Letters to the Editor March 2009

Letters to the Editor March 2009

Dear editors,

Thank-you very much for the opportunity to share our college’s miasmatic research and the Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) method, with your readers in the February issue of Hom4everyone.

As usual your professional and courteous assistance made the editing and uploading of the information streamlined and efficient from start to finish. I hope all your readers appreciate how much work goes into the writing, editing (and more editing) of every piece of information that is presented.

Having read some of the reader’s feedback we would like to mention the following.

Firstly thanks to those who practice Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) and especially to those who submitted their cases and others who sent their support and encouragement for the system. This support is greatly appreciated and deserved by the method itself.

To those who offered positive replies and linked Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) to facial expression please note that Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) has nothing to do with facial expression. Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is only concerned with facial structure and is a reflection of the internal vital force within us all (our miasm).

To those who were negative about the system (yet who possibly haven’t tried it or have not gone beyond some basic reading) consider how frustrating it is when we hear that conventional medicine says Homeopathy doesn’t work. Whether you think Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is good or you think it is not good, can only be remarked upon after a comprehensive and open minded trial. One incorrectly applied remedy doesn’t mean that Homeopathy doesn’t work and an incorrectly applied facial analysis doesn’t mean that Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) doesn’t work either.

To those senior teachers of Homeopathy around the world, please give Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) your thorough investigation and a fair trial. Your students and all their patients in future years will benefit from the correct remedies chosen as a result of this system. Our profession could graduate homeopaths ready to take on the most difficult clinical cases with confidence in their first year of practice, when using Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) correctly.

To the person who commented that time could be better spent – what better way to spend five extra minutes than to ensure your patient gets the best and most suitable remedy for their condition. Ironically the better practitioners get at Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) the less time is spent agonizing over which remedy. Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) saves time.

To the person who asked for more evidence – when is enough enough? Without funding, a small group of people have dedicated their time and personal money to ensure Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is available to everyone within the profession. We do not have the luxury of government grants nor even dedicated support from the profession itself. This is the same as conventional medicine asking the homeopathic profession to do tests costing hundreds of millions of dollars to provide ‘proof’ – and then rejecting the outcome. At some point an enquiring mind should initiate its own investigation when a good idea is presented.

Once practitioners bring Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) into their practice and see how easy homeopathy can become they never look back.

Yours in homeopathy

Grant Bentley and Louise Barton
Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy
Melbourne, Australia
March 2009


I just want to tell you how WONDERFUL it is to see HFA featured in this issue…I’m so thrilled that you are making this avaliable to ALL and I commend you for this! HFA has turned my despair into happiness about chronic disease and treating it homeopathically….there is a valid, easy path here for student and Homeopath alike to practice homeopathy successfully!!!!

I have been using HFA with all my cases and it really works. Grant is a genius and Louise and him have so much courage and compassion to bring HFA to the entire homeopathic community-in spite of so much skepiticism and criticism from other homeopaths. And HFA really makes sense of miasms…this is truly classical homeopathy as Hahnemann believed, and then some!

Thank you so much!!

Ellen Kire


Dear editor,

The facial analisis is an intersting method based in objective observation. I think it is a very interesting tool and it is compatible with any other method of prognosis and diagnosis used.

On the other hand, I have been navigating throught the past items since 2004, edited in your e-zine and I’ve found some very interesting items in between.

Best regards,

Ma. Àngels Carrera


As usual, the Feb issue was interesting and useful, especially the out-of-the-ordinary info on facial features. Do keep up the good work!

Kind regards and best wishes,

Francis Fernnandes


I found the Facial Analysis article renewed my interest in it (had his first book) but his third book has made understanding stress and how it affects (triggers) the miasms depending on our classified type.

Very interesting (not finished reading the third book yet) but enjoying it a lot.

Ian Watson first got me interested in the view that miasms were our instincts and the aim was not to get rid of them (the view of most miasms was to get rid of them) till Ian Made me see that it was to have them in balance to help use levels and not so much as to try to get rid of them.

Now I see how stress triggers them off depending on our history and our classification.



Dear editor

I was very impressed and fascinated with the interview given by grant bentley, so much so im buying his new book to learn more about face analysis.

kind regards

Jane E Varey


Dear Editor,

Many thanks for your recent e-mail & yes I am suitably impressed! Also very useful for unusual & difficult cases.

WE need much more homoeopathy on the NHS.Please do everything you can to furthur this objective & get readers to tackle their local PCT’s MP’s & media.

Dr Nigel G Bird


I wish to record how much I have enjoyed reading your issue on HFA. I have found it very informative. Even though I practice HFA, I found information new to me.

Thank you.

Vivien Pells


So interesting, I have bought the books and seriously looking in to the whole subject. Thank you for such an interesting ezine and for all your hard work in bringing world wide homeopathy into a united whole.



I found the Feb ezine very good and helpful in understanding importance of facial expressions and their interpretations in homoeopathic practise.
I hope to get more and more information about it from ezine.
Thank you…..



I did enjoy reading your e-zine. I’m new to this subject, and found the issue easy to navigate; very instructive; a variety of health issues were touched on. I don’t understand the colors on the face and how they relate to a person’s health, though. I’ve worked many years in the health field with doctors, and I know that symptoms may have an underlying cause, but I don’t understand the color-gram. Perhaps you could recommend an article where I could read the basics? Thank you.



I love opening the homepathy ezine. Always a fountain of information to be shared by our world wide community. Long may it continue and thank you to Manish and his team for continuing to amass these never ending sources of knowledge.

Shauna Wyldeck-Estrada R.S.Hom


Hearty congratulations to the team for this month’s special issue I’m really glad to improve my knowledge with your valuable site.



I really like the ‘Veterinary’ section!!!

Jan Dugan


I found the article entitled “The Role of Dietary Restrictions in Homeopathic Treatment”, by Dr. Manish Bhatia really interesting and helpful. I found the answers to some of my questions.

I would like to read more articles in regards to homeopathic treatments for eye problems.

Keep up the good work!



Dear Editor

I like everything you do in your issue; I think you are wonderful.



Dear Editor

Hi. I am not so familiar with Dr Masi .But I think he devoted much of his life to heal and cure his patients.

Dr. Masi-Elizade is surely one of the prominent Homeopaths .His deep belief in God is a hallmarks of this prominence .Our most important teacher in Homeopathy, Dr.S.Hahnemann had also deep and true belief in God as the creator of the whole
existence and our vital forces.

But in my opinion The pluralist homeopathy which was practiced by him is contrary to Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

I wish mercy of the God and Heaven for him.

Best Wishes,
Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D.


Dear Editor,

Thank you for an interesting magazine. It is like a feast and I have to go back again and again to nibble at the breadth of information that is available through this site. I have just read George Vithoulka’s article about Mr Randi and it has deeply heartened me. Thank you to all the ‘Greek’ homeopaths involved in that fiasco. Mr Randi doesn’t deserve all the attention he gets but I was certainly pleased to hear the other side of the story. Congratulations on your tanacity and the energy that you have expended on this project and I wish you every success with it.

I look forward to hearing the outcomes from your experiment in terms of what we gain from it as a community. It is irrelevant to me if Mr Randi is involved or not. However, it would be satisfying to know that the facts were read by many more people.
Thank you hpathy for enabling me to access and gain a much wider awareness and involvement of the world wide community of homeopaths.
A brilliant source of information at my fingertips.
Yours gratefully,
Pam Hemmings LWSH MARH


Thanks for the Feb issue. I found the article on diet restrictions very interesting. I have myself found that remedies generally tend to work even without placing restrictions. One thing I am not sure about is the use of strong aromatherapy oils and rubs like Vicks. Is there any experience available on this?



Hi Dr. Leela,

I am seriously considering training as a homeopath and as a Catholic found and read your articles on homeopathy and Christianity. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

As I see it (briefly put), homeopathy is about matching a remedy with a patient’s mental, emotional and phyiscal state.
The text books that are used here in New Zealand (e.g Vithoulkas – Science of homeopathy) seem to spend a lot of time elucidating philosophies of the nature of man and the cosmos which are not (necessarily) compatible with Christian thinking.

I have two questions for you.

1. Am I right in my thinking that the practise of homeopathy is distinct from the various authors’ pantheistic/new-age/whatever philosophies?

2. Do you know of any books which explain homeopathy in a Christian or non-religious way?
Thank you very much,
Diane Willcock

Hi Dianne,
Most of the earlier homeopaths, ie about a century ago were Christians. If you read books/articles by Dr. Constantine Hering, Dr. JH Allen, Dr. Knerr; they seem to give a Christian viewpoint.

If you consider Swedenborgians having a form of Christian thinking, then, you could read Kent as well from that standpoint. I personally think he stretches things out too much.

1. Am I right in my thinking that the practise of homeopathy is distinct from the various authors’ pantheistic/new-age/whatever philosophies?

Yes it certainly is. It is PRACTICAL, clinical work if practised using basic principles and quite compatible with Christianity.
Homeopathy is acually a philosophy of NATURAL healing that is distinct from any religious interpretation. It can thus be percieved from any religious background and be adapted to that thinking. It is the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS as God created it.

Eg. the facts about sperm meeting ovum resulting in fertilization and subsequent conception is a NATURAL phenomnenon and has nothing to do with what religion/aetheism/science has to say about it.
We may choose to believe that life starts at conception, others may choose to believe it starts later and the debate will continue endlessly.

The problems arise if we want to be very rigid on words used to describe NATURAL phenomena. The term Vital Force or Vital principle – what exactly is it in Christian/Catholic language? It can be an endless debate.

Or else what exactly constitutes the SOUL in Christianity itself – there can be endless debates over that as well!

2. Do you know of any books which explain homeopathy in a Christian or non-religious way?

Read Dr. Constantine Hering’s articles – may be helpful.

I would say, my article may be the only present access to explaining homeopathy the Christian way. Christians in general have been so prejudiced against homeopathy, its hard to find people writing books to combine the two. I will be wirting this more in depth one day in a book as I think it is sorely required by the 2 billion Christians!

I’d be happy to offer more clarifications if you like on this topic.

Warm regards,
Dr leela


There are two things that may create some modicum of proof for dilutions being real medicines: one would be Emoto’s work, I know he has done some work with homeopathy. Also there is a man Krishna Madappa (he is on Facebook) who has a GDV device from Russia that can measure energies and substances on all levels….I don’t know if those devices are accepted in the “scientific world” but it is a thought…Jana



First of all please let me tell you how much I appreciate being informed, entertained, sometimes tickled and occasionally annoyed (or should I call that ‘challenged’?) by that wonderful feast of homoeopathic thought you spread before us regularly.

Here is a quick rundown on my reactions to the Grant Bentley issue and his Facial Analysis:

First to the interview that was the lead-in:
“Well, i thought, that could make sense,let’s find out more about it…” – and went to bed to sleep on it, feeling vaguly that I might like to get hold of the books.

Next day I clicked on the first article on this topic, somehow assuming it was a review written by somebody else.

Here I was told that if I practice in an eclectic way, finding my last remedy through keynotes prescribing, this one through aetiology or totality, I am “Ideologically Pomiscuous”. Wow!

I felt like i was getting my fingers rapped, specially because naughty little me was obviously doing it because I was ‘addicted to the “rush” of being amazing’. Just like to chocolate.

“Who is this guy? somebody has got an agenda here”, I think, and I scroll up the page, only to be looked at by Grant Bently himself on his photo.

This is when I stopped reading and went from ‘this is interesting’ (trying to be open in a scientific spirit of enquiry) to “Stuff this, feels like hard sell”.

I feel pushed and manipulated. I resent the abuse of language, using emotionally loaded terms like ‘ideologically promiscuous’ to discredit other systems. (We have just been through an election campaign in this country, there’s enough of that sort of thing in politics, thank you very much.)

I might have another look at facial analysis sometime in the future, but for the moment I must say, that the way it was presented has been counterproductive for me.

Yours sincerely,

Eva Pick


I have yet to find an issue that did not have something very interesting and informative. You continue to do a good job of trying to cover a wide area concept Homeopathy.

Keep It Up

Dr. Wyatt Gordon CCH PhD


All the topics are excellent and very very usefull. Thanks to the editor.



Dear Sir

I am glad to receive your Feb 09 Newsletter containing various articles on important subjects. Your Newsletter is one of the best in the field of homoeopathy which contains wealth of information and the number of articles are much more than any other homoeopathic website provides monthly. Your selfless services to homoeopathy is highly appreciated.

I am really sorry to know about the demise of my most respected William Tankard Hahnemann. He very kindly given me a Certificate of Appreciation on my success on completion of my Diploma (D.I. Hom.) with the British Institute of Homoeopathy with 97% marks. I pray to God to rest his soul in peace in paradise.

With best regards

Homoeopathically yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


February issue of Hpathy highlight’s “Case Taking with Homoeopathic Facial Analysis” which I found very interesting but I could not understand how to derive colors from the patient’s face, since the case have not carried any facial pictures.
I am a regular reader of your journal and wanted to bring this to your notice, thank you for your efforts.

Dr Jayashree


I am still taking my first steps with hpathy but want to say about the february issue that it is extremely informative, useful & MAGICAL. thank you .

Hannah Ali


This Homeopathic Facial Analysis issue was awesome. I found Grant Bentley and the information he presented amazing. It definitely resonated with me. I truly appreciated his honesty.

Being able to watch and listen to the author speak is much more enjoyable then just reading print all the time-more of this would be a pleasure.

Julie Addario
Homeopathic Student


Facial Analysis is important in every type of medical practice – whether it is Unani, Ayurvedic, homeopathic or allopathic. Body language and facial expressions tell more than the patient himself. Sometime patient can not describe his ailment but exprience practioner can read the body language and facial expression and give medication more accurately.

HFA articles were good.

Vish Patel


The interview with Grant Bentley was very detailed and interesting (and prompted me to buy his latest book).




Dear Editor!

I liked the article about a new paradigma for potentization. It really very interesting the ideia of copies.
With regards

Fatima Buarque


The issue was very interesting – coherent theme to the entire issue, the articles were well written, concise & informative. It is also opens an entirely new area of study in homeopathy. Not that we need more things to master…

Unless you have done it already, a possible theme for another issue that would dovetail well with the HFA would be on the Boenninghausen approach.

Julian Jonas


Dear Editor,

I would like to analysis and interpret G.B.(Grant Bentley) interview, so I need to have some of his statements again.

In page 3 he said, ” acute disease is essentially, an overpowering invasion of a foreign microbe which make you sick, so acute has a very definite origin (measles virus cause measles). I think one of the problems for homeopathy has been the idea that chronic disease is exactly the same virus (syphilitic miasm from syphilis, so on …) “.This means that virus is exactly the same as miasm!?

“what a constitutional remedy exactly does, and more importantly why is the miasm, which is the basis of constitutional treatment , so vital, because it hasn’t to do with a virus.” It means they are difference!

In page 5, he said, “I don’t believe that chronic disease is a legacy of somebody in my family who acquired tuberculosis or syphilis or gonorrhea, I don’t think that “. I want to reread the interview, may, 2008. Between Beth Rotondo & Alan Schmukler, in page 5, paragraph 7, “the ironic thing was that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer right before that” (she was diagnosed with breast cancer too), and the other reason that I have read that if a patient has a family cancer history , then with other symptoms Carcinosin 200 is the remedy for this. so, legacy is a point we should take care of it.

It’s a main principle for all homeopaths that should do his or her job by repertorisation, so have more rubrics and finally brilliant of the way have the best similarity (simillimum), at this moment we can hear the patient, “it was great”, means treatment is done well.

Appearance is very important to diagnose the miasm _constitutional remedy _and right now I believe that FACIAL FEATURES also help to select the constitutional remedy correctly and homeopathic facial analysis (HFA)can be a rule for this purpose, I’m gonna to do my job with this good key.

Jafar Vakili


I agree completely with Grant that Hahnemann is dense. Especially in his CD. I have said it before and say it again – Hahnemann was a flawless experimenter, but a lousy theorist: he does no know how to explain his experiments. Grant, your facial analysis is a great way of explaining and using the miasms as the basis for prescription. I guess unconsciously i have been doing something similar, but you have made it a lot clearer. We are always looking for ways to make homoeopathy somewhat easier to use and to enhance our understanding. You have greatly contributed to that. Thank you very much!


Thanks for the feature on HFA.
I have had the GREAT fortune to have studied at the VCCH and am now in the process of setting up my practice …this method gives such consistent results ..finding the miasm or facial group narrows down the remedy selection, taking a case , even a limited one as in the example … then repertorise ( always) , using broad general rubrics that embrace both the energy of the remedy and the patient means you can find the needle in the haystack.. often in the first remedy!
I watch graduates from other colleges stumble about in the dark with very little to guide them , no real method or system to follow, the only light being the experience of thier tutors … but not every one can wait 10 or 20 years or even more to gain that level of experience ..
…..Thank you Grant and Louise , for being so willing to share this method could have kept it to your self of worse still made it so complicated that I know I would have gone cross-eyed trying to use it.
I am sure I would not have selected Thuja with out HFA.. And I wonder if many would have made that selection with out the method???.
thanks for the ezine
Judy Meldrum


You are the best!!!

Thank you for all the information and a wonderful site that you display. The information is absolutely valuable without any prejudice you seem to give solutions for almost every single complain on this earth. I appreciate your magazine and always look forward to the next one.

Kind regards

Yvonne Siblini-Homeopath


Great issue. Enjoyed the detailed interviews on Homeopathic Facial Analysis. HFA is one of the most practical, and most promising, approaches I’ve seen in classical homeopathy in some time.



I would like to thank you for such a comprehensive magazine on this beautiful form of healing. I enjoy the healthy comment, the diverse views and as my recently qualified partner says, “Homeopathy is so honest”. I love that about homeopathy, I have never come across an arrogant Homeopath, nor a bighead or a bigot. They are probably out there somewhere, but I am sure they couldn’t practice the art well, it appears to require touching the ground with both eyes wide open, ears primed, soul accessed, brain turned on and realism felt right down to the fingertips.

Our three boys (oldest 15) have never been to a doctor and in the last 28 years, neither have I, thanks to it. It is no wonder the pharmaceutical companies fear it, and other natural medicines.

The more I understand Homeopathy as an observer, as a reader of its literature, as a client of its medicine, the more convinced I am of its power and its beauty.

Onwards and upwards!

Nicholas O’Connor


In my opinion Facial Analysis is not based on Hahnemannian and Classical Homeopathy because :
1) In any of the aphorisms of the 6th edition of The Organon of Medicine I haven,t observed such a great emphasis on the facial expression of patients .Instead there is great emphasis on the state of patients and taking a thorough case history and physical exam in order to obtain the totality of symptoms .
2) Our great teachers like prof.George Vithoulkas don’t approve this method.
3) Facial signs and expressions are only a small detail of Repertory and nothing more .

Best Wishes and Regards,
Seyed Aghanoor Sadeghi


I would like to thank you for the great information about Facial Analysis. I had bought a book about facial analysis but it dealt mainly about tissue salts. I had no idea that you could use it in clinic to work out miasms. I was not only intrigued but would like to know more about it. I might buy some more books and/or consider the e-course. I love it.

Barbara Camelford


I really enjoyed the article in your magazine. It is knowledgable and instuctive. I shall be grateful if you throw light on homeopathic tratment on various types of ataxia.Hoemopathic medcicine any case study what its prognsisetc in your next iuuse.


I didn’t know much things about HFA. I found it interesting.
Thank you for it.
Doina Pavlovschi


Dear editor,

I enjoyed a lot reading about Dr. Masi’s work. I didn’t knew it. This undestanding will improve my practice sure.

Thank you for this excellent Hpathy-ezine. Its an interesting tool for comunication between the Homeopathic word.

Best regards,

Maria Àngels Carrera, M.D. (Barcelona)


The article was very interstig but I believe it would be more intersting if it was included the succes rate of this method in comparison with the classical method. Vagenas


All the articles are very good and informative thank you sir

Venkata Ramana


Dear Editor,

Yours is the only homeopathy e-zine I read. It’s very good, thank you!
Jane Kibbler BA Hons, LHom. MCThA


I want to thank you for a most interesting and informative interview with Grant Bentley. I found it almost as fascinating as I’m finding his books.
It’s so true that not every method works for every Homeopath, but thank goodness we have the variety and options available to suit our own individualities!

Barbara Resendes DCH


This was hands down the most informative, fascinating amazing isuues yet. Grant Bentley and his candid interview was, for lack of a better word, AWESOME!!! More video interviews (skype is free) Please!!!

julie addario


I think this facial analysis adds to the confusion of a newcomer. Already there is lot of contraddictory theories prevailing and this makes it more unscientific.



I have gone through the Ezine Feb. 09, it is very informative. Fscial Analysis is a useful addition indeed. I find myself more cofident about homeopathy and its future. I did vote in the past and will keep on participating in future polls.


M. Shoaib


I like your feb is very informatioal to me.specially the main topic that it covered-facial analysis.looking forward ciriously to march edition.
Shalini Gupta


So interesting, I have bought the books and seriously looking in to the whole subject. Thank you for such an interesting ezine and for all your hard work in bringing world wide homeopathy into a united whole.






Dear Editor,

thanks for Alan Schmuckler’s Tips. There is always something useful. This time I especially appreciate the part about abdominal pain, its location and sensation, etc.

Kind regards,

Martha Greiner-Jetha, Germany


In India this is a science used for years as there is a proverb that your face reflects your character.

I am thankful for this informative and extremely useful article.

prithvi dewan


Face reading should not be in prescribing mental sympts will help for second prescription. Otherwise we are not following Kent. Prescribing location wise is good for learners, they have to choose out of the medicines given.

Dr venkateswaran r.r.


I am very much benefited with this e-magazine and this list of the medicines of body parts is useful for quick reference.



Comment:Facial Analysis

The concept is too person/doctor centric and defies scientific adoption by the homeopathic fraternity at large at the clinical stage

Jaswant Gandhi


Facial analysis only uses a few remedies – is it around 30-50? My First Aid Kit has 50. I have over 1000 remedies in the clinic and am often using another one for the first time, with excellent results. I must conclude that facial analysis is important, but Grants discipline, at best, adds valuably to our understanding and way of looking at a few selected polycrests. Gestures, posture and expression are all part of the arsenal of what an accomplished homoeopath uses when selecting a remedy.




Dear friends,

I want to thank Dr. Manish Bhatia for his article about dietary restrictions during homeopathic treatment. Unnecessary restrictions like these work against Homeopathy, for they use to be regarded as superstitions.

Ismar Pereira Filho


Just wanted to let you know that i very much enjoyed the feb issue, especially the HFA articles. Food for thought, can’t wait to get the books!
Many thanks,

Lisa Atherden



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