Letters to the Editor May 2007

Letters to the Editor May 2007

Firstly I would like to say how much I always enjoy your ezine. There is always something in it that touches me in some way. I am not a qualified homoeopath, merely someone with a deep interest, and pretty extensive personal use. I have done some courses, and a fair amount of studying for myself but the opportunity to study it to the level I would like has not arrived yet.

However, despite my lack of knowledge and experience, I found much that resonated with me in the editorial. I have visited homoeopaths (with all the appropriate qualifications) and found their knowledge frighteningly lacking. I have sat and listened to a homoeopath tell me about certain remedies and have known that they had got their remedies mixed up; tentative suggestions by me that they might like to recheck have been ignored – what does the patient know? Then I have gone away and verified my own belief. I have met homoeopaths who take shortcuts because of overconfidence, then seen them make very bad prescriptions using knowledge they think they have but which is actually inaccurate or incomplete. Naturally this has led me to changing homoeopaths. I have then been in the situation of listening to one homoeopath making scathing remarks about others. Incidently it’s often the ones who are least successful who make the most criticism of others. I have witnessed the rivalry between opposing schools. I have also noticed that many homoeopaths, when faced with a serious health problem, often start to think rather conventionally, in terms of what the disease is called etc. Whilst I realise that homoeopaths have to be careful, and may need to suggest to a patient that they should see their doctor as a safeguard, I find it very strange when a homoeopath starts trying to give you a conventional diagnosis. Firstly, this is something they are not qualified to do, and secondly it is pretty irrelevant in terms of homoeopathic cure. I have listened to homoepaths telling me about other cases they have, and heard the criticism of their patients in the telling. They seem unable to see their patients behaviour as symtoms but label them as bad patients or bad people and then it seems to be the patient’s fault they do not get well.
Lest this sound like a terrible rant about homoeopathy , I must add that I have also met some wonderful homoeopaths. I believe that a true homoeopath must have it in their heart, not just in their mind. I believe they must be open and honest and compassionate, and above all healthy in mind, heart and spirit. I believe they must really trust in homoeopathy, but not be blind to its dangers.

I am using homoepathy rather intensively at present, and am slowly recovering from a very long serious illness. I have experienced first hand the best and worst of homoeopathy. On my journey I have learned much about myself and I feel I would like to take my knowledge of homoeopathy much further in the future. However, I am not ready to do so until I feel I am healthy enough on all levels. So yes, I do believe that the problem is simply that homoeopaths are people, and people have flaws – issues that need resolving, lack of health on various levels. I also think, it’s because when you are on a journey towards health, there is a tendancy to look back at where you were earlier and feel that you won’t go there again, so that when you see people with problems similar to the ones you used to have there is a tendancy to feel a bit superior to them in a way, a sort of ‘thank goodness I’m not like that anymore’ – without the realisation that you haven’t moved far enough away from the problem yet to be more objective about it, and more compassionate to someone who hasn’t moved on from that point yet. I think a lot of people are drawn into homoeopathy because it has made life better for them in some way, but often lose sight of the fact that their personal journey is not yet complete (is it ever?). It’s a bit like the fervour of an ex-smoker, who is suddenly totally intolerant of other smokers, but has forgotten how difficult it is to kick the habit and how much support someone needs to do so. To make matters worse, they may then extrapolate their feelings so that they are intolerant of anyone with a bad habit (that’s most of us then!)

In short, we are all on a journey, and will never be perfect, but we need to remember that fact, whether in our attitude to homoeopathy, or simply in the way we treat people in everyday life. I commend your editorial for bringing this out into the open. Let us all look to our own weaknesses before we find fault in others, to assign blame in neither case, and to have the strength to hold honesty and compassion as equal partners. This, I believe is one small but important part of being a true healer.
Health and happiness to you all.


treatment of macular degeneration

very encouraging and informative.

Dr R.C. Mishra


To say frankly, I am not a Homeopathy Practitioner, butI can proudly declare that my-self and our family closely accustomed to HOMEOPATHY MEDICINES. The same fondness subsribed to your on-line journal. Your journal is providing good nourishment to our mind to accumulate much knowledge on various topics with scientific approach. We are regular readers of your journal.

With regards,

PS Narayana.


I finished the article……. (Elaine and Dr. Luc)

WONDERFUL INTERVIEW, absolutely packed with solid information, just EXCELLENT for patients, laypeople, and homeopaths alike. Gosh, for me, it feels like “the smoke has cleared” as far as understanding.



I’ve just looked over the table of contents; looks exciting.
Thank you very much, and I look forward to a good read.

Kindest regards,

John Harvey


This month’s newsletter like other months is full of valuable knowledge. I highly appreciate for your hard work for promoting homoeopathy around the globe and benefiting the readers and homoeopaths. Your website is different from others and has abundance of knowledge and articles on the different subjects and you deserve my appreciation for your excellent services to homoeopathy.

With best regards.

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Thanks for the invitation to give feedback on the Hpathy ezine! I was especially glad to see Rudi Verspoor’s article, “Homeopathy, Understanding the Terminology.” I decided to study with his school, the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, because I thought it the most advanced and rational approach to Hahnemann’s medical system. It’s wonderful to see Rudi Verspoor’s cogent words published in your ezine, and I hope to see more articles on Heilkunst in the future.

Karen Robinson


As always your issues are informative, entertaining and eagerly anticipated every month! Just wanted to let you know 🙂

Thank you,
Caralyn Vessal


I read your interview with George V. He was an important influence in my becoming a homeopath. Now I think he exaggerates a point and then makes it all inclusive (eg., give a person colocynthis because they look like a cucumber) in an attempt to discredit approaches which he feels are contrary to the greater cause. But I enjoyed reading his opinions nonetheless.

Best regards,


Thank you for the interview. Dr Bhatia asked all the right questions and it was inspiring to read the replies.
Dr. Hafeez


homeopathy: Understanding the Terminology
Excellent article. I found it fascinating.

Thank you,


hi, i read u’r article on future of Homoeopathy, i really admire u’r view and understanding.keep up the good work.


Dear Dr. Bhatia
Needless to say it is one of the greatest sources of information about Homeopathic. Everytime I read it I enjoy it very much.

I am just curious, how come we can not buy Homeopathic medicines on your site. I see Homeopathic medicines bags, books and such, but no information on actual medicines. Aren’t the medicines not available there. And if the
medicines are available, can these be shipped to USA?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Kanwal Chaudhary


I liked your article in homeopathy4you on this old question of what is homeopathy. So many people quarrel for nothing. It is good to know, but only humility makes knowledge sweet. Arrogance spoils it.

Relative truth is not absolute, and yet it is true. Poor senses, they can’t catch consciousness, the great subject or the self; they can’t even catch the mental images illumined by it. They cannot bring knowledge by themselves. They depend on mind and consciousness to function. They are on the far outside of the knowing process, and the mind is on the near inside. Consciousness is on the inside and outside, and beyond both also. Mind in its function as intellect makes the distinctions. The senses bring the input.

“No two leaves of an oak are equal, yet they are all oak leaves and not birch””

Ulrich Welte


While enjoying Luc De Schepper’s explanations on Organon 4 vs. 5-6, which I think are worthwhile, I do not accept the negative tone (I refer to ‘smelling salts’, ‘backdoor’) when it concerns George Vithoulkas (in this instance), because it violates the cooperative spirit of this discussion. It seems a bit contradictory to the intention of this discussion to keep it open-minded, to avoid derogatory remarks, etc. Please stick to editing out unnice remarks, I will be grateful for your moderatorship on this, profesionality is a healthy thing.




Sir – As a student and practitioner of homeopathy, it grieves me to read (in the same newsletter) of “in-house” bickering amongst world renowned homeopaths. Surely there could & should be more professionalism & respect amongst the community! I value Dr. Luc’s teachings, but was saddened to see his mud slinging at Dr. Geo.! What a shame! – Marsha McCormick (Victoria, B.C., Canada)


Thank-you for this article.
It clears up qustions about what Hahnemann was actually saying to us and emphasises the value of accurate terminology. One will view disease and cure very differently with this understanding of the basic terminology.
I am glad to see that Mr Verspoor has joined your contributors.


Dear Sir,

The Homoeopathy 4 Everyone edition of April, 2007 is really informative. It will be more useful by adding more clinical cases in ppt. Clinical cases are always more interesting and helpful in understanding how to prescribe the remedy for various conditions Otherwise the full edition is very informative and useful for the readers.

Abdul Sattar


Thanks so much for offering this excellent article by Ed Kondrot. Keep up the good work.

Joyce Allenberg
Dallas, Tx.


I want to tell you you are doing an amazing job on the Homeopathy Ezine I love the April edition. Just a little feedback from Your readers



Dear Dr, Leela,

I am still trying to decide whether to confront this priest or not. His arguments are so puerile and lacking in substance that I am almost convinced that I should not dignify them by even reacting. His condemnation of Homeopathy is based purely on hearsay and he betrays his lack of knowledge in every sentance he writes.
I have just sent you another email asking you how I can get hold of all 3 of your articles…if I ever do confront him I know that they will be of great help to me.
Thank you for all your help. I studied under George Vithoulkas for 4 years and I know that he has dedicated his life trying to get homeopathy away from anything that will discredit being associated to New age…and homeopaths practising in ways other than those as handed down to us by Hahnemann in the Organon.
Once again many thanks and I will be keeping in touch,
best wishes,


Dear editor
I realy enjoy reading few of the articles during my leasure time. I thanks to all contributers who has given me deep knowledge in my homeopathy practise. Well done to all and continue to contribute to our fellows.
Dr. hom. Haris Abdul


I have already sent my comments a few days ago to your Editor. Your website is one of the best in the world providing most valuable articles and information and further your website is different and valuable in the field of homoeopathy. I read several articles about Dr Vithoulcas and Dr. Luc and of others and I appreciate them all. Please keep it up.

With best regards.

Sincerely yours.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


dear doctor am not a practitoner but am very interested in homeopathy and am reading all the interesting articles you send to me just that am little bit busy.i read the interview with vithoulkas it found very interesting and i even read the article where he expose a case of the child who suffered fever and other complications and how he finally found the adequate remedy .This DOCTOR IS REALLY SOMEONE VERY qualified.but i don’t know how i can help to discuss issues.thank you for your interest to develop and spride homeophathy because here in my country it’s not well known .Cause evenif we had homeopath doctors but they are not really qualified to represent homeopathy as a people are not trusting homeopathy on the contrary they are considering it as fake regards.
ihsane bouanane


As always, very informative and educational. Great Job.

Best Regards,
Kanwal Chaudhary


I’m new to studying homeopathy, and I’m so grateful to have this newsletter. I can’t get enough of it!
Thank you so much for providing this. I am looking forward to reading many more articles because of you.


Hello Dr. Bhatia,
first of all I must say that I am not a practioner in the sense that I do not have a licence to practice in California, where I live. I am, however, very fond of the homeopathic system of medicines, and I am a faithful user and often treat my family as far as I can. Of course I am not at the level of knowlege of many of the subscribers of you e-zine, but I find the e-zine a wonderful source of learning. I own many books from which I draw information, such as the Organon, Homeopathic Materia Medica, Homeopathic Phylosophy by Kent, and many other texts, wich I consult every chance I have. My dream has been to become a Doctor of Homeopthy, however that dream is still a dream and it seems like it will stay as such in this lifetime. I know that it is never too late, but the financial means to attend an accredited school are still not available to me, and at age 60 it is not getting any easier. Please continue sending the e-zine if it is not too much a burden. Thank you and thanks to all the great people contributing to your successfull e-zine.

Lora Ben
Homeopath at Heart (^_^)


thank u for sending me u’r monthly magazine,is very informative , study orientated & indeed is wonderful
Dr.Pritam Das


Great to see this edition and to see that ‘Homeopathy for Everyone’ is actually reaching out to homoeopath belonging to different areas and with different concept. i am sure soon we will reach to common ground, a ‘theory of everything’ which will include all the different concept in it, where all the concept arise from those basic, universal laws and principles.

We are sure explanations of the experience of Luc De Schepper, Jan Scholten, Rudi Verspoor, John Harvey, Gina Tyler, Edward Kondrot, Edward De Beukelaer, Peter Chappell, Ulrich Welte, Paul Herscu, Grant Bentley will help everyone to move towards their own experience and will help to walk their own talk.

Keep doing the great work of understanding and spreading the depth of homoeopathy, human being and matter.

With regards
Dinesh and Urvi Chauhan


Your editorial ‘Initiating A Dialogue’ is a bold editorial indeed, as you said very little harmony between our teaching faculty and practitioners. Even it is seen with in teaching faculty . Your Editorial should be an eye opener to many of us as majority of students opting out for other courses making BHMS as basic course either to go abroad or for courses like medical transcription. Majority of national Conference have become annual ceremonies whish are not helping the young generation.

I wish you all success ,

Save homoeopathy,

Prof G R Mohan


Views of George( or even any other homeopath had those views) are logical and stands to reasoning. So many people are writing books on homeopathy and propagating new methods and there are many magazine and publishing houses or self publications of homeopathy doing more harm to homeopathy than good. Kindly invite views on Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s;Disease is Delusion, Dr. ML Sehgal’s New Method



Dear Dr. Bhatia,

You are doing a wonderful job through Hpathy, but how i wish this could happen in hard copy not just
this soft copy through internet but a regular journal which we could read at our leisure where ever we want
n whenever…as access to computer 24×7 is still not possible for many…i feel many more could utilize the
good work you are doing if that option too was available.


Dr. Sudha Nambisan


Dear All,

I have been enjoying your Journal so much! I am not a practicing homeopath – in our country only medical doctors can practice homeopathy. I am a bioengineer, I do use homeopathy in the family, but not as a profession.

I would like to ask your help in the following problem: I have a friend, who’s father has lung cancer. He is undergoing conventional treatments, but my friend would like to help with homeopathy as well. The father would accept homeopathic treatment only if the medical doctor treating him would approve for it. They are lucky: the medical doctor is open for new possibilities, even to consult with an expert in homeopathy, but she said she would need documented evidences, publications etc what this alternative medicine can do in case various forms of cancer in order to consider consultation. Could you please send some links or publications so we could pave the road much better ? I would need official publications or survays to help my friend.

Thank you in advance,

Sincerely yours, Katalin Ganzler


Hi Dr.Manish
I do enyoy reading all the articles. At the moment I cant comment yet but pls continue the good work and I do wish more power to Homeopathy for Everyone. And God bless all the Homeopath that are dedicated to their work with compassion to humanity. I shall write again soon.
Kind Regards


The King of Homeopathy
Dr. Vithoulkas is rightly called by the tittle. One of the living legends of the science and Art is so courageous and open in this article. More such articles released in open Journals like this would help his cause to elevate Homeopthy.

am immensly greatful for these two great interviews of Dr. Bhatia,of George Vithopulkas and Elaine Lewis of Dr. Luc de Schepper.

You do deserve the feedback that I spared from your excellent site until now. Thank you for your “treat” it worked/ I do enjoy David Little and follow most of his posology system. I highly appreciate Dr. Luc de Schepper strong criticism of repetition of the dry dose, and other criticism in the Sulph case (wrongly given Lac eq.) and this method of arbitrarily chosing remedies according to “systmes” instead of subtle or at times obvious totalities.

I applaud these interviews and hope to read the rest of your Journal and send feedback.

Your work is indeed excellent and so valuable for homeopathy.

Carry on the good works!

Henia Simone, RCHom


your articles are really helping me am working on some articles i shall send to you hope you will like them.
otobong usoro

Dear Dr Bhatia, Thanks for sending all the issues of Homeopathy for Everyone. I read them with interest. I am in Australia and I am interested in learning Homeopathy. Can I learn from your books and come to India for practicals. Or are there any correspondence courses?
I shall be most grateful if you could reply.

Thanking you

Titus P. Mayadunne


hi. i am very excited that i came across your web site as i was searching for cough remedies . your description is clear and knolegable thanks again and i will recommend it to my friends and clients
best regards
David Rosenberg


Treating Lyme Disease Naturally
Great article. One concern is your recommendation to use Mercury, which is now to be avoided.

Thank you.


Dear Editor,
I have just read the interview with Mr Vithoulkas.
I am not a homeopath but I use homeopathy where ever possible in my life and for my pets.

I have often wondered how homeopathic vaccination could possibly work. If one follows the theory of like curing like then how could homeoprophelactics work? I was forced to reconsider this several years ago when my dog had an extreme reaction to annual vaccination as required in my country by boarding kennels. Sometimes I have to go to places I cannot take my dog and must board her so I was faced with the problem of finding a kennel owner who would accept my dog without the required annual vaccination certificate.
I did find a very caring and reputable kennel owner some distance from my home town who was very interested in homeopathy and was prepared to accept my dog if I treated her with a homeopathic vaccination for distemper, parvo,kennel cough and hard pad. I obtained a ‘stew’ of remedies said to prevent these diseases if I dosed her on a regular basis from a reputable homeopathic company.
I had my doubts about doing this but as it is the only option open to me in order to reassure the kennel owner that my dog is safe from passing on or getting any of these diseases while in his care.

I would like to know if I should continue to give this stew of various remedies or if it would perhaps be better to give placebo (water?) in a spray bottle so that the kennel owner feels that we are both doing the right thing. That in itself would be deceitful.
Am I jeopardising my pet by giving her remedies she does not need since she is perfectly healthy. I certainly would not take a remedy myself unless I was certain that that remedy matched the symptoms I was showing. Is someone able to answer my questions?
Thank you for this article and for Homeopathy for Everyone.
Further I thought the letter written by Maurice Heigh was brilliant and would be very interested in more of what he has to say.
Hazel Lucy


Dear Sir,

As usual I enjoyed the Ezine a lot. As I am studying online with David Little, specially the audio and powerpoint files are a so useful. Also the opinions of other homeopaths are valuable. Please go on doing all this good work.

Thank you very much.
Willy van Dregt


Dear Team at Homeopathy for everyone,

To follow Peter Chappell’s article and in tune with the theme of the April issue (for whatever issue that you decide) on “provings” here is an article on Provings of P.C remedies for your e-magazine.

I must admit that you scared me by writing ” I will make sure you don’t get the future exciting issues of this wonderful journal” :)!

Wonderful indeed…so this little contribution!

Dr Chetna N.Shukla


was really really great!

Best regards


I’ve been a subscriber for the past few months, and find this branch of patient care fascinating. Modern American medicine is no longer a healing art, but nothing more than another profit center for a specific, select group of individuals.

I have high blood pressure, and feel that while my doctor is a well meaning, dedicated individual–what he has done is basically treat the symptoms rather than the causes. As a result, I take a lot of drugs, mostly feeling like a hoped up junky most of the time, with no energy or capacity for living life as fully as I used to.

I don’t want to be a pill popper for the rest of my life, I’ve been searching for another approach since early 2004 when I got out of the hospital after a stroke caused by the blood pressure.

Is there a way that I can search the articles of your publication so that I can see what homeopathy has to offer? Alternatively, can you suggest any reading materials on the topic of homeopathy and blood pressure?

I sincerely appreciate your help in this matter.

//Lloyd Jacobs


As a beginning student in homeopathy in Minneapolis I appreciate the exposure to different points of view.
Thank you for presenting them.




Dear Dr. Manish,

Thanks for your mail.

Why do you miss Dr. M. L. Dhawle, Dr. M. L. Sehgal, Dr. B. N. Chakraborty etc. There are many more people who have made history. Do not forget Dr.Vithoulkas, who kept Homoeopathy alive in USA & Europe.

Thanking you with regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Jawahar J. Shah M.D.


First of all i must thanks you, for such effort you are doing for improvment of homoeopathy and secondly for the great interview with Dr. George Vithoulkas. What Dr. Vithoulkas has mentioned in his interview is absolutly right. It is right that every science need improvment and for the improvment it must have some new idea. but these new idea’s should not violate the basic pricipal of science. new idea like putting the name of remedy under the glass of water, finding the remedy with pendulum are totally disaggreable, after all homoeopathy is science not voodoo. doing this will not improve the quality of homoeopathy but will only vanish this great science. people using these type of thing are one who want short cut. they don’t want to do hard work, because any science need hard work and dedication. these kind of people are double jeopardy for the homoeopathy. as they not only don’t contribute in the devlopment of science but also creating chance for critic’s to defame homoeopathy.

On the other hand we should encourage healthy ideas like Dr. Prafful Vijayker’s theory of suppression and his chart on the basis of gernimal layers responcible for the devlopment of diffrent organ’s. He has done a very nice work with his dedication to homoeopathy. growing of such idea will definitely laed homoeopathy as a science of coming era.

Drkapil Diksh*t


I congrate this site to facilitate all homoepaths and non homoeopaths to know more about homoeopathy. I my self is a BHMS and very eager to join ur programe site. how can i enroll my self here so that i can get maximum benifit from ur site .
with regards
Dr, Pampa Mukherjee


hello dr.bhatiya the april issue was gr8 and taking dr.vitholkaus on hot seat is a gr8 idea its very good so thanks for the beautiful issue very informative also.

warm regards


Hi find this magazine great I am a student aand have found this all fasanating and look forward to continued issues.

Having lots of problems with new computer ,please do not cut me from your email list



Dear Sir/madam,
This was one of the best (if not the best) issues of Hpathy. The escalating prominence of homeopthy is being reflected by the improving quality of the contributions on continuous basis.



I found your site while searching for information on MRSA- I am the manager of a home for pregnant and parenting mothers and one of the children moving in has MRSA, so I want to protect the other children by getting knowledge and your site is fabulous. I signed up to study homeopathy, but was a little confused and want to know if I did it right, and am signed up as a student. Homeopathy excites me and I really want to help these mothers and children and my own family and friends. THANK YOU!


I agree with George that we should be united around an idea which is solid and workable – Hahnemann’s teachings. We should be accomodative. But there is a limit. We should have a standard that will decide what to be discussed. The bottom line is the Hahnemann’s teachings, as George puts it. We must be good in compromising, but never on Principles. Then only Homoeopathy will grow


lectures on organon of medicine,understanding ‘aphorism four’

I read this article,i believed microbes are not responsible for causing disease,it is the derangements of vital force that is responsible for all disease but after this article i think i can understand much better what is the role of vital force and role of microbes.


The interview of Dr.George Vithoulkas was absorbing and evoked the following thoughts:While attacks on homeopathy should concern us,we need not ger unduly perturbed.Allopathy is fast approaching a dead end.Its main tools like anti-biotics,anti-inflammatory drugs and even surgery are showing very disagreeable and sometimes fatal results.On the hand,homeopathy is growing fast and getting popular among the common masses for being safe,rapid and cheap,causing no life-threatening complications.Ofcourse we need an internal debate to discourage quacks and neo-experimentalists.For this purpose, we should have a powerful forum to defend homeopathy from external as well as internal threats.Dr. Vithoulkas objection to homeophylactic remedy against epidemics is quite valid.His light on placebo-effect is very informative.Thanks for introducing us to such an eminent scholar and physician.

read ur article in hpathy journal. very informative.




I have got your two magazine (March & April 2007). Both are excellent. Please don’t forget to send me the next issue.
Thanking you


hello sir/madam
thanks for your april issue. and it was really good. it was nice to understand about cases. sir can you let me know about the M.D. studies carried out of homoeopathy at world wide level? thank you.
Kruti Oza


Dear Editor,

During the last few months I have been ignoring your constant alerts on hpathy -enzyne. But when I found Dr Luc being presented in April issue, the conviction with which he spoke on the strength of Organon and need for
basing every progress on Organon, (No Organon- No Homeopathy) I was forced to search your archives and find more jewels. Now I know if I ignore your reminders and alert, it is me who stands to lose. Hope you will bring more
such fundamentally strong homeopaths to focus and fear not to expose un homeopathic aspects of homeopathy.

Will you be able to bring Helmut Sydow – who authored “Learning Classical Homeopathy” – Repertorising and Practical Applications. in your later isuues?

Dr Jayadev


I would like to see a poll asking how many Doctors are comfortable with Miasms, and how to find them.

I am now looking at the book on Facial analysis, but have not put it into my practice as of yet. i Do plan on doing a study based on this book.


Dear Dr Bhatia,

I am Dr wequar Ali Khan,I have just joined as member of Hpathy fraternity and have also subscribed to your Emagazine;

It is a real pleasure to have been introduced to your “Forum” by my son who is a computer engineer but wanted me to take part actively as i am a Homeopath
myself but was not aware of the depth of things that you are doing so marvelously
at Hpathy.I confess that i always saw your advertisement in HERITAGE homeopathic journal published by B.JAIN publishers of New Delhi.but never venturedout to explore,till my son encouraged me.I have been a member of Heritage for past decade and more.I oft and on write for their column “You tell Us”

Now i will make effort to write for Hpathy also;

I live and practice in Karachi Pakistan but come to visit my children in States,where i am with them presently in Florida.

Let me congratulate you and your team for popularizing Homeopathy,a great healing science which needs support from all homeopathic fraternity to help it to get its rightful place in medical science.

Wishing you all the best and kind regards

yours sincerely

Dr Wequar


On reading the various interviews, I could not but think that you do a wonderful job for classical homeopathy.

This indeed is a unique site which encompasses many facets of pure homeopathy. It is essential that homeopaths all over share this very advantage of learning from different thinkers in classical homeopathy. The skope is very vast.

I am very gratefulto You.

Henia Simone, RCHom\Israel


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia & Team

I am a avid reader of your great magazine. I always find it interesting, informative and educative.

As far as sending cases etc. let me tell you something about myself. I am not a “Doctor”, I do not have formal education in homoeopathy, I am “Engineer” by profession but some 3 years back I have completed one years course which was aimed Introduction to homoeopathy and making lay man aware of homoeopathy. After completing this course I bought most of the text books for BHMS and started to study in depth on my own. Now I am in a position to understand a very small something about homoeopathy. Form the lay mans point of view let me tell you that it WORKS and it was joy to me when my first patient (my daughter) was cured of a cough like magic.

Now I prescribe for my family and my friends, of course considering my great limitations I decide whether I can handle it or I ask to go to qualified doctor.

Your dialogue “Exploring the boundaries” is going to be quiet interesting and definitely a lot educative to me and I am eagerly waiting for the things to come up.Thanking you and with best wishes to you and team

Yours truly,

Satish sohoni


I read the section about cough and about pneumonia. The wording was difficult to understand. Is this website just for Homeopathic practitioners? The wording sounds like it comes from a researchers notebook. This does not appear to be for the non-medical reader looking for easy to understand homeopathic remedies.


Bach Flower Rescure Remedy
This article tells a person what flowers to apply, but does not tell how to apply. Do you rub the flower on the forehead, on the injury, or do you eat the flower. Not enough how to information is given for the non-medical reader of this information.


The h.pathy journal has always been a reminder of getting back to books and also an inspiration to keep working towards the goal and on principles.

The interview of george vithalkaus was enlightening and was a very well taken interview where questions were very neatly asked without being predujiced by the aura of the so well known homoeopath..

Congratulations for the successful april issue and good wishes for the next ones to come.


Dr Geeta Rani Arora


I have already read this issue, it is very informative
Please send may issue

Zafar Iqubal


ir, it is an marvelous issue and full of tresure of homoeopathy for homoeopaths but requires time to go
through its contents. many thanks for giving such a nice gift to homoeopaths


comment on Dr Luc interview
Great discussion!
It’s refreshing to see the Organon and CD being discussed in such an intelligent way — void of ego and faddishness.
Thank you Elaine for your graciousness, Dr Luc for your expertise and integrity.

It is always a great pleasure to read your Newsletters containing the most valuable information, experience and knowledge of various reputed and reknowned homoeopaths and it greatly helps in enhancing knowledge in the field of homoeopathy and I keep your articles as a treasure for my future readings and references too. You are doing a great job and I pray to God for your great success.

With best wishes and regards.

Homoeopathically yours.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


heartly thankful to u all that u are doing such a nice job of making our branch more understandable amongst us i.e. to younger generation who have just stepped in this branch. you all are sharing al ur experiences, all that is new in homoeopathy, cured cases of various homoeopaths, along with a very good discussions about the laws and every principles we used to cure a sick individual – that is really a very noble work which should be appreciated like anything.
many a times some of my doubts i can clear from this site by taking guidance from others’ opinions and that monthly poll system is damn good. i would always be greedy wen i visit this site. give me more kind of attitude i get. i just requesting u to put some cases from sankaran’s method as i want to learn more about it. IF IT IS POSSIBLE. i just impressed by that method anyhow n i am getting a kind of hunger to know about that system bit more. so please if possible show us some cases from them either from the group of sankaran’s followers. even i want to learn more about jan scholten’s element system. please provide a detail information regarding whole periodic table. i hope i will be satisfied with desired information sooner.
once again thanking you to provide such a noble service to the homoeopaths nd for helping us to fulfil our mission in practise.
Meghna Bhatt

Dear Meghna,

Pleasure to know that the Sankaran Method has stirred some interest in your being – you will find cases and all the information of how to avail more cases on my web site –
pls feel free to share your comments

for more cases, you can read books by Dr.Rajan Sankaran-
for instance, the latest book by him– crafted by me– [An Insight Into Plants Volume III] features more then 80 cases worked on the system of Vital Sensation for plant families and Fungi kingdom.

warm regards

Dr. Urvi Chauhan


Hello Editor

I would like to point to the following issue.
A large part of the homeopathic community seem to accept the current extreme low standards we use to judge the ‘success’ of presented cases.

I hear of many cured cases, mentioned by many different authors, when from personal experience I have encountered some of these patients later on, who tell me privately, that they were eventually not cured. Or they had relapsed and then the remedy did not help anymore. However these cases are still being presented as success cases.

Everybody must have had such cases in their own practice. An initial remedy seems to help, but the case does not improve after the first follow up or relapses completely again. Repetition of the same remedy (even 5th, 6th edition or Organon) does not give any improvement at all. And then you find an other remedy that actually is the correct simillimum and this improves the case really a lot further.

I would like to ask you to find out / to propose a set of criteria to evaluate a case by.
for acute cases and for chronic cases.

e.g. a Chronic case, should have a minimum of 2 years follow ups, well documented and/or available on video.

I have seen for example a severe MS case of more then 15 years progression,.. being shown during a seminar with only a video follow up shown of not more then a few months.
With no improvement at all on the physical level, but the homeopath stated the emotional state was better,… ‘and we now will expect the MS to improve also’. Well expect (hope) yes,.. but where is the proof?
Such cases I never see again on a later date of the same speaker.

I have seen ‘live cases’ being shown on stage during a seminar, and then in the next seminar 6 month of 1 year later, these patients where being hidden from the seminar audience, and did not come on stage. Privately the patient told me that no success at all was there, but she was left in the cold, and no support was given.

I have read of cases in journals or books which where so called cured,.. but I see this patient by change a year later in the practise of an other homeopath, and I am being told that there was no improvements at all, and the patient went to this other homeopath.
With all this it is very difficult to have patients of homeopaths willing to openly state such things.

I have had two case myself of a women trying to conceive for several years in vein, and just one conversation of 40 – 60 minutes, and I received the good news later on she got pregnant.
One case I had just proposed a remedy, but she had not yet started to take it. For sure ANY remedy I had given would have given the impression that it cured this patient !!
The other case I am not sure even if my remedy really did the job, or had it been the ‘realisation’ what had been gong on in her life from her youth onwards?

I have seen total ESSENCES of remedies (be it from an older know remedies or new ones) being presented, and when I asked all was bases on just one successful case.

I can go on with a long list of such unreliable things creeping into our homeopathic community.
I want to ask you, lets first start to introduce a set of strict guidelines to judge what we ‘hear’ or what we ‘present’.

I have seen seminars, where people need to hold ‘a globule’ and then tell what they have felt after a few minutes. I have seen here students starting to shake, weep hysterically, say they feel heat flowing through their body etc.

Well years ago I studied Hypnoses and experimented a lot with it to see its possibilities and limits, and I assure you I have no problem to bring such reactions forward without any globule.
For sure in a room with 50 people there are statistically always 2 people who fall in the category of ‘extreme’ sensitive to hypnotism (suggestions), and I will have them in ‘deep hypnotism’ within 10 seconds (without anybody seeing they are hypnotised, they just appear fully awake). I then say ‘you will now feel a nausea coming and you will start to vomit’,.. and they will not be able to stop the urge to vomit !!

Also, please be aware that if you do 3 hours or 6 hours intensive consultation, going deep and deep into the psyche, and when they get a release of emotions, they surely will feel better, whatever remedy you give.
Freud already stated this: whenever he was able to bring up the original traumatic feelings and do ‘catharsis’ , all symptoms the patient had would improve immediately.

So my questions, lets discuss ‘criteria’ we need to introduce, to bring again a little bit of scientific approach into our homeopathy

Kind regards
Rene Otter


Dear Editor
I enjoyed reading the April e zine. I feel that the main problem of some of the homeopaths not delivering is due to their hasty approach to dispense medicines based on therapeutic index
based on disease names instead of observing the symptoms of the patient contrary to the basic principles of homeo treatment. Homeopaths should be thorough with organon & materia medica & remember the symptoms , keynotes & characteristics with comparisons of leading frequently used remedies. Books by great authors like Drs Allen , Nash etal are still relevent. Random prescriptions by some of the homeopaths of medicines of 10M dosage for even ordinary acute ailments have become very common now. I feel this is a dangerous trend & I would like comments by u & other homeopaths..

Best wishes——raghavan


Dear sir,
Your article on asthma is extremely good. But at most of the places, I am not able to understand clearly because very complicated english is used.

It will be very useful to a normal person like me to understand simple english.

Thank you very much for your informative article.


this was a fantastic and informitive article
Gail Alan


On the study of materia medica

The writer has taken up a very important aspect of the study of homeopathy,that is often neglected. How Materia Medica should be studied needs to researched more intensively to come up with a more workable and easy-to-grasp method of approach,as it is the back-bone of successful homeopathic prescription.


I endorce Dr.Scholten fully that ‘Homeopathy is in delevopment.’ Nodoubt,being dogmatic would harm it,but at the same time,being over-progressive may create chaos and make it unreliable.We need to follow the golden middle path.


It is a great shame with over 3000 homeopaths in Uk that there are only 318 people polling in total from around the world. Is there a reason for this??
Jamie Taylor


Thank you for the well constructed summary of the last poll.
As is clear there are many shades and a straight yes/no answer does not give the true result.
All the best in your work


The April, 07 issue is an excellent reading. It is informative as also confusing for a man like me who has a limited knowledge and experience. The article on Radiaesdthesia is very interesting. I wonder if we could have more articles on the subject. Here, please, allow me to say that I did not appreciate the rebuke given to allopathic practitioners. I would recommend that as a matter of policy bad remarks about other systems of treatment be not published in Hpathy.
In some other articles, Hahnemann’s aphorisms are discussed. I do not like the word ‘aphorism’ per se. It does not leave any room for discussion. By no means I am trying to decry the greatness of that genius, the benefactor of humanity. But religious devotion to something which is empirical in nature and scientific to an extent is out of place. Some writers do talk of the scientific basis of homeopathy and in the same breath treat Hahnemann’s aphorisms as rtevealed scriptures, thereby negating the need for further research and experimentation.
A writer from UK talked about developing disease-specific remedies. That would be excellnt. The homeopaths gloat over the assertion that the remedies are patient-specific and bot disease-specific. In my opinion this is the bane of the system and one of the resons for its universal suppression.
In an article it is mentioned that salicylic acid is useful both in crude form and in potencies. Quite a few substances fall in this category. Should we not try allopathic remedies in potency. Many people take oral medicines for controlling sugar in diabetics. The medicines are harmful for the kidneys and the liver. If a diabetes medicine works in potency also, it might not harm the vital organs as the crude medicine. I feel that this is something worth experimenting. I am a diabetic and know that homeo remedies for diabetes are chancy
Thanks for Hpathy.
Majid Raza


Thanks for mailing yours valueable homoepathic 4 you, i read it regular and fond its more interesting and new
things on different topics. Thanks again


H/Dr.Ijaz Hussain


u people r doing well n providing great of luck..well right now m doing my internship i want to know abt job opportunities for homoeopathy in india n abroad n whr i can apply wat i hav to do for that….u must add this thing in ur mails so that i n others will provide u best thngs book buyers etc ..i hope u will do this now n help me
ok thanks

Dr.Neha Jain


First of all, I must say I’m glad that the discussion of what is ‘true homeopathy’, started on a website that has readers worldwide.

It is really a relief to read the articles of Luc De Schepper and George Vitoulkas; these are homeopaths in the most beautiful sense of the word. They use and teach homeopathy in a way Hahnemann would have done. And this
is the only way we can and may tolerate!
As John Harvey says: “There must be a line, a definition of homoeopathy, beyond which lies a world of other practices, none of which are homoeopathy.” In fact, these lines exist! Hahnemann wrote them! But indeed, they need to be respected. ‘Homeopaths’ that go beyond those lines should not be called homeopaths; not only because they don’t practise in a correct way but also, and this may even be more important, they damage the name of homeopathy!

Reading the other articles, e.g. of Peter Chappell… I really hope that the medecines he creates can help lots of people around the world. It would be fantastic if his remedies could cure milions of AIDS victims and it would be even more fantastic if he would be able to create other remedies for all those chronic illnesses in the world, but PLEASE, DON’T CALL IT HOMEOPATHY! It is not because your system fits one aphorism of the Organon that you call it homeopathy!

The same can be said about Jan Scholten; his theory might be true. I’m convinced he studied a lot on it before he wrote his books but why doesn’t he follow the rules Hahnemann gave us? If he has theories about certain
elements and if he can find labs that are able to create them, why then doesn’t he start doing provings? He should know that this is essential in homeopathy. How else can you apply the similia-rule if you even don’t know
what the remedy did with healthy people? He says it depends on ‘how you define homeopathy’…??? You don’t have to
define it! Hahnemann did! If you like to be called a homeopath, act as a homeopath!

Last but not least, about provings… Please, stop all the ‘bullsh*t’ (sorry for the language) doing meditative provings, dream provings and whatever… Hahnemann was clear about it: healthy people take the remedy and see what happen… If we start making a mess of our provings, we won’t have any reliable foundation for using new remedies!

As said: it is time that boundaries are set if we want homeopathy to survive. If a patient chooses to be treated homeopathically there should be a guarantee that his therapy IS homeopathy; the one and only Hahnemannian
homeopathy. Only in this way homeopathy will survive!

Marc Van Wijk


Dear Editor

I could not help congratulating you the way you are serving this Great system of curing the sick people, its really appreciable the service you and your staff providing to all the homeopaths all around the world and also putting wise the layman who knows nothing about this system. The basic reason to write you is to let you know that i am too small to contribute or share my experience as I am the most frsh graduate in DHMS, and yet in the process of learning and experience it out. Any way I am getting a lot of rich information about the homeopathy from you journal and its so amazing that i could hardly wait the whole month for the next edition.
More over I am too much convinced and impressed having read the CYCLOPEDIA OF HOMEOPATHY written by Dr Kashi Raam. I would request if you could write a little about his personel life in any of your edition and if there is any other book or material published by him on the matter.I would be mush abliged if you let me know the name and availability of any such book and also the price that would cost me in pakistan , since i am from pakistan.
Thanking you in anticipation,
yours truly
Amir Abbas


I,first of all,would like to thank you for this wonderful ‘ezine’. I have enjoyed reading the articles since long but lately it has become even more interesting with the introduction of power point presentations which makes them more eye catching.
In april issue,I found Luc De Schepper’s interview with Eliane Lewis,most enlightening,(considering that I am a young homoeopath).Article by Jan Scholten was quite thought provoking.
Its a pleasure to recieve Homoeopathy for everyone each month.

wish you all the best.


all the articals are really informative and give us the thurst to be more towards real homoeopathy/

bharat bhushan


I had gone through all the articles of this current issue.When going through the article by Alan schmuklar dialogue -not debate , how he intellengently differenciated -the dialouge from debate.If one is healer he must has a healing dialouge.
Geourge Vithulkas view regarding Lancet articles: As they belong to hard core conventional medicine,they are protecting themselves and their premises.
Regarding “The article in times” It is a weak in its argument & ie written by some body who does not know the real value of homoeopathy – Or what real homoeopathy can do?
Regarding Issac golden homoeoprofilaxis ,how G vithulkas explains the proving of medicines in respect to the proving of homoeoprofilaxis of Issac golden.
More over G Vithukas clearly explains tat the “Modern proving are nothing else but the mass hysterical mania of the participants”.
We homoeopaths must stand unitedly around the idea which is solid & workable & according to our master Hahnemann teaching. We must refrain ourselves from the idea which is mearly a craziness,nonsensible.We must not support that at all.
The methods which do not fall in the realm of strict homoeopathy – be it sleeping over the remedy name,or putting a glass of water on a remedy name and then drinking the water or using the pendulam to find the remedy are mere crazines or mass mania. I do not believe in these. and do not support these ideas.
Regarding aphorism -4 your explanation is praiseworthy .Your efforts to uplift the homoeopathy will become unforgettable memories.
I wish you a success in life and wish you continue these untirely efforts. Thanks. I will tri to write regarding these in future.
Dr.Ranjit Singh


I have read new case taking approach with the help of FACIAL ANALYSIS by Grant Bentley.It is very interesting procedure.He has adviced to read HFA book for facial parameters.So in this context can
you help me,where from I will get HFA books for facial parameters to know it in details.Your kind help is highly solicited.




The understanding of aphorism four is very nice, especially the difference between the things that derrange health and things which cause the disease. The author has explained it beautifully. I feel that all this should reach to the colleges (B.H.M.S.) cource syllabus where every student should learn this.

Dr. Sarika


iTS UNBELIEVABLE that in higher potencies symtoms coudn`t be observed in an study trail and effect was like the placebo.Because Iam a ordinary Homoeopath and respect what our Pioneers say so,i check out all remedies even Polycrests or rare drugs upon myself or sometimes on my own people record its symtoms and then try it.Iregularly use 10m`s and 50m`snd have recorded almost 40-50% of textbook said symtoms and i have two hypersensitives at home who refuse to react to placebos only indicated remedies act otherwise they prove it.

Dr. Rekha


In total your part in promotion of Homoeopathy is excellent




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