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Visit to Hahnemann’s house


Thanks for that lovely narration of your trip to Hahnemann’s home. From the first ‘item’ on the itinerary till the end, I was part of the tour. I did in fact heave a sigh on stepping out!!

Was eagerly looking for the description of the photos as well, but only one – “Going towards…’ had it. You think you could add that somewhere? It will complete the trip to full satisfaction.

Thanks and regards,

Suman Sambamurthy


Thank you so much for publishing Urvi Chauhan’s beautiful case and the deep insights she has provided in case taking in order to find the sensation.


Carolyn Pellow


Greetings! I particularly enjoyed this issue! David Little’s article was wonderful. And I particularly enjoyed Hahnemann’s Doctor-Patient relationship, and all the photos of Hahnemann’s house. Thanks again for!

Judy Plummer


One of the best issue read so far, thoroughly enjoyable. Most importantly,bringing out the Hahnemann s original work highlight is the mostsatisfying experience to the readers and of course for the highlighter. Kudos to u for bringing out such an inspiring issue. (esp David Little’s confident quotation on various issues with respect to the Hahnemann originalwork and his contemporaries ).

Regards, Dr Pankaj Gupta


April issue is a highlight! Thanks

Ulrich Welte


Thank You for sending your articles. I´m not able -because of occupation- to follow all the articles, but I think, they are good.

A lot of greetings from Slovenia

Alex Mlac Cerne


Ilike my journey to hahnemanns house. I feel very thankful after receiving such informations. I also like audio aphorism very much. Please send me other articles like this. I should be very thankful to you. Good day.

Deeepti Sharma


I had been reading Dana Ullman’s article in your April issue. I really look forward to reading his whole book. It fees inspiring!



Hi everyone at

it has taken me a while to read the April ezine because there is just so much in it! I am amazed and impressed at the depth and detail of David Little’s interview, really more like a book than a magazine article, and I shall keep it as a valuable reference. And GV answering questions – quite a coup, and one that will generate as much controversy as gratitude, I am sure. eg. compare David Little’s investigations with GVs statement ‘There is no difference between a dry and a liquid dose’. In fact, this whole issue is really well put together to highlight differences of opinion! Brilliant. And help!! Now what do I do??

By the way, isn’t that picture of the great greek homeopath quite an old one?

Thanks Rowena for another great Jeremy Scherr extract, I always love to read or hear him. He was an inspirational companion to so much of my training, and he is a beacon to us all.

I do not like the adverts. They are not even particularly related to homeopathy. I understand you need to raise some money, I wonder if readers could suggest other ways? I suppose the ads are quite discreet, they are at the end of articles, but I still do not like it. It is like having someone stick their head round the door at the end of a really good consultation, trying to sell double glazing. Please reconsider!

all the best Helen Swan RSHom.


It was great to get a peep into Dr. Hahnemann’s practice through Prof. Juette’s article. I wish he will prvide more such useful information.

Kind regards,



I’m regular reader of urs. Very good articles in this especially aphorism 9-10 by dr. Manish Bhatia and Article by dr. Urvi Chauhan. Do write such good articles.

Regards, Dr. Rachana Mehta


I listened to all the lectures and really enjoyed the information and the friendly voice and the pace of the lectures. I really profited from the information presented. I did, however, notice that is was quite streneous to listen to his accent, but I have the same problem living as an American in Switzerland.


Roberto Montes


I had been reading your April issue. It’s amazing. Every aricle – interview by David Little, insights into Hahnemann’s life by Dr. Jutte. Rudi Verspoor, Shiv Dua, Dana Ullman, Grant bentley etc – is extra special. The articles on burns and homeopathic classification of disease and religion and homeopathy are also very useful. Please keep sending such extraordinary stuff!




Dear sirs

The interview with Dr David Little is quite interesting, high lighting many aspects of Hahnemannian Philosophy, practice and pin pointing current scenario, and may be those not follwing, will also think of getting themselves aquainted with true principles.

But still a thought comes to mind…

A gap between new & old will always be there and only time will tell who is right or wrong. A progress(?) is always made by all those who think differently.



AUR Interview It is an interesting article by dr. aur.All doctors have the same answers that they will try,no guarantee. no one likes suffering.what is the use of passing on the case at the terminal stage, just try some of our medicines! May dr.aur get more opportunity to treat such cases and we get cases to read!



Dear editor,

So far I have only read the interview with David Little. It was completely amazing, so thorough, so carefully thought out, offering so much fundamental information. It is very rare that I read an article of this depth anywhere on anything. It provided me with much new understanding and insight on the different practices and theories in the practice of homeopathy today. I can only feel deeply grateful that you offer this information and understanding to everyone with an interest in homeopathy.

Thank you,

Francine Niekus


Your April issue is truly remarkable. There whole wealth of information about Hanhemans life, his method his views etc. Interview with David Little, Jeremy SDherr was truly infornative. M.K.Harish


Dear Editor,

It is nearly midnight, but I have to let you know how wonderful it was to read this part of the April’s issue. I met Jeremy twice during the last seven years, I still was a student then and he had clinics in London, and also attended his two days seminar four years ago. I love the way the Dialog is presented, it sounds very true to how I remember Jeremy- to the way he feels, practices and shares Homoeopathy.I think that he is one of the greatest Homoeopaths of our time. Ella Poser


Dear Editor,

While I do enjoy reading the articles I do not always have time to give feed back..Well done, and thank you

Kind regards

Ella Poser


Dear editor(s),

Although we regularly receive, and enjoy.., your periodical Homeopathy 4Everyone, we feel it is better to inform you of ‘our status’ as just readersthat are interested in homeopathy, because of our experience of beingtreated by homeopathic medicine- almost exclusively – for more than 35 yearsnow. And still being in good health. Since we are no practitioners, you may not expect too much feedback from ushowever. If we find a reason, we’ll certainly react. Bless you for the good work you do in spreading this ‘healing’ methods. We’ll certainly spread the word, seeing it is so much needed here in France,where we live now for over ten years, and where allopathic medicine is’normal’ – prescribed in big quantities – for nearly 90% of the ‘doctors’and their patients.

Namaste Adriaan and Akke de Goede – Burggraaff


Congratulations on presenting Vithoulkas’ answers to questions in the latest issue. I enjoyed the fresh presentation and felt really connected to what he is thinking. Greg


Dear Editor,

Feona Bartlett’s article (April 28 issue) “On the Treatment of Burns” reminded me of a meeting of our Florida Suncoast homeopathic League in March 1993 at which I first waved a the group a copy of Hahnemann’s Lesser Writings to explain how it emboldened me to hold a thumb burned by a hot frying pan under the hot water tap to heal it. I almost went for the ice cubes at first but said to myself, “Either you believe what you preach, or you don’t!” I hate hypocrisy, so the hot water won. It worked like a charm. A fast-developing welt swiftly disappeared and five hours later there was not even a hint of redness on the thumb. Cure complete! I have used this incident to explain often the truth of “likes cure likes.” But eyebrows still go up. Burns cured with HOT WATER?! (God forbid that anything like this would be found in a first-aid book!)

Harry Prior Tarpon Springs, Florida


Your articles in april issue is too good and very very touchy also. I feel proud of your work. My all good wishes to you. dr meeta


Hello, This April issue is really good. It is very informative n right tribute to Hahnemann. The topic on burns is eye-opener.Though we know, some things we tend to ignore. Iam happy that i have subscribed to your magazine. Thanks n keep up the good work!

Dr. Hemashri


Thanks fr ur service. Hpathy is really very informative. The topics are really good. I can say really different from other journals.

Amit Arora


I do prefer reading about remedies that are used for diseases to history of homeopathy. It has already been established for those who use it that homeopathy is far superior to chemical medicines usually prescribed. One of my chief searches is for remedies that are effective in treating type II diabetes.



Dear Editor:

The one article I read with interest is ‘On the treatment of Burns’ by Feonna Bartlett.

I have heavily relied on cantharis and had remarkable results in all the cases I dealt with. This piece of information is interesting. But how many patients will willingly expose themselves to this line of treatment – treating a burn with heat – the likes treat the likes!

Homeopathy is an evolving science and only people who have reaped the benefits of this system know better than those fence-sitters.

Well, you are doing wonderful service in bringing out sustaining articles.

Wishing you all the best, and regards.




Thanks for the email regarding the magazine you send out. Just to let you know I find it very interesting. Great that I can read the articles at my leisure at a time that suits me. Useful that you have articles on homeopathy to reinforce what was learnt at College plus other homeopaths experiences and viewpoint and I like the challenge of the quiz to test Materia Medica knowledge as to choice of remedy for a case. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes, Kay Pidgeon


I went through the april issue of hpathy and found it very useful. thankyou… i would also like to about the scope of homeopathy outside india..can i as an indian homeopath practise abroad?.. as the number of homeopathsin india are growing rapidly by the year i am looking at other options.. ihope to get some guidance.. thank you.

regards nilay trivedi


I just signed up for the newsletter recently and so far tips and the interviews are my favorite features. I have been using homeopathic remedies successfully for years since I have adverse reactions to most prescriptions. I am now a diabetic, which I believe was activated by a prescription. When I mentioned this to the diabetic counselor she said a lot of her patients had diabetes or medical problems from their prescriptions. Having success with the basic remedies in health stores, I have become a very vocal advocate for homeopathy. Although family and friends tend to sigh and roll their eyes up when I recommend a remedy they later refer to them as my miracle pills. Thank all you homeopathic doctors and patients. You may yet save the world from medicines with more harmful effects than the conditions they supposedly cure.



The issue -April,08 is really an extraordinary one. It would have been better if my short homage titled GREETING FOR A GENIUS –a short poem should find aplace . ANY WAY, Thank you fot your perseverence and devotion. yours sincerely, Prof.Dr. G.B.Panigrahi


I am still reading Hpathy, re reading some. The Organon on the MP3 has been very useful

Thanks, Jane Bennett


This treatment of burns is very usefull for me because just two days before i have given same treatment cantharies 30 and cantharies oilment . another day i have seen your treatment i was happy about that because u have told that cantharies . so that i was thinking that i am going correct direction. very usefull for me this apr month issue . i am hartfully giving thankfull sir, bye.

G Vijyakumari


I enjoyed the trip in my early morning to a far away place. Dr. Bhatia was an excellent guide. Stories and tours, even with the most complex of subject matter are very well received. Keep it up!

Dr. Gary Kinney


Dear Editor

Fantastic answers by the maestro on the questions. This question answer column should

continue every month so that readers like me can become more knowledgeable about the nuances of Homeopathy……Raghavan


I am glad to touch with Prof.Vitoulkas I am a student of homeopathy and i will give my diploma at July from Berkeley International university.

Thank you very much




Apropos Dr.Chrisman’s letter about cancer in the April 2008 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone, I am really sorry for him for having lost both his parents to cancer. It made me think and here I am sharing my thoughts with you for whatever they are worth.

All chronic cases, especially cancer, is indeed very difficult to cure. From case-studies of the great masters, one finds that even when some such cases are cured, they have taken long years of prolonged treatment (up to 9 years in some cases).

I am reminded of “Why is cancer incurable ?” by Kent (Lesser Writings of Kent).

The article starts with: “What must be discovered, to lead to the cure of cancer?” When a case has been cured, why was it possible, when other cases, and most cases have resulted in failure?”

I read that article again today and this is what I infer from it:

1. If there are hold-over symptoms enough to lead to the remedy, it becomes curable.

2. In most cases there are no symptoms or signs except pathological ones. In other words, there is paucity of symptoms to lead to the correct remedy.

3. Many of the patients come to us with symptoms and signs completely suppressed, distorted and modified by heavy crude drugging, and hence it is no wonder we don’t get real symptoms that lead to the similimum.

4. Lack of reaction on the part of the patient due to heavy drugging and other reasons is yet another cause of incurability. If the patients have vital reaction strong enough to develop former symptoms, there is a chance of cure.

5. If the patient has reacting ability and the physician has chosen the right remedy, the remedy holds only a few hours and then the patient sinks to his final rest, if the vital force is too weak.

6. Patients having only feeble reaction are palliated or sink to their final rest.

7. We may be quite certain of their ultimate recovery, if old symptoms return after administration of the remedy.

8. The physician must be capable of perceiving the remedy from the signs and symptoms and administer the correct remedy in the right potency.

Suri, Tamilnadu, India


With very important articals, I really enjoying your Emails Homeopathy for everyone at a very remote place like Australia and it have everything so nicely arranged and presented in it. I donot have words to express the same but I can only say it is very funtastic. Thanks for Organon Lectures and very happy to listen on the computer. Very nicely presented and are very useful. I appreciate the hard efforts taken and over that they are mailed in huge circullations. Journey to Hahnemann’s Birth place is also a present on the Birthday of our master. Thanks for your hard efforts. Jagdish Mitter


I always enjoy it – like the variety so always somethingn of interest

many thanks Janet Snowdon



Apropos Tricia Thomson’s letter in the April issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone wondering

“if there isn’t such a thing as more than one simillimum! That’s the reason we don’t fit into the scheme of allopathic research, though, is that a person can’t turn back the clock to do a “do-over” and just see if another remedy would have worked just as well” made me think.

I have also come across phrases like “similimum but not perfect similimum’, “perfect similimum”, “similar but not similimum” in articles of some leading Homeopaths in old Homeopathy magazines. But the point is are we taking liberties with the lives of patients, especially in the light of Homeopathic philosophy as interpreted by George Vithoulkas. What is the guarantee that we are not suppressing the disease and driving it into deeper levels?

I feel we have to be very, very careful in the selection of medicines. Unfortunately, not every practitioner finds time to thoroughly study and then prescribe the most suitable remedy.

It is always better to remember that we should not make ordinary diseases into chronic or killer diseases by wrong or inappropriate treatment. If we can find the time we could refresh ourselves by read ing Hahnemann’s book detailing a long list of suppressions and their effects; and also ‘First Prescription’ and ‘Second Prescription’ from Kent’s Lesser Writings.

I am only expressing my thoughts and have no intention of offending anybody. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Suri, Karaikudi


Thank you for this special issue. It bring us back to our roots. Visiting Hahnemann’ s house in photos and with Dr Bhatia as a guide is a fabulous experience by itself. Being transposed in Hahnemann’s time by access to his casebooks and correspondances, being admitted in his intimacy with articles on his day to day practice( money matters, no house visits, etc,) and some gossiping about the Melanie-Paganini affair: all this humanize him.This issue provide a deepening in our fondeur’s philosophy with Dr B.’s comments on aphorisms, with David Little’s intelligence and erudition and R. Verspoor’s meticulous studies on basics texts.

Reading this Hpathy issue, one cannot but notice that controversy was since the beginning in Homeopathy’s cradle. The same topics which Hahnemann fought with allhis life through six Organon’s versions, ( posology, dilution, Vital Force, Miasms, unicism, repetition, similimum, true symptom, etc.), which he entered in quarrel with his opponents and followers are the very same who grew with homeopathy ( just read Dr Boger’ Articles in the journal) and which are nowadays still polemics. How can we get out of it? Some will say: just to come back to Hahnemann’s words. True. But after 200 years of honestly trying to do so, how it is possible that we are still arguing the same points between us and face to non-homeopaths? There is a lethargy, if not stagnation. Our roots and branchs are healthys and strongs after all this years. But may be our leafs and flowers are not fully expanded and bloomed. It is as if we are in winter, remembering the past summer and somehere refusing to go further. Spring is needed! It is “serendipitely?” paradoxal that one of this month book’s review is Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Refined. We have here something, in my opinion (conforted by my actual reading of his newest parution on Minerals: Structure), that while deeply inspired and nurtured by Hahnemann pure and essential genius, it is possible to unveil, precise and illuminate homeopathy in all his still unsuspected dimensions both in philosophy, materia medica, and clinical aspects.The homeopathic tree inherited from Hahnemann will not survived if our roots are not dynamized by continual reincarnation of the same essence, seemingly new and unknow but always the same with more colour, expansion and vitality.Thank you for excusing my english.

Mario Guilbault


Dear Editor,

I was planning a much needed early night but got totally absorbed in your articles. I particularly enjoyed the extracts from an interview with Robert Davidson in Rowena Ronsons Book. He is both hilarious and thought provoking.Looks like a very interesting read.

Pauline O’ Reilly


Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for April issue. I studies it in detail and step by step. This was very interesting and informative especially lot of information about Sir Hahnemann and the pictures of his house. These informations were found historical for me because this has increased my knowledge about Sir Hahnemann. Again many many thanks for April issue.

Dr. Jaleel


Dear Dr Manish Bathia

The journey to Hahnemann´s house. It was nice to follow your journey and your visit in his house. All pictures you showed and specially the pictures with you and Hahnemann was great. I can understand you feel the history.

David Little. What can I say? David Little is not “little” he is big!! It is fantastic how much he has read about Hahnemann and his wife must be wonderful who has helped him with his work. I´m impressed of all he has done. Please let us know when the book is coming out.

A brief exploration……. by Mary G was also interesting to read about religion and homepathy. But let them stay on their own side.

An affair to remember, Rudi Verspoor. Yes I will remember it.

Treatment of burns is always good to remember (Feonna B). Today I heard an awfully story (true). It was about burns inside. Two small boys 5 years old got lemonade after the fotbollstraining. But the lady who gives it to them has mixed strawberry and water together she thought. BUT it wasn´t water!! She has taking the wrong bottle and instead of water it was washing-up liquid. When the small boys drink it the throat and the stomach was burning. They can´t eat only tube- feeding until september and after that the hospital can look inside . I don´t know what to do in a situation like that. First a was thinking recommended them Aloelemonad It is good for the mucousmembrane. But I don´t know them only heard about it and this is Sweden. Is there something you can give in homeolpathic way?

It was much to read about Hahnemann and I learn a lot about this man. Thank you all for the other articles they were learning and interesting and. now I have the audio left -“lectures on organon…”..and tomorrow I shall sit down and relax and enjoy.

Time to go to bed almost a new day. GUN


Hello Hpathy, I really appreciate the way you people r working for homoeopathy. The April issue was very good especially the article A Visit to Hahnemann’s House and the QA’s by Dr. Vithoulkas. Keep it up so everyone can reap the benefits.

Thanks a lot. Mughis


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,

I have just finished reading of your visit to Samuel Hahnemann’s house at Torgau. I adore this great genius and benefactor of human kind and was so thrilled to read your most lucid description of this visit. Reading your article I felt as if I too was present with you on this pilgrimage. Thank you for having given me this vicarious pleasure.

I am not a qualified Homeopath, but, like Ellis Barker have learned a little of this great art of healing through extensive reading.

Regards & best wishes, BN Bhaumik.


Dear Sir

Thank you for the email. I am enjoying the wonderfull information received which is full of knowledge and experience. HOW charming it is to be a part of such an organisation. I can not begin to thank you. Great stuff, keep it up.

Thank you. Ravi Sondhi



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