughout the world, and excellent learning through other’s knowledge and experience. I especially value the fact that we get a varied approach from different homeopaths which I think is invaluable. Learning is much enhanced by this, the stimulation of different philosophical approaches. I can’t really praise it enough.Brillinat articles and latest input from the influential homeopathic individuals like Geaorge Vithoulkas and jeremy Sherr. I also appreciate the atmosphere generated- generous, thoughtful, inclusive and genuinely concerned with forwarding everyone’s progress to greater understanding not just of homeopathy but life.

Continuing professional development that is enjoyable, thought provoking and most of all supportive.
many many thanks

good morning
no sending the feedback,but i m telling u ,your work is master work so, ple, continue to give response.
thanks. Jilesh


I agree with Jeremy Sherr about there is not only one simillium for the case but if we could find the right directly it is good. Today there are so many medicines into the body and it gives shadows to the case.Today I found an article in our daily newspaper about medicines. It says “we” only trust expensive medicines and if they are colored it is more trust!!!!!!!! You see when I give homeopathic medicine to my patient and it works they often replay – could it be this small
pills????????? Funny isn´t it? / Gun


As a student of homeopathy that has come to respect this wonderful healing art later in life, I am inspired and excited by your emagazine and it continues to play a very important role in my learning and education. Thank you so much for providing this information freely to students, professionals and the interested community. Each month, the interviews spark yet another trigger to move me to pursue the subject with passion and commitment.

George Vithoulkas’ interview was captivating, but oh to have him around for dinner and hang off every word for an hour or two or more………

Thank you so much for your efforts in opening up homoeopathy to everyone!

Jane Faulkner


You have done a great job,entire universe appreciate your dedication and commitment toward this humanitarians venture.



I thoroughly enjoy getting the newsletter and there are always things to learn and ponder on which is really great. Keep up the good work.
Barbara camelford


I enjoy reading all of the information in the on line magazine, I don’t feel any dissatisfaction with it at all. I haven’t sent any feedback as requested because at the moment I am finishing my 3rd year degree in h/pathy and just haven’t had time -I have four more essays to do before end of March- your information has been of value to me in many ways -if you have any info on erectile dysfunction -my dissertation topic I would be very grateful.

Pat Wann


I find the quiz very much informative.not only that ,it also keeps me in contact with the remedies and its symptoms.the other sections in this magazine are also very good .i find the magazine very interesting and love to read it …i extend my heartfelt congrats to the editor and all those crew members……..bye……A


the Feb. edition is good work,lot of useful to my practice,
thank you,
Dr.siyad BHMS


Many thanks for all the information you send to me.Wish you all the best in the world. popo


Very good

Dr. Rajendran


Love anything you can get from Mirando Castro. Her Book The Complete Homeopathy Handbook got me started in Homeopathy years ago. Like your cases also.

Wyatt Gordon PhD


I particularly enjoyed the article on co-dependency for a variety of reasons. The article consolidated my learning and dovetailed it nicely to homeopathic remedies- thus very useful in the clinic and to give to patients to read themselves.

Thank you very much.

Ann Farrell


I t feels very nice to read all the articles and feel so connected to homoeopathy Please keep the good work going.
Dr. Naaz


In Issue on February is very interesting, especially in Homeopathy article (Tips and Secrets) by Alan V. Schmukler. In article A Slow Developer, can I get more information (Symptom and case example) about the Alumina.

Thanks Abd Fatih


I complimenty you for the interesting contents of the articles and for the service you do for Homeopathy.

Best regards

Dott. Sebastiano Di Salvo M.D.


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia

How are you, I am Dr S Abid Ali Zaidi from Rawalpindi Pakistan.
Your web site is very good, especially Aphorism in you sound are excellent

Different Doctors, Colleges, Organizations arrange workshops for one week or more, as Allen College of Homoeopathy England, Life Source Mumbai India,

Actually we can’t afford to attend these work shops due to financial problems, How would we pay 600 Pounds for one week workshop, tickets and other expenses?

Actually I am doing job in morning for running my kitchen and in evening doing clinic which is not established yet and local community cant afford, and clinic is running no lose and no profit basis.

I have a request that if Audio, Video, Presentation type Lecture can available it will be very help full for us. Especially those persons who can’t attend the workshops .I think its cheep and effective for luring more and more.

May you realize that what would I am trying to saying.

I love homoeopathy and trying to become a good homoeopath. Homoeopathy is blessing for mankind.


Dr Syed Abid Ali Zaidi


I love the article on Arsenicum – think I recognize a few people who fit the description.

The article really helps to build up the picture of Arsenicum for me. Thank you.

Carole Bates

Your site has a major importance to me.
Every month I read it carefully. Thank you very much for taking trouble for us,
colleagues. Edson


Dear Editor,
We all know that History is HIS story. Could Hahnemann have accomplished his greatest work – in the end – without his wife? He said she was the greatest Homoepath he knew.

Could Kent have written his famous Repertory without his wife? I wonder what her story is?

Maybe an article on the Great Women behind the men would be of great interest, after all, most of us who study and practice Homeopathy are women. Please consider researching HER Story.
Also, thank you for your online newsletter – I feel wonderfully connected and inspired.

A Student of Homeopathy,

Marianne Snow


As far as i am concerned every edition of this magazine has been a great help to me…..i have been reading many magazines on homeopathy since i joined this course 6 yrs i have completed my course and is having my own practice.from my experience i am sure this is a different kind of magazine and can be said as one of the best. i hope that u could continue this venture and try to make it more informative day by day…thank u for such agood magazine…all the best for the future…..



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